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management system

In addition to reducing Effective pavement management PAVER is an innovative pavement management

system that can benefit military and other
pavement maintenance means knowing: federal organizations, municipalities, counties,
costs, PAVER helps to Details about your pavement network and airports, and any other organization responsible
how to quickly access important information. for managing a pavement network. It facilitates
improve quality of life
The comprehensive status of your pavement easy access to pavement inventory and
by promoting timely conditions. inspection information, enables accurate analysis
repair of damaged How to achieve optimal life-cycle maintenance of current and future conditions, provides for
graphical presentations of reports through a link
pavements, providing at the lowest cost.
with GIS software, and allows for optimization
smoother rides and How various conditions will affect pavement
of pavement maintenance and repairs within
reducing travel delays. Where you should spend your repair and
budget restraints. PAVER is currently used
worldwide by cities, counties, airport authorities,
> maintenance dollars. planning commissions, and universities.
The penalty cost of deferring pavement work.
PAVERTM sustainable
management system

PAVER features Inspection. Using the

Pavement Condition Index
Developed by the U.S. (PCI) as its primary standard Good
Army Corps of Engineers for pavement condition

Pavement condition index

Construction Engineering assessment, PAVER enables Satisfactory
Research Laboratory, PAVER users to customize PCI $1.00 for
Fair rehabilitation here
is a scalable, enterprise-level condition rating categories and
application for pavement record inspection results. Poor
Significant drop
management. Part of a suite in condition Will cost
of Sustainment Management Prediction modeling. This Very poor $4.00 to $5.00 here

System (SMS) applications function helps users identify Serious Small % of

including BUILDER, ROOFER, and group pavements of similar pavement life
RAILER, and WHARFERthe construction that are subjected
PAVER pavement management to similar conditions affecting Time
system can help users: pavement performance
(e.g., traffic and weather).
Develop and organize their This data can be used to build
pavement inventory. a model to accurately predict For each pavement section, PAVER identifies the maintenance and repair
Objectively assess current future performance of a level and the work year to optimize funding and keep pavements above
pavement conditions using group of pavements with critical condition.
American Society for Testing similar attributes.
and Materials standards. 100 A: PAVER: Eliminate backlog in 5 years and maintain
Work planning. The PAVER all pavements above 60 in the following years
Develop customized models Work Planner tool is an $38M
to predict future conditions. essential feature for planning,
Pavement condition rating

Condition history
Report on past and scheduling, budgeting, 70 + Unfunded backlog
expected future pavement and analyzing alternative $53M
performance. pavement maintenance and
A B B. Ad hoc: Worst first
Develop scenarios for repair activities. 55
Total cost $38M $72M
maintenance and repair Project planning. This feature
programs based on user allows the user to insert User satisfaction High Low
management objectives, (quality of life)
independently developed Vehicle maintenance Low High
budget, or condition projects into the PAVER work cost
requirements. plan, providing the ability Travel delay time Low High
Plan maintenance, repair, or to optimize PAVER project Economic impact Good Bad
replacement projects. recommendations. 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021

PAVER components and Wizards. Wizards assist the Year

capabilities user by providing a step- 05155 | KD | 2011

by-step process for several This image shows actual benefits for a road network that implemented
Inventory. PAVER inventory common tasks, such as setting PAVER in 2010. The projected maintenance and repair cost avoidance for
management is based on a up field inspection forms and
the road network is $34 million over 10 years.
hierarchical structure that creating work history reports.
allows users to easily organize
their inventory while providing Atkins knows PAVER
multiple fields and levels for
storing pavement data. We understand PAVER inside
and outhow it works and
GIS interface. Users can view how it can work best for your
GIS data directly in PAVER, pavement management needs.
including inventory, inspection, We provide a full spectrum
condition analysis, and work of PAVER support, including Contact for more information:
plan reports. training, implementation, web Scott McDonald
Condition analysis. This hosting, condition assessment, 719.227.7275
feature allows users to view and scenario planning. We scott.mcdonald@atkinsglobal.com
the condition of the entire can ensure that PAVER is Mitch Gordon, CFM
pavement network or any configured to meet your 719.227.7275
pavement management goals. mitch.gordon@atkinsglobal.com
subset, including past and
Dennis Yates, CFM
projected conditions. 210.321.2015
2012 Atkins North America, Inc. 10045.LC.12