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on Piping
Engineering and Design
Online Program


The teaching program comprises a series of
lectures (October to mid April) plus a
comprehensive design project (mid April to
begining of July) which will be presented in

Pipe components (I)
Pipe components (II) Entry requirements TuiFon fees
Materials Knowledge of technical English. 6500
Equipment Bachelor degree in mechanical
InstrumentaFon engineering or some background Funding
CAD draHing 2D of piping engineering. Currently we have no funding
P&ID interpretaFon sources. However, we are working
Plot plan and piping arrangement ApplicaFon process hard to sign agreements with
Isometric and material take o You have to submit your CV and companies to set up some
Mechanical, internal stress and exibility university degree to industrial sponsorships.
analysis assistant@iniped.com to be
Pipe rouFng rules reviewed by the program Number of places
CAD systems 3D coordinators. 20-30

Master project Teaching locaFon
In addiFon to the lecture program, the candidate The course is completely online. Further informa6on
carries out a design project for 12 weeks in teams Thus, the students do not have to Mr. Rutger Botermans
of three students. Each team has a tutor who travel to Zaragoza (Spain) at any Program Director
guides the students throughout the development Fme. Several online teaching tools rbotermans@iniped.com
of the project. Finally, this thesis is examined are used, such as web www.iniped.com
individually and orally in October in the presence conferencing, virtual campus, etc.
of an external examiner.
DuraFon and start date
Assessment One year full-Fme from October
The nal Master assessment is weighted equally to July.
between the assessed lecture courses and the The design project will be
design project. presented in October.

About USJ Learn from our experience
The Universidad San Jorge (USJ) aims to train InIPED instructors are experts from EPCs and petrochemical plant
highly skilled graduates with the abilities to adapt to owners. The program includes live interaction with instructors.
the demands of the rapidly changing workplace so Student will learn by applying knowledge to real life projects
that not only are they equipped to respond to the Instructors
needs of the firm, but that they can also forge new
paths in their professional field and within society.