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English Today 3 August 2016

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 The English Enhancement Book R-1720 180
 Common Errors in English (English-Hindi) R-1709 195
 Handbook of Idioms & Phrases R-473 65
 Handbook of Proverbs R-514 95
 Advance General English R-230 130
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 Idioms, Phrases & Proverbs (English-Hindi) R-353 65
 Writing Correct English R-541 95
 Write English Right R-578 110
 How to Write Correct English (Hindi-English) R-451 120
 ikWiqyj feuh baxfy'k Lihfdax dkslZ R-657 60
 Hindi-English Master (Senior) R-418 80
 Master English in Easy Way R-189 240
 All About English R-1391 240
 Treasury of Synonyms & Antonyms
(Words with Hindi Meanings) R-1348 180
 All Time English R-1100 120
 Popular Phrasal Verbs R-528 85
 Prepositions and their Usage R-787 95
 Handbook of Abbreviations R-228 80
 Dealing with English Made Easy R-1042 95
 Handbook of Quotations R-190 130
 Objective General English R-229 140
 General English (With MCQs) R-311 160
 Paragraph Writing R-304 95
 Art of Precis Writing R-191 80
 English Reading Comprehension R-303 160
 Gloria English Speaking Course (Hindi-English) R-218 280
 English Improvement Course R-358 260

English Today 4 August 2016

the f
From the Editors Pen...

se o
ar Weve d

Dear Readers,
We have since been studying the phrases in which articles are not used. Well
continue our study.



1. Clear off ((a) go away (b) get rid of):

(a) At last the intruders cleared off.
(b) I cleared off all my doubts after meeting him.
2. Like clock work (regular and mechanical): Her every activity is like
clock work.
3. Sit/Stand close (near): Please sit/stand close to me.
4. In close proximity (in or nearly in contact): He lives in close
proximity to us.
5. Close by (near): Her residence is situated close by.
6. Close upon (surround): At last the police closed upon the thieves.
7. Close resemblance (resemblance to a great extent): The two sisters
bear close resemblance.
8. Close contest (almost equal): There is a close contest between the
two rivals.
9. Close to (near, about): The government has announced close to one
thousand rupee relief for the flood victims.
10. Closet play (play to be read not enacted): Have you read any closet
11. Clothe face in smiles (hide real intentions behind smiles): Do not
be taken in by him; he is only clothing (his) face in smiles.
12. On cloud nine (extremely happy and lucky): After winning the
lottery, he finds himself on cloud nine.
13. Heap coals of fire (return good for evil): He heaps coals of fire even
on his detractous.

English Today 5 August 2016

14. Carry coals to Newcastle (superfluous action): To help a billionaire
with money is only to carry coals to Newcastle.
15. Dust ones coat (beat a person): Why did you dust his coat for
16. Turn ones coat (change ones loyalty): There are many politicians
who turn their coat frequently.
17. Cock ones nose (in contempt): Why is he cocking his nose at you?
18. Cock ones eye (glance knowingly): When I asked a favour of him,
he cocked his eye at me.
19. Peaceful coexistence (mutual toleration): All the countries must
follow the policy of peaceful coexistence.
20. Drive nail into ones coffin (hasten ones own or other persons
death): To rebuke an ailing person is to drive (a) nail into his coffin.
H.S. Bhatia


Golden Days is a story about a young simple girl who
steps into an engineering college and falls in love with a
boy. Her life starts oscillating in two directions when
another boy of her class starts loving her. Both the boys
become crucial part of her life. She learns engineering
and many crucial lessons of life as well in the company of
both boys...
Book Code : S-323, ISBN : 978-93-84376-33-8,
Pages : 312, Size : 180 193 mm, Price : ` 150

Mirage is a story of an ordinary girl, Neena, with extraor-

dinary courage. She is disdained by her parents for not
living upto their expectations and inspite of them warning
her she gets into an ugly mess and is disowned by her
family. This is a story of love, relationships, friendship,
betrayal, faith, revenge and forgiveness.
Book Code : S-331, ISBN : 978-93-84376-41-3,
Pages : 216, Size : 121 193 mm, Price : ` 150

Distributed by:
RAMESH PUBLISHING HOUSE 12-H, New Daryaganj Road, New Delhi-110002

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English Today 6 August 2016

Dear Readers,
We have been studying for some months the use of Past Participles of some
verbs as Adjectives. Well continue our study in this issue also.


(i) Use the following Past Participles as Adjectives in sentences of your
(ii) Only the first and last letter of each Past Participle is given.
(iii) After the Past Participle, the number of letters is given in brackets.
(iv) No word should be repeated.


1. H ______ D (6)
(a) Full word:
(b) Usage:
2. H ______ D (6)
(a) Full word:
(b) Usage:
3. H ______ D (6)
(a) Full word:
(b) Usage:
4. H ______ D (7)
(a) Full word:
(b) Usage:
5. H ______ T (4)
(a) Full word:
(b) Usage:
6. H ______ D (9)
(a) Full word:
(b) Usage:

English Today 7 August 2016

7. H ______ N (6)
(a) Full word:
(b) Usage:
8. H ______ D (7)
(a) Full word:
(b) Usage:
9. H ______ D (6)
(a) Full word:
(b) Usage:
10. H ______ D (5)
(a) Full word:
(b) Usage:
11. H ______ D (8)
(a) Full word:
(b) Usage:
12. H ______ D (9)
(a) Full word:
(b) Usage:
13. H ______ D (6)
(a) Full word:
(b) Usage:
14. H ______ D (8)
(a) Full word:
(b) Usage:
15. I ______ D (4)
(a) Full word:
(b) Usage:
16. I ______ D (11)
(a) Full word:
(b) Usage:
17. I ______ D (9)
(a) Full word:
(b) Usage:

English Today 8 August 2016



Read the passage below and answer the questions that follow:

Here are some wall decor styles that you can implement in your own home.
Everyone deserves entertainment in their lives and the best way to experience
it is by redecorating a room witha tropical theme. The best thing about the feel
of the tropics in a home is that there will be a soothing and cool touch all
around. Add wall hangings, paintings, bright colours and lights to make your
guests feel as if they are back in the tropics, enjoying and drinking margaritas
on the beach and having a feel of spending a quality time. Use bright white,
garden turquoise or tropical beach colour palette to lend a feel of being near
a beach and give a refreshing cool feel in hot summer. Bricks and use of stone
and tiles on the accent wall is ideal to create a rustic look. In order to create
this look play with earthy tones of brown, slate and ochre in the material of your
choice. Wood panelling, though uncommon in India is another way to achieve
this look.


1. What is the author going to present?

2. Who deserves enterntainment in his life?

3. What is the best way to experience entertainment?

English Today 9 August 2016

4. What should be done to give the guests a feel of the tropics?

5. What should be done to lend a feel of being near a beach?

6. What is ideal to create a rustic look?


Make a precis of the following passage and give it a suitable heading:

The real estate sector in India is now showing unprecedented growth. This
happened when in February 2006 the government allowed 100 per cent foreign
direct investment (FDI) in this sector under the automatic rule. According to
an expert in the line, the relaxation of the FDI ceiling has resulted in several
big global real-estate developers eying India for investment in a big way. This
trend in the real estate in India is all set to throw up competition between Indian
and overseas players. Industry insiders and experts feel that while profession-
ally-run Indian realty firms will be able to compete effectively or become equal
partners with multi-nationals, unprofessionally-run organisations would defi-
nitely feel the heat and could well be out of business. However, this is only
one supposition. Another possibility in that the small players will join hands
together and move to small cities and towns to ensure mutual survival. As far
as the foreign investors are concerned, they are more likely to have joint
ventures with Indian companies at the initial stage. It is because they are wary
of land acquisition rules in India and they will also take their time. According
to an expert, Only professionally-run companies having considerable expe-
rience would be able to enter into JVs with overseas players. This itself will
stir competition in the real estate industry in India, he said. He also felt that
most of the JVs would be on a 50:50 basis, with both Indian and foreign
companies holding equal equity as the returns were quite high in the realty
sector. (Words = 257)

English Today 10 August 2016



Do as directed:
1. Do your work. (Change Voice)

2. He said to me, I am your friend. (Change Narration)

3. He is too lazy to do anything. (Remove too)

4. She was good enough ............ (Complete the sentence)

5. Truth is higher than all. (Change Degree)

6. Will you help me? (Change into Complex)

7. They are coming tomorrow. (Change into Past Indefinite)

8. Never tell lies. (Change into Affirmative)

9. Ive read three-fourth of this book. (Correct)

English Today 11 August 2016

10. When can their glory fade? (Change into Assertive)

11. He came into the room and sat down on the sofa.
(Change into a Simple Sentence)

12. He shouted loudly. (Use the Adjective form of loudly)

13. I laughed loudly. (Change into Negative)

14. The scenery is, indeed, charming. (Change into Exclamatory)

15. I cannot forget those days. (Use Adjective of forget)


Monthly Magazines on Current Affairs

A Perfect News
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English Today 12 August 2016



Write the words in the following sentences in their proper order:

1. plants and trees / I am / fond of / very / gardening / so / as my hobby /
chosen / I have

2. in the morning / I pursue it / and evening / during my spare hours

3. from a nursery / kitchen garden / I get / grow them / seeds and saplings /
and / in my

4. I am overjoyed / on them / as they grow up / green and purple / and /

leaves / appear

5. plants / regularly / water / I / the

6. also apply / as required / to them / I / to them / manure and pesticides

7. kitchen garden / flower plants / in my / I grow / and vegetables / fruit plants

8. also help me / and my sister / sometimes / my mother

9. come and sing / sometimes / in my garden / birds / sweet songs

English Today 13 August 2016

10. keep sitting / enjoying / for many minutes / in my garden / bounties of
nature / I

11. derived from / which make life / the word discipline / rules and principles /
the word disciple / which is / worth-living / refers to / established / certain

12. We must follow / in order to / and for others / in all walks of life / make
life happy / discipline / for ouerselves

13. the commands / his superiors / has to obey / of / a soldier

14. regular and punctual / an office-goer / has to be

15. the set rules / he must / obey / his boss / and / follow

16. work / from the beginning / a student / right / hard / session or semester /
of the / must

17. able to / in the examination / otherwise / good results / will not be / he or

she / show

18. in life / we see / thing / discipline / most important / thus / is / the

19. can be / without discipline / nothing tangible / achieved

20. great men and women / in all walks of life / if you study / you will see /
to follow the rules / the lives of / that / was / the first thing / they did / of

English Today 14 August 2016

(1) No answers to the personal questions will be provided.
(2) You can put these questions (and your answers which will remain with
you) to a number of uses, if you would so like, e.g. .....
(a) personal diary;
(b) to enhance memory;
(c) to sharpen your answering capability;
(d) to hone your general awareness, talents, intelligence, nature,
mood, temperament, etc.
(e) to gather experience, etc.
(3) Sometimes, some questions may be abstract or mysterious in nature,
but they are otherwise important in their own way. You should be careful
while answering them.


1. Do you meet your neighbours frequently? [Why? Why not?] (3-4 lines)

2. How can neighbours be helpful to each other? (3-4 lines)

English Today 15 August 2016

3. (a) What kinds of disputes usually take place between neighbours?
(3-4 lines)

(b) How should disputes be solved amicably? (3-4 lines)

4. Should relatives on both sides intervene in the disputes between

neighbours? [Why? Why not?] (3-4 lines)

5. (a) What kinds of disputes usually occur between couples? (3-4 lines)

(b) How can such disputes be solved most amicably? (3-4 lines)

(c) Should relatives on either side intervene in such disputes?

[Why? Why not?] (3-4 lines)

English Today 16 August 2016

Dear Readers,
The two friends, Reena and Reema, have been discussing Non-finites and
other topics in the past some issues.
Lets see what they discuss today.
Reena : Hi Reema!
Reema : Hi Reena!
Reena : Im pleased that your performance has so far been quite up to the
Reema : Im thankful to you. However, I believe its mainly because of
your guidance and persistence. Youve never failed to show me
the right path, though in a very subtle, imperceptible manner.
Reena : Im overwhelmed to know that you think so highly of me. But on
deep contemplation I realize that the main factor of your success
is you yourself. Youve never missed a single class, and youve
never flinched from performing your duty admirably well.
Reema : If thats so, it takes me to the seventh heaven. Now, I conjecture
if we are to continue with our study of Present Participles being
used as Adjectives.
Reena : If you so wish, it will be continued. So, here is the task for you.
Reema : (takes) Thanks!
Reena : Welcome!


(For Reema and ET Readers)


Fill in the blanks with suitable Present Participles used as Adjectives:
1. The clouds worried the flood victims.
2. The building belongs to Ms Gulati.
3. Is there no solution to this problem?
4. There is friendship between them.

English Today 17 August 2016

5. Some noises were heard in the neighbourhood.
6. The lawyer went on arguing.
7. The price being too high, cannot be paid.
8. The professor was overwhelmed to see the discipline in the
9. Your suspicion can be true.
10. The news upset some people.
11. The birds pleased us all.
12. We should have regard for all beings.
13. The habit of some people is a nuisance.
14. It was difficult to hinder the horserider.
15. The note of the young bird upset the mother bird.
16. The crowd stood on either side of the road.
17. The policemen at last caught the robber.
18. She is on a spree these days.
19. The triumphant leader was enveloped in glory.
20. Please read the line of the paragraph again. 

A unique book designed in bilingual

English-Hindi Medium to teach readers
about the Common Errors in English with
a grammatical approach. The book is very
useful from the Competitions point of view
with umpteen Multiple Choice Questions
and Explanatory Answers.

Book Code : R-1709 Price : ` 195

Printed Pages : 316 ISBN: 978-93-5012-494-9

RAMESH PUBLISHING HOUSE, 12-H, New Daryaganj Road, New Delhi-2

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English Today 18 August 2016

(i) Given below is a starting word or part of a word.
(a) H A R
(b) When we add to it, M O N Y at the end, it becomes
(c) H A R M O N Y
(d) Meaning: symphony.
(ii) Similarly, in each of the following cases,
(a) the starting word or the first part of the word is given; you are to
(b) add one or more letters at the end;
(c) write the new word;
(d) convey the same meaning as given.

Follow the steps given below for the formation of new words:
Start Now:
1. (a) Word or part of a word: N E C E S S
(b) Letter/s added:
(c) New word:
(d) Meaning: constraint or compulsion.
2. (a) Word or part of a word: M A
(b) Letter/s added:
(c) New word:
(d) Meaning: sailor.
3. (a) Word or part of a word: M A R I O N
(b) Letter/s added:
(c) New word:
(d) Meaning: puppet worked by strings, representing person, etc.
4. (a) Word or part of a word: F R A
(b) Letter/s added:
(c) New word:
(d) Meaning: easily snapped or shattered.
5. (a) Word or part of a word: F R A G
(b) Letter/s added:
(c) New word:
(d) Meaning: part broken off; detached piece.

English Today 19 August 2016

6. (a) Word or part of a word: D E F E A S
(b) Letter/s added:
(c) New word:
(d) Meaning: rendering null and void.
7. (a) Word or part of a word: W O B
(b) Letter/s added:
(c) New word:
(d) Meaning: revolve with changing inclinations.
8. (a) Word or part of a word: S U P
(b) Letter/s added:
(c) New word:
(d) Meaning: pliant.
9. (a) Word or part of a word: Q U A R A N
(b) Letter/s added:
(c) New word:
(d) Meaning: isolate.
10. (a) Word or part of a word: S I G I L L
(b) Letter/s added:
(c) New word:
(d) Meaning: (of pottery) with impressed patterns.
11. (a) Word or part of a word: P U L L
(b) Letter/s added:
(c) New word:
(d) Meaning: sprout (seed), sprout out (shoot, bud).
12. (a) Word or part of a word: M A
(b) Letter/s added:
(c) New word:
(d) Meaning: beat and bruise.

English Today 20 August 2016

13. (a) Word or part of a word: G E O G
(b) Letter/s added:
(c) New word:
(d) Meaning: geology of a district.
14. (a) Word or part of a word: D O V E
(b) Letter/s added:
(c) New word:
(d) Meaning: fit together. 


R-925 Library & Infor. Sci. ` 120 R-319 Biology ` 130
R-919 Medical Science ` 260 R-287 Legal Terms ` 110
R-756 Biotechnology ` 130 R-543 Environmental Science ` 120
R-796 Geography ` 120
R-612 Economics ` 120
R-917 Science ` 120
R-716 Journalism & Mass Media ` 185
R-916 Education ` 110
R-918 Commerce ` 130 R-675 Computer ` 120
R-381 Physics ` 130 R-718 Electronics ` 120
R-436 Mathematics ` 140 R-1606 Political Science ` 120
R-235 Chemistry ` 130 R-1607 Sociology ` 110

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English Today 21 August 2016

(a) Below is given a Verbal Diagram with the letters A T at the
(b) Below the top, there are blocks up to the base.
(c) Each block is divided into sub-blocks.
(d) In each block, one sub-block on either side goes on increasing or
decreasing in the descending order from the top to the base as shown.
(e) Starting and ending should be with the words given.
(f) You can use abbreviations, but the full word for each abbreviation should
be given as a note under the Diagram.
(h) There can be more than one answer in some cases, but only one answer
is given in the Answers Corner for your convenience.

No. of
3 A T
5 A T
7 A E 3
9 A C
11 A S 5
13 A N 6
11 B N 7
9 B L 8
7 B D 9
5 B N
3 B Y

English Today 22 August 2016

Give one word for each of the following:
1. Disagreeable or ill-bred child or youth.

2. Light shallow rowing-boat usually for carrying passengers.

3. Utter succession of light tremulous sounds.

4. Lasting only a short time.

5. Not feeling or expressing gratitude.

6. Consonance of sounds.

7. One living on anothers earnings.

8. (To) place below water.

9. A fine distinction.

10. Unsightly suburbs.

11. Drawing or writing scratched on wall, especially ancient wall.

12. Taking place by degrees.

13. Appropriate rapaciously.

14. Position or character attaching to gentle birth.

English Today 23 August 2016

15. Science of churches, especially of church building and decoration.

16. Casting off slough in serpents.

17. (To) Grade in civilian organization.

18. Repetition of sound by reflection of sound-waves.

19. Fastidious aesthetic person, often imitating English speech, dress and

20. Require as a necessary condition or claim.

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English Today 24 August 2016

(... continues from July 2016 Issue) property, allows another (lessee)
Knot Points: It relates to the points to use the same for a specified
that are on the yield curve for period, in exchange for a value
which there are discernible rates called the rent.
for traded instruments. Lessee: One who takes property on
Land Contract: Otherwise known as lease.
an article of agreement, a land Lessor: A person, Corporation, or
contract denotes a form of other legal entity that leases
contract, wherein the buyer property to a lessee.
makes periodic installment
Letter of Credit (LC): A formal
payments to the seller, in order to
document issued by a bank on
buy a real estate. But, the title to
behalf of a customer, stating the
the property is not transferred to
conditions under which the bank
the buyer, until he makes the final
will honour the commitments of
the customer.
Land Flip: A colloquial expression
used to denote a real estate fraud, Leverage: The effect on a company
wherein the prices of undeveloped when the company has bonds,
property is artificially increased preferred stock, or both
to high amounts, which are above outstanding. Example: If the
the fair market value. This is often earnings of a company with
accomplished by a group of 1,000,000 common shares
colluding buyers, who purchase increases from $1,000,000 to
and resell the same property, $1,500,000, earnings per share
among its members, several would go up from $1 to $1.50, or
times, each time increasing the an increase of 50%. But, if
price. When the price becomes earnings of a company that had
unrealistically high, they sell the to pay $500,000 in bond interest
property or raise a loan for its increased that much, earnings per
development. common share would jump from
Lease: A contract, through which, $.50 to $1 a share, or 100%.
the owner (lessor) of a certain (to be continued...)

English Today 25 August 2016

(... continues from July 2016 Issue)
Creative destruction: A revolution- thousand people in a given
ary process of capitalism de- population.
scribed by Joseph Schumpeter Cult: A fragmentary religious group
in which new technologies and that lacks permanent structure.
industries incessantly destroy old Cultural diffusion: The transmis-
ones, thus, causing great turmoil sion of cultural elements between
in the economy. sociocultural systems.
Credentialism: The tendency for Cultural lag: A dysfunction in the
jobs to require more and more sociocultural system that results
formal education, even though when a change occurs in one
the skill or knowledge require- part of the system but another
ments for the job have not part of that system fails to ad-
changed. just to the change. The failure
Crime: Any action that violates crimi- often causes conflict until ad-
nal laws established by political justment is made. An example
is the engagement of married
Criminology: A social science dis-
women in outside employment
cipline that focuses upon the
and the continuance of the tradi-
study of crime and the criminal
tional domestic division of labour.
justice system.
Cultural materialism: A macro so-
Crisis medicine (also called cura-
cial theory that attempts to ac-
tive medicine): Medical treat-
ment that focuses on curing ill- count for the similarities and dif-
ness rather than preventing it. ferences between sociocultural
Cross tabulation (Crosstabs): A systems by focusing on the en-
table illustrating the relationship vironmental constraints to which
between two variables, such as human action is subject.
sex (male and female) and years Cultural pluralism: The more or
of education. less peaceful coexistence of
Crude birth rate: A statistical mea- multiple subcultures within a
sure representing the number of given society.
births per year for every thou- Cultural relativism: The idea that a
sand people in a given popula- cultural item can be judged or
tion. understood only in relationship
Crude death rate: A statistical to the entire culture in which it is
measure representing the number embedded.
of deaths per year for every (to be continued...)

English Today 26 August 2016

Sherlock HolmesSir Arthur Conan Doyle


Published LITTLE SCHOLARZ, 12-H, New Daryaganj
by Road, Opp. Officers Mess, New Delhi-110002
ISBN No.: 978 93 83299 21 8 Book Code: S-201
Printed Pages: 272 Price: ` 125

The book His Last Bow is a collection of eight Sherlock Holmes stories
by Arthur Conan Doyle, including the titular short story, His Last Bow.
Given Holmes popularity its not surprising that when World War I broke
out, that a young British soldier might ask Doyle whether Mr. Holmes was
doing anything for the war effort. That encounter with the soldier resulted
ultimately in Doyle's penning His Last Bow, a story published during the
war, but which is set just prior to Britain's entry into the war, with Holmes
outwitting a German spy in the months and days before Britain's entry into
the conflict on 4 August 1914.
His Last Bow was meant to be the last of the Holmes stories. The story
is unusual in that it is one of only a couple of Holmes stories not written
in the first person; most of the Holmes stories, and all of the novels are
written from the point of view of Dr. Watson, Holmes faithful companion,
and a few stories are written from Holmes own perspective. This story,
though, was written in the 3rd person, perhaps because Doyle wanted to
present this story of espionage thwarted in such a way that Holmes
entrance comes as something of a surprise, though the subtitle kind of
serves as a spoiler.

English Today 27 August 2016

Within the story, Holmess appearance, and that of Dr. Watson, does
come as a surprise. Holmes had been disguised as one of the informants
serving von Bork, the German spy, and his true identity is not revealed
until he has disposed of von Bork. It does make one wonder if Doyle had
originally intended this spy story to feature some other British agent, but
changed it to a Holmes story after his encounter with the young soldier.
In addition to His Last Bow, this collection contains The Adventure of the
Bruce Partington Plans, another espionage story involving stolen submarine
plans, set in 1895. That story, which features Holmes brother, Mycroft,
as well, is generally placed among the top ten Holmes stories.
His Last Bow is composed of eight cases each with varying flair and
approach. Best thing about the book is the way author leads a case, it
always starts with some curious but general interaction between Watson
and Holmes that finally leads to the introduction of the case. As most
cases are narrated from the perspective of Watson, which brings facts at
par with the intellectual of an average reader and so, a reader never feels
like, as if the writer is trying to oversmart him. Although indirectly, he do
succeeds in doing so.
This might be dexterity on part of Doyle that makes Sherlock Holmes
more acceptable and more loved by people for generations. Over all the
book makes a good read. 

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English Today 28 August 2016

Use the following words as different parts of speech as directed:
1. Buy
(a) Noun
(b) Verb

2. Advance
(a) Noun
(b) Verb

3. Alike
(a) Adjective
(b) Adverb
4. Ally
(a) Noun
(b) Verb

5. Alone
(a) Adjective
(b) Adverb

6. Amount
(a) Noun
(b) Verb

7. Animal
(a) Noun
(c) Adjective

8. Another
(a) Pronoun
(b) Adjective

English Today 29 August 2016

9. Answer
(a) Noun
(b) Verb
10. Any
(a) Pronoun
(b) Adjective
(c) Adverb
11. Appeal
(a) Noun
(b) Verb
12. Paint
(a) Noun
(b) Verb

13. Arch
(a) Noun
(b) Verb
(c) Adjective
14. Arm
(a) Noun
(b) Verb

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English Today 30 August 2016



Give at least one Antonym for each of the following words:

Word Antonym Word Antonym
1. To 9. Beware
2. Go 10. Hinder
3. True
11. Fair
4. Start
12. Fall
5. Make
13. Flow, move
6. Everywhere
7. Now 14. Weak
8. Ever 15. Grow, develop


Give at least one Synonym for each of the following words:

Word Synonym Word Synonym

1. Advent 9. Fashionable
2. Behaviour 10. Picturesque
3. Stress
11. Famous
4. Familiar
12. Finish
5. Humility
13. Forgetfulness
6. Mend
7. Require 14. Peak
8. Frequently 15. Powerful

English Today 31 August 2016

Form Nouns:
Word Noun Word Noun
1. Go 9. Sophisticated
2. Give 10. Liable
3. Do 11. Appreciate
4. Sing
12. Glorious
5. Think
13. Require
6. Wise
7. Happy 14. Casual
8. Awkward 15. Congruent


Form Adjectives:
Word Adjective Word Adjective
1. Labour 6. Transparency
2. Convert 7. Sight
3. Solidify 8. Condemn
4. Variety 9. Passion
5. Regress 10. Progress


Form Verbs:
Word Verb Word Verb
1. Particular 7. Assurance
2. Permit 8. Lamentation
3. Recommendation 9. Legal
4. Regular 10. Trivial
5. Forgetful 11. Little
6. Simple 12. Beauty

English Today 32 August 2016

P u p il

Rewrite the following sentences, correcting them:
1. He has ten heads of cattle.

2. She has few rupees in her purse.

3. Please tell me the next way to the inn.

4. The all students have passed.

5. Milk of this cow is sweet.

6. Which is hottest month of the year?

7. It is the duty rich to help poor.

8. Lets discuss about this matter.

9. Why are you shouting on me?

10. I have a idea to tell.

11. This added his troubles.

12. Let us enter into the cave.

13. He died with malaria.

14. On fourth day they saw the land.

15. Please dont refer it.

English Today 33 August 2016

16. I know who is he.

17. Then we reached at the station.

18. I could not help give money to him.

19. I think he will need not your help.

20. He is a great friend of I.

21. This book is my.

22. He is mine best friend.

23. Now tell me where are you going?

24. Who there is?

25. She knew that they will not help her.

26. Dont work with stress.

27. He promised to help with me.

28. How you will find the lost ring?

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English Today 34 August 2016


Directions: (i) Give the meanings of the following idioms/phrases.

(ii) Use them in sentences of your own.
1. To cry over spilt milk
2. To take to ones heels
3. To show a clean pair of heels
4. To have too many irons in the fire
5. A broken reed
6. To the bone
7. Every inch
8. A lame excuse
9. A French leave

English Today 35 August 2016

10. An apple of ones eye
11. By fits and starts
12. In a fit of anger
13. Hard and fast
14. To follow suit
15. To blow hot and cold
16. A snake in the grass


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English Today 36 August 2016



Give the pronunciation of specified letters in the following words:

1. (i) Word: Sweet
(ii) Specified Letters: ee
(iii) Pronunciation:
2. (i) Word: Sweat
(ii) Specified Letters: ea
(iii) Pronunciation:
3. (i) Word: Swear
(ii) Specified Letters: ea
(iii) Pronunciation:
4. (i) Word: Shuttered
(ii) Specified Letters: tered
(iii) Pronunciation:
5. (i) Word: Shuttle
(ii) Specified Letters: ttle
(iii) Pronunciation:
6. (i) Word: Chick
(ii) Specified Letters: ck
(iii) Pronunciation:
7. (i) Word: Order
(ii) Specified Letters: der
(iii) Pronunciation:
8. (i) Word: Perplexed
(ii) Specified Letters: xed
(iii) Pronunciation:

English Today 37 August 2016


Point out at least one silent letter in each of the following words:
Word Silent letter Word Silent letter
1. Posthumous 9. Ideologue
2. Person 10. Plough
3. Panel
11. Plumber
4. Leopard
12. Talk
5. Less
6. Whole 13. Condemn
7. Psychology 14. Hockey
8. Dumb 15. Knife

English Today 38 August 2016

What youve studied in the previous issues:
The Use of:
1. Full Stop 5. Comma
2. Sign of Interrogation 6. Semi Colon
3. Sign of Exclamation 7. Colon
4. Capital Letters

What you are going to study in this issue:

1. Dash ( )
2. Hyphen ( - )


1. The Dash is used to express
(i) A sudden alteration or cessation of thought.
(a) One must aspire for successbut how can it be achieved?
(b) You must not quarrel with your brotherbut who am I to guide
(ii) Summing up of disparate parts of a subject.
(a) Industrialists, intellectuals, workersall are components of
(b) There are certain essentials for lifefood, water, clothes,
house, work, etcetera.
(Note: (i) Dash is often used in place of colon. (ii) Sometimes it is
used after colon) (Colon Dash :)


1. The Hyphen is shorter in length than the Dash. It is used
(i) To connect parts of a compound word.
(a) Touch-me-not
(b) Now-a-days

English Today 39 August 2016

(ii) To connect two parts of a word which does not complete in one
(a) They were passing through a dang-
erous situation.
(b) You must do all things most care-


Rewrite the following sentences using the Dash and the Hyphen at the
appropriate place:
1. Some people do not care for morals and manners it is no occasion
for us to waste our thoughts on them.
2. Life demands many things hard work, confidence and mutual
3. Many passersby watched the jugglers show.
4. The maid servant broke the cup.
5. What is your father in law?
6. Dont be excessively enthusias
tic to do this job. 

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English Today 40 August 2016

Fill in the blanks with suitable preposition:

1. The dog is barking the beggar.

2. Cut your coat the cloth.

3. There was no love lost the two brothers.

4. Im a loss to know what to do.

5. I invited him tea.

6. Read this letter the lines.

7. Is she annoyed you?

8. What is he aiming ?

9. I sought advice him.

10. Why do you prevent me visiting the garden?

11. What has he been booked ?

12. He is convicted theft.

13. His brother was charged murder.

14. The jury has absolved him all crimes.

15. I took him a thief.

16. You are labouring a misunderstanding.

17. Circumstances are weighted heavily you.

18. It is useless to cry spilt milk.

19. Rome was not built a day.

English Today 41 August 2016

20. He is hankering riches day and night.

21. We must abide the laws of our country.

22. Birds a feather flock together.

23. Hard work is the key success.

24. Distribute these sweet the five children.

25. She has been cured her disease.

26. He has close links high-ups a friend.

27. God is us all.

28. The sky is overcast clouds.

29. Do not beat the bush; come the point.

30. She is always complaining her circumstances.

31. Dont be negligent/forgetful your duties.

32. Beware selfish friends.

33. You cant kill a dog a bone.

34. He is just his elder brother.

35. She is well-versed doll-making. 


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English Today 42 August 2016

Use the following words in sentences of your own so as to make their
meanings clear:
1. Bourn:
2. Cabal:
3. Cabin:
4. Calash:
5. Calculate:
Calculus: (a)
6. Calendar:
7. Career:
8. Cavil:
9. Cease:
10. Caution:
11. Centrifugal:

English Today 43 August 2016

12. Cereal:
13. Certain:
14. Charter:
15. Chargeable:
16. Check:

English Today 44 August 2016




Complete the following sentences using Adverb Clauses of Time,

Place, Cause or Reason:

1. Do not disturb me .

2. Put the coin .

3. The child began to cry .

4. Ill do this job .

5. She could not come .

6. The child was happy .

7. I could not count up to hundred .

8. The old lady blessed the boy .

9. , you cannot pass the examination.

10. You can find good people .

11. Mother, you need not worry about me .

12. Play well .

13. Child, you must now go out .

14. He could not dare enter the dark room .

15. Well not harm you .

16. , there is a way.

English Today 45 August 2016

17. You can stay with us .

18. , the auction of this plot has been cancelled.

19. Gods live .

20. , Ill stand by you.


Complete the following sentences by using Adverb Clauses of Purpose:

1. We eat .
2. He is working hard .
3. Run fast .
4. He shouted loudly .
5. Gardeners water the plants .
6. Speak lowly .
7. Keep company with good boys .
8. Keep on working efficiently .
9. I use umbrella in rain .
10. Speak thoughtfully . 

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English Today 46 August 2016



Add the suffix able or ible to each of the following words and use
them in sentences of your own:
1. (a) Word: Cart
(b) Addition of able/ible:
(c) Usage:

2. (a) Word: Carve

(b) Addition of able/ible:
(c) Usage:

3. (a) Word: Reject

(b) Addition of able/ible:
(c) Usage:

4. (a) Word: Sense

(b) Addition of able/ible:
(c) Usage:
5. (a) Word: Ascertain
(b) Addition of able/ible:
(c) Usage:

6. (a) Word: Treat

(b) Addition of able/ible:
(c) Usage:

English Today 47 August 2016

7. (a) Word: Challenge
(b) Addition of able/ible:
(c) Usage:
8. (a) Word: Transfer
(b) Addition of able/ible:
(c) Usage:
9. (a) Word: Change
(b) Addition of able/ible:
(c) Usage:
10. (a) Word: Chart
(b) Addition of able/ible:
(c) Usage:
11. (a) Word: Charter
(b) Addition of able/ible:
(c) Usage:
12. (a) Word: Negotiate
(b) Addition of able/ible:
(c) Usage:
13. (a) Word: Chew
(b) Addition of able/ible:
(c) Usage:
14. (a) Word: Calculate
(b) Addition of able/ible:
(c) Usage:
15. (a) Word: Consider
(b) Addition of able/ible:
(c) Usage:

English Today 48 August 2016


1. You spotted snakes with double tongue,
Thorny hedge-hogs, be not seen;
Newts and blind-worms, do no wrong;
Come not near our fairy queen.
Philomel, with melody,
Sing in our sweet lullaby;
Lulla, lulla, lullaby; lulla, lulla, lullaby:
Never harm,
Nor spell, nor charm,
Come our lovely lady nigh;
So, good night, with lullaby.
Weaving spiders, come not here;
Hence, you long-leggd spinners, hence!
Beetles black, approach not near;
Worm nor snail, do no offence.
Philomel, with melody, & c.
Shakespeare (Midsummer-Nights Dream)
2. The deep truth is imageless. Shelley
3. Oh thatt were possible,
After long grief and pain,
To find the arms of my true love
Round me once again. Tennyson (Maud)
4. Womans anger is like a diamonds glitter; it only shines but cannot
burn. Tagore
5. Truth can afford to be simple. Tagore
6. If you put a chain around the neck of a slave, the other end fastens
itself around your own. Emerson
7. A great man is always willing to be little. Emerson
8. How near to good is what is fair! Ben Jonson

English Today 49 August 2016

Write full words for the following abbreviations:
Abbreviations Full Words
1. NIT =
2. IPL =
4. SPH =
5. CHC =
6. EML =
7. DoH =
8. PHC =
9. WHO =
10. CrPC =
11. FCI =
13. PWD =
14. NCRB =
15. DEITY =
16. HRD =
17. VDC =
18. PRO =
19. IPHD =
20. VHP =

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English Today 50 August 2016

Give the Plurals of the following:
Singular Plural Singular Plural
1. Graffito 11. Shelf
2. Chief 12. Knife
3. Loaf 13. Thief
4. Goose 14. Story
5. Momento 15. Man-servant
6. Volcano 16. Maid-servant
7. Dish 17. Erratum
8. Kiss 18. Madam
9. Ox 19. Monsieur
10. Tooth 20. Archipelago

Give the Feminine Gender of the following:
Masculine Feminine Masculine Feminine
1. Sir 6. Wizard
2. Colt 7. Murderer
3. Stag 8. Traitor
4. Buck 9. Man-servant
5. Friar 10. Testator

Conjugate the following verbs:
Present Indefinite Past Indefinite Past Participle
1. Write
2. Strike
3. Sing
4. Bite
5. Steal

English Today 51 August 2016

Present Indefinite Past Indefinite Past Participle
6. Teach
7. Send
8. Leave

9. Break
10. Fall
11. Forbid

12. Wind
13. Ride
14. Throw

15. Swear
16. Rise
17. Swim

18. Pay
19. Buy
20. Sleep


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English Today 52 August 2016


Give the correct spellings of the following words:

Wrong Spellings Correct Spellings

1. Spondiac
2. Spolation
3. MacCarthyism
4. Indefineable
5. Fuesion
6. Fussil
7. Dissentiant
8. Absorbant
9. Buzard
10. Alphabeticle
11. Decieve
12. Decelrate
13. Flunky
14. Groser
15. Scenry
16. Struthous
17. Tiffan
18. Tvang
19. Usfruct
20. Whaker
21. Wasteage
22. Transiant
23. Sudoroferous
24. Solicitious

English Today 53 August 2016

25. Solitair
26. Retairy
27. Pycknic
28. Portmantu
29. Paronomacia
30. Lakustrine


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English Today 54 August 2016

Use the following words in sentences to convey at least two disparate
meanings in each case:
1. Bark
2. Bag
3. Bull
4. Beat
5. Break
6. Bear
7. Bell
8. Beard

English Today 55 August 2016

9. Blue
10. Beggar
11. Stomach
12. Swallow
13. Fix
14. Fight
15. Foot
16. Fair

English Today 56 August 2016

17. Fare
18. Let
19. Leave
20. Noise
21. Grow
22. Feel
23. Pulse
24. Cross
25. Stare

English Today 57 August 2016

Give a character-sketch of Antonio.


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English Today 58 August 2016

Fill in the blanks with suitable words:


Material management deals (1) the planning and control of all functions
supporting the complete cycle (2) flow of materials (3) an organisation.
It is a logistical function that essentially manages all raw components of
(4) supply chain, and involves the sourcing, acquisition, warehousing and
overall management of raw materials, parts and other components that go
(5) the creation of a product that is then sold and shipped (6) end users.
(7) ensure that all the materials required in a factory (8) the soft drinks
in the staff lounge to the multimillion-dollar machinery used (9) manufac-
ture products flow (10) the factory (11) products can continue to flow
(12) of the factory, is the task of a Materials manager. Materials managers
(13) the powerhouse of a company. For a big company, they may (14)

purchasing materials worth crores of rupees. A multinational Fortune 500

company that produces multiple products will (15) far more complicated
requirements (16) a company that produces (17) single product (18) a
regional or local market. (19) , whatever be the materials or products, all
materials managers handle similar activities. They develop the contract
management instructions (20) procedures (21) acquiring a companys
supplies, and implement the company purchasing policies.


The great value of Sens work, (1) from its obvious historical and empirical
significance, lies (2) the theoretical framework (3) he employed to
explicate the phenomenon of a (4) type of famine. My reference is (5)

his notion of entitlements, which determine the final consumption of goods

English Today 59 August 2016

and services or just food (6) the context of relevance here (7) a
person is able to achieve. How much food (8) individual or household is
able to command (9) depend (10) the individuals initial endowment of
wealth (including assets and labour-power); on the technology of production
available (11) endowments can be converted (12) output (13) self-
consumption (14) exchange in the market; (15) the terms of exchange,
which are mediated (16) prices and wages; and by the legal framework, and
its implementation, that circumscribe the (17) of access to final output.
These factors, together, define ones entitlements. There are circumstances
in (18) the factors can conspire to ensure (19) ones entitlement to food
is insufficient to escape starvation; and famines (20) often the consequence
of generalised and large-scale entitlement-failures. Entitlement-failure, as
Sen pointed (21) , can happen (22) food availability decline. That is to
(23) , a famine is not necessarily caused by (24) aggregate supply
deficiency of food: as Sen puts it, starvation can happen not (25) of there
not being (26) food to go (27) but because of some people not (28)

adequate access (29) it. This could happen (30) a number of reasons.

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English Today 60 August 2016

Were living in a world of extraordinary stress and strain. It is important for
us to de-stress ourselves every now and then. Nothing can help an average
reader more than a brief reading of humorous anecdotes, quips and jokes.
Given below are a few light moment expressions and dialogues for inducing
gentle smiles, if not horse laughs.
Mother : Child, why do you take fast food?
Child : I hope itll make me fast.
Mother : Why do you think so?
Child : Everybody says, You are too slow, slow in studies, slow in
races, slow in everything, so...
Mother : But, you know, its very harmful?
Child : Yes, I know, its harmful to those who are already fast; it makes
them too fast, but, as you also say, Im slow in everything. So,
it cant harm me.
Mother : Child, howll you give up this habit of eating fast food?
Child : If you allow me to eat as much of it as I like, and as many times
as I feel necessary.
Mother : What about your obesity?
Child : Thats an independent subject; let physicians take a decision
on it.
Mother : They tell me to advise you not to take fast food.
Child : Tell them that Im too slow, and need it to grow fast.
Mother : What will happen then?
Child : Then certainly theyll change their decision.
Mother : (to herself) Alas! child, you knew the danger involved in your

English Today 61 August 2016

(i) Given below are two Sections, Section-I and Section-II.
(ii) In Section-I are given first parts of proverbs and idioms and in Section-
II are given the second parts of proverbs and idioms.
(iii) The parts of proverbs and idioms in the two sections are not given in
the proper serial or chronological order.
(iv) You are to match the two parts given in two sections (Section-I1-20,

1. Deaths day ... 11. To cast pearls ...
2. Death keeps ... 12. Death before ...
3. A bad workman ... 13. Experience is mother ...
4. To kill two birds ... 14. Penny wise, ...
5. If wishes were horses ... 15. A figure among ...
6. Two of a trade ... 16. Silent waters ...
7. All is well ... 17. Haste makes ...
8. Out of sight ... 18. Strike the iron ...
9. Self-praise is ... 19. Prevention is ...
10. Physician heal ... 20. Union is ...

i. ... no recommendation. xi. ... no calendar.
ii. ... out of mind. xii. ... of all knowledge.
iii. ... quarrels with his tools. xiii. ... dishonour.
iv. ... cyphers. xiv. ... pound foolish.
v. ... better than cure. xv. ... waste.
vi. ... before swine. xvi. ... with one stone.
vii. ... that ends well. xvii. ... seldom agree.
viii. ... is dooms day. xviii. ... thyself.
ix. ... while it is hot. xix. ... run deep.
x. ... strength. xx. ... beggars would ride them.

English Today 62 August 2016

(a) Given below is a word containing 6 letters.
(b) Descending under each letter you are to supply a word of your own by
filling in each box.
(c) Your word should tally in meaning with one of the meanings given.
(d) At the end of each of your words write the number of the given meaning
with which it tallies.
(e) Your word should contain the number of letters as per boxes given.

Given Word S A T U R N



No. No.

1. Wavy motion or form
2. Not natural or real
3. Gurgling sound especially in throat of a dying person
4. Evidence or demonstration
5. Expressing existence
6. Daintily tidy; deft 

English Today 63 August 2016



Briefly explain the following Proper Nouns used idiomatically:

1. Mrs Grundy

2. Fidus Achates

English Today 64 August 2016

(Face-to-Face with the Author)
Dear Readers,
You are hereby invited to send your queries on the English language and
grammar. A few of the best queries received will be printed every month.

Q. What do the following terms mean?
(i) Responsory (ii) Aposiopesis
(iii) Apodosis (iv) Protasis
Ans. (i) Responsory
It refers to an anthem sung or said by a soloist and choir after a
(ii) Aposiosis
It means sudden stoppage of speech.
(iii) Apodosis
It means
(a) Concluding clause of a sentence.
(b) More usually it refers to the consequent clause of a condi-
tional sentence.
(Note: Apodosis is underlined in the following sentences)
(a) If you work hard, you will pass.
(b) Work hard lest you should fail.
(iv) Protasis
It means
(a) Introductory clause in a sentence.
(b) Usually, it refers to the clause expressing condition.
(Note: Protasis is underlined in the following sentences)
(a) Unless you accept my terms, Ill not strike the deal.
(b) Provided you stop teasing me, Im ready to be your friend.

English Today 65 August 2016

1. Given below are 6 anagram sets. You are to complete the sets by filling
in blank boxes.
2. (i) (a) In the first set, the first word given is ROOM.
(b) Therefore, for the anagram MOOR, the last letter R is given.
(ii) After each set, a blank box is given.
(iii) In each set (except the first)
(a) the last two letters of the first word are given.
(b) the last letter of the second word is given.
(iv) Each new set starts with the last letter of the preceding set.
3. You should not repeat any of the words in the whole chain of sets.
4. You may treat ch as one letter (being one syllable), though occupying
two boxes or two letters, as necessary.
O O M R 2

3 4

5 6

Lets Speak English for Success

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English Today 66 August 2016

Tick () the correct answer:
1. In which novel of Jane Austen does the character Lady Catherine de
Bourgh find a place?
A. Sense and Sensibility B. Pride and Prejudice
C. Emma D. Persuasion
2. In Huckleberry Finn where did Huck find the paper card which read:
Sick Arab but harmless when not out of his head.
A. Lying on the ground B. Floating in the river
C. Stuck on Jims back D. In Sophias Bible
3. Frogs is a comedy by
A. Aristophanes B. Aeschylus
C. Sophocles D. Euripides
4. Dryden makes a comparative study of the methods of the satire of
Juvenal and that of Harace in his
A. Preface to Fables B. Preface to All for Love
C. Prologue to Aurang-Zeba D. Discourse
5. Who is the compiler/editor of The Golden Treasury of Indo-Anglian
A. V.K. Gokak B. Manmohan Ghosh
C. Joseph Furtado D. Henry Derozio
6. Spensers Shepherds Calendar appeared in
A. 1578 B. 1582
C. 1579 D. 1569
7. Name the writer of the following lines:
Full many a flower is born to blush unseen,
And waste its sweetness on the desert air.
A. Goldsmith B. William Blake
C. Thompson D. Thomas Gray

English Today 67 August 2016

8. Which one of the following statements is true
A. Donne learnt the use of conceits from Chaucer
B. In the Civil War of 1640s, the royal navy took the side
of Parliament
C. In England, women attained the right to vote before men
D. Shakespeare preceded Langland

9. In which year did the Bolshevik Revolution take place?

A. 1919 B. 1920
C. 1921 D. 1917

10. Which can be said to be the tragic flaw in Hamlet?

A. Indecisiveness B. Suspicion
C. Revenge D. Jealousy

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English Today 68 August 2016

? ??
Study the following imaginative situation with four
options and then frame your own options for the situations that follow:
What if you lost your suitcase containing important documents while
travelling in a train .........

(a) Id write to the railway authorities at the headquarters.
(b) Id get important documents again.
(c) Id contact the station master of the destination station.
(d) Id insert an advertisement in the newspaper in this connection.

Now, frame your own options for the situations given below:
1. What if you miss a flight for reaching the airport late .......

2. What if the flight you are to take is cancelled by the airline for some
reason .......

3. What if your car goes wrong in a desert area .......


English Today 69 August 2016

1. Given below are a number of boxes.
2. (i) Each box contains one half of a word;
(ii) The other half of the word lies in the second box, placed below, above,
to left or right of the first box.
(iii) In this way, all the boxes together form a continuous chain of words.
(iv) The different (full) words thus formed may or may not have any
relationship to each other except the one explained in (i) and (ii) above.
3. You are to write all the full words in the space provided below the boxes.
4. You start from the first box on the top right or left and finish at the last
box on bottom right or left.
5. You can move on any side but the chain must not be broken.
6. The second part of each word will become the first part of the next word.
7. The boxes given below are only an example. Taking a cue from this
method, you should try to write your own chain words in the blanks.
8. You are not repeat any word or part of the word.





(Important Clue: There are 24 words in all.)
Now, write the words below:
1. 2. 3.
4. 5. 6.
7. 8. 9.
10. 11. 12.
13. 14. 15.
16. 17. 18.
19. 20. 21.
22. 23. 24.
Note: Not only it is important that you fill in the blanks, but it is also important as to how much
time you take in doing so. Please look at your watch before and after you start doing so.

English Today 70 August 2016

Directions: Look at the following picture for ten seconds.
After ten seconds stop looking and cover the picture.

Now answer the following questions based on the above

picture to test your power of remembering things.
1. The picture depicts the scene of an indoor or outdoor party?
2. How many persons are visible in the picture?
3. How many pets are visible?
4. There is only one bird visible. True/False
5. There is a shovel visible. True/False
6. Are there any flowers visible? Yes/No
7. Is there any lamp visible? Yes/No
8. How many persons are sporting caps?
9. How many persons are eating on the table?
10. A person is climbing the ................. with a box. 

English Today 71 August 2016

W L One of the oldest forms of punctuation may be dying
S I The periodthe full-stop signal we all learn as children,
whose use stretches back at least to the Middle Agesis
P gradually being felled in the barrage of instant messaging
that has become synonymous with the digital age
So says David Crystal, who has written more than 100 Text message with periods
books on language and is a former master of original were rated as less sincere,
pronunciation at Shakespeares Globe theater in London a study found
a man who understands the power of tradition in language
According to Professor Crystal, an honorary professor of linguistics at the University of
Wales, Bangor We are at a momentous moment in the history of the full stop
In an instant message, it is pretty obvious a sentence has come to an end, and none
will have a full stop
Professor Crystal added that the period is being deployed as a weapon to show irony,
syntactic snark, insincerity, even aggression
If the love of your life canceled the candlelit, six-course, home-cooked dinner you have
prepared, you are best advised to include a period when you respond Fine. to show
Fine or Fine!, in contrast, could denote acquiescence or blithe acceptance
The period now has an emotional charge and has become an emoticon of sorts,
Now all we need to know is, what's next to go? The question mark

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English Today 72 August 2016

16. (a) Full word: Illuminated
LECTURE FORUM (b) Usage: Everybody wanted to sit in
the brightly illuminated hall.
1. (a) Full word: Herded 17. (a) Full word: Impeached
(b) Usage: The prisoners herded into (b) Usage: The impeached leader stood
the dungeon were awfully terrified. aghast before the judge.
2. (a) Full word: Hooked
(b) Usage: The shepherd used the
long hooked stick to cut branches of IN SIMPLE TERMS
trees for his flock.
3. (a) Full word: Hashed EXERCISE-1
(b) Usage: Would you like eat to this
dish of hashed meat? 1. He is going to present some wall decor
4. (a) Full word: Harried styles for home.
(b) Usage: The harried man at last 2. Everyone deserves it.
committed suicide. 3. The best way to experience entertain-
5. (a) Full word: Hurt ment is to redecorate a room with a
(b) Usage: Anything can be repaired
tropical theme.
but not a hurt heart/hurt feelings.
6. (a) Full word: Harnessed 4. Wall hangings, paintings, bright colours
(b) Usage: Harnessed water must be and lights should be added to achieve
used most judiciously. this.
7. (a) Full word: Hidden 5. Bright white, garden turquoise or tropi-
(b) Usage: At last, who got possession cal beach colour palette should be used
of the hidden treasure? for this purpose.
8. (a) Full word: Hounded 6. Bricks and use of stone and tiles on the
(b) Usage: The hounded leader went
accent wall should be installed to achieve
9. (a) Full word: Hooded this end. Apart from this, wood panelling
(b) Usage: Who was that hooded man and slate and ochre in materials may be
who came with you? used to play with earthy tones of brown.
10. (a) Full word: Honed
(b) Usage: The honed razor was very EXERCISE-2
11. (a) Full word: Honoured Real Estate in India in 2006
(b) Usage: The honoured guest climbed It was in 2006 that the Government of India
up to the podium most majestically. allowed 100 per cent foreign direct invest-
12. (a) Full word: Husbanded ment in the Realty sector. The new policy was
(b) Usage: The husbanded wealth bound to throw up a competition between
should be used most judiciously. Indian and foreign players. Though profes-
13. (a) Full word: Hunted sionally run Indian firms were expected to
(b) Usage: The hunted animal was survive or become copartners, there was no
panting. hope for the other organisations. Another
14. (a) Full word: Hyphened
possibility was that small players would join
(b) Usage: Two hyphened words are
usually considered one word. hands and survive mutually in small cities and
15. (a) Full word: Iced towns. Foreign firms were likely to have joint
(b) Usage: Would you please give me ventures on 50 : 50 basis in view of dubious
a piece of iced cake? land acquisition laws in India. (words = 93)

English Today 73 August 2016

EXERCISE-3 14. An office-goer has to be regular and
1. Let your work be done.
15. He must follow the set rules and obey his
2. He told me that he was my friend.
3. He is so lazy that he does/will not do any
16. A student must work hard right from the
4. She was good enough to help me. beginning of the session or semester.
5. Positive: Nothing is so high as truth. 17. Otherwise, he or she will not be able to
Superlative: Truth is the highest thing. show good results in the examination.
6. Is it possible that you will help me? 18. Thus, we see, discipline is one of the
7. They came yesterday. most important things in life.
8. Always speak the truth. 19. Nothing tangible can be achieved with-
9. Ive read three-fourths of this book. out discipline.
10. Their glory can never fade. 20. If you study the lives of great men and
11. Coming into the room, he sat down on women, you will see that the first thing
the sofa. they did was to follow the rules of disci-
12. He shouted in a loud voice. pline in all walks of life.
13. I could not help laughing loudly.
14. How charming the scenery is! D AY- TO-DAY
15. Those days are unforgettable for me.
1. gathering 2. adjoining
1. I am very fond of plants and trees. So,
3. enduring 4. binding
I have chosen gardening as my hobby.
5. wailing 6. arguing
2. I pursue it during my spare hours in the
7. asking 8. visiting
morning and evening.
9. lurking 10. breaking
3. I get seeds and saplings from a nursery
and grow them in my kitchen garden. 11. chirping 12. living
4. As they grow up and green and purple 13. borrowing 14. charging
leaves appear on them, I am overjoyed. 15. cheeping 16. cheering
5. I water the plants regularly. 17. chasing 18. buying
6. I also apply manure and pesticides to 19. crowning 20. concluding
them as required.
7. I grow flower plants, fruit plants and FORMATION OF WORDS
vegetables in my kitchen garden.
8. My mother and my sister also help me 1. (b) ITY (c) NECESSITY
sometimes. 2. (b) RINER (c) MARINER
9. Sometimes, birds come and sing sweet 3. (b) ETTE (c) MARIONETTE
songs in my garden. 4. (b) GILE (c) FRAGILE
10. I keep sitting in my garden for many 5. (b) MENT (c) FRAGMENT
minutes, enjoying bounties of nature.
11. The word discipline, which is derived
7. (b) BLE (c) WOBBLE
from the word disciple, refers to certain
8. (b) PLE (c) SUPPLE
established rules and principles which
make life worth-living.
12. In order to make life happy for ourselves 10. (b) ATE (c) SIGILLATE
and for others, we must follow discipline 11. (b) ULATE (c) PULLULATE
in all walks of life. 12. (b) UL (c) MAUL
13. A soldier has to obey the commands of 13. (b) NOSY (c) GEOGNOSY
his superiors. 14. (b) TAIL (c) DOVETAIL

English Today 74 August 2016

Verb: You should not have answered
VERBAL DIAGRAM her like this.
10. Pronoun: Here are three books; you
can take any.
5. ABIOGENESIS 6. APPROPRIATION Adjective: Have you got any answer to
this question?
9. BOMBARD 10. BEGIN Adverb: He does not seem to be any the
11. BUY wiser even after this incident.
11. Noun: She has submitted an appeal to
the court to review the judgement.
ONE WORD SUBSTITUTION Verb: The government has appealed to
the people not to waste water.
1. Whelp 2. Wherry 12. Noun: What is the point at issue?
3. Twitter 4. Transitory Verb: The needle of suspicion points at
5. Thankless 6. Symphony you.
7. Parasite 8. Submerge 13. Noun: Water had reached up to the
9. Subtlety 10. Subtopia arch of the bridge over the river.
11. Graffito 12. Gradual Verb: The central part of the building
13. Grab 14. Gentlehood was arched.
15. Ecclesiology 16. Ecdysis Adjective: He is an arch rogue.
17. Echelon 18. Echo 14. Noun: I have two arms.
19. Dude (slang) 20. Postulate Verb: The enemy was armed to the
1. Noun: This old car is a good buy at one EXERCISE-1
lakh rupees.
Verb: Do you want to buy this house? 1. From 2. Come
2. Noun: You must intimate me in regard 3. False 4. End, conclude
to your plans in advance. 5. Mar 6. Nowhere
Verb: Prices of goods have advanced 7. Then 8. Never
sharply. 9. Ignore 10. Help, aid
3. Adverb: Treat all guests alike. 11. Unfair 12. Rise
Adjective: Both the brothers are alike. 13. Stay 14. Strong
4. Noun: England and France were allies 15. Decay
in the second World War.
Verb: Italy allied with Germany in the EXERCISE-2
second World War. 1. Arrival 2. Conduct
5. Adjective: He is alone in this world. 3. Emphasize 4. Acquainted
Adverb: I finished this task alone. 5. Meekness 6. Repair
6. Noun: What is the total amount to be
7. Desire, demand 8. Often
9. Trendy 10. Scenic
Verb: Your behaviour amounts to dis-
11. Renowned 12. Complete, end
13. Oblivion 14. Summit
7. Noun: We should love all animals.
15. Potent, mighty, puissant
Adjective: She is full of animal spirits.
8. Pronoun: After one boy jumped into the
canal, another followed suit.
Adjective: He is another Gandhi. 1. Gait 2. Gift
9. Noun: What is the answer to this prob- 3. Deed 4. Song
lem? 5. Thought 6. Wisdom

English Today 75 August 2016

7. Happiness 8. Awkwardness
9. Sophistication 10. Liability
11. Appreciation 12. Glory
1. Meaning: to lament vainly over an irre-
13. Requirement 14. Casualty
trievable loss
15. Congruence
Usage: It is useless to cry over spilt milk
when one has failed in the examination.
EXERCISE-4 2. Meaning: to run away, being afraid
1. Laborious 2. Convertible Usage: On seeing the policeman, the
3. Solidified 4. Various thief took to his heels.
5. Regressive 6. Transparent 3. Meaning: to flee away, usually from a
7. Sightful 8. Condemnable
Usage: The enemy showed a clean pair
9. Passionate 10. Progressive
of heels when our soldiers started fusil-
EXERCISE-5 4. Meaning: to be involved in many activi-
1. Particularize 2. Permit ties at a time
3. Recommend 4. Regularize Usage: He is extremely busy because
5. Forget 6. Simplify he has too many irons in the fire.
5. Meaning: an unreliable person
7. Assure 8. Lament
Usage: Dont depend upon him be-
9. Legalise 10. Trivialise
cause he is a broken reed.
11. Belittle 12. Beautify
6. Meaning: completely
Usage: He is a patriot to the backbone.
F INDING ERRORS 7. Meaning: in all respects
Usage: She is every inch a lovable
1. He has ten head of cattle. person.
2. She has a few rupees in her purse. 8. Meaning: a pretension
Usage: It is a lame excuse to say that
3. Please tell me the nearest way to the inn.
hard work does not pay.
4. All the students have passed.
9. Meaning: leave without permission
5. The milk of this cow is sweet.
Usage: He is not on official leave but
6. Which is the hottest month of the year?
only on French leave.
7. It is the duty of the rich to help the poor.
10. Meaning: a most lovable person
8. Lets discuss this matter. Usage: She being the only child, is an
9. Why are you shouting at me? apple of her parents eye.
10. I have an idea to tell. 11. Meaning: irregularly
11. This added to his troubles. Usage: Those who work by fits and
12. Let us enter the cave. starts can hardly succeed in life.
13. He died of malaria. 12. Meaning: in a paroxysm of rage
14. On the fourth day they saw the land. Usage: She hit her own mother in a fit of
15. Please dont refer to it. anger.
16. I know who he is. 13. Meaning: strict, fixed
17. Then we reached the station. Usage: There is no hard and fast rea-
18. I could not help giving money to him. son as to what causes diabetes.
19. I think he will not need your help. 14. Meaning: to follow immediately after
20. He is a great friend of mine. Usage: When one student left the class,
21. This book is mine. others followed suit.
22. He is my best friend. 15. Meaning: to say contrary things at the
23. Now, tell me where you are going. same time
24. Who is there? Usage: I could not understand him as he
25. She knew that they would not help her. was blowing hot and cold.
26. Dont work under stress. 16. Meaning: a hidden enemy
27. He promised to help me. Usage: Beware of him; he is a snake in
28. How will you find the lost ring? the grass.

English Today 76 August 2016

25. of 26. with, through
PRONUNCIATION 27. above 28. with
29. about, to 30. against
EXERCISE-1 31. of 32. of
1. i as in elite 2. e as in men 33. with 34. like
3. ai as in hair 4. td 35. in
5. tl 6. k
7. d(r) 8. kst WORDS CONFUSED
1. h 2. o 1. Bourn: I took bath in the bourn.
3. e 4. o, a, r Burn: Do not burn wood as fuel.
5. s 6. e
7. p 8. b 2. Cabal: She is a member of the secret,
9. ue 10. gh intriguing cabal.
11. b 12. l Cable: Cables are used in the installa-
13. n 14. e tion of electric and telecommunication
15. k systems..
3. Cabin: The captain has a separate
PUNCTUATION cabin in the ship.
Cabinet: The cabinet has approved the
addition of a new clause in the bill.
4. Calash: This carriage is equipped with
1. Some people do not care for morals and a calash.
mannersit is no occasion for us to Clash: A violent clash took place be-
waste our thoughts on them. tween the two groups.
2. Life demands many thingshard work, 5. Calculate: Have you calculated the
confidence and mutual cooperation. total amount?
3. Many passers-by watched the jugglers Calculus: (a) She is suffering from
show. renal calculus.
4. The maid-servant broke the cup. (b) Please calculate the amount with the
5. What is your father-in-law? help of a calculus.

6. Dont be excessively enthusias- 6. Calendar: Please find the date on the

tic to do this job. calendar.
Calender: Please press the cloth (or
paper) in a calender.
7. Career: You must think about your ca-
1. at 2. according to reer right from now.
3. between 4. at Carrier: Have you got a carrier on your
5. to 6. between bicycle?
7. with 8. at 8. Cavil: Why do you cavil at my remarks?
9. from 10. from Civil: Ive filed a civil suit against him.
11. for 12. of
9. Cease: The company has ceased manu-
13. with 14. of
facturing this instrument.
15. for 16. under
Seize: The customs have seized a
17. against 18. over
large quantity of contraband.
19. in 20. after
21. by 22. of 10. Caution: I cautioned him to be slow in
23. to 24. among dealing with such traders.

English Today 77 August 2016

Precaution: You must take all precau- EXERCISE-2
tions while going out.
11. Centrifugal: Some plants are subject 1. so that we may live.
to centrifugal inflorescence. 2. in order that he may pass the examina-
Centripetal: Some federations are tion.
formed through the centripetal doctrine. 3. lest you should miss the train.
4. that somebody might hear.
12. Cereal: India produces cereals in abun-
5. so that they may not wither away.
6. lest somebody should hear.
Serial: Please set these files in a serial
7. that you may develop positive thoughts.
8. in order that you may get promotion.
13. Certain: Im certain of my success. 9. so that I may not get wet.
Ascertain: Lets ascertain the facts 10. lest you should be ridiculed.
from the resource authority.
14. Charter: The employees have submit- PREFIXES & SUFFIXES
ted a charter of demands to the govern-
Carter: He is a carter by profession. 1. (b) Cartable
(c) These heavy goods are quite
15. Chargeable: No tax is chargeable on
cartable on a good road.
these goods.
Changeable: Everything in this world is 2. (b) Carvable
changeable sooner or later. (c) A small chunk of land for flower-
16. Check: Check him from making mis- beds is quite carvable from this vast
chief. tract.
Cheque: Your cheque has bounced. 3. (b) Rejectable
(c) His terms are certainly rejectable.
TRANSFORMATION 4. (b) Sensible
(c) You must be sensible in behaving
with elders.
5. (b) Ascertainable
1. when I am busy in my work. (c) Many facts are quite ascertainable
2. where you had found it. on line these days.
3. because she had lost her coin.
4. since you insist on my doing it. 6. (b) Treatable
5. as she had to attend to the guests. (c) Many diseases are easily treatable
6. that her aunt had come. these days.
7. when I was a little child. 7. (b) Challengeable
8. because he had helped her in crossing (c) His authority is not challengeable.
the road.
8. (b) Transferable
9. Because you are lazy,
(c) This ticket is not transferable.
10. wherever you go.
11. because I am quite grown up now. 9. (b) Changeable
12. while you play. (c) This world is changeable sooner or
13. as it has grown dark. later.
14. as he was afraid of ghosts. 10. (b) Chartable
15. that youve laid down your weapons. (c) The coastline of this island is
16. Where there is a will, chartable for navigation.
17. whenever you visit this town.
18. Since there was no buyer, 11. (b) Charterable
19. where women are respected. (c) This fleet of ships is charterable for
20. That you are my friend, expansive expeditions.

English Today 78 August 2016

12. (b) Negotiable 13. Thieves 14. Stories
(c) These terms are not negotiable. 15. Men-servants 16. Maid-servants
17. Errata 18. Mesdames
13. (b) Chewable
19. Messieurs 20. Archipelagos
(c) This is a sweet, chewable pill.
14. (b) Calculable
(c) You will have to take a calculable
risk to perform this deed. 1. Madam 2. Filly
3. Hind 4. Doe
15. (b) Considerable 5. Nun 6. Witch
(c) There is usually a considerable gap 7. Murderess 8. Traitress
between our saying and doing. 9. Maid-servant 10. Testatrix


ABBREVIATIONS Past Indefinite Past Participle
1. National Institute of Technology 1. Wrote Written
2. Indian Premier League 2. Struck Struck
3. Post Graduate Institute of Medical Edu- 3. Sang Sung
cation and Research 4. Bit Bitten
4. School of Public Health 5. Stole Stolen
6. Taught Taught
5. Community Health Centre
7. Sent Sent
6. Essential Medicine List
8. Left Left
7. Department of Health
9. Broke Broken
8. Public Health Centre
10. Fall Fallen
9. World Health Organisation
11. Forbade Forbidden
10. Criminal Penal Code
12. Wound Wound
11. Food Corporation of India
13. Rode Ridden
12. All-India Postgraduate Dental Entrance
14. Threw Thrown
15. Swore Sworn
13. Public Works Department
16. Rose Risen
14. National Crime Records Bureau
17. Swam Swum
15. Department of Electronics and Informa- 18. Paid Paid
tion Technology 19. Bought Bought
16. Human Resource Department 20. Slept Slept
17. Village Defence Committee
18. Public Relations Officer
19. Irrigation and Public Health Department SPELLINGS
20. Vishwa Hindu Parishad
1. Spondaic 2. Spoliation
NUMBER, GENDER, 3. McCarthyism 4. Indefinable
CONJUGATION 5. Fusion 6. Fusil
7. Dissentient 8. Absorbent
NUMBER 9. Buzzard 10. Alphabetical
1. Graffiti 2. Chiefs 11. Deceive 12. Decelerate
3. Loaves 4. Geese
13. Flunkey 14. Grocer
5. Momentos 6. Volcanoes
7. Dishes 8. Kisses 15. Scenery 16. Struthious
9. Oxen 10. Teeth 17. Tiffin 18. Twang
11. Shelves 12. Knives 19. Usufruct 20. Whacker

English Today 79 August 2016

21. Wastage 22. Transient (d) The fair judge pronounced the judg-
23. Sudoriferous 24. Solicitous ment.
(e) Make a fair copy of this letter.
25. Solitaire 26. Retiary
17. (a) I fared well in the examination.
27. Pyknic 28. Portmanteau
(b) What did the fare cost?
29. Paronomasia 30. Lacustrine 18. (a) Let me do this.
(b) This house is to let.
LANGUAGE GAMES 19. (a) I cannot leave my grandmother
(b) Ive got five days leave from office.
20. (a) What is all this noise about?
1. (a) Why is the dog barking? (b) He is a big noise in this town.
(b) The bark of this tree is very hard. 21. (a) You are growing fat.
2. (a) What is contained in this bag? (b) The farmer grows crops.
(b) I bagged five prizes. 22. (a) Youll have the feel of your own
3. (a) The bull has gone berserk. home here.
(b) There is a bull run in the stock (b) The doctor is feeling the patients
market these days.
4. (a) Why do you beat the child?
23. (a) My pulse is slow.
(b) The policeman is on his beat.
(b) Pulses are very dear these days.
5. (a) Who broke the window pane?
24. (a) The cross is secred to the Chris-
(b) Who broke the ice in the meeting?
6. (a) She had to bear many privations. tians.
(b) I saw a bear in the zoo. (b) Please help me cross the road.
7. (a) The bell is ringing. 25. (a) Do not stare at me like this.
(b) Who will bell the cat? (b) Danger stared us in the face.
8. (a) His beard is black.
(b) You must beard the lion in his own THINK IT OVER
9. (a) The sky is blue. Antonio is the central character of the play
(b) Every student has to suffer exami- M.O.V. Many critics regard him as the hero
nation blues. of the Play.
10. (a) We do not allow beggars here.
(b) The beauty of the Taj beggars de- He is a rich merchant of Venice. He is sad
scription. without knowing why. He might be sad
11. (a) My stomach is upset. because all his fortunes are on the sea. But
(b) I cannot stomach this insult. most probably it is his habit to be sad.
12. (a) Swallows fly in the sky.
His friend Bassanio comes to him for a loan
(b) He could not swallow such harsh
of three thousand ducats as he has to go to
Belmont to woo the fair Portia. But he has no
13. (a) My appointment with him is fixed.
ready money. So, he approaches the cruel,
(b) He is in a fix over this matter.
greedy jew, Shylock for money and signs a
14. (a) Indian soldiers fight bravely.
dangerous bond for the sake of Bassanio.
(b) He fights shy of expressing his
This shows that he is a true friend and is
generous by nature. His readily signing the
15. (a) My left foot is aching.
bond also shows his indifference to dangers
(b) This glass is a foot tall.
or his general nature to be indifferent to all
(c) Who will foot the bill?
activities in life.
16. (a) The fair is in full swing.
(b) She writes a fair hand-writing. It is well-known that he frequently helps others
(c) Her complexion is fair. and does not charge any interest on the loans

English Today 80 August 2016

he gives to others. Thus, he saves them from
falling a prey to the greedy jew, Shylock, who
charges heavy interest on loans. But for this,
he can also be charged with ruining Shylocks 1. viii 2. xi 3. iii
business and insulting him and his race in the 4. xvi 5. xx 6. xvii
market. 7. vii 8. ii 9. i
10. xviii 11. vi 12. xiii
Still, he is respected by all, chiefly because of
13. xii 14. xiv 15. iv
his generosity and frankness. In the Ring
16. xix 17. xv 18. ix
Episode, he readily admits that the dispute
19. v 20. x
between husbands and wives has arisen
because of him.
Finally, it is a relief to all and not only to Antonio
himself when we learn that all his ships have Given Meanings New No. of
arrived safely. Thus, the spectators (and the word No. words letters
readers) develop an empathy with his S 5 Substantive 11
character. A 2 Artificial 10
T 4 Testimony 9
U 1 Undulation 10
CLOZE TEST R 3 Ruckle 6
N 6 Natty 5
1. with 2. of P OTPOURRI
3. in 4. a
5. into 6. to 1. (i) The word is taken from a character
7. to 8. from in Mortons Speed the Plough.
9. to 10. into (ii) There Dame Ashfield refers to her
11. so that 12. out as standard to propriety.
13. are 14. be (iii) Hence the word denotes a person
15. have 16. than who is too particular about propriety
17. a 18. for or respectability.
19. However 20. and (iv) The typical sentence in the said
21. for work is: What will Mrs Grundy (a
neighbour) say?
(II) (v) The derivation Grundyism now
1. apart 2. in stands for prudery or conventional
3. which 4. certain propriety.
5. to 6. in (vi) The said Speed the Plough ap-
7. which 8. an peared in 1798.
9. would 10. on 2. (i) The word fidus perhaps has some
11. whereby 12. into relationship with the word trust or
13. for 14. or trustworthiness in meaning.
15. on 16. by (ii) Achates was a faithful follower of
17. means 18. which Aeneas in Aeneid.
19. that 20. are (iii) Achates is pronounced as Akatez.
21. out 22. without (iv) The term now refers to a devoted
23. say 24. an follower or friend.
25. because of 26. enough (v) In modern times, it has got some
27. around 28. having derogatory sense for being applied
29. to 30. for for a henchman or yesman.

English Today 81 August 2016

3. (a) Id make efforts to set the car in
(b) Id sit in the car and wait some
passer-by to come and help.
2. READER, DEARER (c) Id phone the car company to pro-
B. 3. RULED, LURED vide relief.
4. DEAL, LEAD (d) Id phone some friend or member of
C. 5. DOLE, LODE my family to come and help.
1. Deal 2. Also
1 2 3 4 5 3. Some 4. Meed
(B) (C) (A) (D) (A) 5. Edit 6. Itself
6 7 8 9 10 7. Selfless 8. Lessor
(C) (D) (B) (D) (A) 9. Orfe 10. Feat
11. Attack 12. Tackle
WHAT IF... 13. Lean 14. Angle
15. Gleam 16. Ample
1. (a) Id ask the authorities to refund my 17. Plead 18. Adventure
ticket amounts. 19. Venturesome 20. Someone
(b) Id ask them to adjust it to the next 21. Onerous 22. Rouser
flight. 23. Ergo 24. Gone
(c) Id drop the idea of going abroad.
(d) Id reorient my plan and determine
not to be late again at any cost. CAN YOU REMEMBER
2. (a) Id ask for refund of the ticket amount.
(b) Id ask them to adjust it to the next 1. Outdoor party 2. Seven
flight. 3. Three 4. True
(c) Id ask for compensation. 5. True 6. Yes
(d) Id giving up going by that airline 7. Yes 8. Seven
again. 9. Four 10. ladder

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