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Request for SEBA Petition for Petition for Appeal

Certification Election Certification

Filed by LLO Election Filed by
(Federation or local) Employer
Who may file? Any legitimate labor labor organization, Employer
organization including a national
union or federation
that has issued a
charter certificate to
its local/chapter or the
local/chapter itself
Where to File? Regional Office which Department of Labor Bureau of Labor
issued its certificate of and Employment Relations
registration or certificate
of creation of chartered
When to file Any time not within When requested
the bar rules: to bargain
1. Cetification year bar collectively
2. Contract bar rule
(freedom period)
3. Negotiation bar rule
4. Deadlock bar Rule
Requirements The request for verified petition is
certification shall indicate: supported by the
written consent of at
a. The name and address least twenty-five
percent (25%) of all
of the requesting
the employees in the
legitimate labor bargaining unit
b. The name and address
of the company where
it operates;
c. The bargaining unit
sought to be
d. The approximate
number of employees
in the bargaining unit;
e. The statement of the
existence of other labor

The certificate of
registration as duly
certified by the president
of the requesting union or
certificate of creation of
chartered local as duly
certified by the president
of the federation of the
local shall be attached to
the request.

Action on the one (1) day shall be decided

Request within twenty (20)
working days
Posting The regional director
or his/her authorized
DOLE personnel,
and/or the petitioner
shall be responsible
for the posting of the
notice of petition for
certification election.