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to wake up despertarse

to get up levantarse
to go to the bathroom ir al bao
to have a shower ducharse
to have a bath baarse
to wash one's face lavarse la cara
to brush one's teeth cepillarse los dientes
to brush one's hair cepillarse el cabello
to comb one's hair peinarse
to have breakfast desayunar
to read the paper leer el peridico
to listen to the radio escuchar la radio
to watch TV mirar televisin
to go to work ir a trabajar
to go to school ir a la escuela
to study estudiar
to read a book leer un libro
to use the computer usar la computadora
to play with the computer jugar con la computadora
to chat charlar
to send an email enviar un email
to phone a friend llamar a un amigo por telfono
to cook cocinar
to make dinner preparar la cena
to have dinner cenar
to set/lay the table poner la mesa
to clear the table levantar la mesa
to do the dishes lavar los platos
to go to bed ir a la cama
to sleep dormir
to dream soar
Me levanto - I get up
Me voy a desayunar - I go to breakfast
Me ducho - I shower
Me lavo los dientes- I brush my teeth
Me visto- I dress up
Me preparo las cosas del dia- I prepare the things of the day
Me arreglo- fix me
Me voy a tomar un cafe - I'm going to drink a cup of coffee
Me voy al colegio - I go to school
Cuando acabo voy a comer - When I finish I'll eat
Hago los deberes - I do my homework
Leo un libro - I read a book
Quedo con mis amigos- I meet my friends
Voy a tomar un helado- I go out for ice cream
Damos una vuelta por el centro- We give a tour of the center
Vemos una pelicula - We see a movie
Me voy a casa- I'm going home
Estudio examenes- study exams
Me desarreglo- I disorder
Hago la cena- I make dinner
Me ducho otra vez- I shower again
Me voy a cenar- I'm having dinner
Recogo mi habitacion - I pick up my room
Me pongo el pijama - I put on my pajamas
Me voy al sofa y me pongo comoda- I get comfortable on the couch
Veo la tele - I watch TV
Me siento en mi mesa - I sit at my table
Escribo mi diario- I write my diary
Miro mi movil- I look at my mobile
Reviso las redes sociales - Reviewed the social networks
Me lavo los dientes - I brush my teeth
Me pongo el despertador - I put the alarm.
Me voy a dormir - I'm going to sleep

to wake someone up despertar

Her mother wakes her up at 8 o'clock. Su madre la despierta a las ocho.

to wake up despertarse
I wake up very early. Me despierto muy temprano.

to get up levantarse

to make the bed hacer la cama

to get dressed vestirse

to get ready preparase

to have a shower ducharse

to have a bath baarse

to have a wash lavarse

to clean your teeth lavarse los dientes

to brush your teeth cepillarse los dientes

to wash your hair lavarse el pelo / la cabeza

to dry your hair secarse el pelo

to brush your hair cepillarse el pelo

to comb your hair peinarse

to dry your hands secarse las manos

to have a shave afeitarse

to clean your shoes limpiarse los zapatos

to put on makeup maquillarse / pintarse

to put in your contact lenses ponerse las lentillas

ponerse la dentadura postiza;

to put in your false teeth
ponerse los dientes postizos

to have breakfast desayunar / tomar el desayuno

to have lunch almorzar / comer

to have dinner cenar

to cook lunch, to get lunch ready hacer la comida

to feed the cat / dog dar de comer al gato / perro

to water the plants regar las plantas

to switch on the radio / television poner la radio / televisin

to listen to the radio escuchar el radio

to watch television / telly ver la televisin / tele

to go to school / work / university / the ir al colegio / al trabajo / a la universidad

office / a la oficina

to catch the bus / train tomar / coger* el autobs / tren

to start work empezar a trabajar / entrar a trabajar

to get home (from work) llegar a casa

to go home ir a casa

to get undressed desvestirse / desnudarse

to go to bed acostarse

to set the alarm clock poner el despertador

tomarse un descanso / echarse una

to have a rest

to fall asleep dormirse

to oversleep quedarse dormido

to have a sleepless night pasar la noche en vela

to suffer from insomnia tener insomnio / sufrir de insomnio

*Note: Be very careful with these two verbs depending on which Spanish speaking country you are in.
In Spain, it is very common to use the verb "coger".
However, this has a completely different, sexual meaning in certain South American countries. So, if you are
in South America, it's safer to use "tomar".


What time do you get up? A qu hora te levantas?

Con qu frecuencia vas al cine?

How often do you go to the cinema?
Cada cunto vas al cine?

I go to the cinema once / twice a week / Voy al cine una vez / dos veces a la
month / year. semana / al mes / al ao.

I sometimes / never go to the theatre. A veces / Nunca voy al teatro.

I often go to the theatre. Voy al teatro a menudo.

How long does it take you to get to work? Cunto tardas en llegar al trabajo?

Where do you live? Dnde vives?

How much coffee do you drink? Cunto caf bebes?

What do you usually have for breakfast? Qu sueles desayunar?

How do you get to school? Cmo llegas al colegio?

What time do you go to bed? A qu hora te acuestas?


A lot of these verbs are reflexive e.g. to wash my hair = lavarse el pelo.
In English, the verb does not change but the possessive adjective before hair changes to reflect who is
doing the action.
In Spanish, the verb is reflexive and changes to reflect who is doing the action.
Note: normally in Spanish, it is not normally necessary to use the subject pronoun (Yo, T, l, Ella,
Nosotros, Vosotros, Ellos, Ellas). However, if you need to distinguish between a girl and a boy then it is
possible to include it (see below).

I wash my hair. Me lavo el pelo.

You wash your hair. Te lavas el pelo.

He washes his hair. Se lava el pelo

She washes her hair. Se lava el pelo.

We wash our hair. Nos lavamos el pelo.

You wash your hair. Os lavis el pelo.

They wash their hair. Se lavan el pelo.

He washes his hair in the morning but she l se lava el pelo por la maana pero ella
washes her hair in the afternoon. se lava el pelo por la tarde.
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What do you do for a living? A qu te dedicas?

A donde fuiste la ultima vez de

Where did you last go on holiday?

How many countries have you been to? En cuntos pases has estado?

What is your favorite food? Cul es tu comida favorita?

What is your favorite film? Cul es tu pelcula favorita?

What was the last book you read? Cul es el ltimo libro que has ledo?

What is your most embarrassing moment? cul fue tu peor momento de verguenza?

Dnde vas a pasar tus prximas

Where are you going for your next vacation?

What is the best thing that happened to you Cul ha sido la mejor cosa que te ha
during the past week? pasado esta semana?

Do you sing in the shower? cantas en la ducha?

What are you scared of? De qu tienes miedo?

What was the worst movie you have ever seen? Cul es la peor pelicula te has visto?

Cul ha sido tu peor experiencia de

What was your worst holiday experience?

If you could live anywhere, where would you Si podras vivir en cualquier lugar, dnde
live? querras vivir?

What was your least favorite job like? cmo fue el peor empleo que has tenido?

Alguna Vez Te Han Despedido De Tu

Have you ever been fired from your job?

Have you ever used drugs? Alguna vez has tomado drogas?

What would you do if you found a bag with a lot Qu harias si encuentras un bolso con
of money? mucho dinero?

Do you have a pet? Tienes un animal domestico?

Cul es la cosa ms extraa que has visto

What is the weirdest thing you have ever seen?
en tu vida?

Are you mean or generous? Eres generoso/a o tacao/a?

Where would you like to visit? A dnde te gustara visitar?

What is the worst thing you ever bought? Cul fue la peor cosa qu has comprado?

Do you have any tattos? Tienes tatuajes?

Would you go to a nudist beach? irias a una playa nudista?

Do you have a girlfriend or boyfriend? tienes novia o novio?

What is your favourite song? Cul es tu cancin favorita?

Do you do any sports? haces algn deporte?

Are you religious? Eres religioso?

How old are you? cuntos aos tienes?

Where do you live? Dnde vives?

Where are you from? De Dnde Eres?

Do you like flying? Te gusta volar?

What is your favourite sport? Cul es tu deporte favorito?

What are you wearing? Qu llevas puesto?

Do you have any brothers or sisters? Tienes hermanos?

Can you drive? Sabes conducir?

Do you smoke? Fumas?

What are you going to do afterwards? Qu vas a hacer despus?

Are you interested in politics? Ests interesado en la poltica?

Do you like the place where you live? Te gusta el lugar dnde vives?

What will you be doing in 5 years time? Qu vas a estar haciendo en 5 aos?

Have you ever been drunk? Te emborrachaste alguna vez?

What are you doing at Christmas? Qu vas a hacer esta navidad?

Do you like Christmas? Te gusta la navidad?

What do you normally do on the 25th Qu haces el 25 de diciembre

December? normalmente?

What are you doing on New years Eve? Qu vas hacer en noche vieja?