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List the types of flow regimes that can be used in underbalanced drilling.
"Dry air, mist, foam, airlift, aerated mud"
A semi-log plot produced during pressure buildup analysis is known as
Horner plot

"In drilling fluids, this term defines the true density of a circulating fluid due to the weight of the fluid
and frictional losses."
Equivalent Circulating Density (ECD)

This fracturing technique was first used in 1997 in Texas' Barnett

Shale and uses friction reducing chemicals to allow for more efficient gas extraction.
Slickwater Fracking

"Also known as a hydraulic workover, this involves forcing a string of pipe into the well against
wellbore pressure to perform a downhole task or intervention."

This device is suspended from a hook so that its rotary mechanism is free to travel up and down
the derrick.
Top Drive
The first casing shoe was invented in 1907. Who was the inventor?
Rueben Baker

"If an operator signs to pay an exact cost to a contractor, regardless of any possible new expenses,
the transaction is known as what?"
Turn Key

What is the model used to estimate the pressure drop through perforations for wells that have not
been stimulated?
Macwilliams model (?)

Using real time data a driller can calculate the amount of energy required per unit volume of rock
drilled in kilopound force per square inch. Name this parameter.
Mechanical specific energy

This term is used to describe the pressure required to induce cracks in a rock at a given depth.
Fracture Gradient

This well log makes a record of the borehole diameter, which is usually constantly changing

Exxon mobil drilled the deepest producing oil well in the world in Russia, what is the name
of the oilfield and how deep is it in feet?
Chayvo. 40604 ft: 12376 m

This is the name given to permanently frozen soil or earth that can often cause problems for
industry operations

Drilled solids in mud act to increase what two characteristics of the mud?
Density and viscosity

On a drilling rig the fast line and the static line through the blocks have the same force only
in this situations concerning the drilling blocks
Blocks are stationary

This is a clay commonly used in salt water applications that is a fiber-fike clay that builds
viscosity with agitation

What is the recommendation pressure (psi) used for a standard API filtration test?
100 psi

As the number of rotor and stator lobes increases (l.e. 9:10 compared to 3:4), what happens
to torque and rotational speed?
Torque goes up, speed goes down

A gear box on a beam pump reduces these two things.

Torque, speed

Wellbore breakout occurs along the azimuth of which principal stress?


When using an ultrasonic televiewer image, what mathematical shape describes the image
of a fracture that slices the wellbore at an angle?
Sinusoid, sinusoidal

If I treat my drilling mud with lignosulfonats, I likely have this type of problem or issue
Why would an operator choose to conduct a Methylene blue test on drilling mud?
Determine CEC or bentonite clay content of the mud

During drilling, if the shale formation has an activity of 0.7 and the shale starts to fracture
and I see a reduced mud weight, what is a reasonable value for the activity of the drilling

Calculation: in psi/ft, what is the pressure gradient for 11ppm mud?

0.572 psi/ft
The tensile strength of standard cement is roughly times less than the compressive

The main difference between the Driller`s Method and the wait and Weight method of killing
a well is?
Number of mud circulations. Driller`s is 2 W&Wis 1.

A mursh funnel is used on a rig to determine this


This Cajun-inspised term is used to describe the soft and sticky formation encountered
when drilling that plugs up drilling tools, piping, and shale shaker screens.

Name 4 components of an ESP, or electric submersible pump

Rotor, stator, motor, diffuser, impeller.

What is the name for the chemical that is frequently used to alter mud ph levels while

This class of cement, according to API, is intended for use at depths of 10000
14000 feet at high temperatures and pressures. Name the class.

On J55 CASING, What does the 55 stand for?

55.000 pasi minimum yield strength

Whats the theoretical maximum mud weight?

19.23 ppg

Name 3 kill operations in a well control situation

driller's method, wait and weight, and bullheading

Which log provides a good measurement of the Hydrogen in the formation?

What are the three elements used as the source of natural gamma rays in sedimentary
Thorium, Uranium, and Potassium

What is a top kill operation?

Heavy mud is pumped from the well head down to the pot tom, forcing oil and gas to back flow to
the formation.
What is the most common type of cement, in general use around the world because it is a
basic ingredient of concrete, mortar, stucco and nonspecialty grout?
Portland cement

What is the term for a higher perm layer above or beneath multiple lower perm layers?
Thief Zones

Does cement fracture easier under tension or compression? By what factor do these values
Tension, factor of 10

Name 4 types of well logs.

SP, Gamma Ray, Resistivity, Sonic, Density, Dipmeter, Microlog
Name two types of resistivity logs.
Induction, Lateral

Define two types of perforating guns.

Casing gun (Hollow Carrier), Tubing Gun (Expendable Carrier)

A marsh funnel is used on a rig to determine this.


What is the largest oil spill?

Gulf War oil spill, oil tankers, January 21, 1991

Name the man who in 1940 drilled the first directional well?
Robert Richardson

What year was the gamma-ray log introduced?

What Texas oil man invented the rock bit?
Howard Hughes Sr.

What is the normal hydrostatic pressure gradient of freshwater in

0.433 psi/ft

Who developed the first electrical log

The Schlumberger Brothers

What is the name of the Schlumberger researcher that developed of the SP log?
Henri Doll
What company introduced the gamma ray log?
Well Surveys Inc.
What year was the first offshore oil platform built?
What company constructed the first offshore oil platform?
Superior Oil
What oil company owns the largest oil platform?

In 1970, Ruben C. Baker invented the Baker Casing Shoe. How did this invention improve oil
it allowed for uninterrupted flow of oil through a well

"According to API, what class of cement is for use in depths to

6000 feet under normal conditions?"
Class A

Name the special tool used by the rig crew to prevent the drill bit
from turning.
Bit breaker

"In oilfield lingo, what are workers laying cable and planting
geophones known as?"

What is welded to the first string of casing in the well and attaches
the bop stack to the well?
Casing Heading

"In the US, what is the criterion for an oil or gas well to be
classified as a Stripper Well? State production period and rate."
"12 months, less than 10 bbl/day oil or 60,000 scf/day"

This is the act of pulling the drill string out of hole or putting it in
the hole.

Who invented the first roller cutter bit in 1909 that dramatically
improved rotary drilling?
"Howard Hughes, Sr."

An uncontrolled discharge of formation fluid out of the wellbore


What is the standard length of drill pipe?

30 feet

Identify two types of fixed cutter drilling bits.

"PDC (Polycrystalline Diamond Compact)
Natural diamond"

"Installed at a depth of 8200 feet, name this FPSO that is the first
of its kind in the Gulf of Mexico"
BW Pioneer
A blend of lubricating grease that is applied to threads of a pipe in
order to make the joint leak proof and pressure tight.
Pipe dope

"This class of cement, according to API, is intended for use at

10000 to 14000 feet at high temperatures and pressures."
Class J

Which chemical is almost always used to alter mud pH level while


What invention was Rueben Baker famous for inventing that was
run at the bottom of a casing string?

Name the 4 oxides that make up 95% of Portland Cement.

"Calcium oxide, Silicon dioxide, Aluminum oxide, Ferric oxide"

"Identify the well intervention method that provides the ability to

work safely under live well conditions with a continuous string,
and enables fluids to be pumped at any time, regardless of the
position or direction of travel"
Coiled Tubing

What problem plagues bits in some formations where too much

weight on bit is applied?
Bit balling

This type of machine is used to determine the yield point and gel
strength of a drilling fluid.
Rheometer or viscometer

"In drilling fluids, this device is used to separate components of a

used drilling fluid to estimate the amount of fluid invasion from a

Name the three components measured at any given point in a

wellbore in order to determine position in a directionally drilled
"Depth, inclination, azimuth"

This type of system is used to steer the drill bit while the pipe is
Rotary Steerable System


What is the name for a cut off in time that has the effect of
eliminating some kinds of noise from seismic data?
Tail mute