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June 2010
this month ’ s series :

Dam it or damn it Large hydro in Latin America

The nineties witnessed growing opposition
to large hydro on a global scale to such a
degree that the WCD (World Commission
on Dams) was convened and given the Hydropower prov ides the world w ith the future of large hydro in the region
mandate to evaluate the industry from a around 20% of it s elec tr icit y and is of the utmost impor tance.
multi-stakeholder perspective. Lat in Amer ica is the leading user of
this technology. Consider ing that, in In this edition of the Energy Intelligence
Brazil’s hydro capacity this par t of the world, hydro power Series, we will analyze the state of large
Brazil has redoubled its efforts to promote makes up 60% of generat ion, that hydro to see how its global resurgence is
large hydro as the principal source of the Brazil ranks 3rd globally in installed affecting the Latin American region and
electric sector’s growth. hydro capacit y, and that Brazil alone review some of the different models being
holds 15% of the world’s f resh water, used to develop these mega projects.
The rest of Latin America
The region is known for being hydro
friendly and is perhaps the second biggest
market for hydropower behind Asia.
World Bank lending for multipurpose hydro components



Millions US$




1992 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 2000 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 2008

Source: World Bank

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