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Test I – Write YES if the statement is True and NO if the statement is False.

1. There are two reasons why the Japanese are so successful in quality control are
strong motivation of employees and positive attitude towards the company. TRUE
2. Level 5 (self-actualization) says that individuals must be given the opportunity to go
as far as what the chief of your department has given to you. FALSE
3. To properly understand and document the present process during benchmarking; use
several techniques, use internet, and use units of measure. -FALSE
4. The most persistent criticism of benchmarking comes from the idea of copying
others. TRUE
5. Performance appraisal is a powerful move for letting employees know they are
important members of the business organization - False
6. Benchmarking involves pure invention rather than imitation and adaptation, so time
and money are saved. - False
7. Planning provides a way to deal with changes and their accompanying uncertainty
both inside and outside the organization. - False
8. Team building is a fundamental part of the business process. FALSE
9. Empowered teams are easy to organize. - FAlse
10. Phase 4: Envision the future process, has the objective to prepare and implement the
plan, obtain approval, and implement the process improvements. – False

Test II- Matching type - Write the letter of the correct answer.

1. Impartial rating of employee's A. recognition
excellence. B. Forming
2. This strategy emphasizes on the C. Team
strengthening of company’s D. Sytematized
competitive position of products or E. Corporate strategy
services. F. performance appraisal
3. This strategy describes company’s G. Standardize
overall direction in terms of its H. Business strategy
various business and product lines I. Histogram
4. The exploration period for the team J. Money
5. Seiketsu
6. Acknowledgement of an employee's
outstanding performance
7. A group of individuals working
together to achieve common goals
and objectives.
8. Shitsuke
9. Input
10. SPC

This is the 3rd level of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. 2. The first step in strategic planning is to discover the ____________. A _________ is a kind of gap in which the external processes may be significantly better than internal processes.Identification 1.Enumeration 1-2 Give the 2 elements of benchmarking. – Functional Strategy 7. (Continuous improvement) 8. – Customer Needs 6. Form a team Test IV. ________ is the second part of Phase 1 Identify the Opportunities. ____________ forms of employee’s involvement where organization gives recognition to employees who made a positive contribution – Awards 5. Frederick Herzberg has divided the motivational aspects of human beings into two aspects namely ____________ and motivation. _______ means not being satisfied with doing a good job but striving to improve that job. -NEGATIVE GAP 4.Test III. 3. ___________refers to a strategy that emphasizes on a particular functional area of an organization. Unit of measure & Performance Difference .