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.. dev pj ..

Title could be sharannavaratri puuja, or Devi puuja in 5. Sri Mudra (for Sandhyaavandan), Vessel for
Navaraatri which falls in the month of ashwiija shuddha day Tirtha, Yajnopaviita
01 thru day 10 both inclusive. The 10th day is called vijaya
dashami, which is auspicious for starting any new venture, 6. Puujaa Conch, Bell, One aaratii (for Karpoor),
starting alphabets for children, learning new languages, music, Two Aaratiis with wicks
or for developing new(improved) relationship with
your husband or wife or children or office colleagues. 7. Flowers, Akshata (in a container), tulsi leaves

This puja falls on the ist day of the month of aashwiija - 8. Decorated Copper or Silver Kalasha, Two
generally Oct - - from 1st day till 10th day, being celebrated as pieces of cloth (new),
navaraatri and the tenth day as vijaya dashami. Navratri 2009
dates are from September 19 to September 27, 2009. 9. Coconut, 1/2 kg. Rice, Bananas 6, gold coin,
gold chain
According to legend, Durga sat on the tip of a needle for nine
days, doing a severe penance to destroy the evil Asura 10. Extra Kalasha, 3 trays, 3 vessels for
Mahisha. On the first three days, she meditated as Herself, the Abhisheka
next three days as Mahalakshmi and the last three days as
Sarasvati. This signifies progression from tamsik, to rajasik to 11. Beetelnuts 6, Beetelnut Leaves 12, Banana
satvik and eventually obtaining liberation. The tenth day in Leaves 2, Mango Leaves 5-25
October is called vijayadasami to signify the victory on the
day of dasami.
12. Dry Fruits, 5 bananas, 1 coconut - all for
Navaratri is celebrated four times a year. They are Ashada
Navaratri, the Sharada Navaratri, the Maha Navaratri and the
13. Panchaamrita - Milk, Curd, Honey, Ghee,
Vasantha Navaratri. Of these, the Sharada Navaratri of the
Sugar, Tender Coconut Water
month of Puratashi and the Vasantha Navaratri of the
Vasantha kala are very important. If you refer to the agni
purana, then it is said that the Puratashi and Panguni 14. Puja Book
(in Tamil months) i.e. Asvin and Chaitra are like the two jaws
of Lord Yama. If one wants to escape the mouth of Yama, 15. Red flowers and red flower malas.
then one should celebrate Navaratri on these two occassions.
A similar analogy is presented in the devi bhagavatam. Devi 16. Also fruits and prasad
bhagavatam also talks in detail on how one should as far as possible 21 varieties.
observe fasts, and how one should meditate/work on these
Previous Night, think of the Goddess and mentally decide to
It is a long tradition that one reads the devi-bhagavatam or the perform puujaa the next day. This is the sankalpa. Next day
devi mahatmyam (durga saptasati, 700 verses on Durga) early morning keep the same thoughts of worshipping the
during this period. Goddess and take a head-bath (if possible an oil-bath). Have
some soothing Indian Music (Shehnai or sa.ntuur or sitaar or
Devi bhagavatam notes that Rama meditated and fasted for naadasvaram - preferably any instrumental) going on in the
nine days after Sita was kidnapped by Ravana. There are background till the puujaa begins. The music should be
numerous such incidents on how people's wishes were pleasing (not too loud) for creating a serene mood. (Of course
granted. You can find much more details in devi bhagavatam. people should be internally peaceful also!)

Check List Wash Kalasha and fill it with clean water upto 3/4 of it. Cover
and place it near the altar. Observe Fast (if possible). Decorate
1. Altar, Deity (statue/photo), the front door, altar and the place near the altar. Invite your
relatives, friends (who have bhakti in the Goddess). Keep all
the things for puujaa ready, near the altar.
2. Two big brass lamps (with wicks, oil/ghee)
Duration - start to aaratii - 2 hours
3. Matchbox, Agarbatti

4. Karpoor, Gandha Powder, Kumkum,

gopichandan, haldi
1. At the regular Altar
3 pryma
OM sarvebhyo gurubhyo nama . (Due to pranayam, the rajas component decreases
and the sattva component increases.)
OM sarvebhyo devebhyo nama .
OM sarvebhyo brhmaebhyo nama .. OM praavasya parabrahma i . paramtm devat .
prrabha krya nirvighnamastu . ubha obhanamastu . daiv gyatr chanda . pryme viniyoga ..
i a devat kuladevat suprasann varad bhavatu ..
anuj dehi ..
OM bh . OM bhuva . OM sva . OM maha .

2 camana OM jana . OM tapa . OM satya .

(Sip one spoon of water after each mantra. OM bhrbhuva sva .
Take a little water from the vessel for worship with an offering
spoon onto his palm and sip it. This is called achaman. Just as OM tatsaviturvareya bhargo devasya dhmah
bathing causes external purification, partaking water in this
way is responsible for internal purification. This act is dhiyo yo na pracodayt ..
repeated thrice. Thus physical, psychological and spiritual,
internal purification is brought about.)
(Repeat Achamana 2 - given above)
OM pojyoti rasom ta brahma bhrbhuvassuvarom ..

OM keavya nama . OM nryaya nama . (Apply water to eyes and understand that you are of
OM mdhavya nama . the nature of Brahman)

OM keavya nama . OM nryaya nama .

OM mdhavya nama .
4 sa kalpa
(Now we chant the 21 names of the Lord, in (Holding unbroken consecrated rice (akshata) and an offering
order to concentrate on the Lord) spoon (pali) with water in the cup of ones hand one should
chant the mantra with the resolve, I of the .....lineage (gotra),
..... am performing the .... ritual to obtain the benefit according
OM govidya nama . OM viave nama . to the Shrutis, Smrutis and Purans in order to acquire .... result
and then should offer the water from the hand into the circular,
OM madhusdanya nama . OM trivikramya nama .
shelving metal dish (tamhan). Offering the water into the
OM vmanya nama . OM rdharya nama . circular, shelving dish signifies the completion of an act.)

OM h keya nama . OM padmanbhya nama .

sarva devat prrthan
OM dmodarya nama . OM sa karaya nama . (Stand and hold a fruit in hand during sankalpa)
OM vsudevya nama . OM pradyumnya nama .
OM rmate mahgadhipataye nama .
OM aniruddhya nama . OM puruottamya nama .
r gurubhyo nama . r sarasvatyai nama .
OM adhokajya nama . OM nrasihya nama .
r vedya nama . r vedapuruya nama .
OM acyutya nama . OM janrdanya nama .
i adevatbhyo nama .
OM upedrya nama . OM haraye nama . (Prostrations to your favorite deity)
r k ya nama .. kuladevatbhyo nama .
(Prostrations to your family deity)
sthna devatbhyo nama .
(Prostrations to the deity of this house)
grmadevatbhyo nama .
(Prostrations to the deity of this place)
vstudevatbhyo nama . sarvad sarva kryeu nsti te ama galam .
(Prostrations to the deity of all the materials we have
ye h distho bhagavn ma galyatano hari ..
acpuradarbhy nama .
(Prostrations to the Indra and shachii) (When Lord Hari, who brings auspiciousness is
ummahevarbhy nama . situated in our hearts, then there will be no more
inauspiciousness in any of our undertakings)
(Prostrations to Shiva and pArvati)
lakmnryabhy nama .
tadeva lagna sudina tadeva trbala cadrabala
(Prostrations to the Lords who protect us - LakShmi and
tadeva .
vidybala daivabala tadeva lakmpate teghri.ayuga
mtpit bhy nama .
(Prostrations to our parents) smarmi ..
sarvebhyo devebhyo namo nama .
(What is the best time to worship the Lord? When our
(Prostrations to all the Gods)
hearts are at the feet of Lord Narayana, then the
sarvebhyo brhmaebhyo namo nama . strength of the stars, the moon, the strength of
(Prostrations to all Brahamanas - those who are in the knowledge and all the Gods will combine and make it
religious path) the most auspicious time and day to worship the Lord)
etadkarma pradhna devatbhyo namo nama .
lbhaste jayaste kutaste parjaya .
(Prostrations to Goddess devi, the main deity if this puja)
ye indivaraymo h dayastho janrdana ..
.. avighnamastu ..
(When the Lord is situated in a person's heart, he
will always have profit in his work and victory in all
sumukhaca ekadataca kapilo gajakaraka . that he takes up and there is no question of defeat
for such a person)
labodaraca vika o vighnano gadhipa ..
dhmraketurgadhyako bhlacandro gajnana . vinyaka guru bhnu brahmviumahevarn .

dvdaaitni nmni ya pa het ruuydapi .. sarasvat praamydau sarva kryrtha siddhaye ..

vidyrabhe vivhe ca pravee nirgame tath .

sagrme saka ecaiva vighna tasya na jyate .. (To achieve success in our work and to find
fulfillment we should first offer our prayers
(Whoever chants or hears these 12 names of Lord to Lord Vinayaka and then to our teacher, then
Ganesha will not have any obstacles in all their to the Sun God and to the holy trinity of Brahma,
endeavours) ViShNu and Shiva)

uklbaradhara deva aivara caturbhujam . rmad bhagavato mahpuruasya viorjay

prasannavadana dhyyet sarva vighnopataye .. pravartamnasya

adya brahmao dvitya parrdhe viupade r vetavarha
sarvama gala m galye ive sarvrtha sdhike . vaivasvata manvantare bhrata vare bharata kha e
araye tryabake devi nryai namo.astute .. jabdvpe
da akraya dee godvary dakie tre kRiavey
(We completely surrender ourselves to that Goddess uttare
who embodies auspiciousness, who is full of tre paraurma ketre (os reliydvipe kenabarnagare
auspicious-ness and who brings auspicousness to us)
eborijinvartaikadentargate puyaketre or
samyukta amerik dee St Lewis grme orbaharnu dee)
kaliyuge kaliprathamacarae OM hrai . anmikbhy nama . kavacya hum ..
(touch ring fingers)
livhana ake vartamne vyavahrike sarvadhri nma
OM hrau . kani hikbhy nama . netratrayya vaua ..
(touch little fingers)
dakia yae arad tau vyaja mse ukla pake OM hra . karatalakarap  hbhy nama . astrya pha ..
----- tithau ----- nakatre ----- vsare sarva graheu yath ri (touch palms and over sleeve of hands)

sthna sthiteu satsu eva guavieea vii y

ubhapuyatithau mama tmana rutism ti purokta 5.(2) digbandhana
phalaprpyartha ( show mudras)

mama saku umbasya kema sthairya yurrogya caturvidha

OM bhrbhuvasvarom iti digbandha .
pururtha (snap fingers, circle head clockwise and clap hands)

sidhyartha agk ta r dev vratgatvena sapdita dio badnmi ..

(shut off all directions i.e. distractions so that we can
smagrayya concentrate on the Goddess)
r dev prtyartha yath akty yath milit upacra
r skta purokta mantraica dhyna vhandi 6 gaapati pj
(To prevent any obstacle from disrupting an auspicious
o aopacre occasion, it is begun with the worship of Lord Ganapati.)
r mahkl, mahlakm, mahsarasvat rpadhara
dau nirvighnat sidhyartha mah gaapati pjana
ca ik
kariye .
paramevar dev uddiya, ca ik paramevar
prtyarttha pjana OM gan tv aunako g tsamado gaapatirjagat
ca dev mhtmya mantra pa hana kariye .. gaapatyvhane viniyoga ..

ida phala may devi sthpita puratastava . (pour water)

tena me suphalvptir bhavet janmani janmani ..

OM gan tv gaapati havmahe .
(keep fruits in front of the Goddess)
kavi kavnmupama ravastama .
jye harja brahma brahmaaspata .
5. a a ga nysa na vanntibhi sdasdana ..
(Purifying the body)
bh gaapati vhaymi .
bhuva gaapati vhaymi .
5.(1) kara nysa
sva gaapati vhaymi .
(Purifying the hands)

OM bhrbhuvasva sga saparivra

OM hr . agu hbhyy nama . h dayya nama ..
(touch the thumbs) syudha saaktika mahgaapati vhaymi .
OM hr . tarjanbhy nama . irase svh .. (O great Ganapati come along with Riddhi, Buddhi,
your entire family, all your weapons and might)
(touch both fore fingers)
OM hru . madhyambhy nama . ikhyai vaa ..
dhyymi .
(touch middle fingers)
OM mahgaapataye nama . vhana samarpaymi . OM vakratu a mahkya ko isrya samaprabha .
OM mahgaapataye nama . sana samarpaymi . nirvighna kuru me deva sarva kryeu sarvad ..
OM mahgaapataye nama . pdya samarpaymi .
OM bhrbhuvasva mahgaapataye nama . prrthan
OM mahgaapataye nama . arghya samarpaymi .
samarpaymi .
OM mahgaapataye nama . camanya samarpaymi .
OM mahgaapataye nama . snna samarpaymi .
anay pjay vighnahart mahgaapati pryatm ..
OM mahgaapataye nama . vastra samarpaymi .
(Offering of flowers - May Shri Mahaganapati, the vanquisher
OM mahgaapataye nama . yajopavta samarpaymi .
of all obstacles be appeased with this worship of mine,
OM mahgaapataye nama . cadana samarpaymi . chanting thus water should be released.)

OM mahgaapataye nama . parimala dravya

samarpaymi .
8 dpa sthpan
OM mahgaapataye nama . pupi samarpaymi .
OM mahgaapataye nama . dhpa samarpaymi . atha devy vma bhge dpa sthpana kariye .
OM mahgaapataye nama . dpa samarpaymi . agnirngni samidhyate kavirgrahapatiryuv havyavt
OM mahgaapataye nama . naivedya samarpaymi . juvsya ..
OM mahgaapataye nama . tmbla samarpaymi .
(light the lamps)
OM mahgaapataye nama . phala samarpaymi .
OM mahgaapataye nama . daki samarpaymi .
OM mahgaapataye nama . rtikya samarpaymi . 9 bhmi prrthan
(open palms and touch the ground.
OM bhrbhuvasva mahgaapataye nama . first the earth (ground) on the right hand side (since the host
performing the religious ceremony is facing the east, the hand
mantrapupa samarpaymi . touching the ground is in the southern direction) and then the
earth on the left hand side, in front of oneself (that is the
OM bhrbhuvasva mahgaapataye nama . northern direction) should be touched. Energies from the south
pradakin namaskrn samarpaymi . are distressing. To prevent them from causing distress, one
offers obeisance to them by touching the earth. The energies
from the north are however saluted as they are pleasant.)
OM bhrbhuvasva mahgaapataye nama . chatra mahdhyau p thivcana ima yaja mimikat
samarpaymi . pip tnno bharmabhi ..
OM mahgaapataye nama . cmara samarpaymi .
OM mahgaapataye nama . gta samarpaymi .
OM mahgaapataye nama . n tya samarpaymi .
OM mahgaapataye nama . vdya samarpaymi .
10 dhnya ri
OM mahgaapataye nama . sarva rjopacrn
samarpaymi .. OM auadhya savadate somena saharja .
yasmai k eti brhmaastha rjan praymasi ..

.. atha prrthan .. (Touch the grains/rice/wheat)

sakala pjrthe akatn samarpaymi ..
11 kalaa sthpan
(Two small heaps of rice should be made on the ground
amidst chanting mantras. Later, chanting the mantra two pots
of either gold, silver, copper or unbroken earthen pots
should be placed on these two heaps.)

12 varua pjana
OM kalaeu dhvati pavitre parisicyate
(On the second kalasha)
uktairyajeu vardhate ..
(keep kalasha on top of rice pile) tatvymi una epo varua tri up kalae
OM ima me ga ge yamune sarasvat utudri stoma sacat
varuvhane viniyoga ..
paruy .
asikany marudv dhe vitastay.a.arjkye ruuhy suomay OM tatvymi brahma vandamnastad ste yajamno
.. havirbhi .
(fill kalasha with water)
helamno varua bodhyurua samna yu pramoi ..
OM gadhadvr durdhar nityapu  kari .
var sarvabhtn tmihopahvayeriya ..
OM bhrbhuvasva varuya nama . cadana
(sprinkle in/apply ga.ndha to kalasha)
samarpaymi ..
OM y phalinry aphal apupyca pupi .
(add to kalasha)
b haspati prasotsthno macatva ha sa .. OM bhrbhuvasva . varuya nama . akatn
(put beetle nut in kalasha)
samarpaymi ..
OM sahiratnni duusuvti savit bhaga .
(add to kalasha)
tambhga citrammahe ..
OM bhrbhuvasva . varuya nama . haridr kukuma
(put jewels / washed coin in kalasha)
samarpaymi ..
OM hirayarpa hiraya sandrigpnna ptsyedu hiraya
OM bhrbhuvasva . varuya nama . dhpa
vara .
samarpaymi ..
hirayayt pariyonerniady hirayad dadatthyan namasmai
.. OM bhrbhuvasva . varuya nama . dpa
(put gold / daxina in kalasha)
samarpaymi ..
OM k t k t prarohat parua parua pari
OM bhrbhuvasva . varuya nama . naivedya
evno drve pratanu sahasrea atena ca ..
(put duurva / karika ) samarpaymi ..

OM avatthevo niadana parivo vasatik ta . OM bhrbhuvasva . varuya nama .

go bhja itkil sathayatsa navatha prua .. sakala rjopacrrthe akatn samarpaymi ..

(put five leaves in kalasha)
OM yuvsuvsa parvtgt sa ureyn bhavati jyamna . avate heldo varua namobhiriva yajebhirmahe havirbhi .

ta dhrsa kvaya unnayati svddhyo svddhyo kaya namasmabhya surapracet rjan nensi iratha

manas devayata.. k tni ..

(tie cloth for kalasha) varuya nama . mantra pupa samarpaymi ..
OM prdarvi parpata supr punarpata .
pradaki namaskrn samarpaymi ..
vasne va vikrva iamrja atakrato ..
(copper plate and ashhTadala with kuMkuM) anay pjay bhagavn r mah varua pryatm ..

iti kalaa prati hpaymi .. sakala pjrthe akatn samarpaymi ..

(Show mudras as you chant )

13 kalaa pjana nirv kararthe trkya mudr . (to remove poison)

(continue with second kalasha)
am t kararthe dhenu mudr . (to provide nectar - amrit)

kalaasya mukhe viu ka he rudra samrita . pavitr kararthe a kha mudr . (to make auspicious)

mle tatra sthito brahma madhye mt ga sm t .. samrakarthe cakra mudr . (to protect)

kukautu sgar sarve sapta dvp vasudhar . vipulamy kararthe meru mudr . (to remove mAyA)

gvedotha yajurveda smavedohyatharvaa ..

agaica sahit sarve kalaatu samrit .
14 a kha pjana
atra gyatr svitr ti pu ikar tath ..
(pour water from kalasha to sha~Nkha
add ga.ndha flower)
yntu deva pjrtha abhiekrtha siddhaye ..
a kha cadrrka daivata madhye varua devatm .
p  he prajpati vidyd agre gag sarasvatm ..
OM sitsite sarite yatra sagathe tatrplutso divamutpatati
tva pur sgarotpanna viun vidh ta kare .
ye vaitanva visrajanti dhrste janso am tattva bhajanti ..
(Those who want to attain immortality take a namita sarva devaica pcajanya namo.astute ..
dip in the confluence of the Ganges, yamuna and
sarasvati rivers at the prayag. Let the water (This shaNkha has now become like the pAnchajanya,
in this kalasha become like the water from the which has come out of the ocean and which is the
holy rivers) hands of Lord MahaviShNu. Our prostrations to the
.. kalaa prrthan ..
pcajanyya vidmahe . pvamnya dhmahi .
tanno a kha pracodayt ..
kalaa krtimyuya praj medh riya balam .
yogyat ppahni ca puya v ddhi ca sdhayet ..
a khya nama .
sakala pjrthe akatn samarpaymi ..
(Let this kalasha increase our life span, presence
of mind, intellect,wealth, strength and status, destroy
our sins and increase our merits or puNya)

sarva trthamayo yasmt sarva devamayo yata .

ata haripriyo.asi tva prakubha namo.astute ..
15 gha rcan
(Pour drops of water from sha~Nkha on top of the bell
(All the holy waters, and all the Gods are now
apply ga.ndha flower)
present in this kalasha. Our prostrations to this
puurNakumbha which is hence dear to Lord Hari)
gamrthantu devn gamanrthantu rkasm .
kalaadevatbhyo nama . kurve gha rava tatra devathv lakaam ..
sakala pjrthe akatn samarpaymi ..

(When the bell is rung, knowingly or unknowingly,

all the good spirits are summoned and all the evil
.. mudr .. spirits are driven away)
gha yai nama . nama .
sakala pjrthe akatn samarpaymi .. dakiadvre dvrariye nama . ca ya nama .
praca ya nama .
(Ring the gha.nTA) pacimadvre dvrariye nama . jayya nama . vijayya
nama .
uttaradvre dvrariye nama . ga gyai nama . yamunyai
16 tmauddhi
nama .
( Sprinkle water from sha~Nkha on puja items and devotees)

apavitra pavitro v sarvvasthgato.api v . r mahkl mahlakm mahsarasvat devattmak

ya smaret pu arkka sa bhybhyatara uci .. ca ikyai nama ..
dvraplaka pj samarpaymi ..

20 p ha pj
17 a ptra pj
( put tulasi leaves or axatAs in empty vessels) p hasya adhobhge
dhraaktyai nama ..
vyavye arghya .
dikrmya nama ..
nai tye pdya .
anantya nama .
nye camanya .
varhya nama ..
gneye madhuparka .
svaravedikyai nama ..
prve snnya .
ratnama apya nama ..
pacime punarcamana .
sihsanya nama ..
tanmadhye r mahkl mahlakm mahsarasvat

18 pacm ta pj devattmak ca ikyai nama .

( put tulasi leaves or axataas in vessels. p ha pj samarpaymi ..
Panchamrit is nectar of five ingredients -
a mixture of milk, curds, clarified butter (ghee), honey and

kre somya nama . (keep milk in the centre) 21 pra prati h

(hold flowers/axata in hand)
dadhini vyave nama . (curd facing east )
dhyyet satyam gutta guatraya samanvita
gh te ravaye nama . (Ghee to the south)
lokantha trilokea kaustubhbharaa harim .
madhuni savitre nama . ( Honey to west )
nlavara ptavsa rvatsapadabhita
arkary vivebhyo devebhyo nama . ( Sugar to north)
gokulnanda brahmdhyairapi pjitam ..

(hold flowers/axataa in hand)

19 dvraplaka pj OM asya r pra prati h mahmatrasya

brahm viu mahevar aya .
prvadvre dvrariye nama . dhtre nama . vidhtre
gyaju smtharvi chandsi . sa sarvtmikyai sarvopacrapj samarpaymi ..
sakalajagats  isthiti sahrakri
 hr kraum kraum hr  .
praakti par devat .
ya ra la va a a sa ha .
 bjam . hr akti . kraum klakam .
OM aha sa so.aha so.aha aha sa ..
asy mrtau pra prati hpane viniyoga ..

asy mrte pra ti hatu . asy mrte jva

.. karanysa ..
ti hantu .
 agu hbhy nama .. asy mrte sarvendriyi manastvat caku
hr tarjanbhy nama .. rotra jihv ghrai vkvi pdapyopasthni
krau madhyambhy nama .. pra apna vyna udna samna atrgatya
 anmikbhy nama .. sukhena cira ti hantu svh .
hr kani hikbhy nama ..
asunte punarasmsu cakuva puna pramihno
krau karatalakarap  hbhy nama .. dehibhoga jyoka kema sryamuccarantam anumate
m ayna svasti am ta vai pr am tampa
.. a ga nysa ..
prneva yath sthna upahvayet ..

 h dayya nama ..
hr irase svh .. svmin sarva jaganmthe yvatpjvasnaka
krau ikhyai vaa .. tvatvam prtibhvena bimbesmin kalaesmin
 kavacya hu .. pratimy sannidhi kuru ..
hr netratrayya vaua ..
krau astrya pha ..
iti pra prati hpaymi ..

bhrbhuvasvarom iti digbandha .. sakala pjrthe akatn samarpaymi ..

(offer flowers)
.. dhynam ..

raktmbhodhi ha potollasad arua sarojdhir h karbjai

(Ritualistic worship with sixteen substances (shodashopchar
pa koda am ikudbhava maldiguam apyakua puja):
When any offering like food (naivedya), betel leaves with a
pacabn . betelnut,
bibhrs k kapla trinayana lasit pnavakoruh hy lime, cardamoms, etc. (tambul) or money (dakshina) is made
dev blrka var bhavatu sukhakar praakti par na .. should repeatedly remind oneself, This is not mine, I am

la p thvytmikyai gandha samarpaymi . unto You, what is Yours (ida na mama).

ha ktmikyai pupai pjaymi .

ya vyavytmikyai dhpamghrpaymi .
22 dhyna
ra agnytmikyai dpa daraymi .
va am ttmikyai am ta mah naivedya nivedaymi . OM hr hr hrai kl cmu yai vicche
(repeat 9 times)
prasda prasda ..
( Close eyes and bring Goddess in your mind and chant )
(show mudras to Goddess)

OM mahiaghn mahdev kumr sihavhinm .

dnavstarjayant ca sarvakmadugh ivm ..
24 sana
dhyymi manas durg nbhimadhye vyavasthitm .
gaccha varade devi daitya darpa niptini .. t ma vaha jtavedo lakmmanapagminm .
yasy hiraya vindeya gmava purunaham ..
pj g ha sumukhi namaste akarapriye .
sarvatrthamaya vri sarvadeva samanvitam .. anekaratna samyukta nnmaiganvitam .
krtasvaramaya divya sana pratig hyatm ..
ima gha a samgaccha ti ha devagaai saha .
durge devi samgaccha snnidhyam iha kalpaya .. sryyuta nibha sprte spuradratna vibhita .
mandsana ida devi sthyat sura pjite ..
padmsane padmakare, sarvalokaika pjite .
nryaapriye devi suprt bhava sarvad .. r mahkl mahlakm mahsarasvat devattmak

(you can add more related shlokas) ca ikyai nama . sana samarpaymi ..
(offer flowers/axathaas)
r mahkl, mahlakm, mahsarasvat, devattmak
ca ikyai nama . dhynt dhyna samarpaymi ..
25 pdya
(offer water)

23 vhana avaprv rathamadhy hastindapramodinm .

( hold flowers in hand)
riya devmupahvaye rrm dev juatm ..
ehi durge mahbhge rakrtha mama sarvad .
ga gdi sarvatrthebhyo may prrthanayh tam .
vhaymyaha devi sarvakmrtha siddhaye ..
toyametat sukhaspara pdyrtha pratig hyatm .
hirayavar hari suvararajatasrajm .
suvsitajala ramya sarvatrtha samudbhavam .
candr hiramay lakm jtavedo ma vaha ..
g ha devi tv sarva deva namask te ..
gaccheha mahdevi sarvasapat pradyini .
r mahkl mahlakm mahsarasvat devattmak
yvad vrata sampyeta tvatva sannidho bhava ..
ca ikyai nama . pdya samarpaymi ..
dev vhaymi ..

r mahkl mahlakm mahsarasvat devattmak 26 arghya

ca ikyai nama . vhana samarpaymi .. (offer water)
(offer flowers to Goddess).
ksosmi t hirayaprkrmrdr jvalant t pt
vhito bhava . sthpito bhava . sannihito bhava . tarpayantm .
sanniruddho bhava . avaku hito bhava . suprto bhava . padmesthit padmavar tmihopahvaye riyam ..
suprasanno bhava . sumukho bhava . varado bhava .
nidhn sarvaratnn tvamanarghya guhyasi . 29 pacm ta snna
sihoparisthite devi g hrghya namo.astute .. 29\1 paya snna (milk bath)

uddhodaka ptrastha gandha pupdi miritam . OM pyya sva sametute

arghya dsymite devi, g ha surapjite .. vivata somav ya bhavvjasya sangathe ..

r mahkl mahlakm mahsarasvat devattmak surabhestu samutpanna devn api durlabham .

ca ikyai nama . arghya samarpaymi .. payo dadmi devei snnrttha pratig hyatm ..

OM r mahkl mahlakm mahsarasvat devattmak

27 camanya ca ikyai nama . paya snna samarpaymi ..

(offer water or axathaa/ leave/flower) paya snnnatara uddhodaka snna samarpaymi ..
sakala pjrthe akatn samarpaymi ..
candr prabhs yaas jvalat riya loke dev
ju mudrm . 29\2 dadhi snna (curd bath)
t padminm araamaha prapadye.alakmrme
nayat tv v e .. OM dadhikrvo akria jioravasya vjina .
surabhino mukhkarat pra yui triat ..
karprea sugandhena surabhisvdu talam .
toyamcamanyrttha devi tva pratig hyatm .. candra man ala samka sarva deva priya hi yat .
dadhi dadmi devei snnrttha pratig hyatm ..
suvara kalanvita candan garu sayuta .
g hcamana devi maydatta ubhaprade .. OM r mahkl mahlakm mahsarasvat devattmak
ca ikyai nama . dadhi snna samarpaymi ..
r mahkl mahlakm mahsarasvat devattmak dadhi snnnatara uddhodaka snna samarpaymi ..
ca ikyai nama . camanya samarpaymi ..
sakala pjrthe akatn samarpaymi ..

29\3 gh ta snna (ghee bath)

28 snna

OM gh ta mimike gh tamasya yonirgh te rito

dityavare tapaso.adhijto vanaspatistava v ko.atha bilva .
gh tavasyadhma
tasya phalni tapasnudantumyntaryca bhy alakm
.. anuvadhamvaha mdayasva svhk ta v abha
vakihavya ..
mandkiny samntair hembhoruha vsitai .
snna kuruva devei salilaica sugandhibhi .. jya sur hra jya yaGye prati hitam .
jya pavitra parama snnrtha pratig hyatm ..
OM r mahkl mahlakm mahsarasvat devattmak
ca ikyai nama . malpakara snna samarpaymi .. OM r mahkl mahlakm mahsarasvat devattmak
ca ikyai nama . gh ta snna samarpaymi ..
gh ta snnnatare uddhodaka snna samarpaymi .. surabhipriya govinda gadha snnya g hyat ..
sakala pjrthe akatn samarpaymi ..
OM r mahkl mahlakm mahsarasvat devattmak
29\4 madhu snna (honey bath) ca ikyai nama . gadhodaka snna samarpaymi ..
sakala pjrthe akatn samarpaymi ..
madhuvt tyate madhukarati sindhava
mdhvinar satovadh 29\7 abhyaga snna (Perfumed Oil bath)
madhunakta mutoaso madhumat prthiva raja
OM kanikradajanua prabhruva iyathirvcamariteva
madhu dyaurastuna pit
nva .
madhumnno vanaspatirmadhum.N astu
sumagalaca akune bhavsi mtv kcidabhi bhvivy
srya mdhvrgvo bhavatu na ..
vidata ..

sarvaudhi samutpanna pya sad a madhu . abhyagrttha sundar devi taila pupdi sabhava .
snnartante may datta g ha paramevar .. sugadha dravya samira sag ha jagan mte ..

OM r mahkl mahlakm mahsarasvat devattmak OM r mahkl mahlakm mahsarasvat devattmak

ca ikyai nama . madhu snna samarpaymi .. ca ikyai nama . abhyaga snna samarpaymi.
madhu snnnatarea uddhodaka snna samarpaymi .. sakala pjrthe akatn samarpaymi ..
sakala pjrthe akatn samarpaymi ..
29\8 agodvartanaka (To clean the body)
29\5 arkar snna (sugar bath)
agodvartanaka dev kastrydi vimirita .
OM svdu pavasya divyya janmane svdudarindrya lepanrttha g heda haridr kukumairyuta ..
suhavtu nmne .
OM r mahkl mahlakm mahsarasvat devattmak
svdurmitrya varuya vyave b haspataye madhum.N
ca ikyai nama . agodvartana samarpaymi ..
adbhya ..
sakala pjrthe akatn samarpaymi ..
iku da t samutpann rasasnigdhatar ubh .
29\9 uodaka snna (Hot water bath)
arkkareya may datta snnrtha pratig hyatm ..

nntrthdh ta ca toyamua mayk ta .

OM r mahkl mahlakm mahsarasvat devattmak
snnrtha ca prayacchame svkuruva daynidhe ..
ca ikyai nama . arkar snna samarpaymi ..
arkar snnnatarea uddhodaka snna samarpaymi ..
OM r mahkl mahlakm mahsarasvat devattmak
sakala pjrthe akatn samarpaymi ..
ca ikyai nama . uodaka snna samarpaymi ..
sakala pjrthe akatn samarpaymi ..
29\6 gadhodaka snna (Sandlewood water bath)

29\10 uddhodaka snna (Pure water bath)

OM gadhadvr durdhar nityapu  kari .
sprinkle water all around
var sarva bhtn tmi hopa vhayeriya ..
OM pohi mayo bhuva . t na rje dadhtana .
haricadana sabhta hariprteca gauravt .
maheraya cakase . yo va ivatamo rasa tasyabhjayate kutpipsmal jye hmalakm naymyaham .
ha na . abhtimasam ddhi ca sarv nirudame g ht .. 8 ..
uatriva mtara . tasm aragammavo .
gandhadvr durdhar nityapu  karim .
yasya kayya jinvatha . po janayath ca na ..
var sarvabhtn tmihopahvaye riyam .. 9 ..
OM r mahkl mahlakm mahsarasvat devattmak
manasa kmamkti vca satyamamahi .
ca ikyai nama . uddhodaka snna samarpaymi ..
pan rpamannasya mayi r rayat yaa .. 10 ..
sakala pjrthe akatn samarpaymi ..
(after sprinkling water around throw one tulasi leaf to the
north) kardamena prajbhtmayi sambhavakardama .
riya vsaya me kule mtara padmamlinm .. 11 ..

30 mah abhieka pa s jantu snigdhni cikltavasame g he .

(Sound the bell pour water from kalasha) nicadev mtara riya vsaya me kule .. 12 ..

r skta rdr pukari pu i suvar hemamlinm .

sry hiramay lakm jtavedo ma vaha .. 13 ..
hirayavar hari suvararajatasrajm .
candr hiramay lakm jtavedo mamvaha .. 1.. rdr yakari ya i pi gal padmamlinm .
candr hiramay lakm jtavedo ma vaha .. 14 ..
t ma vaha jtavedo lakmmanapagminm .
yasy hiraya vindeya gmava purunaham .. 2 .. t ma vaha jtavedo lakmmanapagminm .
yasy hiraya prabhta gvodsyovnvindeya
avaprv rathamadhy hastindapramodinm .
purunaham .. 15 ..
riya devmupahvaye rrm dev juatm .. 3 ..

ya uci prayato bhtv juhuydjyamanvaham .

ksosmi t hirayaprkrmrdr jvalant t pt
skta pacadaarca ca rkma satata japet .. 16 ..
tarpayantm .
padmesthit padmavar tmihopahvaye riyam .. 4 .. padmnane padma r padmk padmasambhave .
tanmebhajasi padmk yena saukhya labhmyaham .. 17 ..
candr prabhs yaas jvalat riya loke
devaju mudrm . avady gody dhanady mahdhane .
t padminm araamaha prapadye.alakmrme dhana me juat devi sarvakmca dehi me .. 18 ..
nayat tv v e .. 5 ..
padmnane padmavipadmapatre padmapriye
dityavare tapaso.adhijto vanaspatistava v ko.atha bilva . padmadalyatki .
tasya phalni tapasnudantumyntaryca bhy alakm vivapriye vivamanonukle tvatpdapadma mayi
.. 6 ..
sanidhatsva .. 19 ..
upaitu m devasakha krtica main saha .
putrapautra dhana dhnya hastyavdigaveratham .
prdurbhto.asmi r resminkrtim ddhi dadtu me .. 7 ..
prajn bhavasi mt yumanta karotu me .. 20 ..
tapta kcana saka ptmbara ida hari .
dhanamagnirdhana vyurdhana sryo dhana vasu .
sagraha mahkli, ca ikyai namostute ..
dhanamindro b haspatirvarua dhanamastu te .. 21 ..
OM r mahkl mahlakm mahsarasvat devattmak
vainateya soma piba soma pibatu v trah .
ca ikyai nama . vastrayugma samarpaymi ..
soma dhanasya somino mahya dadtu somina .. 23 ..

OM r mahkl mahlakm mahsarasvat devattmak

32\1 kacuk
ca ikyai nama . r skta snna samarpaymi ..

navaratnbhirdadh sauvaraicaiva tatubhi .

nirmit kacuk bhakty g ha paramevar ..
OM r mahkl mahlakm mahsarasvat devattmak

31 prati hpan ca ikyai nama. kacuk samarpaymi ..

OM namo mahkl mahlakm mahsarasvat

devattmak ca ikyai .. 32\2 ka ha stra
(Repeat 12 times)
mgalya tatumaibhi muktaicaiva virjita .
OM tadastu mitr varu tadagne
saumagalybhiv dhyartha ka hastra dadmite ..
samyoramabhyamidamestuastam .
OM r mahkl mahlakm mahsarasvat devattmak
amahi gdamuta prati h namo dive brahate sdhanya ..
ca ikyai nama . ka hastra samarpaymi ..

OM grihvai prati hskta tat prati ita tamay vc .

a stavya tasmdyadyapidra iva pan labhate
32\3 t apatri
g hnevai ..

t apatri divyi vicitri ubhni ca .

nnjigamiati grihhi pan prati h prati h
karbharaayuktni mtastatpratig hyat ..

r mahkl mahlakm mahsarasvat devattmak OM r mahkl mahlakm mahsarasvat devattmak

ca ikyai nama .. suprati hamastu .. ca ikyai nama . t apatri samarpaymi ..

32 vastra 33 upavta
(offer two pieces of cloth for the Goddess)

kutpipsmal jye hmalakm naymyaham .

upaitu m dev sakha krtica main saha .
abhtimasam ddhi ca sarv nirudame g ht ..
prdurbhto.asmi r resmin krtim ddhi dadtu me ..

svarastramaya divya brahm nirmita pur .

pa a klayaga devi kacukena samanvitam .
upavta may datta g ha paramevari ..
paridhehi k p k tv durge durgati nini ..
OM r mahkl mahlakm mahsarasvat devattmak OM r mahkl mahlakm mahsarasvat devattmak
ca ikyai nama . upavta samarpaymi .. ca ikyai nama . kajjala samarpaymi ..

34 gadha 35\4 sidra

gandhadvr durdhar nityapu  karim . vidyut k nu saka jap kusumasannibha .

var sarvabhtn tmihopahvaye riyam .. sindrate pradsymi saubhgya dehi me cira ..
OM r mahkl mahlakm mahsarasvat devattmak
rkha acandana divya gandh hya sumanoharam .
ca ikyai nama . sindra samarpaymi ..
vilepana ca devei candana pratig hyatm ..

ku kumgaru kastri karpram candanam tath .

35\5 nn bharaa
tubhyam dsymi dev svkuru tripura sundari ..

svabhv sundargi tva nn ratna yutni ca .

OM r mahkl mahlakm mahsarasvat devattmak
bhani vicitri prtyartha pratig hyat ..
ca ikyai nama . gadha samarpaymi ..
OM r mahkl mahlakm mahsarasvat devattmak
ca ikyai nama . nn bharani samarpaymi ..

35\1 haridr

haridr rajite dev sukha saubhgya dyin . 35\6 nn parimala dravya

haridr te pradsymi g ha paramevari ..
OM ahiraiva bhoghyai paryeti bhu jy heti
OM r mahkl mahlakm mahsarasvat devattmak
paribhdamna .
ca ikyai nama . haridr samarpaymi ..
hastagno viv vyunni vidvn pumspra mnasa pariptu
vivata ..

35\2 kukuma OM r mahkl mahlakm mahsarasvat devattmak

ca ikyai nama . nn parimala dravya samarpaymi ..
kukuma kmada divya kmin kma sabhava .
kukumrcite dev saubhgyrtha pratig hyat ..
OM r mahkl mahlakm mahsarasvat devattmak 35\7 bharaa
ca ikyai nama . kukuma samarpaymi ..
suvarena k ta hra, mauktikaica suobhita .
bhakty samarpita tubhya, bhaa pratig hyat ..
35\3 kajjala OM r mahkl mahlakm mahsarasvat devattmak
ca ikyai nama . sarva bharani samarpaymi ..
sunla bhramarbhasa kajjala netra ma ana .
may datta ida bhakty kajjala pratig hyat ..

35\8 nn alakra
ka i st gul yeca ku ale muku a tath . jalmbujair bilvapatrais campakai varalakm ubhm .
vanaml kaustubha ca g ha sulocani .. pjayiymyaham bhakty sag ha ca ike ..
OM r mahkl mahlakm mahsarasvat devattmak
tuldas kunda mandra prijmbujairyutm .
ca ikyai nama . nn alakrn samarpaymi ..
vanaml pradsymi g ha jagadvari ..

OM r mahkl mahlakm mahsarasvat devattmak

36 akata
ca ikyai nama . patra pupi vanaml ca
( In a religious ritual, rice refers to consecrated,
unbroken rice grains (akshata). Rice grains have the samarpaymi ..
ability to attract very distant pure particles of
spiritual energy (pavitrakas). This potential is activated by

38 atha a gapj
manasa kmamkti vca satyamamahi .
(for Goddess Durga)
pan rpamannasya mayi r rayat yaa ..
OM durgyai nama . pdau pjaymi ..
akatn nirmal uddhn muktmai samanvitn .
OM mahklyai nama . gulphau pjaymi .
g hemn mahdevi dehi me nirmal dhiyam ..
OM magalyai nama . jnun pjaymi ..
OM ktyyanyai nama . rn pjaymi ..
veta ta ula sayuktn ku kumena virjitn .
OM bhadraklyai nama . ka i pjaymi ..
akatn g hyatm devi nryai namo.astute ..

OM kamalavsinyai nama . nbhi pjaymi ..

OM r mahkl mahlakm mahsarasvat devattmak
OM ivyai nama . udara pjaymi ..
ca ikyai nama . akatn samarpaymi ..
OM kamyai nama . h daya pjaymi ..
OM kaumryai nama . vakasthala pjaymi ..

37 pupa OM umyai nama . hastau pjaymi ..

kardamena prajbhtmayi sambhavakardama . OM mahgauryai nama . dakiabhu pjaymi ..

riya vsaya me kule mtara padmamlinm .. OM vaiavyai nama . vmabhu pjaymi ..

OM ramyai nama . skandhau pjaymi ..
mlyadni sugandhni mlyatdni vai prabho .
OM skandamtre nama . ka ha pjaymi ..
may h tni pjrtham, pupi pratig hyatm ..
OM mahiamardinyai nama . netre pjaymi ..

OM r mahkl mahlakm mahsarasvat devattmak

OM sihavhinyai nama . mukha pjaymi .
ca ikyai nama . pupi samarpaymi ..
OM mhevaryai nama . ira pjaymi ..
OM ubhapradyai nama . lal a pjaymi ..
padmaakhaja pupdi atapatrair vicitratm .
pupaml prayacchmi g ha tva surevari ..
OM r mahkl mahlakm mahsarasvat devattmak
ca ikyai nama . sarvgi pjaymi ..
tuldas kunda mandra, jj punnga campakai .
kadamba karavraica kusume atapatrakai ..
OM ca ikyai nama . tuldas patra samarpaymi ..
39 atha pupa pj
OM rjvalocanyai nama . jj patra samarpaymi ..

OM gauryai nama . karavra pupa samarpaymi .. OM varapradyai nama . campak patra samarpaymi ..

OM prvatyai nama . jj pupa samarpaymi .. OM ramyai nama . bilva patra samarpaymi ..

OM umyai nama . campaka pupa samarpaymi .. OM cmu yai nama . drvyugma samarpaymi ..

OM ivyai nama . vakula pupa samarpaymi ..

OM vivarpyai nama . sevantik patra samarpaymi ..
OM vijayyai nama . atapatra pupa samarpaymi ..
OM viu vallabhyai nama . maruga patra samarpaymi
OM rudryai nama . kalhra pupa samarpaymi ..
OM ivyai nama . davana patra samarpaymi ..
OM girijyai nama . sevantik pupa samarpaymi ..
OM kambukan inyai nama . karavra patra samarpaymi ..
OM varyai nama . mallik pupa samarpaymi ..
OM vivamrtyai nama . viu krnti patra samarpaymi
OM bhratyai nama . iruvatik pupa samarpaymi .. ..
OM ktyyinyai nama . girikarik pupa samarpaymi ..
OM paramtmikyai nama . mci patra samarpaymi ..
OM klyai nama . thas pupa samarpaymi .. OM riyai nama . mallik patra samarpaymi ..
OM bhadryai nama . prijta pupa samarpaymi .. OM lokajananyai nama . iruvantik patra samarpaymi ..
OM haimvatyai nama . punnga pupa samarpaymi .. OM di aktyai nama . apmrga patra samarpaymi ..
OM ivapriyyai nama . kunda pupa samarpaymi .. OM kamala hastyai nama . prijta patra samarpaymi ..
OM bhavadyai nama . mlati pupa samarpaymi ..
OM tripuryai nama . d im patra samarpaymi ..
OM aparyai nama . ketak pupa samarpaymi .. OM indiryai nama . badar patra samarpaymi ..
OM durgyai nama . mandra pupa samarpaymi .. OM day sgaryai nama . devadru patra samarpaymi ..
OM m nyai nama . ptal pupa samarpaymi .. OM sarvadyinyai nama . m patra samarpaymi ..
OM ca ikyai nama . aoka pupa samarpaymi .. OM magala devatyai nama . mra patra samarpaymi ..
OM bhavnyai nama . pga pupa samarpaymi ..
OM ubhapradyai nama . mandra patra samarpaymi ..
OM sarvappaharyai nama . ddim pupa samarpaymi OM jna gamyyai nama . va a patra samarpaymi ..
OM kmkyai nama . kamala patra samarpaymi ..
OM brhmyai nama . devadru pupa samarpaymi ..
OM kamalkyai nama . veu patra samarpaymi ..
OM mhevaryai nama . sugandha rja pupa
samarpaymi .. r mahkl mahlakm mahsarasvat devattmak
OM kaumryai nama . kamala pupa samarpaymi .. ca ikyai nama . patrapj samarpaymi ..

r mahkl mahlakm mahsarasvat devattmak

ca ikyai nama . pupa pj samarpaymi .. 41 nma pj

OM mahlakmyai nama .
40 atha patra pj OM kamalyai nama .
OM padmsanyai nama . OM lolalocanyai nama .
OM somyai nama . OM bhavnyai nama .
OM ca ikyai nama . OM pacaktmajyai nama .

OM anaghyai nama . OM r mah gauryai nama .

OM ramyai nama . OM mahgaur nma pj samarpaymi ..
OM ptmbaradhriyai nama .
OM r mahkl mahlakm mahsarasvat devattmak
OM divyagandhnulepanyai nama .
ca ikyai nama ..
OM surpyai nama .

OM ratnadptyai nama .
OM vcitrthapradyinyai nama . 42 durg a ottaraatanma pj
(Chant Dhyaan Shlokas to concentrate on the Goddess)
OM idiryai nama .
OM nryayai nama . OM mahiaghn mahdev kumr sihavhinm .

OM kabu grvyai nama . dnavms tarjayant ca sarvakmadugh ivm ..

OM haripriyyai nama . OM riyai nama .

OM ubhadyai nama . OM umyai nama .

OM lokamtre nama . OM bhratyai nama .

OM daityadar ppahriyai nama . OM bhadryai nama .

OM sursurapjityai nama . OM arvyai nama .

OM vijayyai nama .
OM mah lakmyai nama .
OM jayyai nama .
OM mahlakm nma pj samarpaymi ..
OM vyai nama .

OM svara gauryai nama . OM sarvagatyai nama .

OM mah gauryai nama . OM gauryai nama .

OM ktyyinyai nama .
OM vrhyai nama .
OM kaumryai nama .
OM kamalapriyyai nama .
OM bhadryai nama .
OM sarasvatyai nama .

OM viusaundaryai nama . OM kamalyai nama .

OM magaldadevatyai nama . OM myyai nama .

OM rkenduvadanyai nama . OM mtagyai nama .

OM candraekharapatnyai nama . OM aparyai nama .

OM vivevarapriyyai nama . OM ajyai nama .

OM kabharyai nama .
OM dkyayai nama . OM ivyai nama .
OM k aveyai nama .
OM ca yai nama . OM harapriyyai nama .
OM ku alyai nama . OM mahlakmyai nama .
OM vaiavyai nama . OM mahsiddhyai nama .
OM kriyyai nama . OM svadhyai nama .
OM riyai nama . OM svhyai nama .
OM aindrayai nama . OM manonmanyai nama .
OM madhumatyai nama .
OM trilokaplinyai nama .
OM girijyai nama .
OM udbhtyai nama .
OM subhagyai nama . OM trisadhyyai nama .
OM abikyai nama . OM tripurtakyai nama .
OM triaktyai nama .
OM tryai nama .
OM tripadyai nama .
OM padmvatyai nama .
OM durgyai nama .
OM hasyai nama .
OM brhmyai nama .
OM padmanbha sahodaryai nama .
OM trailokyavsinyai nama .
OM aparyai nama .
OM pukaryai nama .
OM lalityai nama .
OM dhtryai nama . OM atrisutyai nama .
OM kumryai nama . OM g hyai nama .
OM ikhavhinyai nama . OM trivaryai nama .
OM bhavyai nama . OM trisvaryai nama .
OM triguyai nama .
OM sumukhyai nama .
OM nirguyai nama .
OM maitryai nama .
OM satyyai nama .
OM trinetryai nama .
OM nirvikalpyai nama .
OM vivarpiyai nama .
OM nirajinyai nama .
OM ryyai nama .
OM jvlinyai nama .
OM m nyai nama .
OM hkryai nama . OM mlinyai nama .
OM krodhinyai nama . OM carcyai nama .
OM sudinyai nama . OM krvydopa nibarhiyai nama .
OM acalyai nama . OM kmkyai nama .
OM kminyai nama .
OM skmyai nama .
OM kntyai nama .
OM partparyai nama .
OM kndyai nama .
OM obhyai nama .
OM kalahasinyai nama .
OM sarvavaryai nama .
OM salajjyai nama .
44 dpa
OM kulajyai nama .

rdr pukari pu i suvar hemamlinm .

OM prjyai nama .
sry hiramay lakm jtavedo ma vaha ..
OM prabhyai nama .
OM madanasudaryai nama . gh tavartisamyukta mahtejo mahojjvalam .
OM vgvaryai nama . dpa dsymi devei suprt bhava sarvad ..
OM vilkyai nama .
sjya trivarti sayukta vahnin yojitum may .
OM sumagalyai nama .
g ha magala dpa trailokya timirpahe ..
OM klyai nama .
OM mahevaryai nama .
OM r mahkl mahlakm mahsarasvat devattmak
OM ca yai nama .
ca ikyai nama . dpa daraymi ..
OM bhairavyai nama .

OM bhuvanevaryai nama .
45 naivedya
OM nityyai nama . ( dip finger in water and write a square and
OM snandavibhavyai nama . 'shrii' mark inside the square. Place naivedya on
'shrii'. remove lid and sprinkle water around
OM satyajnyai nama . the vessel; place in each food item one washed
leaf or flower or akshata )
OM tamopahyai nama .
OM mahevarapriyakaryai nama . OM mahkl mahlakm mahsarasvat devattmak
OM mahtripurasundaryai nama . ca ikyai vidmahe viupatnca dhmahi .
OM durgparamevaryai nama . tanno dev pracodayt ..

OM ktyyanya vidmahe . kanykumryai dhmahi .

43 dhpa tanno durg pracodayt ..

pa s jantu snigdhni cikltavasame g he . OM r mahkl mahlakm mahsarasvat devattmak

nicadev mtara riya vsaya me kule .. ca ikyai nama ..

(show mudras)
daga guggula dhpa candangaru sayutam .
nirv kararthe trka mudr .
samarpita may bhakty mahdevi pratig hyatm ..
am t kararthe dhenu mudr .

vanaspati rasodbhto gandh yo gandha uttama . pavitr kararthe akha mudr .

dhpam dsymi devei mahkli g hatam .. sarakarthe cakra mudr .

vipulamya kararthe meru mudr .
OM r mahkl mahlakm mahsarasvat devattmak
(Touch naivedya and chant 9 times)'OM'
ca ikyai nama . dhpa ghrpaymi ..
OM satyatavartena pariicmi
(sprinkle water around the naivedya)
bho! dev bhojanrtha gacchdi vijpya .
(request Goddess to come for dinner)
sarvatra am topidhnamasi svh ..
sauvare sthlivairye maigaa khacite gogh t
supakv bhaky bhojy ca lehynapi
sakalamaha joyamna ndhya nn kairpeta 46 uttarpoaa
samadhu dadhi gh ta kra pnya yukta
tbla cpi devi pratidivasamaha manas citaymi .. OM r mahkl mahlakm mahsarasvat devattmak
ca ikyai nama . uttarpoaa samarpaymi ..
adya ti hati yatkicit kalpitacparagrihe (Let flow water from sha.nkha)

pakvnna ca pnya yathopaskara sayuta

yathkla manuyrthe mokyamna arribhi
47 mah phala
tatsarva devipjstu prayat me jagadvar (put tulsi / axathaa on a big fruit)
sudhrasa suvipula poaamida
ida phala may dev sthpita puratastava .
tava g ha kalanta yathe amupabhujjyatm ..
tena me saphalvptirbhavet janmani janmani ..
OM r mahkl mahlakm mahsarasvat devattmak
OM r mahkl mahlakm mahsarasvat devattmak
ca ikyai nama . am topastaraamasi svh .
(drop water from sha.nkha) ca ikyai nama . mahphala samarpaymi .

rdr yakari ya i pi gal padmamlinm .

candr hiramay lakm jtavedo ma vaha ..
48 phal aka
(put tulsi/akshata on fruits)
OM prtmane durgyai svh .
OM apntmane ca ikyai svh . km a mtuliga ca karka h d im phalam .

OM vyntmane bhratyai svh . rambh phala jambra badara tath ..

OM udntmane haripriyyai svh .

OM r mahkl mahlakm mahsarasvat devattmak
OM samntmane bhuvanevaryai svh .
ca ikyai nama . phal aka samarpaymi ..

naivedya g hyat devi bhakti me acal kuru .

psita me vara dehi ihatra ca par gati ..
49 karodvartana

r devyai namastubhyam mah naivedya uttamam . karpra mirita toya kastrydi samavitam .
sag ha surare hin bhakti mukti pradyakam .. g ha paramevar karodvartanaka ubham ..

r mahkl mahlakm mahsarasvat devattmak karodvartanaka dev may datta hi bhaktita .

ca ikyai nama . naivedya samarpaymi .. cru cadra prabh divya g ha jagadvar ..

(cover face with cloth, and chant gaayatri ma.ntra five times or
OM r mahkl mahlakm mahsarasvat devattmak
repeat 12 times om namo mahakl mahalkm mahasarasvat
ca ikyai nama . karodvartanrthe cadana
devattmaka candikyai)
samarpaymi ..
50 tbla 53 karpra dpa

t ma vaha jtavedo lakmmanapagminm . arcata prrcata priyamedhso arcata .

yasy hiraya prabhta gvodsyovnvindeya arcantu putrak uta pura dh rvarcata ..
purunaham ..
karpraka mahrj rabhodbhta ca dpakam .
ellavaga kastr karprai puyavsitm . ma galrtha mahpla sa g ha jagatpate ..
v ik mukhavsrtha arpaymi surevari ..

OM r mahkl mahlakm mahsarasvat devattmak

pgphala satbla ngavall dalairyutam .
ca ikyai nama . karpra dpa samarpaymi ..
tmbla g hyat dev yela lavaga samyuktam ..

OM r mahkl mahlakm mahsarasvat devattmak

ca ikyai nama . pgphala tmbla samarpaymi .. 54 rat
Normally, the arati is done just after
we chant the slokas for mahaa niraajana and
karpura deepa. All the devotees sing the arati
bhajan, while one by one each person comes
51 daki and gives arati. The arati plate normally has
5 small diyas (with cotton balls dipped in oil
and with a fine tiri -end). Some kumukum and
hiraya garbha garbhastha hemabja vibhvaso .
flowers should also be kept in the plate. The
ananta puya phalada ata nti prayaccha me .. arati is done at the puja altar, accompanied by
the ghanta (bell) and once everyone completes
the arati, we take it to the regular altar
OM r mahkl mahlakm mahsarasvat devattmak (assuming these are different), show it there,
come back and offer arati to the bell. We also
ca ikyai nama . suvara pupa daki samarpaymi .. offer kumkum and flowers to the bell, prostrate
and then offer the arati to the devotees.

Here, all pujas are attended by minimum 40 to

52 mah nrjana max 100+. So we have one or 2 aratis depending
on the size of the crowd. Since this takes a lot
of time, while the devotees offer the arati, the
OM riyai jta riya aniriyya riya vayo jarit bhyo dadti people who are doing the puja complete all other
slokas upto the mantra pushpam. Once the arati is
riya vasn am tatvamyan bhavati satya sa over we chant the mantra pushpam after which
everybody offers akshata or flowers.
riya evaina tat riymdadhti satatam c vaa k tya After the visarjana puja, we offer a karpura arati
in a similar fashion.
satatyai sadhyate prajay paubhi ya eva veda ..
.. OM jaya ambe gaur ..

r mahkl mahlakm mahsarasvat devattmak jaya ambe gaur

ca ikyai nama . uttara nrjana samarpaymi . maiy jaya ym gaur
tuma ko nisa dina dhyvat
OM r mahkl mahlakm mahsarasvat devattmak
maiyj ko nisa dina dhyvat
ca ikyai nama . mahnrjana dpa samarpaymi ..
hari brahm ivaj
bolo jaya ambe gaur .. bjata tlda m daga aura bjata amar
bolo jaya ambe gaur..
mga sindra virjata ko m ga mada ko
maiy ko m ga mada ko tuma ho jaga k mt tuma h ho bhart
ujvala se do nain candravadana nko maiy tuma h ho bhart
bolo jaya ambe gaur.. bhaktana k dukha hart sukha sampati kart
bolo jaya ambe gaur..
kanaka samna kalevara raktmbara sje
maiy raktmbara sje bhuj cra ati obhita vara mudr dhri
rakta pupa gale ml ka ha hra sje maiy vara mudr dhar
bolo jaya ambe gaur.. mana vchita phala pvata devat nara nr
bolo jaya ambe gaur..
kehari vhana rjata kha ga k pa dhri
maiy kha ga k pa dhri kacana thla virjata agara kapra bt
sura nara muni jana sevata tinake dukha hr maiy agara kapra bt
bolo jaya ambe gaur.. mla ketu me rjata ko i ratana jyot
bolo jaya ambe gaur..
knana ku ala obhita nsgre mot
maiy nsgre mot m ambe k rat jo koy nara gve
ko ika candra divkara sama rjata jyot maiy jo koy nara gve
bolo jaya ambe gaur kahta ivnanda svm sukha sampati pve
bolo jaya ambe gaur..
umbha niumbha bi re mahisura dht
(you can add more aaratii songs as needed)
maiy mahisura dhti
dhmra vilocana nain niadina madamt
bolo jaya ambe gaur..
55 pupjali

ca a mu a samhra oita bja hare

mandra prijtdi p al ketakni ca .
maiy oita bja hare
jt capaka pupi g hemni obhane ..
madhu kai abha dova mre sura bhaya dra kare
bolo jaya ambe gaur.. r mahkl mahlakm mahsarasvat devattmak
ca ikyai nama . pupjali samarpaymi ..
brahm rudr tum kamal r
maiy tuma kamal r
gama nigama bakhn tuma iva pa arn 56 balidnam
bolo jaya ambe gaur..
OM hr sarva vighna k dbhaya sarvabhtebhyo hu pha
causa ha yogina gvata n tya karata bhairo svh ..
maiy n taya karata bhairo
km yai nama .
57 pradaki
skandamtre nama .

durge sm t harasi bhtimaeajanto ktyyanyai nama .

svasthai sm t matimatva ubh dadsi . klartryai nama .

mahgauryai nama .
dridrya dukhabhayahrii ktvadany
siddhidyai nama .
sarvopakra karaya sadrdracitt ..
r mahkl mahlakm mahsarasvat devattmak
yni kni ca ppni janmtara k tni ca .
ca ikyai nama . navadurgpjanam samarpaymi ..
tni tni vinayanti pradakia pade pade ..

anyath araa nsti tvameva araa mama .

60 jyoti pjanam
tasmt kruya bhvena raka raka janrdan ..

pradhna sdhra vikalpasatt svabhva

r mahkl mahlakm mahsarasvat devattmak
bhvdbhuvanatrayasya .
ca ikyai nama . pradakin samarpaymi ..
s vidyay vyaktamapha my jyoti par ptu jaganti
nityam ..

58 namaskra tejassvarpa rdurgyai nama .

(Try doing 21 namaskaaram;
Caution: See that you are medically fit for this r mahkl mahlakm mahsarasvat devattmak
exersion; do not over exert under any circumstances)
ca ikyai nama . jyoti pjanam samarpaymi ..
nama sarva hitrthya jagaddhra hetave .
s goya pramaste prayatnena may k ta .
rs iras d  v manas vcas tath . 61 prrthan

padbhy karbhy jnubhy pramo ga ucyate

sarva magala mgalye ive sarvrtha sdhike .
araye tryambike gaur nryai namo.astute ..
tyenpi namaskrn kurvata jagadvari .
ata janmrcitam ppam tatkaameva nayati .. dehi saubhgyamrogya dehi devi para sukham .
rpa dehi jaya dehi yao dehi dvio jahi ..
r mahkl mahlakm mahsarasvat devattmak
ca ikyai nama . namaskrn samarpaymi .. rpa dehi yao dehi dehi bhaga bhagavati dehi me .
putrn dehi dhana dehi sarvn kmn pradehi me ..

iti prrthan samarpaymi ..

59 navadurg pjanam

ailaputryai nama .
brahmacriyai nama . 62 kumrpjanam

candragha yai nama .

OM kl kulakumrikyai nama .
mantrkaramay lakm mt  rpadhrim . r paramagurave nama ..
navadurgtmik skt kanym vhaym yaham .. r parame higurave nama ..

anenaiva mantrea navpi vhayet .

aaktau yathakti ekmapi pjayet .. 64 samarpaam

OM kl kulakumrikyai nama . sdhuvsdhu v karma yadyadcarita may .

pdya samarpaymi . tatsarva k pay devi g hrdhana mama ..
arghya samarpaymi .
camanya samarpaymi .
vastrayugma samarpaymi . 65 durg saptaat pryaam
(Reading of Devi mahatmya from markandeya purana,
gandha samarpaymi . which is also known as Durga sapta shati - 700 shlokas in
bhaa samarpaymi . praise of Durga or ChaNDii PaaTha Mahatmya.)

pupa samarpaymi .
Chapter 1(Madhu kaitabha samhaara) is to
be read for 1st day,
OM kl kaumryai nama .
on the second day ch 2 thru
4(Mahishhasura samhaara) to be read,
tripuryai nama .
kalyyai nama . ch5 and 6(Dhuumralochana vadha) on the
3rd day,
rohiyai nama .
ch7 (Chanda Munda vadha) on 4th day,
kminyai nama .
ch 8 (Rakta biija samhaara) on 5th day,
ca ikyai nama .
karyai nama . ch9 and 10 (Shumbha Nishumbha vadha) on
6th day,
durgyai nama .
ch 11(Praise of Narayani) on 7th day,
subhadryai nama .
ch 12 (Phalastuti) on 8th day,
arcanam samarpaymi ..
ch 13 (Blessings to Suratha and the
dhpa ghrpaymi Merchant)on 9th day

dpa daraymi ch 14 (aparaadha xamaapaNa) on 10th day

naivedya samarpaymi .
nrjana samarpaymi .
rpa dehi jaya dehi yao dehi dvio jahi .. 66 rjopacra
iti prrthan ..
g ha paramevar saratne chatra cmare .
darpaa vyajana caiva rjabhogya yatnata ..
63 r guru pjanam
r mahkl mahlakm mahsarasvat devattmak
r gurave nama .. ca ikyai nama .
chatra samarpaymi ..
cmara samarpaymi .. 69 trtha prana
gta samarpaymi ..
akla m tyu haraa sarva vydhi nivraam .
n tya samarpaymi ..
sarva durita nana durg pdodaka ubham ..
vdya samarpaymi ..
darpaa samarpaymi ..
vyajana samarpaymi ..
70 arghya pradna
ndolana samarpaymi .. arghya pradaanam:
rjopacrn samarpaymi .. offering arghya by those who fasted and those who came
late or those like ladies of the house who could not
sarvopacrn samarpaymi .. participate in the puujas because of other works, can
now get full merit by offering arghya which is
samasta rjopacrrthe akatn samarpaymi .. equivalent to whole puuja.

67 matra pupa
71 visarjana pj
ya uci prayato bhtv juhuydjyamanvaham .
rdhitn devatn puna pj kariye ..
skta pacadaarca ca rkma satata japet ..

.. puna pj ..
vidy buddhi dhanevarya putra pautrdi sapada .
pupjali pradnena dehime psita varam .. r mahkl mahlakm mahsarasvat devattmak
ca ikyai nama .
OM svasti smrjya bhojya svrjya vairjya
prame h rjya mahrjyamdhipatyamaya samata dhyymi. dhyna samarpaymi .
paryy syt srvabhauma srvyua  td vhaymi .
parrdht p thivyai samudra paryant ekarlditi tadapyea sana samarpaymi .
loko bhigto marta parive ro marutasy vasan grahe pdya samarpaymi .
vkitasya kmaprervivedev sabhsada iti .. arghya samarpaymi .

camanya samarpaymi .
r mahkl mahlakm mahsarasvat devattmak
pacm ta snna samarpaymi .
ca ikyai nama . matrapupa samarpaymi ..
mah abhieka samarpaymi .
vastrayugma samarpaymi .
yajopavta samarpaymi .
68 a kha bramaa
gandha samarpaymi .
(make three rounds of sha.nkha with water like aarati
and pour down; chant OM 9 times and show mudras) nn parimala dravya samarpaymi .
hastabhaa samarpaymi .
im paivatama ima sarvasya bheaje .
akatn samarpaymi .
im r rasya vardhini im r ra bhratomata ..
pupa samarpaymi .
nn alakra samarpaymi . durge devi jaganmta svasthna gaccha pjite .
aga pj samarpaymi . savatsare vyatte tu punargamanya vai ..
pupa pj samarpaymi .
patra pj samarpaymi .
nma pj samarpaymi . 72 tma samarpaa

a ottara pj samarpaymi .

yasya sm ty ca nmnokty tapa pj kriydiu .
dhpa ghrpaymi
nyna samprat yti sadyo vande ta acyutam ..
dpa daraymi
naivedya samarpaymi . madhye mantra tantra svara vara nyntirikta lopa doa

mahphala samarpaymi . pryacittrtha devi nmatraya mahmantra

phal aka samarpaymi . japa kariye ..

karodvartanaka samarpaymi .
OM ramyai nama lakmyai nama
tmbla samarpaymi .
mahkli mahlakmi mahsarasvat
daki samarpaymi .
devattmak ca ikyai nama ..
mah nrjana samarpaymi .
OM ramyai nama lakmyai nama

karpradpa samarpaymi . mahkli mahlakmi mahsarasvat

pradaki samarpaymi . devattmak ca ikyai nama ..

namaskrn samarpaymi . OM ramyai nama lakmyai nama

rjopacra samarpaymi . mahkli mahlakmi mahsarasvat

mantrapupa samarpaymi . devattmak ca ikyai nama ..

pjte chatra samarpaymi . matrahna kriyhna bhaktihna janrdana .

cmara samarpaymi . yatpjita may dev paripra tathastu me ..

n tya samarpaymi .
vhana na jnmi, na jnmi visarjanam .
gta samarpaymi .
pjvidhi na jnmi kamasva paramevar ..
vdya samarpaymi .
dolika rohaa samarpaymi .
avrohaa samarpaymi . anena may k tena r ca ik devi

gajrohaa samarpaymi . suprto suprasanno varado bhavatu .

r mahkl mahlakm mahsarasvat devattmak kyena vc manasendriyairv buddhytman v prak ti

ca ikyai nama . samasta rjopacra devopacra svabhvt .

aktyupacra bhaktyupacra pj samarpaymi .. karomi yadyat sakala parasmai nryayeti samarpaymi

utti ha devi ca ei ubh pj prag hya ca . namaskaromi .

kuruva mama kalya a ibhi aktibhi saha ..
ima pj may devi yathakti upapditm .
rakrttha tva samdya vraja svasthna muttamam ..

73 prasda g haa

r mahkl mahlakm mahsarasvat devattmak

ca ik dev prasda iras g hmi ..

74 kampana

apardha sahasri kriyante aharnia may .

tni sarvi me devi kamasva paramevari ..

yntu deva ga sarve pj dya prthivm .

i a kmapra siddhyartha punargamanya ca ..

(Shake the kalasha)

.. r k rpaamastu ..

Puja Text by Sri S A Bhandarkar

Corrected & Proofread in Tamil by Saroja Sundaresan on 29-


Partial Proofreading in Sanskrit by Ajit Krishnan on 30-9-


Corrections applied from Proofreading of Anant Puja in

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