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BMW INPA Diagnostics/Coding 2016 Pack

(Compiled by 328 Power 04/Enabled)

INPA version 5.0.6
EDIABAS version 7.3.0
NCSExpert version 4.0.1 English
WinKFP version 5.3.1
Tool32 version 4.0.3
Up to date Diagnosing, Coding, and E36 flashing data preloaded.

Part 1 Prerequisites

Prerequisites 1: Environmental Path Changes

a. Run program: PathEditor.exe (included) As Administrator:
b. Follow Picture to add C:\EDIABAS\BIN as shown.
This is necessary just once per Windows installation. If its already there, you can skip.

Prerequisites 2: USB Cable Drivers

a. Run cdm v2.12.00 whql certified.exe As Administrator to install USB cable drivers. Click
next and OK/Install to get to installation finished.
b. When finished installing, plug in USB cable, wait a minute for Windows to configure the
drivers. Use the provided shortcut to go to Device Manager.

c. In Device Manager, scroll down to Ports (COM & LPT) and right click on your USB cable,
USB Serial Port (COMx). Go to Properties, Port Settings tab. Click Advanced button.
Note down your COM port number, and change the Latency to 1 ms. Click OK, and OK again.
Part 2: Main Program Installation
a. Run the application Standard_Tools_Setup_2.12.exe with Windows XP Compatibility and
As Administrator. After doing the below checkboxes, double click on the application.

b. Choose English, Click OK. On the following window click Next.

c. Accept the agreement, click Next. Click Next, and click Next.
d. All the default installation directories are fine, so click Next 4 times.

e. Click Next. Uncheck both Execute backup and restore wizard and Create Quick Launch icons.
Click OK on the popup. Click Next. In the Select COM port window, change the COM number to
the COM port of your cable (from Device Manager), VERY IMPORTANT. Click Next.

f. Click Install, then restart Windows by choosing the appropriate option and clicking Finish.
Part 3: Diagnosing Data Update/Installation
a. Run Part 3 LoadData.exe as administrator (as you learned above). No need to do XP
compatibility on this file. It will take some time. At the end, a black window will pop up, and it
will say Ok many times. Press any key to continue.

Were finished, just one more small step: double-click on serial port.reg file (included) and Click OK to
add some USB cable settings to your computers registry. This is only needed to be done once.

Success! Run INPA from the shortcuts on your desktop.

-328 Power 04 from Bimmerforums.