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A troubleshooting download

from Xylem

your Problem:
Wont start/
Problem: Problem:
pumps pump tripping CAPACITY TOO HIGH WEAR Build-up of solids in the pipe or on the

pumping The control panel displays an alarm or The pump is pumping very little Current usage or power consumption Unexpected high levels of wear of bottom of the sump.
the pump does not start. or no water. higher than expected. impeller and/or wet end.

What should you do if pump

output starts falling? Or
you suspect the build-up of Cause: Installation is not receiving Cause: Impeller is rotating in the Cause: Clogging. Cause: Presence of abrasives. Cause: Poor sump design.
sediment? And what can you voltage. wrong direction. Solution: Remove pump and check Solution: Replace with a more wear- Solution: Add flush valve or change
do to help prevent sewage Solution: Check that main power Solution: If it is a three-phase pump, to see if rags, fibres or solid objects resistant impeller. control method. There are a few
back-up? We asked our most switch is on, fuses are intact, voltage transpose two phase leads. If it is a are stuck in the impeller. Thoroughly different options contact Xylem for
experienced service technicians in all three phases. Ensure that single-phase pump, the problem is clean the impeller and the pump Cause: Wrong pump for type of advice. In extreme cases, you may
to share their top tips. voltage is OK. more complicated. Contact Xylem for housing (volute). liquid. need to add a mixer or redesign
advice. Solution: Use a pump that is the sump.
If you cant find the answers youre Cause: An alarm has been triggered Cause: Wrong duty point. designed for the pumped liquid.
looking for here, or you want to in the control panel. Cause: Clogged impeller. Solution: Check duty point. If Cause: Heavy rain.
learn more about how preventative Solution: Reset the alarm. Check Solution: Clean impeller and pump needed, change impeller to suitable Solution: Add flush valve or change
maintenance can help prevent and reset overload protection. Ensure housing (volute). curve and adjust level regulators to control method. There are a few
sewage back-ups, contact your local that the impeller rotates freely. correct levels. different options contact Xylem
service workshop today or visit Cause: Pipes are obstructed. for advice.
www.flygt.com Note: If the pump will not start Solution: Clean out pipes to ensure Cause: Undervoltage.
automatically, but can be started a free flow. Solution: Check the voltage. If
SAFETY FIRST! Before doing any work manually, you should first check to undervoltage is more than 10%
on your pump, read the instructions see if the start level regulation is Cause: Worn impeller and/or pump contact your power company.
in the Installation, Operating and working. Next, ensure that all control housing (volute).
Maintenance manual carefully. system connections are intact. Solution: Check that pump housing
Finally, check the relays, contactors, (volute) is intact. Check adjustment of
alternation relay and/or PLC functions. impeller. If impeller is worn, replace it.

Cause: Check valve is blocked or stuck.

Solution: Clean valve. If damaged,
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