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1. We can find many leaves in a ______ . 10. Welcome home dear brother and sister. Welcome
a) tree home both of ______ .
b) toys a) us
c) TV b) we
d) Garden c) you
2. The plural form of the word man is? d) they
a) mans 11. At school students must _____ .
b) min a) swim
c) men b) listen to music
d) mens c) learn
3. ________ have a glass of water please? d) sleep
Yes, you may. 12. Tell me the reason ... you haven't called us for so
a) Can I long,
b) Does she a) for what;
c) May I b) why;
d) Do you c) of why;
4. I need the money I ... you eight months ago. d) what for.
a) borrowed; 13. There is too ... furniture in my room,
b) have borrowed; a) much;
c) have lent; b) many;
d) lent. c) few;
5. The singular form of the word mice is? d) many more.
a) mouce 14. The word expensive is a(n) _______ .
b) mice a) verb
c) mices b) noun
d) mouse c) pronoun
6. I'm going to meet... professor James, d) adjective
a) an; 15. She is such ... devoted friend that I can't help loving
b) the; her.
c) a; a) -;
d) -. b) an;
7. My grandmother has two sons. One is my c) a;
_______ and one is my _______ . d) the.
a) sister/ brother 16. In this forest there are many ....
b) father/ uncle a) wolves;
c) mother/ aunt b) wolfves;
d) nephew/ father c) wolfes;
8. "I don't like this music". "..." d) wolfvs.
a) I neither; 17. "Have you seen her?" "Yes, I ...."
b) Neither do I; a) did;
c) Neither I; b) saw;
d) Neither I do. c) have seen;
9. Bring us two ..., please! d) have.
a) cups of coffees; 18. We ... in the shade an hour on that sunny afternoon,
b) coffees; a) laid;
c) cup of coffees; b) lay;
d) cups of coffee. c) lied;
d) lain.

1. playing / he's / violin / the

2. school/going / we're / to
3. aren't / they / the / playing / in / park
4. me / aren't / listening / you / to
5. flying / to / Moscow / am / I / tomorrow


1. I am reading / read an interesting book.
2. Your dad drives / is driving his blue car.
3. Its winter but it doesnt snow / isnt snowing today.
4. They are / is in the garden.
5. He throws / is throwing snowballs.