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Final Assignment (50-mark Essay)

Writing for Arts & Social Sciences

Students of Writing for Arts & Social Sciences will need to submit an essay (50
marks) as an assignment as part of the course completion.

Analyze clearly any Bangla short story in terms of all the elements fiction (plot,
character, setting etc.). Your essay should include a relevant theoretical discussion
on fiction genre and accordingly the story should be related to all discussions. You
must also narrate the plot of the story in your essay followed by all sorts of analyses.
Each of the group members should select different stories by any of these writers:

Abdul Mannan Syed Anisul Haque Imdadul Haq Milon

Moinul Ahsan Saber
Suchitra Bhattacharya Samaresh Majumdar Satyajit Ray
Sunil Gangapaddhay

The photocopy of the story should be also attached with your essay while submitting.

Short Story Worksheet

This framework will help you to analyze the story you have chosen. Do not forget to use
appropriate examples from the story based on these items.
Third person limited
Character: Third person omniscient
Name the main character

Which of the following did

the author
include: Is this point of view
Dialogue consistent
Dialect throughout the
Concrete images story?
Abstract images
Quotation Plot:
What is the conflict in this
Setting: story
Time Place
Conflict is between:
Vivid Sense Images: Individual vs. individual
Which of the following did Individual vs. society
the author include Individual vs. nature
Sight Hearing Touch Individual vs. self
Taste Smell How is the conflict resolved

From whose point of view is What is the climax/turning

the story written: point of conflict
First person
Does the story follow a
logical sequence Theme:
of events: What is the controlling or
Use of transitional words main idea in the
Chronological order story
You must follow these specific Guidelines:
1. Thematic
a. The essay should include theoretical as well as your critical/analytical
b. Decide the purpose of your essay; that is, is it to argue and persuade, or
to inform and illustrate, or to analyze and examine etc.
c. Use supportive examples from outside sources to prove your points.
d. Be objective and maintain originality.
e. Use references (as paraphrase, summary or direct quote) with in-text
citation to support your idea.
f. Without proper acknowledgement to the original source of supportive
points, the essay will be considered plagiarized.
g. Follow APA style throughout the essayincluding bibliography.
2. Structural
a. Attach a cover page with your name, ID number, Section, Date of
Submission, Course Title and Instructors name.
b. Maintain the structure of complete essay (Introduction, Body and
Conclusion)as per APA format.
c. Clearly state your thesis statement in the introduction para.
d. Maintain cohesion (link) and coherence (unity) to develop and establish
your idea.
3. Typographical
a. Keep one inch margin on each side.
b. Use any of the fonts: Times New Roman (12 font) or Cambria (12 font) or
Bookman Old Style (11 font) or Calisto MT (12 font).
c. Word limit is 2000 words. Mention word count at the end.
d. Avoid color fonts and decorative designs.
e. You can use diagrams, charts or graphs if you need, but label them
f. Proof read for grammar, spelling and sentence errors in the draft. Rewrite
the final draft and submit.