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Semi- Detailed Lesson Plan in Mathematics III

I. Objectives
At the end of the lesson, pupils are expected to:
a. estimate the quotient through rounding method;
b. demonstrate the way in dividing the numbers; and
c. appreciate the significance of estimating the numbers or things in real life

II. Subject Matter

Topic: Pagbanabana sa Quotient
Reference: K-12 Mathematics for Grade III
Materials: Cartolina,Chalk,board,manila paper
Values Integration: Teamwork, and cooperation

III. Procedures
A. Preliminary Activities
a. Prayer
b. Greetings
c. Attendance
d. Review of past lesson
B. Motivation
The teacher will post an equation for division and let the students to
identify the parts of division. Ask also the students on how they round
C. Lesson Proper
a. Activity
The will group the students into 4 groups and they will
round the divisor to the nearest tens, hundreds, or thousands.
1. 173/9 4. 119/5
2.31/3 5. 68/7
b. Analysis
The teacher will demonstrate how to estimate the quotients
through rounding the numbers and she will give some examples.
c. Abstraction
The teacher will ask the following questions:
1. How to estimate the quotients?
2. How to round the numbers?
d. Application
Group the students into 4 groups and let them to estimate the
divisor and the quotient.
Estimated Divisor Estimated Quotient
1. 144/7
3. 23/5
4. 234/10
5. 46/5

Estimate the quotients of the following.
1. 233/6=
2. 31/3=
3. 48/5=
4. 360/7=
V. Assignment
Estimate the quotients of the following.

1.74/35= 3. 694/56=
2. 627/23= 4. 975/48
5. 84/21=

Prepared by:
Mendoza,Rhenna Queen