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Handbook for President's welcoming speech

International Students Welcome to the Korea Defense Language Institute(KDLI),

You will receive Korean Language Course for 44 weeks.

You may have many questions about this course and your life in korea.
Thus I have put together essential information into this handbook to help
you understand this course. You will get information in detail when you
arrive here.

Please read this handbook carefully and feel free to contact us, if you need
2017 more information.

I believe that your experience in Korea will be very helpful to your military

I look forward to meeting you at KDLI.

Korea Defense Language Institute,

Best regards,
Joint Forces Military University
January 2017

President of Korea Defense Language Institute

Contents 3. Telephone and Internet
4. Driver's License
. Introduction -----------------------------------------------------------------------1 5. Driving a car
1. Republic of Korea 6. Bank Account Setup
2. Joint Forces Military University 7. Medical treatment
3. Korea Defense Language Institute 8. Korean Standard Time

. Education Program---------------------------------------------------------------3 . Location / Contact number---------------------------------------------------23

1. Explanation of each course 1. How to get to KDLI
2. Registration for the Korean Language Course 2. Schedule after arrival at KDLI
3. Objective of the Korean Language Course 3. Notice
4. Curriculum 4. Contact Number
5. Referenced Regulations

. Life at Korea Defense Language Institute--------------------------------12

1. Housing
2. Dining
3. Facilities of KDLI Whole education schedule and related information could
4. Etiquette of Korean Military be changed depending on situation. It means that
registration duration, starting date of Korean Language
Course, cost of meal and etc. are changeable.
. Students Responsibilities------------------------------------------------------16
1. Flight ticket and transportation
2. Medical Check-up
3. Visa for alien registration card
4. Money Exchange
5. Insurance
6. Personal Cargo

. For Your Information---------------------------------------------------------20

1. Financial Support
2. Electronic Outlet

36 - 4
. Introduction c. Food : We can divide Korean foods in three parts which are main dish,
side dish and appetizer. In main dishes we have rice, porridge, noodles
etc. In side dishes we have soup, stew, steamed dishes, roasted dishes,
1. Republic of Korea herbs, kimchi and salted seafoods. In deserts we have rice cakes, korean
traditional snacks, teas and drinks.
a. Overview

Country : Republic of Korea or Korea

Capital : (Seoul)

Population : 51,687,682

Area : 99,720

Administrative district :
8 , 1 ,
1 , 6 ,

b. Climate: Korea has four distinctive seasons and the average

temperatures for those seasons are:
Spring: Mar May ( 11.5 ) Summer: Jun - Aug ( 24.1)
Autumn: Sep - Nov ( 12) Winter: Dec - Feb ( -1 ) d. Religion : In Korea we can freely pick our religions. We have christian,

Highest: 38, Lowest: -18 buddhists and so on.

You have to bring a long-sleeve military uniform and coat for winter and
short-sleeve military uniform for summer.

36 - 1 36 - 2
2. Joint Forces Military University (JFMU) . Education Program
4 colleges of JFMU -Army, Navy, Air-force, and Joint Staff College- 1. Explanation of each course
educate high ranking officers to cultivate the abilities to plan and a. Composing of courses

execute operations of Corps level and Joint operations.

Website : http://www.jfmu.ac.kr
a. POC : Yeong-Kwan LEE, 82-10-5076-4426, minhun4426@daum.net

3. Korea Defense Language Institute (KDLI)

KDLI is a subordinate unit of the Joint Forces Military University of the

ROK Forces, providing foreign language education to members of the 1) Most of the students are will stay 2 years in Korea. Students usually study
Korean Language at KDLI in 1st one year, after that depending on their main
ROK Forces. KDLI also teaches the Korean language to foreign officers
course, students will study in KNDU or JFMU(or etc) in the other
and cadets to prepare for the Korean military education course. 2) If you have any questions regarding main course, you have to ask
directly each course POC. KDLI doesn't know the main course.
Website : http://www.jfmu.ac.kr Defense Language Institute(banner click)
3) In case of cadets, you have to contact with each academy POC. Because
they will request some official documents for your admission.
b. Each Main Course POC number
Course Name POC Name Contact number Email Website
Address address
JFMU(Army, Navy, Youngkwan +82-10-5076-4426 minhun4426@ www.jfmu.ac.kr
Air Force College) LEE +82-42-878-2286 daum.net
KNDU(National Eunjeong +82-10-5074-0998 mail.net www.kndu.ac.kr
Security Course) KIM +82-2-300-2317 kyoryu@kndu.
Army Miju LIM +82-10-4846-4410 sunbal6414 www.kma.ac.kr
+82-2-972-7264 @kma.ac.kr
Navy Byeongguk +82-10-3884-6851 dnsdud@navy. www.navy.ac.kr
JO +82-55-549-1094 mil.kr
ACAD afa1999@naver
EMY Jeongtae +82-10-5089-5107 .com
Air Force KIM +82-43-290-5504 afa1999@afa.ac www.afa.ac.kr
Nursing Sujin LEE +82-10-9196-0214 evermall@korea www.kafna.ac.kr
+82-42-862-5265 .com
Branch Gigun NO +82-10-5084-0895 - www.tradoc.mil.kr
School(Army) +82-42-878-6663
Branch Minje JUNG +82-10-4958-4286 - www.edunavy.mil.kr
<Panoramic view of Korea Defense Language Institute> School(Navy) +82-10-5077-3940

36 - 3 36 - 4
2. Registration for the Korean Language Course 4. Curriculum
a. Duration : 1 week during working hours a. Education Duration : 44 weeks (20th of February ~ 22nd of Dec, 2017)
1) Except this registration period, KDLI will not accept your enrollment. b. Whole class hours
Don't be late and miss that period.
Classification Hours Remarks
b. Procedure
Grand Total 1,356 44 weeks 40H(per week)
Holidays (10days)
Non-available Hours 93
Summer vacation (5days)
Total hours 1,263 -
Course Introduction, Filling out each request
Orientation 21
forms, Making personal biography etc.
Alphabet of Korean
Regular class
- Korean for Foreign Soldiers ~
Regular Class 1,048
TOPIK class
Person to person Korean Conversation
Military terminology & Korean culture

c. Related Information Available Understanding Korean traditional

Site Excursion 20
1) Except Registration period, we do not enroll your admission. culture, history, society and military
2) When you move-in to apartment, you have to check each facilities
Activities of solidarity 24 Sports activities, Talk with commander
condition and quantity, then you must sign the document of apartment
check list.
Guest Lecture 8 Guest lecturer (4hrs) 2
3) If you enter an apartment, you have to transfer 300,000won to KDLI account
Weekly Test(every 2 wks)
in 2 weeks as deposit money. JFMU() bank account Integrated Test(3 times during the course)
Evaluation 74
number is 301-0165-3710-41 and the bank name is Nonghyup(). - 1st Day : Listening, Reading, Writing
- 2nd Day : Speaking
4) If you have some diseases such as an epidemic, then it could damage
to every single student from other countries. Therefore, you have to Etc 32

take a medical check-up in detail and if there are some problems of * Contents above are subject to change.
that reason while you are studying in KDLI, then you have to take all
c. Detail of each education program
the responsibility of it.
1) Orientation
a) During 1st week of the course, you will receive orientation that will
3. Objective of the Korean Language Course
a. To equip students with an intermediate level of Korean Language(TOPIK Level 3) help you settle down in Korea such as opening a bank account and
*To get above level, you must know Korean alphabet before entering using public transportation.
this course. Please visit below web addresses and learn it by yourself. b) What to do during orientation
Websit : www.sejonghakdang.org (1) Level and Placement test
Websit : www.ebs.co.kr/durian/kr

36 - 5 36 - 6
(a) Contents : Listening, Vocabulary Reading, Vocabulary Dictation 3) Site Excursion
(b) Total point is 100pts. If you get under 50pts, you are not able a) To understand Korean culture and national security situation, students
to enroll Korean Language Course. will visit some places. Places and Schedule will be changed depending
(2) Introduce Korean course and education plan on situation.
4) Evaluation
(3) Introduce unit facilities
a) Weekly Test
(4) Class organization, distribute textbooks, Fill out bio
(1) Every two or three weeks, students take weekly test to check vocabulary and speaking.
(5) Submit a copy of passport and photos, Fill out application forms
(2) It take 2 hours.
for alien registration card and opening bank account b) Integrated Test
(6) Provide Janghowon and Icheon tour (1) It will be taken 3 times during the course.
2) Regular Class (2) It take 2 days.
a) Class hours (3) Contents : Reading, Writing, Listening(1st day), Speaking(2nd day)
(1) Monday through Thursday : 08:30hrs ~ 16:20hrs(7hrs per day) 5) Summer vacation
(2) Friday : 08:30hrs ~ 12:20hrs(4hrs per day) a) Summer vacation is a week during the course.
* On Friday, Muslim students have to pray after finish class. (1) Except your embassy's official request, You stay in Korea and
Day travel in your own plan.
Mon. Tues. Wed. Thurs. Fri.
d. Method of increasing students motivation
Regular Class
08:30 10:20 hrs (Including reading aloud for 20min. in 1st class) Class st
1) 1 Checking result(August) : No level of TOPIK
10:30 11:20 hrs Speaking(Various Activities) test a) Warning letter to each national attache office to Korea
11:30 12:00 hrs Self Study at each class nd
12:10 13:00 hrs Lunch 2) 2 Checking result(November)
13:10 14:00 hrs Speaking(Various Activities) No Class a) No level of TOPIK Expulsion
14:10 15:00 hrs Tutoring Culture Tutoring Culture
15:10 16:00 hrs Culture LAB Culture LAB b) 1st Grade level of TOPIK Sending warning letter to each national
attache office in Korea
- 1st ~ 2nd Period: Reading aloud(20 mins.), Principally, basic
3) 3rd KDLI Integrated result(December)
Korean grammar.
a) Low level of grade Expulsion
- 3rd Period: Self Study
- 4th ~ 5th Period: Reading/writing training based on acquired e. Main Course Admission Standards(TOPIK1))
Korean ability. KNDU
Category Security Master JFMU Academy Branch
- 6th Period: Regular class Schools
Course Course
- 7th Period: Listening and Tutoring Standards Lv 2 Lv 3 Lv 3 Lv 3 Lv 3
* Consist of Class hours will be changed depending on a teaching schedule
b) Numbers of Students: about 8~12 per class - Above admission standards will be informed on invitation card.
(Students will be devided into 9 classes.) 1) Test of Proficiency in Korean, executed by NIIED (National Institute of International Education) of Korea

36 - 7 36 - 8
- If you dont get appropriate level of TOPIK, you are not able to b. Regulation of JFMU
enter main course after finishing Korean Language Course. *JFMU Regulations
1) Article 2. (Applications)
f. Military & Civilian Instructors
Military Civilian
These regulations apply to ALL COURSES in JFMU
Instructor 3 11 2) Article 20. (Expulsion)
Grammar Deemed unlikely to achieve academically due to academic
Terminology of Korean Military Basic / Low Intermediate incompetence or sickness
Culture of Korea conversation Absent days exceeded 10% of total education days; 15% if
Speaking comprehension absence was caused by injury from duty
Faced with severe disciplinary action from Disciplinary Committee
5. Referenced Regulations Tarnished the honor of the school
a. Regulation of MND c. Regulation of KDLI
*Instructions on Consigned Foreign Military Students Management *Korea Defense Language Institute(KDLI) Standard Operating
1) Article 10. (Admission Preparation etc) Procedure(SOP)
1) Article 59. (Daily work)
Dispatch country of Embassy(or office of Defense Attache) has the
responsibility of student transportation from Airport to each Even though it isn't included class hours, KDLI could control students
educational institution. daily work if it is related education. In case of cadets, KDLI execute
the morning roll to check health condition during week.
2) Article 14. (Expulsion) KDLI could run night class for sutents who are not meet the goal
In case of student that violate referenced regulation or law of of each level of language course.
ROK or health problem, Achieved low scores etc, the president of
educational institution could expel a student with approval from 2) Article 60. (Military Clothes and Manner)
Ministry of Defence of Korea. Each student have to wear appropriate military clothes of your
own country in KDLI. It is not permitted that students mixed
3) Article 16. (Temporarily departure of students) wearing military clothes and civilian clothes(vini cap, sports shoes).
If student has to go back to his country, then he should report to Clothes
defence attache of his country in Korea. And the defence attache (1) Working hours : Own country military uniform
has to send an official request to the educational institution. After *Wear your military headgear while you are outside of building.
that, in case of approval from the president of educational But take off it while you're inside of building.
institution, students could depart to his own country. Manner
(3) All of the students have to learn and follow Korean Military Manner.
4) Article 25. (Medical supporting etc)
If student doesn't have a medical insurnace within 30 days after
admission in each educational institution, he could be expelled
from the school.
5) Article 33. (living and supporting during vacation)
All of the cadets have to go back his own country after
completion of Korean Language Course or Vacation period.

36 - 9 36 - 10
Category (Class A) (Class B)
4) Article 78. (Expulsion)
(Battle Dress Unifrom) When any of items below is applicable to a student, he or she
may be subjected to expulsion
(1) Arrested and imprisoned due to criminal behavior against the
domestic law
(2) Violates JFMU regulations
Picture (a) Detail information booklet will be placed in your class.
(3) Refused to take class or the Commandant has deemed unable to
receive education : unwillingness to study, illness or other health
(a) If you don't get more than TOPIK Lv2 and 70% of Integrated
Test during the course, you can't graduate this course. It has
Usage Ceremony & Ordinary Class hours
been set standards for graduation from the Korean language
Special Event course.
(4) 3 unexcused absences
(5) Low academic achievement
3) Article 68. (Leave)
(6) In occurrence of causes of expulsion, as stated in the disciplinary
In case of absence(or early leave), request must be made by the
student or the embassy(attache office) 3 days prior and the student
may be absent or leave early with the approval of the KDLI
Commandant(Korean Department Chief). Depending on the type of
absence, demerit marks will be applied to student instruction.
Furthermore if a student is absent for over 10% of the total class
days(work days), that student is to be expelled.
(1) Unexcused means there has been no prior report/notification
before the absence, early leave, or missing class.
If a student needs to temporarily depart to other country, first of
all after receiving the official document from the respective
country(including the attache office) then you have to submit that
official document to KDLI. JFMU President will decide to agree
or disagree what you request. After receiving approval from JFMU
President, then the student officer(or cadet) must purchase the
flight ticket and submit a copy to KDLI.

36 - 11 36 - 12
. Life at KDLI

1. Housing
a. Dormitory(location : Inside of KDLI)
1) Only Cadets could live in dormitory. It's not permitted for officers.
2) Amenities in room
a) A bed, TV, refrigerator, desk and chair are provided. Main gate of Apartment Living room1 Living room2

b) Students have to bring or purchase linens & toiletries such as

blankets, pillows, slippers, detergent, towels, etc.
3) Public Facilities in the Dorm. : Laundry room, Ironing room
4) Dormitory deposit : 100,000
5) Yours rooms will be checked every month to prevent fire or any extra
Fixed furniture of clothes chest Kitchen Bed Bathroom

Room Lounge in the Dorm Laundry room

b. Apartment(location : Outside of KDLI)

1) All of the officers will get an apartment.
a) Double-size bed, Single-size bed, TV, refrigerator, desk and chair,
Dressing table Floor map of Apartment
Micro-wave, Fan, Table and Chair(For 4P) are provided.
2) Students have to bring or purchase linens & toiletries such as blankets,
pillows, slippers, detergent, towels, etc. 2. Dining
3) Students are responsible for Monthly maintenance fee. a. All of the students eat lunch at 1st floor of the student cafeteria. Meal ticket
a) Categories : Apart maintenance fee, Gas fee etc cost is 3,800won for lunch. Meal ticket price could be changed depending on
b) Method of payment : banking transfer situation.
In case of who receive payment from Korea : You don't need to pay money
4) It is located 10 mins on foot from KDLI. There's no shuttle bus for
for lunch. It will be paid with your payment automatically, including all of
students between KDLI and apartment. the cadets.
5) Apartment deposit : 300,000 In case of who do not receive payment from Korea : pay with one's
6) If necessary, yours rooms will be checked to prevent fire or any extra debit card beginning of next month

36 - 13 36 - 14
b. The student cafeteria is closed from Friday evening to Sunday and holiday. b. We have all administrative branches in the main building. At the first floor
we have offices for information about dormitory or apartment. Commander's
and Chief of Korean language's rooms are at 2nd floor. English language
offices are at 3rd floor and 2nd language offices are at 4th floor.
At the another building we have lecturing rooms, labs, library and rest rooms.
You can borrow books at the library but it's limited to 10 books and it's
only for 15days. Library's operating time.
Mess Hall(2nd floor in KDLI) Mess Hall(1st floor in KDLI) Vending machine for Meal ticket
Category morning afternoon evening
c. Unfortunately we can't offer Hallal food for Islam.
You have 3 choice - 1. Having same meal as Korean students Mon~Fri 08:30 ~ 12:00 13:00 ~ 17:00 19:00 ~ 21:00
2. Having simple sandwich and drink Sat 08:50 ~ 12:00 13:30 ~ 17:00
3. Bring your own lunch Sun 19:30 ~ 22:00
You can also borrow sports equipment such as football, basketball, etc for
3. Facilities of KDLI 2weeks in library.
a. Pics
c. KDLI's dormitory is divided into 4 buildings K,D,L and I. Building K is for
the staffs and women. Building D is for students from English language
course, building L for 2nd Language course students and lastly building I is
for Korean language course students.

Lab Classroom Library d. At the first floor of the buildings we have canteen, fitness center and barber
weekday weekends
morning afternoon evening
Auditorium Gym Football Field 06:30 ~ 07:30 16:30 ~ 19:30 06:30 ~ 22:00
Only Friday 13:30 ~ 16:00

You can only wear sports cloths and shoes in the fitness center and you also
Public Bath / Sauna Barbarshop PX(Mart) have to clean the equipments after using. Barber shops's price is 5000won.

36 - 15 36 - 16
e. At the underground of the building there is a shop, sauna, table tennis * Plastic, pet, can, glass bottle, boxes must be separated according
courtand a karaoke. You can buy foods and daily necessities at the shop. indication
c) Plastic bag
weekday weekends Category General Trash bag Food Waste Bag
afternoon evening evening
Only Sunday
Shop 12:30 ~ 13:30 18:00 ~ 19:00
18:00 ~ 19:00
tennis 17:00 ~ 21:00 13:00 ~ 21:00
Karaoke 18:00 ~ 20:00 13:00 ~ 21:00
sauna 17:00 ~ 20:00 (Only Mon, Wed, Thur) * Food waste must be disposed in the food waste tub without plastic bag.
You have to use the sauna with all your clothes off. 5) Please search at YouTube : "trash and recycling in Korea"

4. Etiquette of Korean Military b. Living at House

a. Recycling 1) Wearing shoes inside accommodation is not allowed. Take off your
1) Everyone has to recycle according to the Korean Law shoes, when you enter your house.
2) If you don't do that, the Korean government could fine it.
3) Violate recycling c. Living in KDLI
a) 1st time : Paper warning and fine 50,000won. 1) Salute by using your right hand. And phrase " while you're
b) 2nd time : Paper warning and fine 50,000won. Inform it to Defence saluting
attach office of his country. 2) When you're talking to higher rank person than you, do not stand in
c) 3rd time : Expel him from an apartment within 2 weeks. poor posture or put your hands in pockets. It is regarded as a very
4) How to recycle rude attitude.
a) Students should observe the waste segregation and discharge it to the 3) You should smoke at the designated area such as ".
dumping ground by themselves.
b) Category


Picture Plastic Pets Cans Glass Bottles

36 - 17 36 - 18
. Students Responsibilities b. Procedure
1) You should bring at least 8 ID photo(3cm4cm size, color) with a
white background. And Submit some photos.
1. Flight ticket and transportation 2) Fill out the application form
a. Flight ticket 3) KDLI collect all of the documents and submit them to immigration
1) When you book a flight ticket, you have to consider arrival time at office in Suwon.
Korea. 4) To register each personal data in network, it usually take 2 weeks after
2) KDLI could register your enrollment during working hours(08:00~17:00 hrs) in accepting document at the immigration office.
registeration week. If you arrive at the airport late at night or weekend, should stay 5) When KDLI receive a phone call from that office, we bring the
in temporary dormroom. students who submit that application form to the office in order to
b. Transportation register their fingerprint. In that time, students have to prepare some
1) No pick-up service for students from Incheon Airport to KDLI. money to pay commission fee.
2) And whole fare of transportation is yours, we don't support that. If you search 6) After registering one's fingerprints, it usually takes 2 weeks to get alien
through the internet(ex. google), you could find information what you want to registration card. It means that it takes 4~5 weeks totally.
know such as airport map, transportation, guset house around incheon airport. c. Getting a Visa for your family
2. Medical check-up 1) If you bring your family to Korea, your family have to get F-type
a. Submitting official document of yours visa to get alien registeration card in Korea.
1) When you are selected to join Korean Language Course in your country, 4. Exchange Korean Money
you have to submit your medical check-up document to Korean MoD. a. Places
2) If you have some serious diseases such as cancer, you could not 1) 1st floor of Incheon airport(Disembarkation floor)
concentrate on study. In that case unfortunately, you might give up
joining the Korean Language Course.
3) If you have some disease such as an epidemic, then it could damage to
every single student from another country. As a result, we don't accept
that student in this course.
b. Submitting official document of your family
1) If you bring your family in Korea, your family have to submit the
same document to Korean MoD.
3. Visa for alien registration card
a. Getting a Visa for you
1) You have to get a visa that the Korean MoD asked at letter of
invitation from Korean Embassy in your country in order to obtain a
alien registration card in Korea.

36 - 19 36 - 20
b. Amount of Money 6. Personal Cargo
1) All questions regarding the money you will need while in Korea should a. Notice
be taken care of before leaving your country. Make sure you bring 1) If you send your cargo through airplane or ship, you have to take
enough money with you to cover the costs you may incur. How much care by yourself or you could ask some help to your embassy in
you need depends on you. After arriving, you'll use Korean currency,
2) They really know how to handle it and will help you.
"won". Currency exchange can be done at the airport and at mos of 3) KDLI does not support that.
the banks in Korea. b. Address
2) Quite a lot of money could be spent on buying necessities after you 1) KDLI Apartment Address
arrive at KDLI. You should check the Korean price rates before : Durumal Apt. 000 Dong 000 Ho, 719-86, Gyeongchung-daero, Janghowon-eup,
departing your country and if you think the price is too much, you are Icheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
advised to buy the necessities from your country before departing. (Korean words : 719-86
000 000)
3) Usage 2) KDLI Address
a) To buy living stuffs such as pillow, blanket, etc. : KDLI, 57-43, Gyeongchung-daero 597beon-gil, Janghowon-eup, Icheon-si,
b) Payment for photo, alien registration fee, transportation fee, etc. Gyeonggi-do, Korea
5. Insurance (Korean words : 597 57-43
a. In your own country
1) Before leaving from your country, you have to insure the International 7. Requirement for entering main course, submit below documents.
medical insurance. a. KNDU Master's Degree Course : University Grade Transcript,
b. In Korea Diploma of University
1) The National Health Insurance(Basic) b. Each Academy : High school Grade Transcript, Diploma of High
a) If you don't have the International medical insurance, then you have school
to get the National Health Insurance in order to receive the same
treatment of Korean people while you're using a hospital.
b) Health Contribution is around 48,000won in each month.
2) The actual amount of loss insurance(Extra)
a) It is not allowed the person who doesn't get the National Health
b) If you get this, the money that you paid a fee for medical treatment
could be refunded. But You have to check through internet in detail

36 - 21 36 - 22
. For Your Information b. When you have alien registration card(ID card), you could apply
internet connection to use in your accommodation. You may bring
1. Financial Support your laptop computer. Monthly internet fee is about 40,000won.
According to the instruction of Ministry of Defence of ROK, foreign
Olleh Internet basic rate
military students of some countries will receive payment from
(per month, VAT reserved)
enrollment through the Korean Language Course. But depending the
annual budget and the number of students, the support to each student Classification Contents Basic rate
payment could be reduced. And educational institution could execute it
within available budget limitation. Maximum 1Gbps
GIGA Internet 50,000
*Guideline is based on the GNI index of World Bank. speed
GIGA Internet Maximum 500Mbps
2. Electronic Outlet Compact speed
The voltage in Korea is 220 V. You may need an adapter to use your Kts representative
Olleh Internet 36,000
electronic equipment. (Laptop computer, computer, small rice-cooker, etc) Internet service(FTTH)
Olleh Internet Kts high-class
Light service(FTTH)

Device(Modem)rental fee: 8000

Cadets only have to pay 33,300won for the renting for the modem
and for A/S or cancellation for your service you have to do it
Wall outlet 220V plug

4. Furnitures and daily necessities

3. Telephone(Included mobile) and Internet a. Furniture : You can visit the place below for any extra furnitures
a. You probably will not be able to use your cellular phone in Korea. that are not provided in your rooms in cheap prices.
Even if it has a SIM card, your phone probably will not work. If
Janghowon furniture outlet: Icheon si Janghowon-eup jinamli 32-1 / Tel.
you need to use a cellular phone, you have to buy a new (or
second hand) phone here. Recycle city: Icheon si Daewol myeon gyeongchung-daero 1945 / Tel.

36 - 23 36 - 24
b. Electric appliance : For electric appliance we visit the place below. *Malaysia, Miyanma, Sri Lanka, India, Cambodia, Thailand, Philippines,
Peru, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Nigeria, Lebanon, Bahrain,
Samsung digital plaza: Janghowon-eup jinamli 32-1 Taegwang building Saudi Arabia, Iraq, UAE, Algeria, Jordan, Egypt etc.
/ Tel. 031-641-3430 3) Necessary documents : Foreign driving license, Alien registration card,
LG electric best shop:Janghowon-eup jinamli 7-6 / Tel. 031-642-9111 Passport, color photo(amount : 3), Validation of Foreign driving license
by Embassy in Korea, Certificate of the facts concerning the entry &
exit, Fee(12,500won)
c. Bedding : To complete the course you may need some bedding
4) For detail information, visit below website
because we have no bedding provided in your rooms. To buy the
website : http://dl.koroad.or.kr/
bedding you can visit the place below. c. Applying to Korean Driver's Test
1) If you don't have an international driving Permit, in order to drive a
Eumsungjudan : Janhgowon-eup Jangteo-ro 61gil 18 / Tel. 031-641-2782 car in Korea, you have to apply Driving Examination in Korea.
E-mart : Icheon-si Iseodaecheon - ro 1440-50 / Tel. 031-644-8123 2) The closest driving license Examination Office is Yongin.
a) Tel : +81-31-289-0101~2
d. Rest of the necessities : You may need some other necessities for b) Address : 2267, Yonggu-daero, Giheung-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
your convenience, so you can visit the shop below for your c) Working hours : Week day(09:00 ~ 15:00 hrs), Saturday on second week(09:00 ~ 10:00)
needings. 3) For more information
website : http://dl.koroad.or.kr/license/en/sub/guidance.jsp
E-mart : Icheon-si Iseodaecheon - ro 1440-50 / Tel. 031-644-8123
5. Driving a car
4. Driving license You could buy a car or rent one.
To drive a car in Korea, you need a driving license. There are 3 ways.
a. To Buy a car
a. International Driving Permit
1) In order to buy one, you'd better ask help to your Embassy or Defense
1) If you have an international driving Permit that has been issued in your
Attach in Korea. They usually help you for that.
own country, you could drive a car in Korea until expiration date. But
2) You could search through the internet.
you have to carry that license, passport(or alien registration card) and
your own country drive license while you're driving a car. a) There are some websites to buy a used car.
2) Geneva agreement countries : Malaysia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India, (1) www.encar.com
Cambodia, Thailand, Philippines, Peru, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, Nigeria, (2) www.bobaedream.co.kr
Lebanon, UAE, Algeria, Jordan, Egypt etc. 3) If you buy a car, you have to enroll automobile Insurance in order to
b. To Exchange a driving license of your country's to Korea drive it.
1) If you have a full license of your country's that remains valid, you b. To rent a car
could exchange it to Korean driver's license. 1) You could rent a car with a passport and international driving permit.
2) But you have to check up the list of countries available 2) You could search through the internet.

36 - 25 36 - 26
6. Bank Account Setup 8. Korean Standard Time
a. Date : During orientation period Korea is in the same time zone as Tokyo, Japan. Korea is +9 GMT
b. Procedure : Filling out application forms Submiting to the Bank (Greenwich Mean Time)
Input data in network Issued bank account
c. Period : 3 wks
. Location and Contact number
7. Medical treatment
a. Military hospital 1. How to get to Korea Defense Language Institute
1) Military hospital will be used for emergent patients. There are several options for you to arrive at KDLI. First of all, you
2) However, military hospital doesn't have all the facilities so
could use public transportation from Incheon airport to KDLI. Second
sometimes it's better to use private hospital.
way is taking a call van at airport but you have to pay the fare, it is
b. A general hospital
approximately 150,000won(Korean currency), last way is to coordinate with
The hospital is quite far and there is a lot of people so you need some
your embassy or defence attache office in Korea.
time for your treatment but foreign soldiers and their families can use it If you arrive at Incheon airport in Korea, then please visit below
for free. website address. (Website : http://www.airport.kr )
c. Private hospital
There are private hospitals at Janghowon or icheon. Futhermore if you You can find each floor map of the airport and where to take public
joined the health insurance you can get the treatment at a cheaper price. transportation, call van and taxi at the airport.

a. Public Transportation
1) From Incheon airport to Icheon city by bus
a) 1st floor of airport(Disembarkation floor)

36 - 27 36 - 28
If you are on disembarkation floor, then you move to gate No. 9 and take a bus. d) Timetable of bus and price
b) Move to 9B Bus stop. Look at red circle, that is 9B.

1) From Icheon city to KDLI

a) Take a public transportation(Bus)
(1) When you arrive at Icheon bus terminal, move to the below red
circle point. Follw the blue line to get to the bus stop. If you follow the
blue line correctly, you could see below picture at junction.

c) Take a bus as below picture, look at red circle. It is bound for

Icheon bus terminal.(In Korean word : )

(2) If you arrive correctly, you will see below place. Bus stop is
located next to Standard Chartered bank.

36 - 29 36 - 30
(3) Then take a bus as below picture, the bus nubmer is 28-1. (2) Look at below picture, those are taxis.

b. Call van

(4) Then take off at Sangsungdae-Samguri. (Korean word : )

When you take off a bus, you can see KDLI building your right side.

1) If you visit the airport website, you could find how to use a call van.
b) Take a taxi(cab)
2) You have to pay the charge by yourself.
(1) If you difficult use a bus, then you take taxi in front of Icheon
bus terminal. It cost around 20,000won but you have to pay yourself. c. Embassy or Defence attache office
1) Call or visit above website through google.

36 - 31 36 - 32
d. Whole Course from Incheon airport to KDLI. 2. Schedule after arrival at KDLI
1) From Incheon airport to Icheon city
Telephone : +82-31-640-7775
phone number : +8210-7574-1689

Contact us with number on top

Checking with letter of invitation
Some paper works before moving into apartment.
Moving into apartment

3. Notice

1. We will provide an accommodation for students. If you are a

cadet, you have to live at dormitory in KDLI. All the cadets
have to attend the morning roll call in front of HQ building at
06:40 hrs. But if you are an officer you have to live outside of
2) From Icheon city to KDLI KDLI at apartment and you don't need to assemble for roll call.
2. If you bring your family to Korea, then please inform us in order
to prepare family size apartment. Otherwise we couldn't allocate it
for you because of the limited number of apartments available. It
is your responsibility to inform us about your family.
3. There's no shuttle bus between KDLI and apartment. You have to
commute on foot, it takes 15 min. After getting alien ID card,
you could buy a car.
4. After the class is over on Friday, Muslim students could go the
mosque to pray.

4. Contact number
a. Telephone : +82-31-640-7775
(In Korea, 031-640-7775)
b. KDLI Address

36 - 33 35 - 34
: Korea Defense Language Institute, 57-43, Gyeongchung-daero 597beon-gil,
Janghowon-eup, Icheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
* It is better for the students to show a guide the Korean words
' 597 57-43
' for 'KDLI address'.

35 - 35