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Certication in Japanese Manga

and Animation (Fundamentals)

Program Overview

The Certication in Japanese Manga and Animation (Fundamentals) is developed and delivered by the Aso College
Group and the certication awarded by Parenthexis Academy. Aso College Group is one of the top vocational colleges in
Japan providing high quality, skills-based education and training. This online interactive course will be hosted on learning
platform Parenthexis, a sister company of Parenthexis Academy. Both are headquartered in Singapore.

The Certication comprises both manga and anime production. The curriculum is designed to provide students with
strong foundational skills in manga drawing and Japanese animation. This course will be taught and graded by industry
veterans and Aso College teachers Yujiro Yamada (Yamada-sensei) and Takeshi Iwamura (Iwamura-sensei). Students new
to manga drawing or Japanese animation, or learners with prior learning but who wish to enhance their skills will nd this
programme useful.

About Aso College Group

Aso College Group is an Education Division of Aso Group in Japan with a history dating back to 1872. The Group has
undergirded Japans industry for 140 years in the elds of infrastructure, medical and healthcare and education and
training, among others. Aso College Group has been established for 80 years and is one of the top vocational colleges in
Japan providing high quality, skills-based education and training for various sectors in the country. It comprises 12
vocational colleges oering 80 programs and 100 courses in specialties ranging from nursing and rehabilitation to
business computer, architecture and design, and automotive engineering and technology.

Program Summary

Program Name: Certication in Japanese Manga and Animation (Fundamentals)

Program Developed and

Delivered by: Aso College Group, Japan

Certication Awarded by: Parenthexis Academy, Singapore

Program Structure: 10 modules and 28 sub-modules

Program Layout: 15 hours video-based instruction; 28 assignments

Program Duration: Self-paced. Estimate 3-6 months full-time and 7-18 months part-time

Program Modality: Fully online, interactive learning with coursemates, teacher-graded assignments

Program Intake: Rolling enrollment

Graduation Criteria: Student must complete and pass all modules

Program Fees: USD 375;

USD 1350 (Inclusive of 3-Day Instructor Workshop/ Participation in Workshop will be
indicated in the Certication);
Individual modules available at USD 50 each (Certicate of Competency will be issued)


Yamada-Sensei (Yujiro Yamada) Iwamura-Sensei (Takeshi Iwamura)

Yamada-Sensei has more than 10 Iwamura-Sensei has 15 years of
years of working experience in manga experience as an animator, and has
and anime production. He has been been involved in various anime
teaching manga drawing and productions. Iwamura-Sensei was our
Japanese animation for 8 years and teacher for the Aso-Parenthexis Anime
has produced outstanding students Mosha Drawing Pilot Course in
who are now working in well-known September-December 2016 where
animation studios in Japan. more than 2,000 students enrolled.

Target Learners

1 Japanese manga
and anime lovers 2 Aspiring artists who wish to establish a
career in the media and creative industry 3 Amateurs and
hobbyists in drawing
Program Structure

There are 10 modules in the course: 5 Manga and 5 Anime. Within the 5 Manga and Anime modules are 14 sub-modules
respectively. Students need to complete and pass all 28 sub-module assignments to graduate from the certication

Manga Japanese Animation

The curriculum will teach the foundational skills of manga The curriculums objective is to equip students with the
drawing. Two characters, Koume and her friend will walk theories and skills of Japanese animation. The learning
students through every lesson. At the end of the Manga approach is hands-on and students will master the
modules, students will be adept in drawing monochrome illustration techniques under the guidance of a specially-
characters. created animation teacher character throughout the
ACSJP SS1.M1 Drawing Basic Human Body ACSJP SS1.A1 Basic Animation
ACSJP SS1.M1.2 Human Body Characteristics ACSJP SS1.A1.1 Introduction to Japanese Animation
ACSJP SS1.M1.3 Appearance of Human Body Based on ACSJP SS1.A1.2 Introduction to Animation Workow
ACSJP SS1.A1.3 Explanation of Frame Rate
ACSJP SS1.M2 Realism
ACSJP SS1.A2 Principle Straight ahead action & pose-
ACSJP SS1.M2.1 Emotional Expressions of the Character to-pose
ACSJP SS1.M2.2 Texture of Clothing ACSJP SS1.A2.1 Original Picture (Key Picture) and Movie (In-
ACSJP SS1.M2.3 Texture of Objects Between)

ACSJP SS1.M2.4 Methods for Practicing Manga Drawing ACSJP SS1.A2.2 Rules of Rotation
ACSJP SS1.M3 Eective Expressions ACSJP SS1.A2.3 Basics of Perspective and Depth
ACSJP SS1.M3.1 Eective Expressions of Objects ACSJP SS1.A3 Principle Squash & Stretch
ACSJP SS1.M3.2 Eective Expressions of Characters ACSJP SS1.A3.1 Bounce
ACSJP SS1.M3.3 Eective Expressions of Light Source ACSJP SS1.A3.2 Jump
ACSJP SS1.M4 The 'Egara' ACSJP SS1.A3.3 Deceleration and Acceleration
ACSJP SS1.M4.1 Personality of the 'Egara' and Types of ACSJP SS1.A4 Motion Curves
Manga Drawing Materials ACSJP SS1.A4.1 Silhouette Character Action
ACSJP SS1.M5 Inspiration of the Character ACSJP SS1.A4.2 Swing the Sword
ACSJP SS1.M5.1 The 'Sekaikan' ACSJP SS1.A5 Motion Basic
ACSJP SS1.M5.2 Character's Rough Outline ACSJP SS1.A5.1 Character Action 'Walk'
ACSJP SS1.M5.3 Manga Expressions ACSJP SS1.A5.2 Character Action 'Run'
ACSJP SS1.A5.3 Look Back

Entry Requirements

This course is pegged at the Beginner level, so there are no perquisite skills and knowledge required for enrollment.

A sustained and consistent eort is required for students to successfully complete all modules and graduate from the
certication program. Students are advised to set aside at least 2 hours per week to view the video lectures and work on
their drawing assignments. Learning support by the Course administrator and among coursemates is available via the
learning platforms Course chats.

Career Potential

The Certication will provide you with strong foundational skillsets in manga and anime drawing. This will enable you to
build an eective portfolio to support your application for entry positions in companies as junior animator, storyboard
artist, character designer and illustrator.
About Parenthexis Academy

Parenthexis Academy is an online academy oering skills-based, work-relevant training programs of high educational
standards. Our partners are reputable vocational institutions and training academies established by businesses who are
leaders in their respective elds of expertise. Parenthexis Academys courses are practical, current and relevant to
industry needs and anticipated trends. Our goal is for graduates to be immediately deployable in their sector of choice.

Parenthexis Academy is the education and training arm of Kydon Group in Singapore. We leverage on the innovative
learning technologies and platform of our sister company Parenthexis to deliver highly eective learning programs
derived from bite-sized, media-rich learning content that is grasped easily, and real-time interaction among facilitators and
learners that consolidate and solidify students knowledge and skills acquisition through shared learning experiences.

By going online, we bring best-of-class professional courses from around the world to benet learners worldwide, thus
overcoming the barriers of cost, distance and language to training and education. This is our vision.

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