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A Divine Representation can be more than a piece of wood or stone.

Using the right ritual, you can

really bring it to life!

Start by defining, as much as it is possible, the color that you relate to the divinity. A collection
of canons or formulas appeared at the end of the Renaissance period that specified, for example,
seven divinities corresponding to seven principal traditional planets. With each deity there are
attributed specific correspondences which we will point out below. If you are in doubt, you may
select a statue that more nearly represents your chosen deity by looking at the planetary
characteristics associated with that divinity in the table below.

However, before you begin, it is first necessary to consider the myth and the history which is
attached to your God or Goddess. In general, (below) you will find a brief summary of the
information which is necessary for you to begin the process of clarifying the nature of your
chosen deity and selecting the appropriate representative statue for it. Many excellent texts on
mythology also exist to help you in this research.

1- Choose the color, perfume, offerings, the various names and the possible prayers which are or
were formerly used. To assist you, you may use the summary of correspondences given at the
end of this text.

2- Make an adaptation of the prayers if they appear too old or too antiquated for you.
Reformulate those texts by rewriting them in your own words, but make every effort to preserve
the sounds and the words of power that are sacred to that deity. In fact the adaptation must more
correspond to an appropriation than to a new formulation. So, it is equally necessary that you
maintain a fresh style, while retaining the original poetry and the force necessary to empower
your adaptation. The ancient texts routinely pointed out facts from the legend of that God or
Goddess to which it was devoted, and it is good for us to do the same. As previously mentioned,
the name of a deity holds considerable power for the chosen deity.

3- Choose the moment of the year or the day during which the dedication will have to be made.
Always use the myths associated with this divinity, or choose from the symbolic correspondence
systems. For example: the lunar Goddess of Selena will be dedicated on the evening of the first
quarter of the moon, Diana at the time of full moon, Hecate at the time of the black moon and
both in spring, when the savage animals start to run wild in the forests again. Amon-Ra will be
devoted at the exact moment when the sun rises or at the moment when it is at its apogee. Thor
or Zeuss dedications must be performed outside during a storm, etc.

Note: This ritual process applies for a statue or a stele.

4- Prepare water and a little sea salt in two different containers.

5- At the chosen time, put the statue on a plate of stone or marble in the direction which
corresponds to the God, or, if in doubt, put the statue in the East.

6- Using a vessel large enough to immerse the statue, or a water cup if the statue is too large,
extend your hands above the water holding in your mind the intention to intensify the waters
capacity, by focusing on its most sacred and pure nature.

Begin your invocation:

From time immemorial, water has been considered the purifying element which erases
any stain. You, liquid and universal matrix to which I address myself, hear me. Become
again what you were at the beginning of time, when all beings were born in you. Purify and
sanctify this statue which I wash with you. In this way, she/he can receive in her all the
forces of the God or the Goddess whom it represents.

Take a little salt and spread it into the water while saying:

You, salt, of which every living being is composed, cause your invisible structure, mixed
with this pure water, to give life to all that will be immersed in you.

Extend your hands above the water while visualizing an indissoluble union between these two
elements, which inevitably occurs at the origin of any life.

7- Take the statue and wash it, if that is possible, or even immerse it completely for a few
moments. If the statue is too large to submerge, then you may satisfy the requirement by
sprinkling it with water. Wipe the purified statue off with a clean, white, natural vegetable fiber
linen (cotton, flax). While drying it, intone:

By the power of water, may you be purified. May each part of which you are made, be
vivified and cleansed. As at the beginning of time, may salt penetrate you and give you all
the elements of life which you need to begin to exist on our plane. Become, at this moment,
as pure as you were at the time when your form first appeared.

8- Light the incense (see the specific cones on the website www.theurgia.us)

Perfume the entire statue (all sides) with the incense while saying:
May this perfume penetrate the deepest recesses of your being and constitute the invisible
body which surrounds you.

With the incense, make three clockwise circles around the statue. Make one circle at the level of
the feet of the statue, the next at the median level and the last at the highest level of the statue.
Finish this part by depositing the incense in front of the statue and letting it burn there.

9- Invoke the divinity that this statue represents and invite it to bring a part of its power to this

For that, close your eyes and visualize the divinity in the place where the statue is. Then speak
and explain to him or her, what you are doing and explain your intention.

Light two candles which you will place slightly behind the statue, one on each side.

Begin to pray whatever prayers you have chosen to increase the psychic relationship that you
desire with the divinity.

Then light a third candle which you will place between the two preceding ones.

Direct the palm of your hands towards the statue and visualize a channel of light which descends
into the statue, and which is like an umbilical cord attaching it to the divinity that you have just
called upon. As you visualize this energy which is concentrated in the statue, notice that the
channel of light created remains, always, and is made up of the invisible one.

While maintaining this visualization, you can say:

O you .....Name of the divinity....................... allow your power to descend at this moment
into this representation. May he/she become the visible image of your invisible presence
and may all that I could say to him/her or offer to him/her be said or actually offered
directly to you. May this channel of light which is connected to you, remain, from this
moment on, in a way both tangible and effective.

Magnetize the entire statue with your hands, visualizing its brightness, and its luminosity, on
both the visible level and invisible levels.

10- Take the oil flask which was selected for the unction. Put oil on the first joint of your right
forefinger, then trace a continuous oil line starting from the top of the head to the foot of the
statue while skirting the spinal column.

While you proceed in this manner say:

May the all powerful Goddess (or God)............. descend into this image and give it life.

Then place oil on its mouth while saying:

Blessed be are these visible lips by which His/Her holy words may be spoken to me.

Then place oil on its heart while saying:

Blessed be this heart which expresses your presence and your life.

Then place oil on its lower abdomen while saying:

Blessed be this matrix in which is born all life.

Then place oil on its feet while saying:

Blessed are these feet by which you cross the worlds to come unto me when I address my
prayers to you.

Place a little oil on the top of its head while saying:

Become now, by the powers of this oil, the real and effective support of.......................name
of the divinity...... Through you, all my prayers, words or thoughts are addressed to
Him/Her directly. Thus, from this moment, you are the living and sacred representation of
the Goddess (or God)....................

11- Now pick up the clothing for the statue, or the fabric, of whatever color, which you chose as
a cover for it. Surround the statue with this clothes, leaving the face or the head uncovered. Make
sure that your hands are always in contact with the clothes as you say:

I cover you with this dress which sanctifies your presence. May it be for you the pledge of
the attention and the love that I carry for you.

12- Deposit your offerings of food, drink and flowers (in cups) in front of the statue while

Receive this food and this drink that I offer to you. Accept the essence of these substances
so that your visible appearance and your invisible bodies are satisfied.
13- Finish with a prayer addressed to the divinity. Extinguish the candles, add a little incense and
leave the room where the statue is.

Your statue is now blessed and sanctified. You will be expected to have an attitude of respect in
its presence. It is good to wash it regularly, so that it, as well as the place where it is, is always
clean. Remember to change its clothes, and to nourish it, either daily, or at the time of its
festivals, as well as at any moment when it seems good to you to do so. In all cases you will have
to be mindful of its care in order to draw to you (using the techniques of worship which are
appropriate for that deity) the ability to be harmonized with the divine form that you have chosen
as your ideal. It would, perhaps, be interesting to leave a night light in front of it and to regularly
burn a perfume, or incense. Note that this technique may be used partly for a plane
representation which, in some traditions, is called an statue.

Artemis d'Ephese Examples of prayers to Artemis (Goddess of the moon in the Greek tradition):

You can address yourselves to Artemis while saying:

Hearken, O Artemis, daughter of Zeus of the thousand names, roaring Titan of illustrious
name, holy archer, you whose glittering torches illuminate us, O Dictynna!

Although not initiated into these mysteries, you protect those who give birth and appease
the pains of childbirth.

O you who unite desires, friend of holy delirium, you who hunt with dogs and dissipates
sorrows, hear my words.

You who hunt in the night, running swiftly, shooting arrows,

You whose subtle and virile form captivates my gaze,

You who welcome, liberate, and bring renown,

You, Orthia, Goddess of quick childbirth, nurse of young men, please answer my call!

O venerable Immortal and terrestrial Being, killer of felines, you reign on mountainous
forests! Holy and absolute Queen, beautiful and imperishable flower, you dwell in the deep
and mysterious woods, you who likes dogs, Kydonian of changing forms!

Come, Goddess of deliverance, be loving, and kind to every initiate, and give me the
bountiful fruits of the Earth, desirable peace, and good health.

On the peaks of every mountain, hunt to extinction every ill and all suffering!

O Artemis, holy Huntress, be with me at this instant!

You can also imagine you in the place of Artemis as you say:

I am the star which shines in the darkness and the twilight.

I bring life and direct the destiny of all.

Although I am known under many names,

the whole earth venerates me.

I am nature, the beauty of the earth.

Mistress of all the elements, sovereign of all the spiritual things, Queen of the sky and the

Queen of death and immortality, I am the unique manifestation of all the Gods and all the

Listen to my words and feel my being!

Do not forget where you come from and where you are called to!

You must know that I am with you and in you, that I am one with you.

Thus your spirit must discover the deepest mystery of life;

thus your divine nature, most secret, enfolds me in the ecstatic embrace of the infinite one!

Another prayer with Hera:

O Hera, from the purest aether to darksome hollows

Your aerial nature manifests itself to me.

Queen of all and blessed consort of Zeus,

You send soft breezes nourishing my soul.

Mother of rains, you nurture the winds and give birth to all!

Without you there is neither life nor growth!

Mixed as you are in the venerable Air, moved by the whistling winds of the tides, you
manifest your presence, and of all you are Queen and mistress.
O blessed and many-named Goddess, you whose kindness and joy radiate from your lovely
face, come to my side!