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Power Capacitors

and Capacitor Banks

Selected Projects

for the World
In 2009, Siemens extended its product
portfolio to deliver high-voltage power
capacitors and capacitor banks to cus
tomers worldwide. These products and
systems fulfill the highest electrical and
mechanical requirements; they are used
forthemost diversified applications and 2

can be operated under the most stringent 1

environmental conditions.
Siemens High Voltage Power Capacitors do
notonly enhance the transmission capacity
orthe network stability, but also contribute
toeconomic growth and enable a signifi-
cant reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.


Other selected projects


Selected Projects Page

01 HVDC Hudson USA 04
02 SVC Bout-de-lle Canada 05
03 HVDC Adani India 06
04 HVDC Estlink 2 Finland & Estonia 07
05 HVDC Black Sea Georgia 08
06 FSC Tucuru-Manaus Brazil 09
07 MSCDN Lincs Wind Farm UK 10
08 MSCDN Dudgeon Wind Farm UK 11
09 High Voltage MSC Brazil 12
10 SVC Sapeau Brazil 13
11 Other selected projects 14

HVDC Hudson

Technical Data

Location West 49th Street

Total rated power 1.3 Gvar
Unit output 122 to 1,019 kvar
Bank voltages 8.4 to 244.7 kV
Rated unit voltages 7.2 to 17.7 kV
Quantity of units 1,524

In May 2011, Hudson Transmission Partners, LLC awarded Technology Internally fused
acontract to Siemens to connect the power supply net- and unfused
works of New Jersey and New York using a660MW back- Supply date May 2012
to-back HVDC system that will contribute tothestabiliza-
tion of the connected systems, a key b
enefitin the event Temperature 30/+40 C
ofgrid disturbances or blackouts. category 22/+104 F

The capacitor plant in Brazil supplied 18 single-phase,

high-voltage AC filter banks (internally fused technology)
and 36 single-phase, medium-voltage AC filter banks
(C2/C3and C4-type, unfused technology) for this HVDC
system, providing unit outputs larger than 1.0Mvar for
thefirst time.

SVC Bout-de-lle

Technical Data

Location Poste du Bout-de-lle,

Total rated power 1,400 Mvar
Unit output 922 to 934 kvar (TSC and
STF) and 0.2 F (surge)
Bank voltages 28 to 36.5 kV
Rated unit voltages 7.1 to 9.1 kV (TSC and STF)
and 17.5 kV (surge)
In February 2013, the capacitor plant in Brazil supplied
twothree-phase, single tunned filter capacitor banks, Quantity of units 1,602
twothree-phase, thyristor-switched capacitor banks and
surge capacitors. These capacitor banks were designed Technology Internally fused
tosupport ahigh seismic requirement (0.45g) and a and unfused
verylow temperature (40 C). Supply date 2013
STFand TSC capacitors units were designed with internally Temperature 40/+40 C
fused technology and surge capacitors with unfused tech- category 40/+104 F
nology. Type and special tests were performed according
toCAN/CSA 60871:03 to assure design is able towith-
stand environmental and electrical requirements.

HVDC Adani

Technical Data

Locations Mundra and

Mohindergarh S/S
Total rated power 3.7 Gvar
Unit output 815.6 to 852.0 kvar
Bank voltages 280.3 to 294.8 kV
Rated unit voltages 7.8 to 9.7 kV
Quantity of units 4,840
The HVDC system operated by Adani Power Ltd. has a
transmission capacity of 2,500 MW and provides low-loss Technology Internally fused
energy transmission over a distance of approximately Supply date August 2010
960km, from the port of Mundra located on the west
coastto the industrial regions in the Haryana state. Temperature 5/+50 C
category +23/+122 F
The AC filters for this HVDC system represent the first large
order for the capacitor factory in Jundia, which delivered
the first units to India only six months after the official
inauguration in December 2009. The total installed output
of the 54 single-phase, high-voltage AC filters wasclose
to4,000 Mvar and the total number of units supplied
was4,840 (including spare parts).

HVDC Estlink 2
Finland & Estonia

Technical Data

Locations Anttila and Puessi

Total rated power 1.17 Gvar
Unit output 113 to 849 kvar
Bank voltages 6.1 to 325.5 kV
Rated unit voltages 3.0 to 19.2 kV
Quantity of units 1,878
In December 2010, Fingrid and Elering awarded the
contract for the Estlink 2 Converter Stations to Siemens, Technology Internally fused, fuseless
using a HVDC Transmission System with a transmission and unfused
capacity of650 megawatts at a DC voltage of 450kilo- Supply date August 2012
Temperature 40/+40 C
The Siemens capacitor factory in Brazil supplied a total category 40/+104 F
of24 single-phase, high-voltage AC filter banks (C1-type)
using internally fused and fuseless technology and
36single-phase, medium-voltage AC filter banks (C2/
C3-type unfused technology).

HVDC Black Sea

Technical Data

Location Akhaltsikhe substation

Total rated power 1.26 Gvar
Unit output 220 to 722 kvar
Bank voltages 60.7 to 354.6 kV
Rated unit voltages 9.3 to 18 kV
Quantity of units 2,237

In August 2010, Energotrans Ltd. awarded a contract Technology Internally fused

toSiemens for 350 MW back-to-back HVDC systems in and unfused
Georgia. The HVDC converter station will connect the Supply date August 2011
networks in Georgia and Turkey via two back-to-back
links. Temperature 25/+50 C
category 13/+122 F
The capacitor plant in Brazil supplied 27 single-phase,
high-voltage AC filter banks (internally fused technology)
and 36 single-phase, medium-voltage AC filter banks
(C2and C3-type, unfused technology) for this HVDC
system located at an altitude of 1,100 meters above
sealevel in a seismic region.

FSC Tucuru-Manaus

Technical Data

Locations Five substations along

the Tucuru-Manaus
transmission line
Total rated power 6.8 Gvar
Unit output 743.8 to 825.4 kvar
Bank voltage 500 kV
Rated unit voltages 6.3 to 7.1 kV
Siemens was awarded the FACTS systems forthe 1,800km Quantity of units 8,496
(>1,000 miles) long 500 kV high-voltage transmission line
connecting the T ucuru Hydro Power Plant with the city Technology Internally fused
ofManaus in 2010. The scope of the project included a Supply date 2010 2012
total of 18 fixed series capacitors located at five different
substations in the Amazon forest. Temperature 5/+50 C
category +23/+122 F
The capacitor factory in Jundia was responsible for the
supply of all the capacitors for this project, which, at the
time, was considered to bethe largest FACTS project ever
executed worldwide.

Wind Farm UK

Technical Data

Location Walpole substation

Total rated power 392 Mvar
Unit output 180 to 867 kvar
Bank voltages 132 and 13.9 kV
Rated unit voltages 4.3 to 11.8 kV
Quantity of units 576

The Lincs project, owned by Lincs Wind Farm Ltd. is located Technology Internally fused
in the Greater Wash Wind Farm Park, England and gener- and fuseless
ates a capacity of 270 MW. The energy generated offshore Supply date April 2011
is transferred to the grid via the Walpole Onshore Sub
station located in Norfolk Country. Siemens was awarded Temperature 25/+40 C
the contract for the construction of the onshore substation category 13/+104 F
in 2010. The Siemens high-voltage capacitor plant provided
a total of six single-phase capacitor banks for the 132kV-
MSCDN, comprised of fuseless C1 and C2 banks, with a
total installed rating of 246.3 Mvar, as well as six single-
phase banks with internally fused capacitors for the
13.9kVMSC, with a total output of 145.7 Mvar.

MSCDN Dudgeon
Wind Farm UK

Technical Data

Location Necton Substation

Total rated power 103.68 Mvar
Unit output 233.5 and 396.9 kvar
Bank voltages 8.51 and 96.03 kV
Rated unit voltages 4.25 and 9.60 kV
Quantity of units 276

The Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm Project is located in Technology Internally fused
theNorth Sea, approximately 32km off the UK coast at and unfused
Cromer, Norfolk. The wind farm generates a total capacity Supply date 2015
of402MW. This power is collected at 33kV by an ACoff-
shore substation platform, before being exported to shore Temperature 25/+40 C
at 132kV. In 2015, Siemens was awarded the contract to category 13/+104 F
supply capacitor banks for two 132 kV MSCDNs located
inthe Necton Onshore Substation. In total, there are six
single-phase capacitor banks, comprised of internally fused
C1 capacitors and unfused C2 capacitors. Duetoextremely
low sound pressure requirements, thecapacitor units were
specially designed and the banksweresupplied with sound
damping hoods.

High Voltage MSC

Technical Data

Locations ISA Group Substations,

located in So Paulo State
Total rated power 123.8 Mvar
Unit output 754.7 kvar
Bank voltage 92.5 kV
Rated unit voltage 7.62 kV
Quantity of units 168
In June 2011, a transmission company from ISA Group
awarded a contract to Siemens for two high-voltage shunt Technology Internally fused
capacitor banks. In September 2012, this same company Supply date 2011 and 2013
awarded another contract to Siemens to supply two
additional high-voltage shunt capacitor banks. These four Temperature 10/+40 C
high-voltage shunt capacitor banks were identical and category +14/+104 F
theywere installed in two substations located in So Paulo
State, Brazil, to supply reactive power to growing energy
demand in the largest industrial and most populous state

SVC Sapeau

Technical Data

Location Bahia State

Total rated power 587.9 Mvar
Unit output 917.3 to 999.8 kvar
(TSC and STF) and
0.2 F (surge)
Bank voltages 18.1 to 18.2 kV
Rated unit voltages 6.1 to 9.1 kV (TSC and STF)
and 12 kV (surge)
Siemens was selected to supply the SVC system in the
Sapeacu Substation, located in Bahia State, Brazil. In Quantity of units 772
December 2012, the capacitor plant in Brazil supplied
twothree-phase, single-tunned filter capacitor banks (STF), Technology Internally fused
two three-phase, thyristor-switched capacitor banks (TSC) and unfused
and surge capacitors. The STF and TSC capacitor units were Supply date 2012
designed with internally fused technology, and the surge
capacitors were designed with unfused technology. Temperature 5/+55 C
category +23/+131 F

Other selected projects

Project Customer/ Scope Technical Data Highlight/

Country/ Technology
Pulp & Paper Pulp & Paper 9 x 36.2 kV Harmonic Total rated power 73 Mvar Internally fused, fuseless and
Plant Industry Filters (F) Unit output 300 to 800 kvar (F) surge capacitors. Other filter
Brazil 129 x 36.2 kV Surge and 0.4 F (S) components (reactors, cur-
2014 Capacitor Banks (S) Bank voltages 44 kV (F) and 34.5 kV (S) rent transformers, switches,
Unit voltages 12.7 kV (F) and 17.25 kV (S) surge arresters) included on
Quantity of units 366 scope

HVDC WATL AltaLink 36 x HV single-phase Total rated power 3,045 Mvar Very low temperature 50C,
Canada AC filter banks; Unit output 122.9 to 993.5 kvar internally fused and unfused
2013 60 x MV single-phase Bank voltages 5.73 to 440.61 kV capacitors
AC f ilter banks; Unit voltages 5.73 to 17.06 kV
6 x HV single-phase
Quantity of units 3,744
shunt banks

MSCDN 400 kV RTE 20 x MSCDN (Type Total rated power 6,665 Mvar Internally fused capacitors
France 150Mvar 380 kV) Unit output 593.2 to 886.2 kvar
2013 to 2015 Bank voltages 24.39 to 553.91 kV
Unit voltages 7.04 to 10.66kV
Quantity of units 7,680

HVDC ATCO ATCO Electric 36 x HV single-phase Total rated power 2,462 Mvar Very low temperature 50C,
Canada AC filter banks; Unit output 126.1 to 963.2 kvar internally fused and unfused
2013 60 x MV single-phase Bank voltages 8.86 to 376 kV capacitors
AC f ilter banks; Unit voltages 5.58 to 18.25 kV
12 x HV single-phase
Quantity of units 3,558
shunt banks

SVC Diego Transelec 1 x MSC Total rated power 75.64 Mvar High seismic conditions,
deAlmagro Chile (Type 75.64Mvar Unit output 900.5 kvar internally fused
2013 12.27kV) Bank voltage 12.27 kV
Unit voltage 6.13 kV
Quantity of units 84

Harker, Hutton National Grid 5 x MSCDN (Type Total rated power 1,459 Mvar Low temperature 25C,
and Stella United Kingdom 225Mvar 400 kV) Unit output 719.8 and 825.1 kvar internally fused
400 kV MSCDN 2013 Bank voltages 244 kV and 31.7 kV
Unit voltages 7.92 and 9.40 kV
Quantity of units 1,800

MSCDN RWE 6 x 132 kV filter banks; Total rated power 495 Mvar Internally fused and
Gwynt Y Mor United Kingdom 4 x 13.9 MSC banks Unit output 212.6 to 875.5 kvar fuseless capacitors
2012 Bank voltages 6.73 and 98.05 kV
Unit voltages 6.73 to 12.26 kV
Quantity of units 642

SVC Gerdau Diaco S.A. 3 x three-phase filter Total rated power 118.5 Mvar Industrial electric arc furnace
Diaco Colombia circuits Unit output 584.4 to 1091.5 kvar application, internally fused
2012 Bank voltages 7 to 20.8 kV
Unit voltages 4.04 to 12 kV
Quantity of units 180

Project Customer/ Scope Technical Data Highlight/
Country/ Technology
SVC Horqueta Ande 4 x three-phase single Total rated power 513.9 Mvar Internally fused capacitors
and SVC Paraguay tuned filter banks; Unit output 727.6 to 948.2 kvar
Guarambar 2011 and 2015 3 x three-phase Bank voltages 17.70 to 21.42 kV
TSC-banks Unit voltages 4.9 to 9.6kV
Quantity of units 638

HVDC Kontek Energinet 1 x three-phase HV Total rated power 96.7 Mvar Noise reduced with external
Denmark filter (282 kV); Unit output 643/435/427 kvar noise damping hoods, inter-
2011 2 x three-phase MV Bank voltage 282 kV nally fused and unfused
filter banks Unit voltages 20.7 / 17.2 / 19.2 kV capacitors
Quantity of units 157

MSC London London Array 4 x MSCDN Total rated power 156.2 Mvar Fuseless capacitors
Array United Kingdom (Type 150 kV) Unit output 360.5 / 370.2 kvar
Windfarm 2011 Bank voltage 150 kV
Unit voltags 14.2 / 4.16 kV
Quantity of units 445

HVDC Cook- Transpower 27 x HV single-phase Total rated power 1,165 Mvar Very high seismic require-
straight, New Zealand AC filter banks; Unit output 270 to 833 kvar ments, internally fused and
Pole 3 2011 27 x MV single-phase unfused capacitors
Bank voltages 257 to 348 kV
AC f ilter banks;
Unit voltages 9.1 to 13.7 kV
3 x HV single-phase
shunt banks Quantity of units 1,690

MSC ELETRONORTE 4 x MSC (Type Total rated power 82.1 Mvar Fuseless capacitors,
J Paran, Brazil 20.52Mvar 242 kV) Unit output 570 kvar high humidity environment
S/S Vilhena 2010 Bank voltage 242 kV (Northern Brazil)
Unit voltage 11.65 kV
Quantity of units 144

SVC Bom Jesus TAESA Brazil 2010: filter I and Total rated power 343.8 Mvar First SVC application with
da Lapa II 2010, 2011, filterII for SVC (B); Unit output 786.0 to 916.0 kvar (B) internally fused capacitors
and 2015 2011: surge and 0.1 F (S) delivered in 2010 (FiltersI
capacitor (S); Bank voltages 21.5 to 23.2 kV and II). In 2011, surge
2015: TSC (B) Unit voltages 5.7 to 13.4 kV (B) capacitors were delivered,
and 24 kV (S) and in 2015, internally fused
Quantity of units 394 capacitors were delivered
forthe TSC.

MSC ANDE RIEDER & CIA 12 x MSC Total rated power 120 Mvar Twelve capacitor
CLYFSA (6 Mvar and 12Mvar Unit output 500 kvar banks supplied from 2009
Paraguay 24 kV) Bank voltage 24 kV to 2016. Bank components:
2009 to 2016 Unit voltage 13.2 kV internally fused capacitors,
reactors and current trans-
Quantity of units 242

Power Capacitor Factory

Siemens Power Capacitor factory is located in the

industrial complex in Jundia, Brazil, the largest
production complex of Siemens in Latin America.

History 50 Years of Experience
1959 Laelc starts operations, manufacturing Power Capacitors
forseveral projects, including Itaip HVDC, the first
600kV HVDC of the world in the 80s.
1979 Laelc buys the technology to manufacture internally
2007 Siemens acquires from Laelc the technology to manu
facture power capacitors and capacitor banks.
2009 Siemens Power Capacitor factory starts commercial opera-
Power Capacitor
tion and was awarded its first large HVDC order for India.
Today Siemens Power Capacitor are globally present in several
countries around the world with a product portfolio for
alltypes of application.

Power Capacitors
Technical Data

Siemens entered the Power Capacitor market with

aproduct for the most diversified applications. Long-
term, reliable technology and intensive R&D invest-
ments lead to a state-of-the-art product, compliant
with the most stringent technical and environmental
requirements, including extremely low temperatures
(like 50C in northern Canada), extremely high
temperatures (like+50C in India), high humidity
(likeinthe rainforests of northern Brazil) and the
mostextreme seismic zones (like in NewZealand).

Capacitor Banks Applications
Flexible AC Parallel Static Var Compensator (SVC)
Transmission Compensation
Mechanically Switched Capacitor with Damping Network (MSCDN)
(FACTS) Mechanically Switched Capacitors (MSC)
Series Thyristor Controlled Series Compensation (TCSC)
Thyristor Protected Series Compensation (TPSC)
Fixed Series Compensation (FSC)
AC Harmonic Filters
AC PLC Filters
Long Distance and Back-to-Back HVDC AC & DC Filters
AC & DC Surge Capacitors

Capacitor Unit Design

Technology Internally fused, externally fused, fuseless, and unfused

Rated voltage With internal fuses: up to 15 kV

Without internal fuses: up to 24 kV

Frequency 50 Hz/60 Hz

Rated power Up to 1000 kvar (50 Hz)

Up to 1200 kvar (60 Hz)

Current Max. 180 A

BIL 95 kV, 125 kV, 150 kV, 170 kV, 200 kV

Dielectric Polypropylene film and oil

Impregnant Biodegradable PCB-free oil

Discharge resistor 75 V/10 min or 50 V/5 min

Losses With internal fuses: < 0.20 W/kvar

Without internal fuses: < 0.12 W/kvar

Temperature range 50/+55 C

Standards IEC, IEEE, ABNT, CSA, and others

Quality certificates ISO 9001; ISO 14001; OHSAS 18001

Final figures to be confirmed during project

For other standards please consult the factory

Published by
Siemens Ltda., EM TS TI CA
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