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-1,000 years before the founding of the republic Xim the Despot conquered hundreds of thousands of

worlds, creating an empire that stretched throughout the outer rim. His shock troops, the War Robots
of Xim, were so highly advanced that technology of their kind would not be seen again for thousands of

According to legends of child in the galaxy now knows by heart, Xim loaded the greatest treasures of
tens of thousands of his distant conquests into a massive Starship called the Queen of Ranroon, to be
sent to his treasure world of Dellat. He had a complex of vaults larger than a city constructed to hold
this fantastic wealth, but he never lived to see it.

Xim's empire brushed up against that of another, the young and growing empire of the Hutts. The Hutts
destroyed Xim's fleets and armies in the third battle of Vontar, taking the warlord prisoner to rot in Hutt
dungeons for the rest of his life. However, the Queen of Ranroon and its guards, the thousand War
Robots of the Guardian Corps, never arrived on Dellat. The mystery of the Queen of Ranroon is
something that has plagued historians, archeologists, and treasure hunters for millennia since.

Only one thing is certain, those that find the lost Queen will discover wealth beyond all

The Queen of Ranroon

A War Robot of the Guardian Corps