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Ina ng Lupang Pangako Parish

Ph. 1 Payatas B. Quezon City

Minutes of the Meeting
October 10, 2017
I. Opening prayer: Che-che (youth representative)
II. Roll call
III. Reading of the minutes
IV. Agenda
A. Finalize fiesta activities
Novena masses
NOVEMBER 17 INLPP Fr. Mike & Fr. Kim
NOVEMBER 18 Phase 4 Fr. Ariel
NOVEMBER 19 Violago Fr. Poloi
NOVEMBER 20 Group 13 Fr. Mike
NOVEMBER 21 Group 7 Fr. Ariel
NOVEMBER 22 Lower 3 Fr. Poloi
NOVEMBER 23 Upper 3 Fr. Mike
NOVEMBER 24 INLPP Fr. Ariel & Fr. Aldrin
NOVEMBER 25 INLPP Fr. Poloi & Fr. Danny
All collections will go to the fiesta fund including the enveloped for mass intention.
Fiesta- November 26, 2017
6:00 am: Procession
8:00 am: Highmass
Mass Precider: Fr. Greg Bnayaga (Provincial Supervisor)
Barrio Fiesta Contribution of food.

Group 13
Violago Giniling na menudo
Group 7

Group 5
Lower 3 Adobo
Upper 3

Ph. 1
Ph. 2
Ph. 3 Pakbet
Ph. 4

Sister Jean Adobong kangkong
Parish 2 sacks of Rice
*Utensils will get from sponsorship and tickets
Target People: 1000
Ticket: For food stub and to control the people.
1. Complementary
2. 20 pesos

Liturgical activities c/o special liturgical committee.

B. Other Matters
Chapel updates preparation for Simbang Gabi.
Ang mga pabibinyagan ay kinakailangang umattend ng 9:00 am mass
November 18, 2017 (8:00am) KUMPIL
Birth certificate
Mag-seminar na a week before ng kumpil
October 21, 2017 (8:00am) FREE BAPTISM sponsored by Toto Medalla
Requirements are necessarily
October 14, 2017 deadline of processing of the requirements
December 09, 2017 (8:00am) FIRST COMMUNION
November 1, 2017 Wednesday
Masses: INLPP, Violago, Upper 3, Marker, & Group 13
*Schedule to be follow