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What Sponsors Really Want

SESSION AGENDA SPONSORSHIP WEEK / 26 OCT 2017 by Pitcher Group v2.0

9:00 10:20 Morning First Half

Welcome, Introductions & Interactive Tool

I. Business Challenges and Success Keys

1. Overview
2. Types of Challenges and Success Keys
A. By Stakeholder
i. Customers
ii. Employees
iii. Other
a. Vendors and Partners
b. Retirees (Employee Alumni)
c. Regulators
d. Friends
e. The Public
B. By Declaration
i. Explicit
ii. Invisible
iii. Wildcard
C. By Outcome Stage
i. Awareness
ii. Attitudes
iii. Actions
D. By Environmental Scope
i. Universal Challenges
ii. Sector Challenges
iii. Individual Company Challenges
E. By Priority
3. Challenges Exercise
A. Top Sponsorship Categories
B. Top Companies in Each Category
C. Possible Challenges for Those Companies
4. The Challenges and Needs Identification Process
A. Sector Scan
B. Materials Review
C. News and PR Research
D. Network Canvas
E. Direct Prospect Engagement
i. Engagement Objectives
a. Current and Historic Sponsorship Tactics
b. Sponsors' Strategy
c. Business Opportunities and Challenges (SWOT)
d. Wildcards Evaluation
ii. Engagement Tactics
a. Informal and Formal
b. Private and Public
5. Real Challenges

10:20 10:40 Morning Break

10:40 12:00 Morning Second Half
I. Sponsorship Opportunities
1. Overview
2. The Types of Opportunities
A. By Property or Benefit
B. By Funding Need
i. Existing Assets Already Funded
ii. Pre-Proposed Projects to be Funded
iii. Projects Developed with Sponsors
C. By Capital Type
i. Programs. Services
ii. Facilities, Equipment
D. By Audience
i. By Age
ii. By Gender
iii. By Region
iv. By Formal Group
E. By Themes
F. By Marketing Vehicles
3. Example Opportunities Exercise
A. Top Property Types
B. Example Top Properties in Each Type
C. Possible Opportunities for Properties for Top Companies
4. The Opportunity Identification Process
A. Organizational Canvas
B. Environmental/Competitive Scan
C. Initial Identification
D. Inventory and Quantification
E. Clearance
F. Testing
II. Challenge and Opportunity Matching
1. The Property Opportunity Grid
2. Benefits Opportunity System
3. Gap Analysis
4. Selection, Bundling and Packaging
A. Themes
B. Multiple Rationales
5. Map Challenges to Opportunities

12:00 1:00 L U N C H

1:00 2:20 Afternoon First Half

IV. Case Studies

1. Initial Property Overview
B. Mohawk College
C. Living Arts Centre
D. LAC / Tennis Canada
E. Toronto Reference Library
F. O'Keefe Centre
G. Centre in the Square
H. Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo
I. Moose Jaw Union Hospital
J. Casa Loma
K. Planet Sports
2. Initial Prospect Overview
3. Secondary Prospect Insight
4. Prospect Engagement Q&A
5. Presentation
6. Discussion

2:20 2:40 Afternoon Break

2:40 5:00 Afternoon Second Half

V. Attendee Prospect Review

1. Pick Three Prospects
2. Identify Three New Opportunities
3. Identify Obvious Business/Sector Challenges
4. Speculate on Prospect Challenges
5. Identify Opportunities for the Challenges
6. Presentation
7. Discussion