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Cacafuego Setup

A Solitaire Tile and Card Pirate Adventure SETTING UP THE MAT AND EVENT CARDS
Play Time 30-45 minutes
Place all player mats in full view on the game table. Write
Components 1 for the year and put 1's in each square on the Market
Printed Components
Score pad (film/dry erase works best) Shuffle the 18 Event Cards and place face down at the ready.
20 Terrain Tiles
1 Ship Marker
Pull the island marked with an X and one of the brown
Assembly mainland tiles out of the terrain tiles. Shuffle the remaining
tiles. Take the top three shuffled tiles and permanently
The game is formatted compactly for 4 sheets of medium discard and stack the remaining tiles face down. Put the
weight letter-sized card stock. A color printer is highly brown mainland tile face down on the bottom of the stack.
recommended/ A straight edge trimmer is also recommended
for trimming as it will reduce assembly time considerably, Now, draw four tiles and place orthogonally face up around
but it is not required. Simply cut out the tiles and boards to the starting island. If any brown mainland tiles are drawn,
create your copy of the game. A rounded corner punch is randomly put them back in the deck.
recommended for the Event Cards to assist in shuffling.
Place your ship on the starting island.
The Game At A Glance
Your family never said you'd amount to much and they are
giving you seven years to go out and prove yourself. Seeing Each section of your ship has a different key responsibility in
as you have been slovenly your whole life and the usual the game:
respectable occupations are dull, you elect to try your hand at Cannons: These are your first line of defense
piracy. If you can make a small fortune, your family will against other pirates and armadas. The more you
welcome you back and you will have an easy life of power invest in your cannons, the more lethal they will be.
and wealth. Come back with less and you are cut out of the Crew: If opposing forces break through your
family fortune forever. cannon fire, then its up to your crew to fight to save
the ship. Crew are also required to haul treasure and
So how do you earn this money? Like any good pirate, you manage cargo, otherwise you will not be able to pick
will be fighting with other pirates to take their treasures. You up cargo, let along transport it.
will also be able to move around regular cargo at different Hull: Your hull holds your goods and also food to
ports. There is the chance of treasure at every turn. Finally, feed your crew. Food takes up space that you want
the Cacafuego is the grand prize at the end of the game. All to have freed up for treasure. You cannot carry more
you have to do is keep a steady crew and your cannons at the cargo and food than you have space.
ready. What could possibly go wrong? Sails: Sails are the means to travel quickly and
evade battles you are not prepared to fight. The
better your sails, the farther you can explore and
deliver goods.

For your first game, it is recommended you fill in '4' for each
value. For future games, you have 20 Gold to use to build
your ship. To build from values 1-3, it costs 1 Gold; 4-6
costs 2 Gold; 7-9 costs 3 Gold and 10 costs 4 Gold.

Cacafuego by Jack Neal 1

Version 0.2 Copyright 2011 All Rights Reserved
Game Play the opponent ship. Your gold can never go below zero.

Each turn, you may perform the following actions: Draw a card for your ship and draw a card for your opponent.
Add the value of the Gold triangles to each value. If your
Travel: You can travel to any square adjacent to your current value is greater than your opponent's, you evade pursuit but
position up, down, left or right. You may move up to the remain on the same terrain tile.
current sail value plus one for the entire turn. The turn ends
when you use up your moves or you elect to pass on any of If you want to fight, cannons and crew are used to weaken
your moves. your opponent. Draw a card for your ship and a card for
your opponent's. Refer to the chart on the Your Ship
You may move into a new area by moving your ship into a section of your score pad to find the right value to add from
place where there isn't a square. Draw a terrain tile from the each event card. If your value is greater than your
terrain pile and place it in the new space. opponent's, the difference is subtracted from your opponent
ship's hull, sail, cannon and then crew each section of the
An event is triggered under the following conditions: ship must be avoid being reduced to 0. If your value is less,
When you explore a new tile. then you must reduce your ship by the difference in any
When you enter an existing tile, draw an event card. manner you deem fit. If both ships roll the same value, each
If that event card has a star on it, draw again for your ship loses 5 points.
event card. Please refer to the Event Section on the
score pad for details on specific events. If a ship's value goes below 4, the ship surrenders. If a ship's
value goes to 0 or it's Hull goes to 0, the ship is sunk and
Mainland tiles cannot be placed around your home island; if there are no survivors.
a mainland tile is drawn, it is placed face-down at the bottom
of the pile. After cannons are resolved, crew is resolved in the same
If you move into a Mainland tile, you will be welcomed by a
representative of the Royal Fleet. Please refer to the Combat Now, add up the values for each ship. The ship with the most
Section for further details. points wins. If you win, you earn Gold equal to the amount
of points the opponent's ship started at. If your opponent
Cargo: If an island is colored red, green or blue, that island wins and you still have a ship, your cargo is emptied but you
produces that type of cargo. If your ship finishes a move at escape with your life and what's left of your ship. If neither
one of these islands, you may load cargo from that island. ship wins, no Gold is earned.
Draw an event card you may load up the amount of cargo
listed on the card provided you have enough room in your Battle Example
hull. Mark the cargo by putting one of each cargo in each
cargo square. Your ship has 3 Cannon, 6 Crew, 4 Hull and 5 Sails. Your
opponent's ship has 4 Cannon, 4 Crew, 4 Hull and 4 Sails.
Some islands have colored hexes which indicate ports that You elect to fight.
accept that particular color cargo. If you want to deliver
cargo for gold, simply remove the cargo from your ship. You Your cannon uses the Orange Diamond value while your
earn the market price of the cargo x the number of cargo opponent uses the Gold Triangle. You draw up an Event
delivered. For each cargo delivered, the market value drops Card and turn up a 3 and your opponent turns up a 5. Your
one. Market value can never go below 0 or higher than 10. opponent outscores you 9 to 7, so you take 2 damage and
elect to apply it to your sails.
Combat: If an event card is drawn that says Pirates! or you
are about to enter a Mainland tile, you have the option to The crew for each ship now fights. Both sides use the Gold
fight. Draw an event card and inspect the lower-left corner Triangle. You turn up another Event Card. Your triangle
of the card for a four-digit sequence. Fill this sequence in on earns 5 and your opponent's triangle earns 7. Both sums
the Opponent Ship portion of the score pad. This represents equal 11, so each side reduces their ships by 5 points. The
the strength of your opponent. opponent ship drops its Sails to 1 and Hull to 2. You elect
to remove 2 more from your Sails and 1 from each of the
You may attempt to evade conflict by comparing the Sail other ship's sections.
value. If you evade, you lost Gold equal to the total value of

Cacafuego by Jack Neal 2

Version 0.2 Copyright 2011 All Rights Reserved
(Battle Example Continued...) each good in the game.

Your ship has 2-5-3-1 = 11 and your opponent's ship is 4-4- At the end of each turn, increase the year by 1. At the end of
2-1= 11. The battle is a tie. You live to sail another day. the seventh year, the Cacafuego can be found on your home
island. If you end your turn there, flip over an Event Card
and add up all the symbols on the top of the card to add to
your Gold. If you don't end on your home island, you do not
Port: If you are in a tile that has a port (hex), you may also
receive this bonus.
spend money on repairing your ship. This is done in the
same way the ship was set up at the beginning of the game.
End of Game: At the end of the game, add 10 Gold for each
Mainland tile you explored.
Event Cards: If an event card is drawn, look at the main text
in the center of the card. If an event exists for the year you
If this total is greater than 100, you have won the game.
are currently in, that event is triggered. Refer to the Event
Your family is ready to take you back.
section of the score pad for further details.

Gold Title
Event Card Example Up to 99 Cabin Boy
100 to 120 Sailor
It is the end of your first year. You are required to draw 2
Event Cards to see if any events happen. 121 to 140 Officer
141 to 170 First Mate
You draw your first card and it has the following text in the
central portion of the card - 171 to 200 Captain
201 and up Admiral
2 Pirates!
3 Hurricane It is possible to lose the game if your hull or crew are
4 Barnacles reduced to 0. If your sails are reduced to 0 and you are not in
7 Armada a port tile, you lose the game as you are stranded at sea.

Since you are in the first year, none of these events apply. Version History
You draw your second Event Card and this event card has
the following: 2/27/2011 Original Version (0.1).
3/6/2011 Playtesting, further examples, score pad cleanup
1 Market on event text. (0.2)
2 Shortage
3 Shortage
4 - Market

The Market Event comes up. You draw another event

card to determine the results of the Market event as
described on the Score Pad.

This portion of the turn is now over.

End of Turn: At the end of the turn when all movement is

done, 2 Event Cards are drawn and resolved. It is possible
that no events are triggered.

Next, an Event Card is drawn to adjust the market value for

Cacafuego by Jack Neal 3

Version 0.2 Copyright 2011 All Rights Reserved