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The European standard for camping tents has been revised and published as EN ISO 5912:2011 and conflicting
national standards will be withdrawn at the latest by April 2012.

Change of test method for flame

retarding fabric Where flame
retardant fabric properties are
claimed, the fabric shall be tested
according to the requirements
stated in the standard.
Requirements exist for outer tent
material, inner tent material and
Rain test brought into line with
industry best practice Test
requirements and procedures are
The main changes to the contents of the standard are: given in the standard. To improve
Inclusion of revised requirements for fabric for camping tents from ISO water conservation, the water
10966:2005 used for the test can be recycled
but care must be taken to ensure
Deletion of requirements on stability performance - Stability was considered an
it does not contain impurities that
important issue, however due to the lack of a reproducible test method
could block the spray system.
available when developing the standard this was deleted until such time as a
suitable test or simulated test can be developed. Once a suitable test is Addition of requirements to
developed it is intended to include more specific requirements in this standard. address risks related to new
styles of tents which include
Introduction of three levels of performance for camping tents. Level 1: Tent
Squeeze and Shear points.
designed for infrequent and short term use, although rain resistant, these tents
should mainly be used in fair weather. Level 2: Tent designed for use in mainly Modification of size of sleeping
moderate weather conditions. Level 3: Tent designed in use for all weather area The calculation of the
conditions. sleeping capacity of tents has
been modified.
Clarification of consumer information regarding ventilation - A permanent legible
notice giving simple fire prevention and ventilation advice to be attached inside
the tent where it can be easily and readily seen.

Manufacturers and distributors should also consider the environmental impact of Throughout our global network, SGS
their products by, for example: offers consultation and comprehensive
Avoiding the use of environmentally harmful substances; testing services covering the full
Selecting the best available technology and techniques to reduce consumption spectrum of international product safety
of energy and materials; and regulatory standard for a wide
Consider the use of recycled materials for product and packaging; range of consumer products. To know
Encourage responsible end of life disposal by the user including guidance on more about our services, please visit
separation and identification of any recyclable components and packaging; our website

The use of manufacturing facilities which have declared documented

Note: ISO 5912:2011 can be
environmental policies.
downloaded from ISO website

Note: EN ISO 5912:2011 is not applicable to caravan awnings, ISO 8936 applies.

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