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Lesson No: 4

Year Level: 12
Unit: Societies in the ancient world
Topic: Bibliography
Date: 9/8/17 Length of lesson: 70 minutes Time of lesson: 11:30 am

Learning Intention:

To understand the convention and formatting of a Harvard style bibliography so that the students can apply this knowledge to
their assignments.

Schools Weekly Focus: Explicit delivery of Learning Intention, Steps to Success and Success Criteria.

Schools Weekly Essential Skill: Body Language Encouraging

Phase/ Explicit Teaching Teacher Do Students Do Resources Objectives

Time Teaching Strategies
Intro I Do You Explicit Ask students to write Write the title and PowerPoint Providing the
Listen Teaching the title and learning learning intention for Notebooks students with a
Model Clear intention for the lesson the lesson in notebook context for the
intention and in their notebook Listen to the lesson plan lesson and set a
goal setting Explicitly go through the goal and path to
stages of the lesson with reach it
the students and the
outcome for the lesson
Body We Do Read Aloud, Ask students to get out Get out organisers and Organisers Students to
Note Taking the organisers and turn turn to page 27 Notebooks practice reading
to page 27. _____reads first section aloud and
Ask _____to read _____, _____and _____ speaking in front
through the first section (or whoever else is of the class
of the page selected) reads other Behaviour
Ask _____, _____ and sections on the page but management
_____to read through not the references Delivery of
the other sections Write down three key content
If students are distracted points in their Demonstrate
switch and ask them to notebooks: where the
read o Use double spacing information can
Ask students to write o The year is the year of be found
down in their notebooks publication not reprint
three key dot points: o Arranged alphabetically
o Use double spacing by authors surname
o The year is the year of
publication not reprint
o Arranged alphabetically
by authors surname

I Do, We Do, Modelling, Hand out blank Annotate referencing Blank Modelling to
You Do, Student Input, referencing templates template as written on referencing students to
Reteach Direct Use the PowerPoint to the board templates demonstrate
Instruction, annotate the different Contribute to the class PowerPoint expectations
Gradual referencing entries with annotation by consulting Whiteboard Deconstruction of
Release, student help as they organisers Organisers text and
Feedback look in their organisers Watch as the referencing Notebooks application to
Explicit After each style provide is modelled using an demonstrate
Teaching Cycle students with example example understanding
reteaching sources and ask them to Reference the remaining Work
reference the texts in examples individually at collaboratively so
their notebooks appropriate times students are
Model the first one supported but still
(single author book) engaged and
Check for understanding involved
by writing the answers
on the board and getting
students to mark the
person next to them
Reteach where

You Do Teacher Consult students about Share hypothesis and Hypothesis Check on
Guidance, their hypothesis for their focus questions with the Research assignment
Modelling assignments teacher and report on exemplars progress and
Hand out exemplar progress make sure topics
research books for Read exemplars are suitable for
students to look and the task
engage with Provide students
with examples to
critique their own

We Do Explicit Hand out the guide to Read through the guide Guide to Provide students
Teaching making judgements to making judgements making with a guide to
Model As a class create a Contribute to the class judgements success in their
Setting a path, checklist for their checklist Notebooks assignments
Text assignment PowerPoint Modelling and
Deconstructio practicing
n extracting
information from
the Guide to
Judgements so
they are able to
do it themselves
Conclu You Do Feedback, Ask students to reflect Reflect on the success PowerPoint Reflection on
sion Explicit on the success criteria criteria progress during
Teaching for the lesson and Respond appropriately the lesson to see if
Model respond according to Raise any issues with the the set goal has
reaching the school conventions assignment or the been reached
goal Address any issues with excursion Identify and
the assignment or the address any issues
excursion on Friday in a timely manner