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Q1. Important clues in diagnosis of CRF are all except:

1. Anemia with bilateral contracted kidneys

2. Osteodystrophy
3. Hypertension
4. Massive proteinuria

Q2.Overflow proteinuria in urine is seen in

1. Nephrotic syndrome
2. Diabetic Nephropathy
3. Multiple Myleoma
4. Acute Glomerulonephritis

Q3. Drugs causing Nephrotic syndrome are all except:

2. Rifampin
3. Interferon A
4. Isonex

Q4. Renal disease associated with lympho proliferatve malignancies (Hodgkins disease) is

1. Minimal change disease

2. Acute glomerulonephritis
3. Membrano proliferative glomerulo nephropathy
4. Focal segmental glomerulo sclerosis.

Q5. IgA nephropathy is associated with all of these except:

1. Dermatitis herpetiform
2. Mycosis fungoides
3. Leprosy
4. Lipodystrophy

Q6. In Fanconis syndrome, the defect is at

1. Glomerular dysfunction
2. Proximal tubular defect
3. Loop of Henle
4. Distal Tubular defect

Q7. Inherited renal failure with sensory and neural deafness is seen in

1. Alports syndrome
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2. Poly cystic kidney disease

3. CRF

Q8. Palpable kidney is seen in all except

1. Poly cystic kidney disease

2. Hydronephrosis / Pyonephrosis
3. Renal Tumours
4. Diabetic Nephropathy

Q9. Which of the following is not included in defective tubular function disorders

1. Fanconis syndrome
2. Bartters syndrome
3. Gitelmans syndrome
4. Poly cystic kidney disease

Q10. Loss of tubular and collecting duct function of kidney is affected by all except:

1. Lithium
2. Cisplatin
3. Amphotericin
4. Busulphan

Q11. In renal tuberculosis, initial lesion is in

1. Renal cortex
2. Pelvis
3. Bladder
4. Epididymis

Q12. Which is not a predisposing cause of kidney stone?

1. Hypercalcemia
2. Ileal disease
3. Renal tubular acidosis Type 1
4. Glomerulonephritis

Q13. Which protein level is not reduced in Nephrotic syndrome

1. Albumin
2. Fibrinogen
3. Transferrin
4. Ceruloplasmin
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Q14. Nephro calcinosis is seen in all except

1. Sarcoidosis
2. Distal RTA
3. Milk alkali syndrome
4. Medullary sponge kidney

Q15. Interstitial Nephritis is seen with all except

1. Beta Lactum
2. INH
3. Diuretics
4. Gluco corticoids

Q16. Fruit Juice which helps in preventing UTI is

1. Grape
2. Cranberry
3. Raspberry
4. Orange