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AFM Unit 2

Day - Skill Pacing Common Core Homework Notes

Day 1 warm-up, finish 1.02 Measures of
Histogram variance notes, central tendency
practice, stem and leaf (Microsoft Word
mini-lesson, kahoot document)
games, measures of
central tendency hw
Day 2 Box warm-up, review 1.02 Weekly HW Sheet
and Whiskers Interim #1, Sammy
Sosa Project, review for
quiz (quizzizz)
Day 3 warm-up, mini- 1.02 Weekly HW Sheet
Measures of assessment #3,
Central measures of central
Tendency tendency hw, data
distribution foldable
Day 4 warm-up, give 1.02 Weekly HW Sheet
Measures of calculator instructions
Central for skewness, show
Tendency final exam question,
practice, create test
folders, show expected
value video (have
students create their
own spinner game)
Day 5 warm-up, do video 1.03d Catch-up (Spiral
Standard activity if not in material)
Deviation completed yet,
expected value guided
ntoes, 1/2 class work
on practice, 1/2 class
work on corn hole
Day 6 Warm up, review, 1.03d Weekly HW sheet
Binomial expected value notes,
Probability/ play quizizz for
Permutation practice, continue to
work on carnival
games/exit ticket
Day 7 Warm up, notes, in 1.02.d Expected value
Combination/ class practice hw
measures of (scavenger hunt),
central carnival games
Day 7 Warm up, day 2 notes 1.02.d Normal
Skewness/ (foldable), plickers, distribution
Kahoot, practice (1-2) weekly HW sheet
Day 8 Warm up, intro to trig 1.04a Review sheet
Create box ratios, practice, maze (catch-up day)
Day 9 Warm up, finish 1.04a Spider Activity
skewed data foldable, Socrative,
spider activity
Day 10
expected Activity Schedule Early release group work and individualized reassessments
Day 11 Warm up, guided notes 1.04 Catch-up
expected on angle of elevation
value and depression, round
robin activity
Day 12 - Warm up, degrees to 1.02 Practice problems
normal radians, unit circle weekly warm
distribution practice, hand activity, up
model problems
Day 13 Warm up, test, Tuva 1.02 None
Normal labs activity
Day 14 Warm up, Whole group All skills from unit Study guide
Review for modeling/review/ 2
Test directions, Station
Day 15 Unit Unit 2 Test
2 Test
Day 16 Unit Unit 2 Test corrections, Project-based learning, Stations activity
2 Test