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Categories 4 3 2 1 R
Sources (information and 4+ sources listed; are
4 sources listed; are 0-1 sources listed;
graphics) are accurately varied; detailed notes 2-3 sources listed; some
Sources varied; notes from little variation; few Not listed
documented, and from from each variation; limited notes
each notes
trusted sites
Demonstrates Demonstrates some
U Concepts (preamble, Demonstrates thorough Demonstrates limited
considerable understanding of
Charter of Rights, understanding of understanding of
Concepts understanding of concepts (some Not written
government) are present concepts (More than concepts (limited
concepts (all required components / not fully
and relate to BNA Act required components) components present)
components present) established)
Uses creative/critical Uses creative/critical
Employs the learning Uses creative/critical Uses creative/critical
processes to develop processes to develop
process to investigate processes to develop and processes to develop and No
T Process and explore ideas with and explore ideas
topic, ask questions and explore ideas with high explore ideas with some evidence
considerable with limited
work through ideas degree of effectiveness effectiveness
effectiveness effectiveness
Uses reasoning skills Uses reasoning skills Uses reasoning skills
developed and applied Uses reasoning skills
within choosing within choosing within choosing
Reasoning concepts of Constitution within choosing No
T constitution articles with constitution articles constitution articles
skills using realism strong constitution articles with evidence
a high degree of with considerable with some
reasoning skills some effectiveness
effectiveness effectiveness effectiveness
Expresses ideas and Expresses ideas and Expresses ideas and
Expresses ideas and Expresses ideas and
opinions in historical opinions using opinions using
Communic opinions using historical opinions using historical No
C fashion appropriate to historical time period historical time period
ation time period with a high time period with some evidence
the times; vocabulary & with considerable with limited
degree of effectiveness effectiveness
terminology use effectiveness effectiveness
Presentation method Presentation method Presentation method
Information is presented Presentation method
Presentatio displays information with displays information displays information No
C in a form mirroring that displays information with
n a high degree of with considerable with limited evidence
of the BNA Act some effectiveness
effectiveness effectiveness effectiveness