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Teaching a Phonics Lesson

The Structure of the Lesson

What the teacher does What the children do Comments
Introducing the Sound:

The teacher said and stretch ssssss. Repeat with the teacher. Making more moving in the
Keep your teeth together and ssssss. activity because some student
feel board.
Hold up the picture sound cards of the Say the words related to the
pictures opposite, in turn. Stretch the picture they saw.
sound at the start she says the name of
each picture: ssssnake, ssssnail,
sssssspider, ssssun.
Say words with sound S.
The teacher repeat, mixing up the
pictures, until the children are fluent.
Hearing the Sound in the initial

Playing song of sound S The student get attention with It was very active and all student
the song of sound S, then they like the song time they feel more
classify from the song words active and like the song.
start with letter S, and say it
many times.

Introducing the Writing of the


The teacher hold the snake picture on The students observe the Some student feel board when
the board, the snake was look like the teacher then they try it in their the wait or finish their turn
letter S. the teacher start moving up her own by do it after her.
pin on the snake and she got letter s,
while she were write she were giving
instructions like; start putting the pin in
right said then move it like half circle.

Practicing Writing the Sound:

Write the letter on the air then Do the practices in more areas
Using air writing strategy and do more do more practice on writing like science they can do it with
practice in writing area. area clay or using the sand.

1. What program is used in your school to teach phonics?

- Using song of sounds box, ADEK.
2. How is phonics taught in your school?
- Using song of sound flash cards.
3. What was the focus of the lesson?
- The teacher focuses on the snake because it starts with letter S and she can do the shape of
letter by using the snake.
4. Were the learners engaged in the phonics lesson? If they were, select (a); if they were not,
select (b).
b. What could active engagement activities the teacher has used to help
learners b e t t e r understand the lesson?
- For example using coloured sand to write, and let the student create a
5. What types of activities did the children participate in during their independent centers that
reinforced the lesson objective/learning outcome? If they participated in learning centers,
select (a); if they did not, select (b)
b) Describe two (2) learning center activities that the teacher could
have used to help reinforce the learning outcome.
- Writing center; write on the sand.
- Craft center; write the letter with their hand using the water colour.