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The gift to mankind

Copyright 2017 Pal Sahota, all rights reserved

Artist Unknown

As a colourful beautiful flower

Attracts the bumble bee with its colours and scent

Whispering lies of "I love you!" with kisses

So does a woman

Attracts the man with her fragrance and beauty

Man also responds with

Lies of "I love you!" with kisses.

Man captivated by a woman's radiating beauty

Her elegant grace and enchanting charm!

Don't be fooled you stupid man

Behind that beautiful face

Lies an even more beautiful mind

Unlike yours, it is calm and rational

Not raging like a bull

Charging with anger,

Fuelled with ego, pride and greed!

A woman is a kind, considerate and gentle soul

Warm, affectionate and generous to a fault!

Thoughtful, respectful, firm but fair.

The fairer sex in more ways than one.

Perfection supreme, of mind, body and soul,

A woman is giving and forgiving

For she would rather

Receive blows rather than give.

Society would collapse in a heartbeat

Without her contribution.

Mirroring the ultimate Mata

Termed Mother Nature,

Never tires of giving

Eventually exhausting

The taker.

Society traces the family lineage

Through the continuation

Of the male surname.

Nature however traces

The genetic lineage

Through the female

Mitochondrial genome

The true link of genetic code

For that race!

So o man why do you brag about

Your family heritage!

She is unlike you o man

Who starts wars and

Commits wicked crimes

Like slavery and human trafficking

Murder, rape, terrorism and

Legalising child brides in cultures

Amounting to child rape

It could be a girl as young as 8!

Some men are even more depraved

Committing obscene acts of

Abduction, violence and sexual abuse

On very young children

Including babies.

The perpetrators are often known

The ones you would suspect the least

Like family members or friends

Whom the child trusts

For this is a deliberate betrayal of trust

To achieve their desired end result.

Paedophiles work by

Premeditated thought
Planning throughout

First hunting down young innocent victims

Often pack-hunting like cowardly wolves!

Paedophiles are the scum of this Earth

Committing rape with extreme violence,

Often ending in the child's death.

How would you feel if the tables were turned?

Your world destroyed

Before it had even begun.

Women are the architects of society

Coming first as Mata, the mother

Who will feed you with her own milk

She will even feed you at the expense

Of going hungry herself!

As a sister who looks up to you as her brother

And ties the Rakhi on your wrist

With a prayer for happiness

And prosperity for you.

As a cousin, aunt or a friend

Always there to help and give support in life

As a girlfriend or as a wife

Sharing her body, mind and soul,

Bearing and raising your children

Nature's most precious gift

That propagates the species,

Like the soil giving life to seeds.

Man, you fail to understand

When a woman doesn't respond

When you make a pass

You become resentful and bitter

Living by your double standards.

When she responds easily

"She is a slag" but

When she doesn't respond

Because she doesn't want

To mislead you,

"She's a stuck-up bitch!"

Bear in mind that you produce

Millions of sperm

In one ejaculation

And you are fertile

until the end

She only produces

One egg a month

And only fertile to middle age.

Damn, she has the right to choose

Who's most suited for her!

Women live in a man's world

Where they look up to men for favours.

Man's nature is to misuse his position,

But remember o woman

You make your own worth!

Don't prostitute yourself

For personal gain,

Don't justify your actions by

The actions of bad men

Otherwise you become

As bad as them.

O man when you commit rape

You dishonour your race!

For that woman could be

Someone's mother,

Someone's sister,

Someone's girlfriend or wife,

Someone's cousin, aunt or friend.

What gives you the right

To destroy their lives!

Before you done this hideous crime,

Did the thought ever cross your mind

How it would destroy

This girl or woman's life? or

What your own mother would think? or

What your own girlfriend or wife would think? or

What your daughter would think? or

What your own cousin, aunt or friends would think? or

Even the consequence of your actions

If and when you get caught

For you, your family and friends

Even society as a whole?

The greatness of a man is measured not

By his wealth or power

But how he treats women

And children

The future of society.

As a society let us not restrict our vision

As in eastern cultures

By wearing clothes that cover the face

Deliberately designed to make women

Less attractive and lower their self-esteem

Just as bad in western cultures where

Girls are encouraged to show extreme body form

So desperate to seek attention from men

Whose only goal is to get into their pants.

Women in both cultures compared to men

Show no less knowledge or achievements!

In some cultures

Girls show more academic achievement than boys

As early on in life boys go astray

Due to drugs and sexual urges!

God gave man a brain and a penis

But only enough blood supply

To run only one application

At one time!

Therein the problem lies!

The software does not match the hardware!

That is where man has to understand his weakness and

Respect a woman's wishes and

Not to force or coerce and

Not to engage in sexual activity

without her consent!

Sex without consent is rape

Even with wife or partner

Rape is a violation of human rights

Sexual intercourse involves penetration

Entering into a human body

Invasion of a privacy in ultimate form,

Because the body is not ready

Usually results in pain and trauma.

Rape destroys lives

By lowering self-esteem

A feeling of worthlessness,

Loss of trust for mankind.

One becomes riddled with guilt

Blaming oneself for the rapist's fault

Emotionally scarred for life

Perhaps never able to love again.

A Man's needs are mainly physical whereas

A Woman's needs are mainly emotional

With a need for belonging and to be loved.

Both men and women need to

Be educated in the others desires and needs.

Education is the key to knowledge

Which should be a power

Shared equally by both

Men and women!

Buddha said that desire

Binds us to this world

But we cannot control desire.

I say that unfulfilled desire

Binds us more

As long as it is not sin

Such as committing murder or rape.

Men and women have desires and expectations

That need to be fulfilled

Such as having children

or to live comfortable

To fulfil a life or a dream.

Let us also not forget that we are Humans

At the top of the food chain

With enough brains to contemplate

where we came from and

What our goal should be?

We have a responsibility

Particularly as men

As our egos control political events.

It is our responsibility

To sustain all forms of life

As the sustenance of life

Is a symbiotic process

Which can only be done in harmony.

Mankind is on a destructive path

That includes the systemic destruction

Of our planet

Through deforestation

Killing endangered species for personal gain

Or ambitions of ruling the world

Through gaining nuclear bombs!

The testing of nuclear bombs

Cause untold damage to the Earth's crust

Damaging the stability of the planet!

The greed of man shall destroy the Earth

Unless we respect women and children

Who we pretend to care for!

For there will not be a chance to have World War 4!

O Man wake up and give your Women

A chance in equal say

And to love them honestly as

You supposedly say!