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Activation error codes

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Activation error codes CONTACTING ADOBE SUPPORT

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  A support specialist is available to help you.

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Contact Adobe if you get these error codes:
Find out about all your support options.
93:-2 Activation denied Contact support

93:-3 Serial number has been revoked

93:-4 Invalid serial number SEARCH SUPPORT
93:-5 The product is not supported by the activation server
93:-7 go

93:-8 Invalid serial number

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93:-13 Activation denied
16:16 ID: cpsid_85519
Last updated:2010-07-15
194:14 Deactivation unsuccessful

Error 3:1: Deactivation Preview/No Current Activations RELATED TOPICS

This error can mean that you are trying to transfer an activation but have not yet activated.
Activate on the computer and try again. If you still have problems, contact Adobe.

Error 93:-12: Activation Unsuccessful (CS2, Production Studio 1) N/A

This error occurs when you attempt to activate Creative Suite 2 (CS2) Standard or Premium, or
Production Studio (1.0) over the Internet. Manual activation also fails.

See Error code 93:-12 Activation unsuccessful - Creative Suite 2, Production Studio 1.0

Error 131:4
Sometimes this error occurs because of a missing file or invalid serial number. Try reinstalling
the product. If reinstalling does not solve the problem, contact Adobe.

Error 213:5
This error is due to a read-only SLStore folder. If you cannot correct the problem, contact


Reset your system clock to the correct date and time. 

Errors 12001, 12002, 12004, 12004, and 12005 ERROR_INTERNET_. . .

These errors relate to the failure to detect an Internet connection. Causes include connection
timeouts due to a firewall and failure to resolve a host name due to a proxy setting. If you
cannot resolve the Internet connection issue, contact Adobe.

Error: Your computer's configuration appears to have changed (Acrobat 7, CS2)

When you start Acrobat 7 or an Adobe Creative Suite 2 product you see the error message,

http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/855/cpsid_85519.html[8/7/2010 6:58:26 AM]

Activation error codes

"Your computer's configuration appears to have changed since the time this product was
activated. To continue using this product, please click OK to activate it again for your new
system configuration, or click Cancel to exit." This problem is due to a RAID drive.

1. Download the Adobe License Management Patch 2.70.

2. Extract the contents of 270_patch.zip.

Note: There are several ways to extract the contents, depending on the installed software. For
Microsoft Windows, double-click 270_patch.zip and drag the 270_patch folder to your desktop.
For other extraction software, see your software documentation for information.

3. Double-click almupd.
4. Start Acrobat 7 or the Adobe Creative Suite 2 product.

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