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Assignment #1

Role of Ethics in Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs are people who start new business activities. Being a successful entrepreneurship
requires many different capabilities such as initiative, foresight and judgement, willingness to
take risk. It also requires a strong motivation to achieve ones goals in life. Frequently, for
business entrepreneurs, these goals may be center around making profit and amassing wealth.

Ethics have a huge role to play in business as they give a guideline as to which business practices
are socially and morally acceptable and which are not. In cases where there are no laid down
rules as to the right and wrong ways of doing business, Ethics fill in the gap and give the much
needed direction.

It is through awareness of ethics that entrepreneurs desist from engaging in business practices
that lead to loss of human life and human rights, compromise the environment or bring about
gain at the unfair expense of other businesses, employees, consumers, etc. Sound business ethics
benefit the consumer as they strive to direct businesses to be open and honest to their customers
about the product or service that they offer.

success in true business is not possible without delivering value to ones customers. I have used
the phrase 'true business' to distinguish it from fraudulent, pseudo business activities and
practices such as ponzi schemes, and insider trading in stocks.

Thus some sense of serving the customer is implicit in all successful business entrepreneurs. And
to that extent they need to have some minimum ethical standard. Good ethical behavior also
helps entrepreneurs to develop good reputation during the initial period of business establishment
and thus obtain support of suppliers, employees and other people in position to help. A
reputation for meeting one's commitment also help entrepreneurs to win customer. While an
entrepreneur may or may not have very high ethical standards, a bad reputation for ethical
behavior is definitely poison for an entrepreneur trying to establish a new business.

Business Ethics
Ethics can be very personal, but in some instances, your behavior should be guided by its affect
on your business. For example, you might be asked to give a job reference for a friend whos
clearly not qualified for the job. Does loyalty include hurting another business owner by sending
a bad employee her way? Write a list of situational ethics and divide them into those that affect
your personal life and your work situation. Determine if you need to act differently as a business
owner than you do a private person. Include situations such as fair hiring and firing, quality
control of your product, gossip, honoring verbal and written contracts, corporate social
responsibility, taxes and advertising.
Cutting Corners
If youre starting a company on a tight budget, you might be tempted to cut corners on quality,
offer contractors wages you wouldnt take yourself, understaff to try and get more work out of
fewer workers and make promises youre not 100 percent sure you can keep. Think of the long-
term damage you can do versus the benefit you get from cutting corners. Making a cheaper
product, even temporarily, to get much-needed cash can sour customers on you, damaging your
reputation and making it harder to grow in the future. Dont ask contractors or employees to
work hours you wouldnt work yourself or take pay you wouldnt accept -- they may desert you
at the first opportunity.

Meeting Obligations
Not honoring certain contracts might not get you in legal trouble, but can scare away even your
closest allies if word gets around. If youre in a bind and honestly cant meet the terms of a
contract, explain the situation to your employee, customer, partner or supplier and try to work
out terms that will let you prevent damaging them. This might mean paying a bill over time and
offering to pay more than the agreed-upon amount. During your time as a business owner,
contractors and suppliers might not deliver on what they promised, but if theres any question,
consider the ramifications of not paying. For example, if a vendor under-delivers an order by 5
percent, you might not be obligated to accept the order, but if theyve been a good supplier, you
might want to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Talking down competitors, no matter if whats being said is true, often comes back to haunt
entrepreneurs. If the information gets back to your competition, it might motivate them to
respond, creating a he said/she said scenario in the minds of your suppliers, vendors, retailers and
customers. It might also motivate your competitors to go after you more aggressively with their
marketing. Gossip also tells the person whos listening that you might be trashing her to others.

If you try to dodge your tax liability, you make others pay a larger share for things such as roads,
schools, police and fire service and government agencies. Taking or giving payments in cash to
avoid taxes puts the people you do business with at risk, as well. You might never get caught
under-reporting income or inflating expenses, but people who see you do that will wonder what
other dishonest business practices you have, or at the very least, get ticked that youre making
them shoulder more of the tax burden.

Role of Corporate Social Responsibility in Entrepreneurship

The idea of giving back to the community certainly has its appeal, and theres no doubt that it
makes for a great press release. But contributing to society at large is often a much lower priority
for companies than turning a profit. Frankly, the idea can even sound kind of hippie-dippy, at
first. I know I was skeptical.

But that was before I began implementing elements of CSR into my own business strategy. It
didnt take long to realize that, although I did find those elements personally fulfilling, the
benefits stretched far beyond making me feel good. They made my company better, stronger and
more relevant, too -- and not just from a P.R. standpoint.

CSR might be the last thing on an entrepreneurs mind when he or she sets out to start a
successful business, but Im now convinced it should be part of a companys culture from Day 1.
Not just because its the right thing to do, though it is, but because it gives you a competitive
edge, too. Philosopher Henry David Thoreau said that Goodness is the only investment that
never fails. Here are five reasons why:

1. A healthy society breeds a healthy business.

Guess what? If the communities that you rely upon for your business are struggling, your
business is going to struggle, too. After all, a successful world is necessary for your products or
services to grow and mature in a healthy economic environment.

Good luck founding a successful startup if the economy is in crisis. You cant engage with
customers if theyre so worried about paying the bills and societal issues that they dont have
time to consider your innovative offerings. Promoting a happier, healthier society makes sense
for any business, because a peaceful and prosperous society is a prerequisite for a thriving

2. Responsible practices result in cost savings.

Cost-efficiency is one of the first responsibilities of any entrepreneur, and engaging in

responsible, sustainable practices can be a great way to cut costs. Using less packaging or
slashing energy waste doesnt just help conserve environmental resources -- it helps conserve
spending, too.

GEs corporate office achieved an energy savings of 57 percent simply by eliminating all
fluorescent bulbs in its headquarters and replacing them with energy-efficient ones. That was an
environmentally responsible choice, sure, but the decision also saved the company money. It's
what Id call a win-win.

3. CSR results in brand differentiation.

Giving back in a tangible way can be a terrific way to set your company apart from your
competition. A great example is TOMS. For every pair of shoes the footwear company sells,
model, which also immediately differentiates the company from its myriad competitors selling
slip-on shoes.

The company is doing something good that others in its industry arent willing to do, and some
that has made TOMS a recognized brand.

4. Making your company stand for something creates employee buy-in.

In most industries, competition for the best employees can get fierce. Making your company
stand for more than profits gives employees an easy reason to believe in your corporate vision,
and when prime job candidates see your business tangibly contributing to society, theyre more
likely to want to be a part of what youre doing.

Ive also found that employees give more of their heart and soul to your business when your
business does work that actually touches their hearts and souls.

5. CSR pumps up consumer demand.

More and more, consumers simply expect businesses and corporations to help make the world a
better, nicer place. That might seem, to many would-be entrepreneurs, like a strange burden to
place on a money-making enterprise, but its essential to see CSR as an opportunity.

How many marketing dollars are you willing to spend to positively connect with consumers?
Often, responsible giving and conservation can help accomplish the same task more effectively
for far less cost. Millennials, in particular, are very committed to the idea that businesses should
be good citizens, and their age segment now represents about a quarter of the entire U.S.
population, with $200 billion in annual buying power. Best to keep them happy!

So, if corporate social responsibility makes you feel good and makes your customers feel good,
why arent you making it part of your core company values?
Assignment #2

Will ARFA KARIM IT TOWER always be the leading center of high impact, high
growth, innovation and Entrepreneurship in Pakistan?

Arfa Software Technology Park is the Countrys largest Information and Communications Technology Park. This
seventeen story building is the first international standard facility in Pakistan and it is located in Lahore.

This project was started under the name Lahore Technology Park and On January 15, 2012, it was renamed as
Arfa Software Technology Park by Chief Minister of Punjab, Mian Shahbaz Sharif. It was named in honor of
Miss Arfa Karim who was the youngest Microsoft Certified Professional and died at the age of 16. Chief Minister
Punjab announced to change the name of Lahore Technology Park in recognition of her achievements.

Arfa Software Technology Park (ASTP) will help share the Government of the Punjab's IT vision with the IT
industry and the general public. ASTP is a one-window operation to attract local software companies and foreign
investors to start IT related businesses in an expeditious manner. This initiative of the Government of Punjab will
surely bring technology revolution in this region.

ASTP is a smart, efficient, secure and functional business venue, which hosts a diversity of modern-day business
necessities under one roof. ASTP offers the businesses operating within the technology park with state-of-the-art
business facilities like Tier III Data Center, water-proof pathways, high-tech security, advanced fire protection
system, 24 hour CCTV coverage and a RFID controlled parking for over 600 vehicles. The plug-and-play facilities
and customized offices ensure business continuity, while conveniences like medical clinic, food court and a Gym are
thoughtfully set up within the ASTP, making working life a conducive experience for all.

To ensure a failsafe and efficient environment Building Management System (BMS) is installed at ASTP which
enables the centralization and optimization of various processes like monitoring, operating, and managing the entire
building. The high-performance HVAC digital control system manages the heating, ventilating, zoning,
humidification and air cleaning systems of the building while cutting energy and equipment costs.
Networks and Communication
Auditorium and Seminar Rooms

Networks and Communication

Wide Area Network: Networking using High Speed internet.
Wireless LAN: High Speed Wireless networking
Storage Area Network (SAN): Using modern blade servers with mass storage and fiber optic accessories
Disaster Recovery Site for hosted data / websites
Video Conferencing
Remote surveillance through IP based cameras
150 seat auditorium
AVL technology enabled Spacious conference rooms with Video conferencing facility
24/7 CCTV security surveillance
Triple source power backup
Restaurants, Caf, Gymnasium, Medical Centre and Prayer Halls
Banking and ATM Services
Ample parking facility for over 600 vehicles

Un-climbable Parameter Wall
Perimeter Surveillance through CCTV
Hydraulic Steel Road Blocks
Under-Vehicle Inspection System
Access Cards for entry / exit management
Radio Frequency IDs for car parking management
Remotely controlled Barriers
Rolling Steel Gates to seal the building parameter

Auditorium and Seminar Rooms

The centrally air conditioned auditorium with well echo system is an ideal venue to host high profile corporate
events such as seminars, conferences, workshops or lectures. The Auditorium is available for daytime and evening
rentals and it can accommodate over 150 persons. The facility is equipped with latest audio, visual and lighting
system to help your event run smoothly and professionally.

Salient features

High Definition Projection

One touch control of all the electrical and IT equipment
Separate waiting area for guests
Venue is handicap accessible
Ample space for Hi-Tea/Entertainment

Seminar Rooms

Individual Seminar/Meeting Rooms are designed to accommodate up to 15 participants each. The seminar rooms are
ideal for business meetings, seminars and executive presentations and are fully equipped with amplifiers, ceiling-
mounted speakers, projectors, and the latest in multimedia systems. Rooms are soundproof and offer individual
climate control for maximum comfort.
Our experienced and creative staff is on hand at all times to help you in making your event a success.
Promote IT & Telecom industry
Attract Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)
Human Resource Development in IT field
Generate employment
Boost IT Exports
IT led economic growth

What ASTP Offers

Office space for IT/ICT firms
Fiber Optic connectivity within building among all floors
Complied with up-to-date networking technologies like VoIP and 10 GB fiber interconnectivity
Disaster Recovery Site for hosted data / websites
Video Conferencing
Remote surveillance through IP based cameras
24x7 Power Backup (Triple Source)
Building Management System (IBMS)
Integrated Access Control
Fire Command Centre (Dual method of Fire Protection i.e. FM gas for data center and sprinklers throughout the building
Emergency Pressurized staircase exit on all floors in case of fire
9 Elevators and various Escalators to reach different floors of the building
Parking with Radio Frequency Identifier (RFID)
150 seat auditorium
Spacious conference rooms with Video conferencing
24/7 security surveillance
Triple source power backup
Restaurants, Caf, Gymnasium, Medical Centre and Prayer Halls
Banking and ATM Services
Ample indoor/outdoor parking facility for 600 vehicles
Central Cooling and Heating System
Banking and ATM Services
Components of ASTP
Floor Levels 1 to 17 Tower Block Fire Sprinkler System
Floor Levels 1 to 6 Car Park Block FM 200 Clean Agent Fire Extinguishing System
Generator System Pre-action System
Electrical HT Panels Water Detection System
Transformers Hose Reel System
LT Panels System HVAC Pump
MCC Panels System Wet Riser System
Busbar trunking Gas Supply System
Lightning protection system Tower Block Roof
Earthling system Car Park Block Roof
Lighting System Access Control Security System
Telecommunication system IP Closed Circuit TV System
IP Meters System IP Public Address System
Cooling Tower RFID Car Parking System
CRAC Information Technology System
Emergency Voice intercommunication System Gas leakage detection
Escalators DB & LBs
Diesel Fuel Oil System LCP
Fire Hydrant System Elevators
Chiller Water supply system
AHU Sanitary System
FANS Water Discharge System
FCU Cable Television Cabling System
HVAC Air System BMS System
HVAC Water System Outdoor Area
Fire Alarm system Security System
UPS System

Current Tenancy of ASTP

Directorate Of Monitoring Home Department VenExel

Habib Bank Limited Tower Technologies
Meca Engineers E-Cart Services Pakistan Pvt. Ltd.
Traffic Police Apex Consulting Pakistan
The Bank Of Punjab Popin Jay
MH Corporation National Engineers
Pinnacle Kamal Limited
Ebryx Incubator
Frag Games Viper Technology Pvt Ltd.
Addvantum Innovative Technologies Wisedesign
Information Technology University Mobius Networks
Microsoft Pakistan Zero Billion
Interactive Group NDS Technologies
Inbox Business Technologies Genisys Software Soultions
Arfa Software Technology Park Managment Rent VM
Punjab Metro Bus Authority ITD Pakistan
PITB Incubators Plan 9 Future Technologies
NESPAK Game Storm Studios
Logica IT Addvantum Innovative Technologies
Abacus Consulting Softrove Pvt. Ltd.
Cyber Intelligence Solutions Seven Centric
Total Software Services NY Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Fork Tech Universal Engineers
Loxvo Technologies Punjab Information Technology Board
Lahore Parking Compnay General Electric
GCS Pvt Ltd Monsanto Pakistan Pvt Limited
Dell Pakistan Teradata Global Consulting Pakistan
Fast Services Solutions 4M Wireless
Kinverg Lahore Parking Company
Seven Centric Universal Engineers
Saood Software Solutions SMC Pvt Ltd. Ilmasoft
Restaurant - Red Chilli Restaurant - Subway
Restaurant - Bin Salwa

Rescue 1122 is Punjabs prime emergency response organization helping general public in need. A recent event arranged by 1122
on selection of safest building of Lahore and among many other vicinities ASTP secured position of The Safest Building in
Lahore. This unanimous decision came after frequent visits of 1122 to ASTP, ensuring every system in place is upto the mark of
international standards and maintaining strict SOPs by ASTP management.