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Global Fire Equipment manufactures a wide range of Fire Control panels and accessories. From the newly
launched Orion conventional 2-8 Zone conventional control unit to the highly capable Juno-Net family of Analogue
Addressable panels with expandability from 1 to 96 loops and capacity for up to 12000 detection devices per system.
All are designed and manufactured under strict quality control to comply with the requirements of EN54 parts 2 and 4.

Supplementing the control units, Global Fire also produces a range of proprietary addressable call points, sounders,
loop powered sounders, I/O interfaces and SAM ( Self Addressing Modules) / MAM ( Micro Address Module)


l Fully expandable system - from 1 to 96 loops
l 125 device addresses per loop
l Up to 96 Loop sounders with 32 individually programmable addresses per loop.
l Full SAM (Self Addressable Module) & MAM (Manual Addressable Module) support
l 2 Fire output changeover relays and 1 Fault relay
l Open collector outputs for Fire, Fault and Pre-alarm remote indication
l 2 fully monitored sounder outputs on Main Panel and each Sub-panel
l Repeaters with optional Integrated Sub-panels
l Blank box option for Sub-panels
l Detector loop fully monitored for integrity
l 384 programmable zones
l 512 fully programmable sounder and I/O groups
l Event log 2000 entries FIFO
l Backlit LCD display with 4 rows of 40 characters
l Multiple programming options, on board keypad, Remote IR,
l PS2 Keyboard & Windows based Loader Software
l Windows based PC graphics software for alarm management and reporting
l Multiple language support (menu selectable)
l BMS output - Rs232
l Evacuate/Class Change input

Third Party certified by Delta Laboratories to EN54 parts 2 and 4 (Juno-Net 1-3 Loop)

Installer Friendly
Supports a range of detector protocols including Apollo, Hochiki and WizMart.
Easy installation and programming with automatic device detection and type identification.
Optional onboard printer.
RS485 and TCP/IP networking hardwired or Fibre Optic.
Remote access option for offsite reporting and maintenance.

User Friendly
Clear on screen instructions and device information for ease of use.
Additional repeater and mini-Repeater panels for duplication of displayed information with/
without control functions. For reception area / security control room etc.
Programmable Day / Night function to facilitate the use of different sensitivities during the day and at night.

Urb. Vale da Amoreira, Lote 16 & 17, Porta A, Cave, 8005-334, Faro, PORTUGAL
TEL.: +351 289 896 560 FAX.: +351 289 865 587 e-mail: global@globalfire.pt
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