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A Distant Plain Non-Player Variant (v1.


COIN Series, Volume III by Brian Train and Volko their own direct interest. Like players, they
Ruhnke sometimes help, sometimes harm, one another.

A Distant Plain Non- IMPORTANT: If playing solitaire, be sure to read

the special victory conditions (8.5) before you
Player Variant start!

Combined Rules and Examples of Play 8.1 Non-Player Sequence of Play

by VPJ Arponen Event, Ops, or Pass? For a decision,
consult first any Special Event
Instructions (8.3.1) then the Pass, Event
TABLE OF CONTENTS or Operations? box in each Faction's
8 Non-Player Factions.............................. 1
8.1 Non-Player Sequence of Play............ 1 Ineffective Events. Non-player Factions
do not opt for Events that do not have an
8.2 Non-Player Events, Operations, and effect. EXAMPLE: If no Coalition pieces
Special Activities.................................. 2 are Out of Play, the Non-player Coalition
8.3 Non-Player Events................................ 4 will consider the unshaded part of the
Event 41. NATO Politics Ineffective and
8.4 Random Spaces.................................... 5
choose an Operation with a Special
8.5 1-Player Victory.................................... 6 Activity instead.
8.6 Non-player Coalition Actions ............... 6 Momentum. Non-player insurgents
8.7 Non-player Government Actions ...... 10 consider the shaded and counter-
8.8 Non-player Taliban Actions................... 13 insurgents the unshaded Momentum
Events only (see e.g. 10. Partnering
8.9 Non-player Warlords Actions................ 16 Policy). Non-players opt for Momentum
9 Examples of play.................................. 19 Events only when the next card showing
is not Propaganda. EXCEPTIONS:
9.1 Example #1: Momentum and
Capability Events.............................. 19 45. Tribal Elders: The Non-player
9.2 Example #2: Govt Train + Special Coalition and the Taliban always play
Activity and the Spending Limit........ 20 the Event.

9.3 Example #3: Taliban March + Infiltrate 22

9.4 Example #4: Coalition Train + Surge 25
36. Mullah Omar: The Non-player
Taliban always play the Event.
8 Non-Player Factions Capability. Non-players opt for
This section governs actions by any Factions Capabilities as follows:
beyond those represented by a player. In a 1-
Player game, the player may play any one Coalition & Taliban: If this or the
Faction. The Non-players can also be used to next card is a Capability that the
handle any Faction in multi-player games. Non-player Faction at hand has or
definitely will (accounting for the
NOTE: Non-player Factions may not act only in Eligibility order and the effects of

A Distant Plain Non-Player Variant (v1.0)

any Faction Passing) have the execute a Limited Operation, it instead

opportunity to take AND if 1d6 executes a full Operation and a Special
rolls less than or equal to the Activity. Non-players ignore the Final
number of unplayed Propaganda Event Card restriction. NOTE: Limited
cards: first, take take the current Operations afforded by Events (such as
Capability, otherwise Pass and 10. Partnering Policy) remain Limited.
take the upcoming Capability once
that card becomes the current Player Operations Limited. On the last
Event. The Taliban choose the Event card before each Propaganda Card,
shaded and the Coalition the any Player Operations must be Limited
unshaded part of the card. (no Special Activities) and may not
include Sweep or March. The Non-players
Government & Warlords: The Non- are unaffected. If desired, treat this as an
player Government Non-player optional rule for greater difficulty.
Warlords will take the
shaded/unshaded Capability (the Non-player Taliban and the
Non-player Warlords on the Non- Islamabad Track. Note also the special
player Taliban's behalf, the Non- effect on the Non-player Taliban as
player Goverment on behalf of the printed on the Islamabad Track on the
Non-player Coalition) if 1d6 rolls game map.
less than the number of unplayed
Propaganda cards. The Warlords 8.2 Non-Player Events,
choose the shaded and the Operations, and Special
Government the unshaded part of Activities
the card. EXAMPLE: The Taliban
and the Warlords are Non-players. To execute a Non-player Factions Operations,
The Warlords will seek to play any Special Activities or a specific Event, see the
shaded Capabilities, subject to the Non-player flowcharts and the relevant priorities
die roll on the Taliban's behalf. below.

Low Resources. When the Non-player GUIDELINES: Unless otherwise specified, carry
Warlords with zero Resources is to out whatever actions apply to the maximum
execute Operations, or the Government extent (such as with the most pieces and in
with fewer than three, they Pass instead most spaces allowed and only as long as
(earning Resources). NOTE: Non-player needed pieces and Resources are available).
Coalition can Operate even when the Normal Resource costs, requirements, and
Government is out of Resources, and the procedures still apply.
Non-player Taliban may use a Special IMPORTANT: When Operations instructions
Activity to gather Resources. incorporate a Special Activity (e.g. in the second
Government Train bullet), conduct the Special
No Voluntary Removal. Non-player
Activity to fullest possible extent at once when
Factions never use the option to take
the guidelines evoke it. Use, first, the relevant
their own forces from the map in order to
instructions in the Operations box that trigger
place them elsewhere when they have no
the Special Activity, then, if the Special Activity
appropriate pieces Available.
may be conducted in further spaces than the
Non-Player Operations Not Limited. Operations box has used up, use the
Whenever a Non-player Faction is to instructions in the relevant Special Activity box.

A Distant Plain Non-Player Variant (v1.0)

After that complete the Operation. (See Error: then the Coalition, then the Government.
Reference source not found Error: Reference The counter-insurgents remove and
source not found.) replace the pieces of any Players, then
the Taliban, and finally, the Warlords.
IMPORTANT: When executing Operations and
Special Activities, first select all the spaces in Never place two COIN Bases in a single
which actions are to take place, then execute space. EXCEPTION: The Non-player
the actions in the legal sequence as indicated in Coalition will often place a Base in a
the rules of play if it differs from the sequential space with a Government Base (see
order. EXAMPLE: The legal sequence for the Surge in 8.6.5 below).
Government Train Operation differs slightly from
the sequential order described in the flowchart Place friendly Bases before other pieces.
and in 8.7.5 Train below in that the Civic Actions If possible, place friendly pieces where
must occur at the very end of the Operation. there are other pieces of the same
8.2.1 Procedure Guidelines
March so as to get as many Underground
In so far as the Event text or the Operation and Guerrillas as possible to destinations at
Special Activity priorities do not specify this, use Support.
the guidelines below, both, to select the spaces
and, once the spaces have been selected, to 8.2.2 Abbreviations Used
place, remove or relocate pieces in them. This is a list of abbreviations (in the alphabetical
Target or remove enemy Players before order) used in this document and the Faction
Non-players Resources and pieces flowcharts.
whenever possible. 1+, 2+, etc.: One or more, Two or more.
Within the above, and in general when AND: The use of the capitalized AND indicates
choice, target the Player with the best that all/both terms of the conjunction have to
victory margin, otherwise and within that be able to be executed for the priority in
a random Player. question to be executed. EXAMPLE: The
instruction Train AND Civic Action AND Govern
Remove pieces to be replaced even if no
for Patronage is to be executed only if all three
pieces are available to replace them.
elements can be executed in the selected
Remove or replace enemy Bases before space.
other pieces, and Underground before At highest Pop, At highest Econ, At most
Active Guerrillas. Remove or replace Oppose, Lowest cost: Select a space or
enemy Troops and Police randomly. spaces in the descending order of population
Remove or replace friendly pieces in the size, LoC Economic value, cost of the action, i.e.
reverse order from the above, to the from the highest to lowest. Select from among
degree possible, and Active before eligible, legal or otherwise available spaces.
Underground Guerrillas. Remove or Civ Act: Civic Actions.
replace friendly Troops and Police from
spaces with other pieces of the same For 2/3 of Res: For two-thirds of the available
kind first, otherwise randomly. Resources (round down).

Non-player insurgents remove and Govt: The Government Faction.

replace the pieces of, first, any Players, For greatest shift: Select spaces to shift

A Distant Plain Non-Player Variant (v1.0)

Support and/or Opposition such that the If neither the sequential and/or nested
greatest possible swing occurs. priorities narrow the candidate selection
sufficiently, select randomly among
Min, Max: Minimum, maximum.
remaining candidates (see 8.4).
Op+SA: Operation with Special Activity.
PLAY NOTE: Many of the flowchart items contain
OR: The use of the capitalized OR indicates that text in red font color. These are not Non-player
at least one term of the disjunct has to be able priorities but reminders about the rules of play
to be executed for the priority in question to be pertaining to the Operation or Special Activity at
executed. hand. EXAMPLE: The first bullet of the Non-
player Government Govern action contains the
Pop: The Population value of a space.
reminder, in red, that the action may occur in a
Res: Resources (available to the Faction at space with Support, COIN Control and no
hand). Coalition Base only.
VPs: Victory points as tracked by each Faction's
Victory marker.
8.3 Non-Player Events
NOTE: Events will not always benefit the
W/: With.
executing Non-player Faction directly.
8.2.3 Reading the Flowcharts 8.3.1 Event Instructions
The Non-Player flowcharts use bullet points with
Whenever any Non-player Faction is to execute
numbers (e.g. , , , ) and letters ( a , b ) to
an Event and that Factions symbol on the card
indicate the character and order of the
has a gray halo, check any special instructions
for that Event on the Special Event Instructions
Numbered priorities (, ) are sequential sheet.
priorities. Execute the instructions in
each sequential priority to the maximum
extent (as per 8.2) before moving to the
next sequential priority. NOTE: Some top
level sequential priorities (e.g. Warlords
Rally Bullet ) contain further sequential
priorities ( and , sub-bullets) which
are to be treated as parts of, and as
sequential steps to, the top level priority.
Lettered priorities ( a , b ) are nested
priorities. Nested priorities act as tie
breakers within the
sequential priorities to
which they are
ordained. Each nested
Event Card 9. Special Forces with the
priority further narrows A flowchart detail showing halo around the Government symbol at
the thus far selected the numbered sequential
priorities as well as the
the top.
set of spaces. To lettered, nested tie
Otherwise, follow the priorities listed in the
improve readability of breaker priorities. Pass, Event or Operations? box on that faction's
the flowcharts, the nested priorities are flowchart as well as the general instructions
displayed against a green background.

A Distant Plain Non-Player Variant (v1.0)

below. select spaces for Event effects that shift

IMPORTANT: If choice, execute the Event such Support or Opposition as follows:
that one or more of the conditions designated in
Coalition: first, for the highest gain
the Pass, Event or Operations? box on the
flowchart, and thereafter in the general in Total Support, otherwise the
priorities below, are satisfied. highest loss in Total Opposition.

8.3.2 Dual Use Taliban: first, for the highest gain

When executing a Dual-Use Event, the Non- in Total Opposition, otherwise the
player Warlords and Taliban use the shaded highest loss in Total Support.
text, the Non-player Government and Coalition
use the unshaded, unless the Special Event Warlords and Government: first, for the
Instructions note otherwise. highest loss in the VPs of a Player,
IMPORTANT: Events with a single-use unshaded otherwise randomly.
text (e.g. 44. Pakistani Politics) are considered
Remove Terror markers only if
shaded Events by the Insurgent factions.
Resources suffice also to shift
8.3.3 Event Placement, Removal and Support/Opposition in the space.
NOTE: The Factions never play Events such that
Place, remove, or relocate as many pieces as
the Event, availability, and stacking allow. they directly diminish their own VP count.
EXAMPLE: The Taliban selecting to play 71.
8.3.4 Who and Where Coup! would, in certain circumstances, reduce
Unless otherwise specified: Opposition.
When there is a choice of who gets Event
benefits (such as placing pieces or free 8.4 Random Spaces
Operations), select the executing Faction, If several candidate spaces have equal priority
then another random Non-player Faction. for a Non-player action, select spaces using the
Random Spaces Map:
For free Operations or Special Activities,
use that Factions flowchart, then, if First, roll the green die and refer to the map:
needed, the general priorities in 8.2.1 select the colored region corresponding to the
above. die roll value.
Select Event spaces to ensure that as Then, roll any die to select one of the
many pieces as possible are placed, corresponding six space within the selected
removed, or replaced, using the region.
guidelines in 8.2.1 above. Then, if the resulting space is not a legal
Otherwise, select spaces randomly (see candidate, follow the arrows on the map until
8.4). one is reached.

8.3.5 Events that Shift Finally, carry out as much of the action as
possible in the candidate reached, then roll
Support/Opposition again to select another space, if needed.
Unless otherwise specified, Non-player Factions

A Distant Plain Non-Player Variant (v1.0)

8.4.1 Random LoCs 2001.

If only LoCs are candidates, choose: If CoalitionFundamentalism Denied!
The invaders have exhausted the Taliban,
First those with the highest Economic
reduced to negotiating their place in an
Value. Afghanistan ruled by laws of man not
Then with an equal chance die God.
8.6 Non-player Coalition Actions
Sabotage only unSabotaged LoCs.
This section details the actions by the Non-
8.5 1-Player Victory player Coalition as shown on the Coalition
A game involving any Non-players ends during
the Propaganda Round Victory Phase of the 8.6.1 Capability and Momentum Events
second or subsequent Propaganda card and if If a particular unshaded Capability or a
(and only if) any Non-player Faction has a Momentum Event is in effect, make use of them
positive victory margin regardless of any as follows:
Player's victory margin. To win, the Player(s)
must avoid any Non-player Faction reaching a PRTs: Conduct Civic Actions in up
positive victory margin through each to two spaces.
Propaganda Round (excluding that of the first
Propaganda card of the scenario at hand) and VSO: At the end of a Coalition Train
have the highest victory margin after the final Operation, place Police (in one
Propaganda Round. space with Coalition Troop or
Troops), first where there are
If the Player Faction(s) avoids the above Government cubes, then in a highest
situation, after the final Propaganda Round, the Population space available.
Faction with the highest margin wins. Ties go to
the Non-player(s), Warlords, Taliban, Predators: Air Strike also in Pakistan if
Government, then the Coalition: that would remove a Base.

If WarlordsFeudal Patchwork! ISR: Select the space so as to

Afghanistan returns to its primordial activate the maximum number
normal, a region of fiefdoms rather than of enemies.
a nation. Opium production flourishes. Tribal Elders: Shift to Support.
If GovernmentPashtun Dictatorship!
8.6.2 Pass, Event or Operations?
Karzai successors consolidate control
loyal to themselves rather than any If the current or the next card is a Capability,
international norms or bonds. Peace with play it per 8.1 Capability. Otherwise, if the
the Warlords and Taliban is shaky, human current card is a Momentum Event, play it per
rights off the agenda. 8.1 Momentum. Otherwise, play the unshaded
part of the current card if it is effective AND
If TalibanExtremist Return! The central either part of the card could:
Government falls in the face of Coalition
withdrawal and Pashtun yearning for shift Support up or Opposition down
Taliban stability. Years of Coalition effort place or remove Taliban Bases or
have left Afghanistan as it was before
Coalition pieces, or

A Distant Plain Non-Player Variant (v1.0)

shift the Islamabad track (only if the Within the bullets one, two and three above, if
Taliban are a Player) unable to activate all enemies in space, activate
as able in this order of priority: a random
If none of the above, continue below. Player Taliban Warlords.
8.6.3 Sweep If no such Sweep was possible, skip to 8.6.4
If there is an Underground Taliban Guerrilla in a Assault, bullet one, below.
Support space OR an Underground Guerrilla of a Otherwise, if a Sweep occurred but no Special
Player Faction in a Coalition Base space, the Activity has yet been performed, and if Air
Coalition will Sweep as follows. Strike could remove any Bases, the last piece of
Preliminaries: When conducting the actions a Player's Faction at Support or at a Base of any
below, do not use Sweep to move any Faction's Faction, Air Strike, otherwise Air Lift, per below.
last cube at any Coalition Bases, nor those AIR LIFT. Preliminaries: Do not lift last Coalition
needed for a Sweep in a Support space, nor last Troop from a Coalition Base, nor last two
three cubes from any non-Pashtun spaces with Government Troops from where there are any
Support. Within the bullets one and three Coalition pieces (for they might then be
below, use Sweep to bring the maximum vulnerable to Taliban Ambush), nor last three
number of Government Troops (one per each cubes from non-Pashtun spaces with Support
moving Coalition Troop at a cost of three (as enemies will then be able to March in
Resources per destination space) into spaces without being Activated).
where there are less than two Government
cubes. First, get up to two Government Troops
into each space in which there are any
First, sweep into or in place in all pieces of the Coalition AND the Taliban
reachable highest Population spaces with AND in which there are no Government
Support and enemy using sufficient cubes (to protect the Coalition from the
Troops needed to activate most enemies. Taliban Ambush). Lift the cubes first from
If otherwise unable to active all enemies, sources identified in the bullet below (if
use Air Lift per the Air Lift priorities any), otherwise from random sources.
below, otherwise Air Lift enough
random Coalition Troops sufficient to Then, relocate Government Troops from
active all enemies. spaces with a Coalition Base by having
the Coalition Troops outnumber
NOTE: If the Special Activity does not Government Troops in these spaces. (The
here occur in the maximum allowed purpose is to enable the Coalition to
number of spaces, attempt to complete decide the extent of the Civic Actions
the Special Activity per the Air Lift during the next Propaganda Round,
priorities below before completing the whenever that might be.) Within this
Sweep. priority, relocate first from spaces with no
Then, Sweep everywhere in place. Support, then or within that from highest
Population spaces. Relocate the
Then, Sweep into or at one reachable Government Troops first to spaces
highest Population space with at least identified in the first bullet above,
one Population, and enemy. Sweep with otherwise to random space(s) such that
maximum Coalition Troops to active all they do not disable any forthcoming
enemies at any Coalition Bases Coalition Propaganda Round Civic Actions
where most Bases of any faction. there.

A Distant Plain Non-Player Variant (v1.0)

If no such Air Lift is possible, conduct no Special Assault (see IMPORTANT in 8.2 above).
Activity with Train. Otherwise Air Strike per
If (and only if) pieces were removed in
the bullet above, or the Coalition is
AIRSTRIKE. Preliminaries: Conduct strikes in up unable to conduct any other Operations:
to three Provinces in Afghanistan. Assault everywhere in place.
Strike to remove If no such Assault was possible, skip to 8.6.5
Train, bullet one, below. Otherwise, if no Special
First, Bases
Activity has been performed yet, and if Air
Then Guerrillas Strike could remove any Bases, the last piece of
a Player Faction at Support or at Bases of any
Within both bullets above, strike first in space Faction, Air Strike. Otherwise Air Lift, per 8.6.3
with Support, then or within that in spaces with above.
a Coalition Base, then or within the above to
remove a Faction's last Guerrilla in a space, 8.6.5 Train
then or within the above, to remove pieces of,
If neither Sweep nor Assault occurred, the
first, a random Player, then the Taliban, then
Coalition will Train as follows.
the Warlords.
Preliminaries: Train in up to three spaces (in
If no such Air Strike is possible, Air Lift per
Kabul or where Coalition pieces) but for a
above. If Air Lift also already did not occur (i.e.
maximum of two-thirds of available Resources
if in a loop), then conduct no Special Activity.
(rounding down) only, or without a spending
8.6.4 Assault limit if the Government has less than nine
Resources. Place no Government cubes unless
If no Sweep occurred, and if Assault alone or indicated in the priorities below.
with the aid of Air Strikes would remove a
Player controlled Faction's Bases or any pieces NOTE: When executing the Train Operation, first
of any Faction that reside in Support spaces, the select all the spaces in which actions are to take
Coalition will Assault as follows. place, then execute the actions in the legal
sequence as indicated in the rules of play. See
Preliminaries: Add Government Assault in up to 8.2 above.
one space (for a cost of three Resources per
space). First, if the Government is a Player and
Patronage is at 11 or more, Train and
First, Assault to remove Player or Taliban
reduce Patronage in Kabul.
pieces targeting first Bases*, then pieces
at Support*. Then, if the Taliban are a Player and have
18 or more points of Opposition and
* NOTE: If and as helpful to removing a
Bases on the map, conduct Civic Actions
Base or all enemy pieces in a Support
to the maximum extent in one space (or
space, in that space or spaces add, first,
in up to two spaces if the unshaded PRTs
a Government Assault, then, an Air
Capability is in effect) with COIN Control
Strike**, then, an Air Lift**.
and any Coalition piece(s) selecting the
** NOTE: If the Special Activity does not space(s) such as to remove the most
here occur in the maximum allowed Opposition.
number of spaces, attempt to complete
Then, if one or more Coalition Bases are
the Special Activity per the Air Lift
Available, or it is the final Campaign,
priorities (in 8.6.3) before completing the
pause Train now to attempt to conduct a

A Distant Plain Non-Player Variant (v1.0)

Surge per the Special Activity instructions at least one Population (Kabul or spaces
below, then return here. with COIN Control). As per 8.2.1 never
have more than one Coalition Base in a
Then, at one Coalition Base space with
single space.
COIN Control (or in up to two spaces if
the unshaded PRTs is in effect), conduct Then, move on-map Base(s) to other map
Civic Actions to the maximum extent. spaces, accompanied by at least one
Within that, select spaces to cause the Coalition Troop per Coalition Base if
greatest shift in Support/Opposition, then otherwise none such already are in the
or within that, select spaces that are non- target space (to or from Kabul or any
Pashtun, then or within the above, COIN Controlled spaces). Move pieces
spaces that contain no Taliban pieces. only if the target space has a higher
Population value spaces than the origin.
Then, if Resources permit, during the
Move the pieces from the lowest
space selection above, Train at each Population value spaces that have no
Coalition Base with less than two Support (and from such spaces only).
Government pieces or no Police (only). Within that, prioritize moving to spaces
Place the maximum number of cubes with most Support.
placing first all Police they can, and only
then Troops to reach the maximum. Then, and only if pieces moved above,
conduct the following actions.
Then, in one space (or in two if unshaded
PRTs) with COIN Control and any Coalition First, if the next Propaganda is not
piece(s), conduct Civic Actions. Within final, roll 1d6 and that many Troops
that, select spaces so as to cause the between Available and the map to get
greatest shift in Support/Opposition. the number of Available Troops as
close as possible to the number of
If no such Train was possible, skip to 8.6.3
Support currently existing on the
Sweep, bullet one, above. Otherwise, conduct a
map. NOTE: This could mean either
Special Activity as follows.
moving into or out of the Available
SURGE. Preliminaries: Move any Coalition box.
pieces among three map spaces and the
Within this bullet and the next bullet
Coalition Available Forces box.
below, prioritize moving to spaces
First, if the next Propaganda is final only: with no Support, then, to spread
relocate the maximum number of Troops forces evenly.
from Kabul or COIN Controlled spaces to Then, for protection purposes, if able,
Available (thereby bettering the Non-
get at least one Coalition Troop per
player Coalition's victory margin)
each Coalition Base space.
without, for protection purposes,
relocating the last Coalition Troop from Finally, if the Government is a
any Coalition Bases. Within that, relocate Player, add Aid only if
last from a space with Support. Patronage is less than 6,
otherwise always add Aid.
Then, get as many Available Bases as
possible, accompanied by at least one If no such Surge is possible, Air Lift per 8.6.3
Coalition Troop per Base if there above.
otherwise aren't any there already, to
different highest Population space(s) with

A Distant Plain Non-Player Variant (v1.0)

8.6.6 Coalition Propaganda Procedures 8.7 Non-player Government

This section describes the Non-player Coalition Actions
actions during the Propaganda Rounds as also
This section details the actions by the Non-
shown on the Player Aid.
player Government as shown on the
CIVIC ACTIONS. Preliminaries: Conduct Civic Government flowchart.
Actions to the maximum extent but for the
maximum of two-thirds of available Resources 8.7.1 Capability and Momentum Events
(rounding down) unless acting on the final If the following Momentum Event is in effect,
Propaganda card in which case observe no make use of it as follows.
spending limit. Remove Terror only if Resources
also suffice to cause a shift in Support or Tribal Elders: Shift to Support until
Opposition in that space. the Coalition victory margin
equals that of the Government,
Conduct Civic Actions in spaces with COIN thereafter shift to Neutral only.
Control, with Police, and where Coalition Troops
equal or outnumber the Government Troops as 8.7.2 Pass, Event or Operations?
follows. If the current card is a Momentum Event, play it
First, if this Propaganda is final, conduct per 8.1 Momentum. Otherwise, if the current
Civic Actions everywhere possible. card is a Capability Event, play it per 8.1
Capability. Otherwise, play the unshaded part if
Then, conduct Civic Actions at all it will:
Coalition Bases. Within that, first
prioritize spaces with no Taliban Base, shift Patronage, Government Resources,
then where there are no Taliban pieces. Aid or COIN Control up

REDEPLOY. Redeploy Coalition Troops as follows. place Government pieces or afford the
Government free Operations or Special
First, Redeploy Troops from LoCs or from Activities
spaces with no COIN Base that have no
Support AND have zero to one Population shift Islamabad, but execute the Event
(and from such spaces only). only if the Taliban are a Player.

Then, Redeploy to Kabul or to COIN Otherwise, if Government has less than three
Controlled spaces that have a COIN Base Resources, Pass. If none of the above, continue
in this order of priority: below.

First, to control Kabul. 8.7.3 Assault

Then, to have at least one Coalition If an Assault would place two or more
Troop per each Coalition Base space. Population under COIN Control or remove a
Taliban Base, the Non-player Government will
Then, to the highest Population Assault as follows.
spaces that contain a Coalition Base
but no Support. Preliminaries: Assault in up to three spaces, but
for the maximum of two-thirds of available
Then Redeploy, to one random space. Resources (rounding down), or without a
spending limit if the Government has less than
nine Resources.

A Distant Plain Non-Player Variant (v1.0)

First, Assault where it is able to establish the most of them in excess of

COIN Control. maintaining COIN Control. Within that,
prioritize the target space to which the
Then, Assault to remove, first, Base(s), lowest cost Transport is possible.
then the most Guerrillas. Within the
above, Assault last on LoCs with Player or If no such Transport is possible, execute no
Taliban pieces (and only on such LoCs), Special Activity.
then or within the above, Assault to
remove the Player's, then the Taliban,
8.7.4 Patrol
then the Warlords pieces. If no Assault occurred, and there are two or
more Player pieces on a LoCs somewhere OR
If no such Assault is possible, skip to 8.7.4
the Taliban exceed Enemies on the 3 or 4
Patrol, bullet one, below. Otherwise, conduct a
Economic Value LoCs, the Government will
Special Activity as follows. If Aid is at two or less
Patrol as follows.
OR the Warlords is a Player Faction, Eradicate,
otherwise Govern, per below. Preliminaries: Patrol first with all available
Police, only then use Troops, moving them one
ERADICATE. Eradicate as follows.
by one equally from where there at that point
First, in any legal space at Opposition. exist the most of that type of cube. Do not
move the last Police of any Government Base or
Then, only if Aid is zero, in any legal non-Pashtun space. Patrol only such that no no
space. COIN Control is lost.
Then, in non-Pashtun spaces (thus First, Partol to establish COIN Control in
avoiding placing a Taliban Guerrilla). Kabul.
Finally, in a random space. Then, Patrol, first, to get Government
For the third and fourth bullet above, if the cubes to equal any Player's pieces on the
Taliban are a Player controlled Faction, only highest Economic value LoCs that contain
execute these bullets if Government has played a Player's pieces, then, to get two cubes
the 45. Tribal Elders Event (and may thus shift on each of the 3 and 4 Economic Value
the space's Support / Opposition level to what it LoCs, and, then, to get one cube on each
wants, see 8.7.1 above). of the remaining LoCs.

If no such Eradicate is possible, after Assault, Finally, Assault on one LoC on which
Transport per below, otherwise, Govern per removing the most pieces of any Player,
8.7.4 below, OR if in a loop, Transport per below. then the Taliban, then the Warlords.
TRANSPORT. Preliminaries: Do not move the last If no such Patrol is possible, skip to 8.7.5 Train,
Troop of any LoC or Government Base. bullet one, below. Otherwise, execute the
Transport such that no COIN Control is lost. Govern Special Activity per below.
First, get up to four Troops, or more if GOVERN. Govern as follows.
needed, to establish COIN Control at one First, if able, Govern for
highest Population space with one or Patronage in up to two highest
more Population AND no COIN Base Population spaces with Support,
(paying one Resource to the Warlords per COIN Control, and no Coalition
each entered space with any Guerrilla). Base.
Transport Troops from where there are
Then, place +1 Pop markers, if any are

A Distant Plain Non-Player Variant (v1.0)

still available, in up to two highest COIN Control and without displacing last
Population spaces with one or more Government Troop from the space: Train
Population that are at Support and have in a space placing the maximum allowed
COIN Control AND a COIN Base number of Troops there AND then, from
(do not place a marker in any that Train space, Transport five Troops to
spaces with no COIN Base). a highest Population space with two or
Prioritize spaces with Government Bases more Population AND then Train there
over those with the Coalition Bases. replacing three random cubes with a
Government Base. Within the above,
If no such Govern is possible, Eradicate, OR, if in
Train in such a space that the following
a loop, Transport, both per 8.7.3 above.
Transport can occur at lowest possible
8.7.5 Train cost (for the Government must pay the
Warlords one Resource per used
If no Assault or Patrol occurred, and there are Transport space with any Guerrillas).
ten or more Government Troops Available OR
executing the Train Operation bullet one below Then, Train placing cubes at Kabul or in
would place a Government Base, the COIN Base spaces. Within that, prioritize
Government will Train as follows. spaces in which there are the least
Government cubes, then or within that,
Preliminaries: Train in up to three spaces, but
prioritize highest Population spaces.
for a maximum of two-thirds of available
Resources (rounding down) only, or without a Then, if no Civic Actions were conducted
spending limit if the Government has less than yet, nor a Base placed, Train and conduct
nine Resources. Place the maximum number of Civic Actions in any one COIN Controlled
cubes possible and always two more Troops space where this removes the most
than Police, if Available. (E.g. if placing six Opposition (placing zero cubes if no COIN
Cubes, have four of them be Troops and two Base there).
If no such Train is possible, skip to 8.7.6 Sweep,
First, Train in a highest Population bullet on, below. Otherwise, conduct a Special
Province with one or more Population and Activity as follows. If Aid is at two or less OR the
three or more Government cubes, no Warlords is a Player Faction, Eradicate per 8.7.3
COIN Base but room for one, and replace above, otherwise Govern per 8.7.4 above.
three random cubes with a Base.
8.7.6 Sweep
Then, if no Base was placed above, in a
If neither Assault, Patrol nor Train occurred, the
highest Population Province with two or
Non-player Government will Sweep as follows.
more Population, COIN Control, no
Coalition Base, and no Terror: first, Train Preliminaries: Sweep in or into up to two
(placing zero cubes if no COIN Base exist spaces. Do not move the last Troop of any LoC
there) AND then conduct Civic Actions (if or at a Government Base. Sweep such that no
no Support already) AND then Govern for COIN Control is lost.
Patronage. Next, if Govern above did not
Use Sweep to get up to four Troops (or
yet occur in the maximum number of
allowed spaces, complete Govern per more if needed) to add COIN Control to
8.7.3 above, then return here. the highest Population spaces with one or
more Population AND no COIN Base.
Then, if no Base was placed and no Sweep with Troops taking them evenly
Special Activity occurred above, losing no from random sources. Within that, select

A Distant Plain Non-Player Variant (v1.0)

the target space(s) to which the lowest spaces with no COIN Base(s), spreading
cost Sweep is possible (paying the them evenly but such that at least one
Warlords one Resource per each entered Troop exists in Kabul and in spaces with
LoC with any enemies). NOTE: The Non- COIN Control and a COIN Base.
player Government may well be
Then, move Police onto LoCs or to COIN
sweeping into spaces that contain no
enemies. Controlled spaces to:

Then, Sweep in place where activating first, maintain COIN Control of as

most pieces of any Player first, then or much total Population as possible
within that the Taliban, then or within (taking into account the Guerrillas the
that the Warlords. Taliban will have to Redeploy later in
the Propaganda Round, if relevant).
If no such Sweep is possible, skip to 8.7.5 Train,
bullet one, above. Otherwise, Transport per then, to get up to two Police each on
8.7.3 above. the 3 and 4 Economic Value LoCs, and
up to one Police per the other LoCs, if
8.7.7 Government Propaganda able.
8.8 Non-player Taliban Actions
CIVIC ACTIONS. Preliminaries: Targeting spaces
with COIN Control, Police and more Government This section details the actions by the Non-
than Coalition Troops, remove Terror markers player Taliban as shown on the Taliban
and conduct Civic Actions for a maximum of flowchart.
two-thirds of available Resources (rounding
down) only. Remove Terror markers only if
8.8.1 Capability and Momentum Events
Resources suffice also to shift If a particular Capability or a Momentum Event
Support/Opposition in the space. is in effect, make use of them as follows.
First, unless this is the final Propaganda MANPADS Scare: Roll a 1d6, if 1-4, cancel
Round, add Support in spaces in which any Air Lift or Air Strike until the Taliban
there is a Government but no Coalition Resources are less than five.
Base (and in such spaces only).
Tribal Elders: Shift to Opposition.
Otherwise, conduct Civic Actions to
Unshaded Find Fix: When moving
remove the most Opposition (without
the Taliban pieces in the context
adding any Support).
of Operations, Special Activities
Within both bullets above, prioritize spaces with or Events, get and/or keep two
the highest Population value, then or within Underground Taliban Guerrillas
that, act in spaces with Terror markers last. per each Taliban Base space in
REDEPLOY. Preliminaries: Do not relocate or
remove any space's last Troop or Police. Shaded Accidental Guerrillas:
Relocate from LoCs last. Place the Guerrilla, first, at
Support, then at Taliban Bases,
Desertion: Remove Police and Troops
then randomly. Within each,
evenly beginning the removal with
prioritize the highest Population spaces.
Redeploy: Relocate Troops from LoCs and

A Distant Plain Non-Player Variant (v1.0)

Shaded Aerostats: Flip at, first, Then, if the Taliban still have zero
Support, then at a Taliban Base, Resources, Extort everywhere possible.
then in a random space.
If no such Extort is possible, conduct no Special
8.8.2 Pass, Event, or Operations? Activity.
If the current card is a Capability Event, play it 8.8.4 Rally
per 8.1 Capability. Otherwise, if the current card
If no Terror occurred, and there are 15 or more
is a Momentum Event, play it per 8.1
Taliban Guerrillas Available OR Rally per the
Momentum. Otherwise, play the shaded part of
second bullet below would replace Guerrillas
the current card if it is effective AND either part
with a Base, the Taliban will Rally as follows.
of the card could:
Preliminaries: Rally in up to six spaces in which
shift Support down, Opposition or Taliban
paying Resources (Rally in Pakistan may be free
Resources up or down as per the Islamabad Track). Pause Rally to
remove or place Taliban Bases or remove Extort per 8.8.3 above whenever more
Coalition pieces Resources needed. At the end of the Rally, do
not forget to see the Taliban can buy Sharia for
shift the Islamabad Track the greatest shift (at one Taliban Base
If none of the above, continue below. regardless of Control).
* IMPORTANT: Where indicated below, Rally
8.8.3 Terror placing Guerrillas until none are Available.
If the Terror Operation would shift shift three or Thereafter, Rally to flip Guerrillas Underground.
more points of Opposition and Support
First, Rally at all Taliban Bases with no
combined, the Taliban will Terror as follows.
Taliban Guerrillas.
Preliminaries: Do not expose the last one
Taliban Guerrilla at a Taliban Base (the last two Then, Rally in spaces with three or more
if unshaded Find Fix Finish is in effect). Pause Taliban Guerrillas replacing two Guerrillas
Terror to Extort per below whenever more with a Base (per 8.2.1 replace Active
Resources needed. before Underground Guerrillas). Within
that, prioritize Rallies in Pakistan.
First, Terror in Support spaces.
Then, Rally where all Taliban Guerrillas at
Then, in Neutral spaces. Taliban Base(s) are Active AND there are
Within the bullets one and two above, prioritize any cubes in the space*. Within that,
the highest Population spaces. prioritize the highest Population spaces.

If no such Terror is possible, skip to 8.8.4 Rally, Then, Rally in Kabul, if there is no
bullet one, below. Otherwise, conduct a Special Underground Taliban Guerrilla there
Activity as follows. already.

EXTORT. Preliminaries: Do not expose the last Then, Rally in up to two spaces that are
one Taliban Guerrilla at a Taliban Base (the last at Neutral, have no Coalition and no
two if unshaded Find Fix Finish is in effect). Taliban pieces. Within that, prioritize the
highest Population spaces.
First, Extort everywhere possible without
exposing the last Taliban Guerrilla in a Then, Rally at all Taliban Bases*. Within
space with no Opposition. that, Rally in Pakistani spaces last, then

A Distant Plain Non-Player Variant (v1.0)

or within that prioritize the highest thirds of available Resources (rounding down),
Population spaces. or without a spending limit if the Taliban have
less than nine Resources. Do not relocate the
Finally, Rally in all three Pakistani
last one Taliban Guerrilla at a Taliban Base (the
spaces*, if Rally there is free. last two if unshaded Find Fix Finish is in effect).
If no such Rally is possible, skip to 8.8.5 March, March such that no Taliban Control is lost.
bullet one, below. Otherwise, conduct a Special First, use March to get one Underground
Activity as follows.
Guerrilla to each Taliban Base with no
EXTORT. Extort as follows. such Taliban Guerrilla already. Only March
into such Pakistani spaces that have no
Extort on the 3 and 4 Economic Value
Guerrillas at the Base(s) there.
Then, get three Guerrillas (Underground,
If no such Extort is possible, Infiltrate per below.
if able, from multiple sources if needed)
INFILTRATE. In one space with Underground to one Afghan space with room for a
Taliban Guerrilla(s), Infiltrate as follows. Base, only if Taliban Base(s) are
Select spaces to remove pieces, first, of a
Player, then the Government, then the Then, get one Underground Guerrilla
Warlords. Within each of the above, each into up to three spaces as follows:
If the Government is a Player, First, to Neutral spaces with no Taliban
Infiltrate where able to remove the and no Coalition pieces.
most Government cubes
Then, to spaces with Support.
(remembering to reduce Patronage
per each cube removed) Within each bullet above, prioritize Marches into
spaces to which the Taliban March at the lowest
then or within that, where removing
cost, then or within that, to spaces with the
any Faction's last piece or pieces in
highest Population.
the space
Then, get up to two Guerrillas onto each
then or within that, prioritize the
LoC to which the Guerrillas are adjacent
highest Population and the highest
(and onto adjacent LoCs only) to
Economic Value spaces.
outnumber the any enemies on these
NOTE: After executing the priorities above, if a LoCs (including also if there are zero
single cube got removed, place also a Guerrilla enemies there). Within that, prioritize
there. Marches onto the highest Economic Value
LoCs, then or within that, prioritize those
If no such Infiltrate is possible, Extort per 8.8.3 target spaces to which the Taliban are
above. able to get Guerrillas Underground.
8.8.5 March If no such March is possible, skip to 8.8.4 Rally,
If no Terror nor Rally occurred, and Attack with bullet one, above. Otherwise, Extort per 8.8.4
or without Ambush now cannot remove two or above.
more Coalition pieces, the Taliban will March as
8.8.6 Attack
If no Terror or Rally occurred, but Attack with or
Preliminaries: March for the maximum of two- without Ambush would remove two or more

A Distant Plain Non-Player Variant (v1.0)

Coalition pieces, the Taliban will Attack as the fewest Terror markers.
REDEPLOY. Relocate Taliban Guerrillas from LoCs
Preliminaries: Do not expose the last one and spaces with no Taliban Base spreading
Taliban Guerrilla at a Taliban Base (the last two evenly to spaces with Taliban Base(s) and
if unshaded Find Fix Finish is in effect). Taliban Control or to Pashtun spaces in Pakistan
such as to
First, Attack (with Ambush if needed to
ensure success) where doing so removes have at least one Taliban Guerrilla per
Coalition pieces. (Remember any each Taliban Base space. Within that,
Government pieces in the space prevent relocate to Afghan spaces before
the removal of Coalition pieces.) Pakistan.
Then, Attack per the Ambush priorities
8.9 Non-player Warlords Actions
below using Ambush, except in spaces
where there are six or more Taliban This section details the actions by the Non-
Guerrillas. player Warlords as shown on the Warlords
Then, Attack with groups of four or more
Taliban Guerrillas. 8.9.1 Capability and Momentum Events
AMBUSH. Preliminaries: Do not expose the last If the following unshaded Capability is in effect,
one Taliban Guerrilla at a Taliban Base (the last do the following:
two if unshaded Find Fix Finish is in effect).
Unshaded Find Fix Finish: When moving
Select Ambush spaces so as to remove pieces the Warlords pieces in the context of
of: Operations, Special Activities or Events,
get and/or keep two Underground
first, the Coalition. Within that, prioritize
Warlord Guerrillas per each space with
the removal of Bases, then of Troops. two Warlord Bases.
then, the Government. Within that,
8.9.2 Pass, Event, or Operations?
prioritize Bases, then Police, then Troops.
If the current card is a Momentum Event, play it
then, the Warlords. Within that, prioritize per 8.1 Momentum. Otherwise, if the current
Bases, then Guerrillas. card is a Capability Event, play it per 8.1
If no such Ambush is possible, Extort per 8.8.3 Capability. Otherwise, play the shaded part if it
above. will:

8.8.7 Taliban Propaganda Procedures increase uncontrolled Population or the

Warlord Resources
SHARIA. Preliminaries: In spaces with Taliban
Control, conduct Sharia to the maximum place Warlord Guerrillas on LoCs or
extent. Remove Terror markers only if Warlord Base(s) on the map
Resources suffice also to shift
Otherwise, if the Warlord have zero Resources,
Support/Opposition in the space.
Pass. If none of the above, continue below.
Conduct Sharia to cause the greatest
possible shift in Support/Opposition. 8.9.3 Rally
Within that, prioritize spaces with If the Rally Operation bullet one would replace
Support, then or within that, spaces with Guerrillas with a Base, the Warlords will Rally as

A Distant Plain Non-Player Variant (v1.0)

follows. *NOTE: Rally placing Guerrillas until none are

Available. Thereafter, Rally to flip Guerrillas
Preliminaries: Rally in up to three spaces.
First, in spaces with three or more
If no such Rally is possible, skip to 8.9.4 March,
Warlord Guerrillas: bullet one, below. Otherwise, conduct a Special
First, if there is no space for a Activity as follows. If the Warlords have less
Warlords Base there AND there is a than 43 Resources, Cultivate, otherwise,
Government Base in the space, then Suborn, both per below.
Suborn against the Government CULTIVATE. Cultivate as follows.
Base** removing it AND then Rally
replacing two Warlord Guerrillas with First, if this is the last Campaign, skip to
a Base there. Traffic below.
Otherwise, replace two Warlord Then, Cultivate in a space with an
Guerrillas with a Base. existing Warlords Base.
**NOTE: If the Suborn Special Activity does not Then, in a space with no Warlords Base.
here occur in the maximum allowed number of
If no eligible Cultivation space has yet
spaces, attempt to complete the Special
Activity per the Suborn priorities below before been found, Rally in one more space AND
completing the Rally (see IMPORTANT in 8.2 then Cultivate there.
above). Within the bullets two, three and four above,
Then, in one highest Population space prioritize the highest Population spaces
with one or more Population, a single
Warlords Base, and room for another: If no such Cultivate is possible, Traffic per below.
If Traffic and Suborn have already been
If Rally placing Guerrillas enables
attempted, conduct no Special Activity.
Cultivate, Rally* AND then Cultivate
TRAFFIC. Traffic as follows.
Otherwise, Cultivate AND then Rally*
First, Traffic at all uncontrolled Warlord
Then, Rally in all spaces where there are
Base spaces.
Warlord Bases but no Warlord Guerrillas.
Within that, prioritize the highest Then, Traffic at all Warlord Bases
Population spaces, then or within that, excluding those where this would give
where there are the most Bases (of any any Player Resources or Patronage (i.e.
Faction). spaces with Taliban or COIN Control).
Then, Rally at all Warlord Bases*. Within If no such Traffic is possible, Suborn per below.
that, prioritize the highest Population SUBORN. Preliminaries: Suborn only such that
spaces. the Warlords do not thereby fall below 41
Then, Rally where there are Warlord Warlords Resources.
Guerrilla(s) but no Warlord Bases. First, Suborn in spaces such that it
Then, Rally in one random highest reduces the Government Player's Victory
Population space with one or more margin by up to four points.
Population. Then, Suborn to remove any Control in

A Distant Plain Non-Player Variant (v1.0)

one highest Population space in Operation and Pass instead (earning a

Afghanistan. Resource).
If no such Suborn is possible, after Terror or If no such March is possible, skip to 8.9.3 Rally,
Attack, conduct no Special Activity. Otherwise, bullet one, above. Otherwise, conduct a Special
Cultivate per above. Activity as follows. If the Warlords have less
than 43 Resources, Cultivate, otherwise,
8.9.4 March Suborn, both per 8.9.3 above.
If no Rally occurred and no Player Faction has a
positive Victory margin, the Warlords will March
8.9.5 Terror
as follows. If no Rally nor March occurred, and Terror could
reduce the Victory maring of any Player Faction,
Preliminaries: Do not relocate the last one
the Warlords will Terror as follows, otherwise
Warlords Guerrilla at a Warlords Base (the last
skip to 8.9.6 Attack below.
two where there are two Warlord Bases if
unshaded Find Fix Finish is in effect). Create no Preliminaries: Terror in up to three spaces
COIN nor Taliban Control. (shifting these to Neutral). Do not expose the
last one Warlords Guerrilla at a Warlords Base
First, use March to get one Underground
(the last two where there are two Warlord
to each Warlord Base with no such Bases if unshaded Find Fix Finish is in effect).
First, Terror to reduce the Victory
Then, get exactly two Guerrillas on each
margin of any Player controlled
reachable LoC (Marching with Active Faction. Within that, prioritize the
Guerrillas first, if choice). Ignore this highest Population spaces.
bullet if the Warlords have 45 or more
Resources OR this is the last Campaign. Then, Terror in one random space in
which causing the greatest reduction in
Then, unless this is the last Campaign in
Support or Opposition.
which case ignore this bullet, get three
Warlord Guerrillas (from multiple random 8.9.6 Attack
sources, if needed) into each reachable
If no Rally, March or Terror occurred, the
space with one or more Population and
Warlords will Attack as follows.
room for a Base. Within that, prioritize
the highest Population spaces, then or Preliminaries: Attack in spaces with four or
within that, spaces where there are no more Warlord Guerrillas (only). Do not expose
Coalition pieces. the last one Warlords Guerrilla at a Warlords
Base (the last two where there are two Warlord
Then, March to remove most Control.
Bases if unshaded Find Fix Finish is in effect).
Within that, prioritize spaces in which
removing Control by a Player Faction. First, Attack to attempt to reduce the
Victory margin of any Player Faction (by
Then, only if in a loop and the Warlords
removing Control or Bases). Within that,
have already tried to perform all other
prioritize the highest Population spaces.
If no such Attack is possible, skip to 8.9.5 Terror,
First, March to a highest Population
bullet one, above. Otherwise, conduct the
space with one or more Population. Suborn Special Activity per 8.9.4 above.
Otherwise, the Warlords conduct no

A Distant Plain Non-Player Variant (v1.0)

9 Examples of play less than the number of unplayed Propaganda

cards AND the Coalition is certainly able to take
This section contains a few examples of play the upcoming Capability the Coalition will Pass
illustrating the use of the Non-player priorities now to pick up the Capability of the next card.
detailed above. As the Coalition are marked as the first Eligible
Faction on the upcoming card (their symbol is
9.1 Example #1: Momentum and listed first), the Coalition is guaranteed to get
Capability Events the first crack on the Capability. Note that a
Faction whose symbol is not the first in the
This Non-player variant incorporates some Eligibility order on a given card may
novel mechanics for handling Non-player Event nonetheless be guaranteed to be first Eligible
play. This example illustrate some of these on a Capability card if the Faction(s) before in
mechanics. the Eligibility order are guaranteed to be
Set Up: For this example, simply mark all Ineligible on that card (e.g. if that Faction has
Factions as Eligible (no need to set up the already played on the current card and will thus
board). Then, select the Event card 11. be Ineligible on the next card).
Strategic Release as the current card and the Suppose, for the sake of this example, that
card 12. Village Stability Operations as the we've got four Propaganda cards left hidden in
upcoming Event. In this example, the Taliban the deck, and suppose further that the Non-
are a human controlled Faction while the other player Coalition now rolls a three. This is less
three Factions are Non-players. then the number of unplayed Propaganda cards
meaning the Coalition will Pass: we shift the
Coalition cylinder into the Pass box of the
Sequence of Play display and add three to the
Government Resources. Perhaps you will find it
useful to place a spare Coalition colored marker
onto the upcoming card as a reminder of what
is to happen.
Per the Eligibility order on the current card, the
Non-player Government is the next Faction to
act. We note that the current card 11. Strategic
Execution: Inspecting the Eligibility order on Release is a Momentum Event. Therefore, per
the current card, we see the Non-player the Pass, Event or Operations? box of the
Coalition has the first opportunity to act. Government flowchart we again refer to the
Looking at the Pass, Event or Operations? box in rules section 8.1. There we see the Non-player
the top left corner of the Coalition flowchart, we Government will automatically execute the
note that the first bullet asks us to check Momentum Event since the upcoming card is
whether this OR the next card is a Capability not a Propaganda card. Let's shift the
Event. The next card indeed is a Capability, and Government cylinder into the 1st Faction Event
so we do as the chart says and refer to the rules box and remember that from now on, the
booklet section 8.1 for further instructions. effects of 11. Strategic Release apply.
There in a bullet named Capability, the Next, as the third Faction in the Eligibility order
instructions detail a decision making mechanic of the current card we've got the Non-player
according to which the Non-player Coalition will Warlords. They will now execute an Operations
now roll a 1d6 and if the roll value equals or is with a Special Activity the details of which we

A Distant Plain Non-Player Variant (v1.0)

will not cover in this example. that is, the first few lines of text, in Italics,
immediately after the Operation name we note
After the Warlords have executed their
there's a spending limit to the Government Train
Operations and a Special Activity, with two
Operation. The priorities tell us to spend 2/3
Factions having now acted on the current card,
of Res max, an abbreviated form of expression
the card gets discarded and 12. Village Stability
for saying that we may spend up to two-thirds
Operations becomes the new current card. We
of all the Resources (rounded down) currently
remember that the Non-player Coalition
available to the Faction at hand (see 8.2.2
specifically passed on the previous card to be
Abbreviations Used). Doing the math, two-thirds
Eligible to take the Capability on this card. And
of 20 Resources (rounding down to the closest
so the Non-player Coalition now takes the
full number) make 13 Resources that the Non-
unshaded Village Stability Operations Capability.
player Government will maximally spend here.
We ignore the second sentence of the
9.2 Example #2: Govt Train + preliminaries for now.
Special Activity and the
Moving on to the first bullet of the Train box, we
Spending Limit check if the Government would replace its
For some Non-player Operations a spending cubes with a Base. For this purpose, we look for
limit obtains. An example of this is the Non- a space with these characteristics: one or more
player Government Train operation. (The Taliban Population, no existing Government or Coalition
March as well as the Government Sweep and Base but space for one, and at least three
Assault Operations are further examples of Government cubes. There is no such space.
actions to which a spending limit applies.) (Suppose, however, that Herat did not yet have
Set Up: Set the board as at the start of the a Government Base there. Then it would
Short Scenario except reduce the Government become the first location in this Government
Resources down to 20 AND shift two Coalition Train Operation. Per the general replacement
Troops from Kabul to Nuristan (the latter now instructions in 8.2.1, the fourth bullet, the
becomes COIN Controlled). Government would replace three randomly
selected cubes of theirs in Herat with an
Execution: Suppose the Non-player Available Government Base.)
Government is first Eligible on a random current
card and that the Pass, Event or Operations? Moving on to the second bullet of the Train box,
box leads them to perform an Operation with a now we are looking for spaces with these
Special Activity. Looking through the diamond characteristics: the space has two or more
shaped conditions on the left hand side, we Population, COIN Control, no Coalition Base, and
pass through the first two diamonds along the no Terror markers. Nuristan, with its two
No arrow as the Government will not be able to Population, fills the bill. There is a longish list of
Assault anyone (with all Guerrillas on the map things that are now going to happen there. In
being Underground) nor are there any the flowchart, the capitalized AND's indicate
insurgents on the LoCs for the Patrol Operation that for this bullet to be executed at all, all the
to get triggered. elements conjoined by the AND's must be
executable. (This is also clarified in 8.2.2
Arriving at the third diamond condition we note, Abbreviations Used.) We now go through these
however, that there are more than 10 steps one by one.
Government Troops Available. Hence, we follow
the Yes arrow to the Train box. First, let's mark Nuristan as a Government Train
location. In this case, the Train simply involves
Looking at the preliminaries of the Train box

A Distant Plain Non-Player Variant (v1.0)

marking the space as a Train location, and be useful to remind ourselves of the spending
paying three Resources, without placing any limit for this Operation again as this is one of
cubes. No cubes may be placed in Nuristan for the potential limits to in how many spaces the
the lack of a COIN Base there, but it is still a Government will seek to place cubes (Train in
legal Train location. up to three spaces is the other limit). With six
Resources already marked for spending at the
Second, still in Nuristan, the Government buys
second bullet, we've got another 7 Resources to
Civic Actions there for another three Resources
spend before we hit the 13 Resources limit. That
shifting the space to Support. Yet, third, that
is, the Government will be able to Train in two
Support gets immediately wiped off again as
more spaces (for a total cost of 6 Resources).
the Non-player Government selects Nuristan as
a location for the Govern Special Activity: we Here the flowchart incorporates a helpful rules
transfer two points of Aid to Patronage and shift reminder, in red, that if the Government is to
Nuristan back to Neutral again. That is one place cubes, it may do so at COIN Bases or in
ruthless move by the Government right there, a Kabul (only). There are plenty of candidate
move that fully exploits any carelessness on the spaces on the map. However, in the green box
Coalition's part if they leave any Support in the flowchart, there are some tie breakers
dangling without protecting it by the presence that will help us narrow down the group of
of a Coalition Base! This is a move the legal candidate spaces.
execution of which requires the Player to grasp
The first tie
some subtle nuances pertaining to the Train
breaker, a, tells
Operation and the Govern Special Activity.
us to pick those
There's a cross at the end of the second bullet spaces with the
that refers to a note telling us to now finish up least
the Govern Special Activity that, exceptionally, Government
was called for already in the Operations box. cubes among all
There are a few Non-player Operations that do the candidate
that in this variant. Let us, therefore, turn to the spaces
Govern box. Govern may occur in up to two identified
spaces, one of which was already selected in above. Glancing
The Government Trains in Kabul, Khowst and
the Train Operation box. at the map we Nuristan. In the latter, also the Govern
note that each Special Activity occurs.
We see that there is no space (with Support) in
candidate space has got exactly the same
which more Patronage could be extracted, so
number of Government cubes in them, four with
we skip to the second bullet. The Government
the exception of Kabul where there are two blue
won't be placing any +1 Pop markers either as
cubes. Therefore, the tie breaker a selects
there are no legal target spaces (with Support)
Kabul. We will need to look at the tie breaker b
for that. Therefore, this time, the Govern
to figure out the other Train space. This tells us
Special Activity only occurs in a single space
to prioritize the highest Population spaces
selected in the Train Operation box.
among the candidates. After Kabul, the next
Return now to the Train Operations box to finish most populous spaces in which the Government
up the Train. Since the Government has now could place cubes are Khowst and Konduz with
executed a Special Activity, we may skip the two plus one Population in each. We need a
third bullet arriving at the fourth bullet which random roll to select one of these two locations.
involves the Government potentially placing Say Khowst gets selected.
some forces on the map. This is where it might
With the Train spaces selected, we now place

A Distant Plain Non-Player Variant (v1.0)

the cubes. Now the second sentence of the cost 0 Resources. Finally, place two Warlords
preliminaries becomes relevant. It tells us to Guerrillas and two Police from Available onto
place the maximum number of cubes normally the LoC leading from Kabul toward the Khyber
six, although possibly limited to four by the Pass, and relocate two Police from Kandahar
shaded Night Letters Capability, or by piece onto the adjacent LoC with the Economic value
availability but always two more Troops than of three leading from Kandahar towards Spin
Police. That is to say, the Government will now Boldak.
place four Troops and two Police in each of
Execution: Suppose the Non-player Taliban are
Khowst and Kabul if the shaded Night Letters
first Eligible on a random current Event but that
was in effect, the second sentence of the
it is of no interest to the Non-player Taliban as
preliminaries would see the Government place
per the Pass, Event, or Operations? box on the
three Troops and one Police per each Train
flowchart. Thus, we follow the If None arrow to
the first diamond of the flowchart.
That concludes this Government Train Operation
Inspecting the diamond and the map, we note
with the Govern Special Activity.
that, while the Taliban is able to execute Terror
in Helmand as well as in Paktika, the combined
9.3 Example #3: Taliban March + shift in Support/Opposition would not equal or
Infiltrate exceed three. We, therefore, pass on along the
The Non-player Taliban March action can be one No arrow to the next diamond. This diamond,
of the most complicated actions of this variant too, we pass by as we note that there are way
to execute it is so in the multi-player game as fewer than 15 Taliban Guerrillas Available and
well, mind you. This is because there are a the Taliban also already has all its Bases on the
number of Capabilities as well as the status of map and is therefore unable to place any
the Islamabad Track that essentially complicate further Bases.
the March Operation. Also, per the rules, the We follow the No arrow to the next diamond. For
Taliban is able to March again if the previous the Taliban to be able to remove Coalition
destination was a Pashtun space, which further pieces by an Attack and/or Ambush, the pieces
expands the cost as well as the possibilities to have to be unaccompanied by Government
consider. cubes since, per the rules of play, Government
Set Up: Set the board as at the start of the cubes must all be removed before the Coalition
Short Scenario except as follows. Add two pieces may be removed.
Taliban Guerrillas each to Kandahar, Ghazni, Therefore, we again follow the No arrow which,
Khowst, Waziristan, and the Northwest Frontier. however, takes us to the March box: having
Add one Taliban Base to each of the three inspected the board state, the Non-player
Pakistani spaces. Shift all the Afghan spaces Taliban has opted to execute the March
among these as well as Nuristan to Opposition. operation.
Remove the two Taliban Guerrillas in Zabol and
in Oruzgan, respectively. Oruzgan becomes Let's inspect the Preliminaries in detail. For this
COIN Controlled. Reduce the Taliban Resources Operation, a spending limit applies. The Taliban
by four to 11. Assume further that the have got 11 Resources, two-thirds of this makes
unshaded Aerostats Capability (Event card 5.) is 7.33 which gets rounded down to 7 Resources
in effect increasing the Taliban March costs by that the Taliban will maximally spend on this
one per destination. Note, however, that the Operation.
Islamabad Track is at Backing which makes the The Preliminaries also specify that the Taliban
Taliban Marches to and from Pakistan spaces

A Distant Plain Non-Player Variant (v1.0)

ought not March out any last Guerrilla and all this for a cost of zero because of the
protecting its Bases or any last two Guerrillas if Islamabad Track.
the unshaded Find Fix Capability is in effect. It is
However, now that the unshaded Aerostats is in
a powerful Capability with which each Coalition
effect, even the otherwise free Marches cost
Assault may remove one Underground Guerrilla
one Resource as per the Capability. In these
in addition to any Active ones. Thus the Taliban
circumstances, the tie breaker a limits the
had better leave sufficient protection at its
choice to Waziristan as the sole space from
Bases when Find Fix is in play. The Capability is
which a Guerrilla is able to get to Zabol for the
not in effect in this example, however.
cost of one Resource. Conduct that March now.
The Preliminaries also
Moving on to the second bullet, the aim there is
instruct the Taliban not to
to set up a group of Guerrillas for a future Base
March the last
building opportunity but only if at least one
Underground Guerrillas out
Taliban Base is Available. None are, so we may
of spaces with no
skip this bullet altogether.
Opposition. This is to keep
those spaces set up for The third bullet seeks to spread Taliban forces
later Terror Operations. for the purposes of setting up future Terror
Finally, the March ought to Operations. As per the bullet, we are seeking to
lead to no loss of Taliban March into up to three spaces getting an
Control, the keeping of Underground Guerrilla to each selected space.
which might come handy during the next Our first targets are spaces with the following
Propaganda's Sharia phase. Also, the Non- characteristics: at Neutral, no Taliban and no
player Taliban has to be careful not to award the Coalition forces. There are multiple such targets
Government any extra points by losing Taliban given the Taliban ability to March again from
and possibly creating COIN Control. Pashtun spaces (hence, even a far-away space
like Herat is a reachable space via the Pashtun
With the Preliminaries in mind, we move on to
spaces adjacent to it). Let's have the first tie
the first bullet which tells us to get one
breaker, that of prioritizing lowest cost Marches,
Underground Guerrilla to each Taliban Base with
narrow down the candidates for us.
no such Guerrilla. Zabol has got a Taliban Base
and no Guerrillas whatsoever so we've got to By this tie breaker, Badakhshan becomes the
get one Underground Guerrilla there. Where is it first March target as it is the sole space to which
going to come from? As an example of how the the Taliban may March for the cost of a single
Capabilities and/or the Islamabad Track can Resource. Furthermore, for the March to cost a
complicate the March Operation, were the single Resource, the Guerrilla has to come from
unshaded Aerostats not in effect, the Guerrilla the Northwest Frontier if it came from Nuristan,
could come from practically anywhere on the the cost would be two Resources, one for the
board. While the first tie breaker for the bullet March itself, and another for the Aerostats
under consideration tell us to prioritize the Capability. We conduct that March now.
lowest cost Marches, the effect of the status of
We've got two more target spaces to find as per
the Islamabad Track combined with the Taliban
the third bullet and there are way more legal
ability to March again from Pashtun spaces,
candidate spaces than that. The tie breaker b
practically enables the Taliban to March
tells us to order the March destinations per
Guerrillas around for free. That is, they may
descending Population size. This gives us
March a Guerrilla from an adjacent Afghan
Baghlan (with two plus one population) as the
space to one of the Pashtun spaces in Pakistan
next destination to which a Guerrilla from
and then March it out into Afghanistan again,

A Distant Plain Non-Player Variant (v1.0)

Nuristan alone is able to get to for the lowest the two highest value LoCs are out from among
cost of two Resources. the candidate targets.
The last target space to be selected per the Two of the LoCs with an Economic value of one
third bullet of the Taliban March instructions remain in the race and random selection picks
involves a tie between Ghowr and Bamian: both the LoC leading from the town of Kandahar
can be reached for the cost of two Resources toward Farah. Two Guerrillas from the Kandahar
and have the same Population value. As always, Province are able to get onto that LoC. Their
once the tie breakers run out, we will select March renders Kandahar COIN Controlled. With
targets randomly from among the set of that we have reached our spending limit and no
candidates we have arrived at. Say Ghowr gets further Marches may be executed.
selected to which a Guerrilla from Helmand is
Next we will select a Special Activity. In the
the only one to be able to get to.
flowchart, there is a With arrow going out of the
We have now selected the three March March box toward one of the Extort boxes. The
destinations per the third bullet and so, as per box probes whether the Non-player Taliban is
the second sub-bullet of the third bullet that we able to Extort on one of the lucrative three and
have been executing, the Support spaces will four Economic value LoCs. There being no
not be targeted at all this time. We have also Taliban Guerrillas on these LoCs we pass on
spent six of the seven Resources leaving us a along the if None arrow to Infiltrate.
single Resource to spend to fulfill the Marches
As the flowchart shows us, the Non-player
per the fourth and the final bullet.
Taliban prefers to target the Player Faction first.
The final bullet aims to get some Taliban Suppose the Government is a Player controlled
Guerrillas onto the Lines of Communication, or Faction. Therefore, we browse the board for
LoCs, if and only if they then outnumber the spaces with Underground Taliban Guerrillas and
enemies there. The fourth bullet specifies that Government cubes. There are more options
we are looking to March onto adjacent LoCs than the one space in which Infiltrate may
only. Note that one could get further afield using maximally occur: Helmand, Kandahar, Ghazni,
the March-again ability, but the Non-player Paktika, and Khowst.
Taliban does not make use of that ability. Also,
So again we resort to
the Non-player Taliban will want to get up to two
the tie breakers. The
Guerrillas onto each LoC but no more than that.
first tie breaker, a,
Normally, the March onto a LoC costs no says to prioritize
Resources, but again the unshaded Aerostats spaces in which the
imposes a cost of one Resource even upon most Government
these otherwise free Marches. We've got cubes can be
multiple LoCs that could be reached, but only a removed, which by
single Resource and thus a single March to the rules of play
make. Again we will need the tie breakers. pertaining to
Infiltrate is two
The first tie breaker has the Taliban target the
cubes. This is
highest Economic value LoCs those are the
possible in all the
ones leading toward Pakistan but both of those
candidate targets.
LoCs are occupied by two enemy pieces which
The second tie The Non-player Taliban has Marched
means that Taliban is unable to outnumber the
breaker, b, prioritizes onto the Kandahar Farah LoC. The
enemies there by the up to two Taliban Infiltrate Special Activity is about to
spaces in which the occur in the Province of Kandahar.
Guerrillas it is prepared to use here. Therefore,

A Distant Plain Non-Player Variant (v1.0)

last Government cubes can be removed. That Train box. Once again the Preliminaries state a
gives us Kandahar as the winner. spending limit two-thirds of 30 make 20
Resources which we however are unlikely to
The Infiltrate Special Activity removes the two
get even close to breaking. The Preliminaries
remaining Government Troops cubes exposing
also state that the Coalition Train Operations
the Coalition forces to a potential Taliban Attack
will not place any Government cubes unless so
with Ambush later on. The removal of the two
indicated in the priorities themselves. Let's keep
cubes also decreases the Patronage by two
that in mind.
points. That concludes this example of play.
The first two bullets of the Coalition Train box
9.4 Example #4: Coalition Train + are safeguards put in place to counter any
Surge Taliban or Government attempts if these are
controlled by a Player at getting too far ahead.
Surge is one of the most important actions of No Faction is close to winning so we pass these
the Coalition allowing them to increase or bullets by.
decrease their Troop commitment on the ground
as well as to strategically position their Bases. The third bullet, however, asks us to check if
The Non-player Coalition will be a tame any Coalition Bases are Available yes, one
opponent without properly executed Surges. Base is and if so, to pause the Train Operation
to conduct the Surge Special Activity. Therefore,
Set Up: Set the board as at the start of the we take note to return to this position in the
Short Scenario with the following changes. Train box later and head over to the Surge box.
Move the two Police cubes in Ghazni to
Available. Also move all Coalition pieces from The first Surge bullet is there to trigger a
Kandahar to Available and the four Government Coalition pull-out of Afghanistan in the final
cubes there to Baghlan. Also relocate the Campaign and is not relevant now. The second
Government Base in Konduz to Baghlan. bullet is all about getting Coalition Bases out
Kandahar becomes Taliban Controlled and onto the map. The preference written into the
Baghlan COIN Controlled. Adjust the Coalition's bullet is to get Bases into the highest Population
Support + Avail marker up by three. spaces. A rules reminder in red tells us that a
Surge may target COIN Controlled spaces and
Execution: For this example, suppose the Kabul (regardless of who is in Control there).
Warlords are a Player controlled Faction. Worth keeping mind is also the priority in 8.2.1
Suppose further that the Non-player Coalition is never to have two Coalition Bases in a single
first Eligible on a random current Event card space.
that is of no interest to them as per the Pass,
Event or Operations? box. We follow the If None Therefore, we search the map for a single space
arrow onward to the first decision diamond. with no Coalition Base already but that is COIN
Controlled as the home for the Available Base.
We pass by the first diamond there are no There are two such spaces, Herat and Baghlan.
Underground Taliban Guerrillas in Support Herat immediately drops out as the lower
spaces nor Underground pieces of the Player Population space. Now place a Coalition Base
(i.e. the Warlords) at a Coalition Base. We pass from Available to Baghlan.
by the second diamond too as no Bases are
exposed and removable by a Assaults or Air The bullet we are working through right now
Strikes nor can any pieces be removed in the also says that if any of the newly placed Bases
sole Support space, Kabul. have no Coalition Troops at them, then each
such Base also receives a single protecting
Therefore, we follow the No arrow down to the Coalition Troop. The Base in Baghlan indeed has

A Distant Plain Non-Player Variant (v1.0)

no Coalition Troop at it, so let us place one from already moved pieces around, because if no
Available there. We have no used one of the pieces moved so far it probably is not worth
three legal spaces in which Surge may take doing a Surge at all, but some other Special
place. Activity instead.
The third bullet of the Surge box checks if any In any case, per the first sub-bullet of the bullet
of the Coalition Bases already on the map could four, we are now to roll one six-sided die and
be relocated to more favorable locations. That is either withdraw to Available or place onto the
to say, moving again between Kabul and COIN map, that 1d6 worth of Coalition Troops. The
Controlled spaces only (such spaces being the direction of movement will depend on the
only legal Surge targets per the regular rules of current level of Support as compared to the
play), the Non-player Coalition seeks to relocate number of Troops in the Available box. Thus, at
its Bases to higher Population value spaces than this moment Support is four (all of it in Kabul)
where it already has spaces. We note that both and there are seven Troops in the Available box,
Konduz and Herat have no Coalition Bases but which is to say the Non-player Coalition will
are COIN Controlled and thus possible Surge seek to reduce the number of Available Troops
targets. until it hits four. Overall the mechanic here is
meant to simulate the decision to respond to a
As the source spaces of the to-be-relocated
low level of Support by increasing the boots on
Coalition Bases we look for COIN Controlled
the ground or vice versa.
spaces with a Coalition Base and a lower
Population than the target space. Konduz has a Suppose we roll a 1d6 and the result is a four.
higher Population (two plus one) than each of The Non-player Coalition will now place three
Ghazni, Paktika and Helmand (Population one). (not four) Troops from Available onto the map
Konduz will thus become the target space while after which the number of Available Troops
the source space will be chosen at random. equals the level of Support.
Suppose Helmand gets chosen.
Where are these Troops going to? As we are
Therefore, we mark executing a Surge and have already selected all
Helmand and Konduz three Surge targets, the three new-comer
as the second and the Troops must go to one of the already selected
third spaces in which targets. Beyond that, there's a tie breaker b
Surge is to take place that sees the incoming Troops be spread out
and transfer the evenly, so let us place one Troop in each of the
Coalition Base from the three selected spaces.
former to the latter. The
The second sub-bullet of the bullet four
bullet in question also
The Non-Player Coalition has got attempts to secure sufficient protection for the
specifies that we are to the high Population space Coalition Bases, but all of them already have at
relocate one Troop from Baghlan at Support which the
Coalition Base there will serve to least one Coalition Troop. Therefore, we move
Helmand to protect the protect. It will be hard for the on to the final sub-bullet. The Surge Special
Base in Konduz. That enemies to preach this
stronghold. Activity also allows the Coalition to increase Aid.
concludes the third
The Non-player Coalition will always do this if
Surge bullet.
the Government is also a Non-player, otherwise
Next, in the fourth bullet, the Non-player more Aid is conditional on low Patronage. In the
Coalition looks at readjusting its Troop present case, the Government is a Non-player,
commitment. Note that this bullet will be so we roll 1d6 and add that many points of Aid.
executed if and only if any of the bullet above
Altogether the above Surge reduced the

A Distant Plain Non-Player Variant (v1.0)

Coalition Victory margin by five. Move the the maximum number of Police cubes. Only if
Support + Avail marker from 13 down to eight. there aren't enough of them Available will
That concludes this Surge and we return to the Government Troops get placed. At present
Train box. enough Police are Available and so we place six
of them in Ghazni.
The next Train bullet to process is the bullet four
which has the Non-player Coalition conduct The final bullet of the Train procedure checks if
Civic Actions. This is legal in a single space with Civic Actions already occurred to the extent
COIN Control (or in two spaces if the PRTs they can, and if not, Civic Actions will occur now
Capability is in effect). In addition, in this bullet, (this time also in other than Coalition Base
the Non-player Coalition prefers to conduct spaces). In the present examples, the Civic
Civic Actions at its own Bases only all of which Actions already occurred, so nothing happens
are now on the map. We resort to the tie on this last bullet. That concludes this example.
breakers to narrow down the selection. The first
tie breaker has us looking to cause the greatest Credits
shift, that is, where the most total points of Producer: Volko Ruhnke.
Opposition/Support gets shifted. This time there
is no Opposition on the map, so the tie breaker Charts and Aids: Charlie Kibler.
effectively has us target the highest Population Playtesters: Ian Doran, Phil Fowler, Adam
and therefore the highest shift spaces. These Gastonguay, Matthias Jahr, Lino Sanguino, Brian
are Khowst and Baghlan, with two plus one Schlorholtz, Jason Sherlock, Mic Slipko, Rex
Population each. The second tie breaker, b, Stites, Colin Taylor.
favours the non-Pashtun space Baghlan over
Khowst and we mark the former space as a The designer would like to thank Volko for the
Train target. opportunity to make a contribution to my
favorite board game series, the COIN Series,
The Coalition does not pay any Resources for a and Rodger B. MacGowan for publishing this
Train unless they also place cubes. This is where variant, as well as all those whose invaluable
the second sentence of the Preliminaries volunteer work made this variant possible and
becomes significant: Place no Govt unless my wife for her patience!
indicated. There is no indication that any
Government cubes get placed here, so we
simply Train for zero Resources, pay three
Resources for Civic Actions, and place a Support
marker in Baghlan. This bumps the Coalition's
Support + Avail marker three spaces forward.
It is in the fifth bullet of the Train box that we
finally look at maybe placing some Government
cubes (in spaces with any COIN Bases as per
the regular rules of play). The conditions for this
to occur are pretty stringent: only if a space has
less than two Government cubes or no Police
are we to place any. Looking around on the map
we see that the only such space is Ghazni, it
has no Police. Let's mark Ghazni as a Train
location and pay three Resources. It is the
preference of the Non-player Coalition to place