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Trends forecast

Florine Foulon
#1 - Colors
Bright, cheerful, girly, A large palette of light tones
illuminates this colorful F/W 17/18
soft/sweet and season, from deep purple to sweet
vitalizing pink and energetic orange.

Luminous, sparkling
and dazzling

eye-catching and
Deep, sensual and

Umami Grenadine Pollen / Mustard

Must-wear color
Ballet slipper
and orange mix
up for an over
vitalizing effect

peony all combined
bring a deep and
powerful effect, where
vivid orange illuminates
the other 2 classical
Ballet slipper + orange F/W colors Orange+khaki+navy peony
#2 - Prints
Oversize floral prints
bring up a dreamy
and sensual touch to
better warm this
winter up
plaids, fringes
& colorful folk
with oriental
and graphical
More than
enough to
avoid the
#3 - Textile
From top to bottom, velvet is everywhere!
Corduroy as well as regular velvet: it takes
all shapes with all kind of decorations
The must-have: wear it custom with pearls
or embroideries to sparkle even more
Glittery is trendy.
And 80s spirit is still alive,
lighting up every wardrobe.
Silver VS gold or even lam VS
Well, as long as it shines...
#4 - Key products
Coats: with plaids,
oversize, puffy,
furry All to cuddle,
nest, assume the
cocooning mood...
and never take them

Shirt: we take this classical piece out of our closet

and only wear if its an unconventional version
with a little twist, from folk embroideries to
asymmetrical sleeves or even bi-color print
Bottoms Pants: large with Skirts: velvet
oversize loop and shiny with
and high waist long/midi
length to better
highlight the
waist, long legs
and the overall
feminine allure
Dresses / Jumpsuit / Suits

2 pieces suit, sexy dress

back from the 80s and
jumpsuit with contrasted
loop... we keep playing with
femininity from corporate to
all night long moods
Legs are ON!
Trendy socks, lam leggings or pearled
When our own legs become as
fashionable as our closet

Bags get all furry and

metallic with rivets and
colorful hairs to drive
everyones attention
#5 - Silhouettes
As a matter of fact, athleisure is
here to stay. Just as the
street/luxury trend.

Anything to say? Print it on your

Rough or soft?

Punk is (and will never be) dead...

On the other hand, fluffiness and puffy silhouettes
bring up a little bit of softness in this rocky world to
better wrap us all
From naked shoulder to the
Art of Layering: girls keep
playing with layers. More or
less: is all depends on the
mood rather than the
Sources - just to name a few

Blogs: Instagramers: Brands: Designers:

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Jeff Koons

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