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Smart Grid Solutions for Energy, Gas, Water and Railway

Power Systems IXXAT SG-gateways connect remote
management protocols of power delivery and infrastructure
industry with industrial automation systems





Solve the communication
challenges of the Smart Grid
IXXAT SG-gateways are designed to enable communication between industrial
automation systems and control systems for energy, water/wastewater, gas and
railway power networks. They can also be used for networking equipment within
these systems. The integrated Web-PLC enables the SG-gateway to be used as an
information bridge between two systems, or to execute simple automation functions,
e.g. preprocessing measured data or generating messages (status and alarm
messages, etc.).

IXXAT SG-gateways... Connectivity for Ethernet networks, like PROFIBUS,

control centers PROFINET, EtherNet/IP or any
enable easy remote control other industrial network. Further-
and management of more, device versions with digital
All IXXAT SG-gateways support
electrical systems I/Os and M-Bus are available.
the communication protocols used
support IEC 61850 client/ in control center networks, e.g.
server, GOOSE, proxy IEC 60870-5-104, IEC 61850, IEC The IXXAT SG-gateway also sup-
gateway, IEC 60870-5-104 61400-25 and VHPready. ports IEC 60870-5-104, IEC 61850
client/server and VHPready In addition, they also provide Mod- and IEC 61400-25 in the field area,
bus-TCP client/server and Modbus- which allows it to be used as a data
provide Modbus-TCP client/ aggregator, that collects data from
RTU master/slave functionality.
server and Modbus-RTU IEC 60870-5-104 and IEC 61850
The remote control connections are
master/slave interfaces devices, performs data preprosess-
protected via OpenVPN, firewall
enable SNMP, SNTP, and and a password-protected configu-
cloud connectivity ration access.

provide I/O, M-Bus,

PROFIBUS, PROFINET and Fieldbus connection
EtherNet/IP interfaces
Thanks to the built-in Anybus tech-
are safe firewall, OpenVPN
nology, the SG-gateways support
& password protection
different fieldbus and industrial
support IEC 60870-5-104
redundancy acc. edition 2
(Norwegian Convention)
Control System 61850
IEC 61850 IEC
Security: IEC 60870-5-104 60870-5-104
OpenVPN, firewall, Redundancy (according
password protection to the Norwegian Convention)

examples for the
SG gateway
In electricity networks
Smart Grid
IEC 60870
IEC 61850
Networking within and with
Other Infrastructure networks switchgear and transformer
networks energy, gas, water, railway
Networks for the
industrial automation Linking of power generators to
Virtual Power Plants
Connection of plants to
Demand Response systems

ing and hands over the data to Function Charts). The Web-PLC Connection between energy
a control center in pre-processed provides a graphical user interface producers and control systems
form. accessible via the integrated web Networking of different infra-
server and a standard browser. structure systems (energy/gas)
e.g. for Power2X applications
Configuration Device access is either possible
and integration within the local network or by us- In the area of rail power
ing a remote control interface via networks and transport
The IXXAT SG-gateway is pro- cable or 3G secured via Open- infrastructure
grammed using an easy to operate VPN.
and intuitive Web-PLC. All func- Networking of control and mo-
tions are implemented similar to For programming, both complex nitoring systems of railway and
the well-known CFCs (Continuous function blocks as well as simple transport infrastructure net-
functions are available for signal works (such as tunnel systems)
preprocessing (AND, OR, XOR, with the control center
PARE). Alarm functions via SMS
can also be easily implemented. In the area of water/
wastewater management
Diagnosis and network analyzer
Connection of automation
functions (generating pcap files)
components in water supply
are integrated.
networks to the control center
Sewer monitoring and control
IXXAT SG-gateway
Versions, interfaces and features


Variants / SG-gateway SG-gateway SG-gateway SG-gateway SG-gateway

Features IO EtherNet/IP M-Bus Master PROFINET PROFIBUS
Variant specific interfaces I/O Interface EtherNet/IP M-Bus PROFINET PROFIBUS
- 4x digital Inputs - EtherNet/IP - M-Bus Master interface - Complete PROFINET-IO - PROFIBUS DPV1
- 4x digital Outputs functionality I/O Interface RT Class 1 & 3 com. functionality
- Integrated switch - 2x SO digital Inputs V 2.32
- 2x digital Outputs - Integrated switch
Common interfaces - IEC 61850 (optional) Client/Server, GOOSE Publisher/Subscriber
- IEC 60870 (optional) Client/Server + Redundancy (Norwegian Convention)
- 3 G modem, 3G Tri Band UMTS modem (optional together with SIM card slot) IEC
- Modbus-RTU Master/Slave via RS-232/422/485
- Ethernet 10/100 Mbit/s interface, supports Modbus-TCP Client/Server
- Security features: OpenVPN client, integrated firewall, password protection
- IT features: DHCP server, SNTP, NAT routing, event log, network trace (pcap)
- Other: SNMP, CODESYS network variables, remanence variables, time switch
Supported protocols IEC61850 Client/Server, GOOSE, IEC60870-5-104 Client/Server, Modbus TCP Client/Server, Modbus RTU Master/Slave, SNMP
Profile support VHPready 4.0
Power supply 24 VDC; Weidmller 3.50/03
Housing; dimensions (L-W-H) Robust metal housing; 73 x 46 x 103 mm (+ 5.1 mm height for versions with 3G modem)
Operating temperature -20 to +60 C
SD card slot Supporting micro SD cards up to 32 Gbyte
Protection class IP20, NEMA rating 1

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