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inspect and refurbish various drilling tools & drillpipe

Compile Inspection reports on completion of all jobs

Liaise with Third party inspectors and customers
Manually push tubulars and drillpipe along the line to the Inspection Bay
Operate automatic power tools on a daily basis
Operate Forklift on daily basis
Offsite Inspection work at various rental companies, as required
Maintaining high standards of housekeeping within the work area
Maintaining work equipment in a safe condition and reporting any deficiencies
Completion of daily time sheets, Hours vs Job Number
Ensuring company property is safe & secure at the end of each shift
Carry out all duties in accordance with the Quality Assurance, HSE and Company procedures and
departmental works instructions


Inspection of all day to day Tubular, Drill Pipe & BHA components, cleaning, tubular movements and general work
Adhere to and Inspect Shop Order work schedules in the pipe yard to ensure all work is undertaken in a timely manner
and per load out schedules Supervisors requirements.
Ensure pipe is identified, racked and stowed to company standards.
Inspect all post machine shop visual inspection on Tubular returned from machine shop.
Maintain good housekeeping standards within the pipe yard and work sites.

Inspection ofdrill pipe, drill collar, HWDP, casing & tubing and tools inspections. Hydro mechanical
jars, Bumper subs, Fishing jars, Pulsar subs, Mud Logging tools, Power packed Motors, Mud
motors, Stabilizers,Roller Reamers, subs, BOP, MI XL Motors, jars, etc.
Inspection of Tools and Rig parts with international standards DS-1, NS-2 and API.
Inspection of magnetic and non-magnetic Drilling tools including MWD, LWD components.
Provide services at onshore and offshore rigs for Inspection of various ranges of handling tools and
lifting equipment as per international standards and customer specifications

BHA Inspections- EMI of Drill Pipe , Handling Equipment , Drilling and Services Tool , Casing &
Tubing , Lifting Equipment & Accessories , Inspection of Rig Parts & Hoisting Equipment

Rattling of Casing & Tubing
Inspection of Rig Parts & Hoisting Equipment

1- Inspection of Drill string components such as Drill Pipes, HWDP , Drill Collar, BHA Tools, as
per DS-1, API RP 7G-2 and customer specifications.
2- Inspection of Casing & Tubing as per API 5A5 & API 5B specifications.
3- Inspection of Handling Tools as per API RP8B specifications.

2- Inspection of Drill string components such as Drill Pipes, BHA, Tools, Stabilizers, Jars, MWD
& LWD as per DS-1 , API and customer specifications.
Inspection of Rig Equipments such as Elevators, Elevator links, slips and Traveling
blocks etc.
Specialized in various services of Inspection like Black Light Inspection, Electro Magnetic
Inspection (EMI-I), Liquid Penetrant Inspection, Magnetic Particle Inspection, Visual Thread
Inspection, O.D. Gauging & Thread Gauging, Dimensional Check, Pipe Straightening, & wall
thickness Gauging, Field Refacing etc.

Conduct Ultrasonic testing and Magnetic Particle Inspection on Rig Mast and Structure as per API
RP4G CAT -4/5, AWS D1.1 (Table 6.1).
Extensive exposure handling inspection assignments of Drill Pipe, BHA,Drill Collars, Heavy Weight
Drill Pipe, Rotary Tools, Tenaris-Vam Tubing & Casings & Specialized Tools & Equipment.
Conduct full drill pipe inspection as per DS-1 Cat.3/4/5, API RP 7G, Customer Spec. (UTG,UTS,
Dimensional, MPI and Visual Inspection, O.D Gauging, Thread Gauging, Pipe Straightening).
Conduct End Area Ultrasonic Inspection on Drill Pipes using new tech Wheel Scanning Unit. Ferrous
and PT on non-ferrous) as per DS-I CAT 3-5, API RP 7G
Conduct full body inspection on Rotary Subs, Stabilizers and Reamers (MPI on tion.
Evaluation and Interpretation of Inspection findings and furnishing of comprehensive Inspection

Assigned on various locations in Kazakhstan both land rigs and offshore rigs
Performed electromagnetic inspection using buggy / Fixed head type with dexim 2000 and
new tech EMI console unit.

Performed Penetrant inspection on Non Porous Materials

Performed inspection of Thru Tubing tools, Casing and Tubing, Fishing tools and Rig Handling
tool components.

Visual inspection.Dimensional checks and Pipe straightening.

Performed ultrasonic thickness gauging on various pressure line pipes.