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Birth Date: 10 Feb 2006

Birth Place: Kinabalu Mt.,
Date of Birth 10 Feb 2006 Friday
Time of Birth 07:13:00 AM
Place of Birth Kinabalu Mt., Malaysia
Ayanmash NC Lahiri
Local Mean Time 06:57:00
Sidreal Time 16:16:34
LT Correction 16:0:0
Obliq 23.44

Avkahada Chakra Ghatak(Malefics)

Lagna Aquarius Rashi Dhanu
Lagna Lord Saturn Months Ashad
Rashi Gemini Tithi 2, 7, 12
Rashi Lord Mercury Day Monday
Nakshatra Punarvasu Nakshatra Swati
Nakshatra Lord Jupiter Prahar 3
Charan 1 Lagna Kark
Tithi Trayodasi Shukla Yoga Parigha
Paya Silver Karan Kaulava
S.S. Yoga Priti
Favourable Points
Karan Kaulava

Varna Shudra Lucky Numbers 1

Tatwa Jala Good Numbers 1, 3, 7, 9

Vashya Manav Evil Numbers 5, 8

Yoni Cat(F) Good Years 10,19,28,37,46,

Gana Deva Lucky Days Frid, Sat, Tue

Nadi Aadi Good Planets Ven, Sat, Mars

Nadi Pada Aadi Evil Planets Jupiter, Sun

Vihaga Pingala Friendly Signs Tau Gem Lib

First Letters Kay, Ko, Haa, Hee Good Lagna Tau, Leo, Lib, Sag

Sun Sign Capricorn Lucky Metal Iron

Decanate 3 Lucky Stone Blue Sapph.

Lucky Time Evening
Lucky Direction West

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Planetary Positions at Birth Time

Planets Dir Rashi Lord Degrees Nakshatra-Qtr Lord Karak ---
Ascendant Aquarius Saturn 6:58:4 Satabhisha-1 Rahu

Sun Direct Capricorn Saturn 27:7:33 Dhanishta-2 Mars Father Enemy House

Mercury Direct Aquarius Saturn 7:41:26 Satabhisha-1 Rahu Intellect Neutral

Venus Direct Sagittarius Jupiter 22:54:58 P.Sada-3 Venus Spouse Enemy House

Mars Direct Taurus Venus 2:11:53 Krittika-2 Sun Courage

Jupiter Direct Libra Venus 24:7:0 Vishakha-2 Jupiter Wealth Enemy House

Saturn Retro Cancer Moon 12:52:17 Pushyami-3 Saturn Longevity Neutral

Moon Direct Gemini Mercury 21:41:59 Punarvasu-1 Jupiter Mother Enemy House

Rahu Retro Pisces Jupiter 12:56:17 U.Bhadra-3 Saturn Desire

Ketu Retro Virgo Mercury 12:56:17 Hasta-1 Moon EmancipationEnemy House

Uranus Direct Aquarius Saturn 15:40:22 Satabhisha-3 Rahu

Neptune Direct Capricorn Saturn 23:29:7 Dhanishta-1 Mars

Pluto Direct Sagittarius Jupiter 2:12:21 Moola-1 Ketu

Lagna Kundali

12 10 Neptune

Rahu 11 Sun
Mercury Uranus

Ascendant Venus

1 9
2 8
3 7

Moon Jupiter

Saturn Ketu
4 6

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Specific Characterstics
You will have sharp intellect, humane nature and generous disposition. You will possess a high
degree of self-esteem and brimming confidence, you will be capable of rising in life by dint of
merit alone. You will have oratorical capacity and a taste for judicial or legal pursuits. Literature
and journalism may be of special interest to you.

You will be somewhat argumentative nature, which may lead to strifes. You are fond of
discussions and travelling. You will have acute facilities and varied interests. In early years, your
interests are apt to be misplaced and faculties unwisely applied. Through acts of indiscretion you
may be misunderstood as a quarrelsome person. You will gain favours from martial persons and
may be prone to fever or sickness.

You will have brilliance of intellect and hallow of fame. You will have success in the study of
literature and science. Being an intent observer of human nature, you may have eventual
success in literary pursuits. In-spite of being restless you are attentive to the consistent details.
You may have success in artistic pursuits also.

Mental Qualities
You will be well-read and learned. You will have versatility and will be dextrous in the manual
crafts. You will be subtle and artistic, curious and inventive. You will have proficiency in writing
and have good command in many languages. You will be mpressive and humane.

Physical Attributes
According to your Horoscope, you will be a tall, slender, elegant person with long fingers, straight
nose, wide forehead and fine expressive eyes. You will be much occupied and somewhat
restless. You will have the gift of eloquence, will move fast and will be widely travelled.

General State of Health

Your zodiacal sign rules over the bones, skin and the knees. Thus, you are prone to
rheumatism, arthritis and skin-complaints. Overwork is the very first thing that could strike the
blow on your health if you don't take adequate rest or skip exercises.

You are more of a loner and confide far less in others - for which reason you habitually remain in
tension. You must learn to relax and find time to be amidst greenery, water and friendly

You should take to sports activities like tennis, billiards, swimming, golf, etc. You should take
cabbage, spinach, onions, barley, beetroot, etc.[/Since the Ascendant is afflicted by Mercury in
your chart, you are prone to suffer from memory-related problems, worries, nervousness and

Since Venus afflicts the Moon in your chart, you may suffer from general weakness and

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Since Jupiter afflicts the Sun in your chart, you may suffer from blood-pressure related diseases.

Since Mars and Saturn both afflict the sign Taurus in your chart, your neck and throat portions
are likely to be affected.

Since Mars and Saturn both afflict the sign Leo in your chart, the part of the body prone to
affections is the belly region.

Education and Profession

You will achieve a good level of education and will hold a Bachelor's degree at least. Besides
formal education, you will have your interest in some other fields also in which you will excel.
You will be intelligent and clever as well.

You may have some specialization or professional training. You will do well in the fields where
certain special abilities find prompt utilization while the academic learnings do not have much of

The planetary combinations in your chart bestow on you a special interest in functioning of living
beings. You may study Biological Sciences and may acquire education in the Medical field. You
may be a Physician or a Surgeon; alternately you may be a professional in some other medicine
related fields.

The planetary combinations in your chart make you a versatile genius. You will be successful in
service and business both. During the early years of your profession you may be in service and
then go for a business of your own; alternately you may be in business initially but later might opt
for service.

Wealth and Inheritance

As regards family-wealth, you will have enough what a person of noble descent would normally
be endowed with. You will be a lover of music, dance and fine arts. You will be a supporter of
benevolent measures and projects, and will be a patron of all that tends to beautify and enliven
life. As regards domestic environments, there would be nothing more you could wish for : all-
round gentle humanness, traditional culture, devotional wisdom and searchful intellect.

In your chart the lord of earnings placed in the favourable 9th house has given rise to auspicious
'Dhana-Yoga' ensuring influx of money through various sources. But you should not be overly
optimistic in speculative investments as chances of incurring losses are also there; you may
have some problems from foreign lands or distant inland places and during long journeys.The
favorable lines for you are institutes for higher learning, charitable organizations, museums,
libraries, foreign affairs, evangelistic foundations, etc.

In your chart the lord of inheritance being placed in the Ascendant is a very fortunate indication
in respect of inheritance. You will not only have substancial property from your parents but also
will receive a legacy through your marriage-partner who will have an

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aristocratic background. In one respect you should remain careful that you will be prone to
accidental mishaps, which can inflict head-injuries.

Marriage and Married Life

Your chart indicates that you will have very early marriage.

The planetary combinations in your chart favours a fairly happy married- life. You will have
considerations for each other and will be a loving pair. Occassionally arising minor differences
you will accept as to be only natural but those will vanish soon as you will adopt a compromising

Travel and Journeys

In your chart most of the planets are situated in 'fixed' signs which indicates that you will seldom
require long-distance travelling. You will not require changing places in connection with your

In your chart most of the planets are in succedent houses and fixed signs. You may not like
travelling much. Your profession also may not command much of travelling.

Lucky Stone
Among auspicious gemstones BLUE SAPPHIRE (Neelam) will be favorable for you.

You may take 4 to 7 Rattis of Blue Sapphire (Neelam) in a ring of Gold which should be worn on
right hand middle finger on a Saturday. Cheaper substitutes of Blue Sapphire are Amethyst or
Laajvart which might be taken instead in a ring of Gold or Pancha Dhatu alloy or Steel.

While wearing the gemstone reciting the following 'Mantra' will be auspicious:

Nilanjanam Samabhasam Raviputra Yamagrajam Chhaya Maanda Sambhutam tam Namami


The weights of gemstones recommended above are for adult male people. For adult females the
weights should be reduced to 3/4 to 1/2 part while for the children the weights should be reduced
to 1/2 to 1/3 part.

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