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The Indian Green Building Council (IGBC), part of the Confederation

of Indian Industry (CII) was formed in the year 2001. The vision of the
council is, "To enable a sustainable built environment for all and
facilitate India to be one of the global leaders in the sustainable built
environment by 2025".

The council offers a wide array of services which include developing

new green building rating programmes, certification services and green
building training programmes. The council also organizes Green
Building Congress, its annual flagship event on green buildings. The
council is committee-based, member-driven and consensus-focused. All
the stakeholders of construction industry comprising of architects,
developers, product manufacturers, corporate, Government, academia
and nodal agencies participate in the council activities through local

A showcase of IGBC certified projects in Pune

CII-Indian Green Building Council

Survey #64, Kothaguda Post, Hyderabad-500084,India
cii.in I igbc.in I igbc@cii.in
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CII- Indian Green Building Council

Survey # 64, Kothaguda Post,
RR District, Hyderabad - 500 084, India

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All rights reserved.

Pune Green-Fied is published by Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) of CII.

This publication showcases some of the finest IGBC rated green building projects in Pune,
covering various typologies of building.

While every care has been taken in compiling this publication, IGBC and the participating
projects mentioned herein accept no claim for any kind of compensation, if any entry is
wrong, abbreviated, omitted or inserted incorrectly either as to the wording space, data
or position in the publication.

No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in retrieval system, or transmitted,

in any form or by any means electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise,
without the prior written permission from IGBC.

This publication is an attempt to demonstrate how green buildings play a catalytic role in
addressing ecological issues & concerns in a holistic manner and in the process encourage
the readers go the green way.

For ordering more copies of this publication, kindly mail to igbc@cii.in or contact our office.
Dear Friends, Dear Friends,

I am pleased to learn that CII-Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) is coming up with a Adopting and promoting green and sustainable practices are part of Indias rich and varied
Handbook on Green Buildings in Pune. This indeed is a step in the right direction and augurs ethos and heritage and was successfully passed on to generations. Somehow, in recent years,
well in the adoption & promotion of green buildings in the State. I appreciate IGBC for we have drifted away from our ethos and in the process caused damage to our Mother Earth.
coming up with this special publication. Today, going the green the way is no longer a choice,
but a necessity to ensure a safe and sustainable tomorrow and buildings have an important role Building on this imperative, IGBC is working closely with stakeholders in bringing out a
in addressing ecological issues and concerns in a holistic manner. paradigm shift on the way buildings are designed and constructed. IGBC through its multi-
pronged strategy has facilitated over 3.60 Billion Sq.ft. of registered spaces to go the IGBC
We at Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) are fully aware of this imperative and are working way. This in turn has enabled India become the 2nd Country in the world with the largest
closely with all the stakeholders in promoting green buildings in the Region. Pune Municipal registered green building footprint. IGBC aspires to facilitate 10 Billion Sq.ft. by 2022 (75th
Corporation (PMC) was one of the few early Urban Local Bodies to embrace and promote year of Independent India).
green buildings.
Concerted efforts by all the stakeholders will alone enable India to consolidate its leadership
Recently, PMC inked a MoU with IGBC on incentivising IGBC-rated projects in Pune. I am position in the global green buildings map. In this regard, IGBC Pune Chapter shave a very
sure, this MoU will script a new chapter in PMCs mission of building a greener and healthier important role to play. I am sure, with passionate and committed persons at the helm of affairs,
Pune. Maharashtra will continue to lead the green building movement in the Country.

As we soon embark on building a Smart City, we all should consciously focus more on I heartily appreciate the visionary and thought leadership of my dear friends in Pune-J P
increasing the green and energy efficiency quotient in the city and it should be our endeavor to Shroff, J R Tanti, and Poorva Keskar. Their guidance has opened new opportunities in scaling
raise the bar of energy and environmental performance. City of Pune should set new up the green building movement in the region. The recent MoU with the Pune Municipal
benchmarks, worth emulating by other Cities. Corporation (PMC) bears testimony to their leadership. I thank all the Members of IGBC and
stakeholders of Pune region for being part of this inspiring journey.
I am sure, as you run through these pages, you will appreciate the catalytic role played by
green buildings in conserving natural resources. This will also give you an opportunity to As you run through these pages, I am sure, you will get a rich flavour of how IGBC rated
learn more on some of the finest green buildings in our Region. green buildings are a blend of ancient architectural practices and modern technological
innovations. Each green building is unique and exemplifies some of the finest green building
Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) will continue to do its best in promoting urban practices and process.
development in the most eco-friendly manner and also facilitate in providing new growth
opportunities to all stakeholders. We warmly invite you to partner with IGBC in building a greener and healthier India.

Regards, Regards,
Kunal Kumar Dr. Prem C Jain
Hon. Municipal Commissioner, Pune Chairman - IGBC
Dear Friends, Dear Friends,

One of the top priorities of CII is to equip stakeholders of the Indian industry gain the much Today, green buildings have carved a niche of their own in addressing ecological issues and
needed competitive advantage and one of the strategies adopted is to encourage and promote concerns. They not only bring down energy and water conservation but will also promote
ecologically superior and economically viable business growth models. excellent innovative and futuristic green technologies.

A step towards this direction is to establish CII-Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Centre as Introduction of Net-zero energy buildings, pre-fabricated homes, vertical landscaping,
CIIs Centre of Excellence on Green Business and practices, aimed at offering advisory phytoremediation, light pipes, Building Integrated Photo Voltaics (BiPV), Geothermal
services on conservation of natural resources and also demonstrate that green makes good Systems are some of the technologies which green buildings could facilitate in India.
business sense.
As we march ahead in building a greener and healthier India, green building sector will offer
As a result of concerted efforts, today CII-Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Centre through many more products and technologies which are ecologically superior and economically
Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) has consolidated Indias leadership position in the viable. It will offer Smart and Green solutions which will significantly enhance the safety
global green buildings map. Today, India stands tall in the global green buildings map and is and well-being of the occupants. In days to come, Pune region will be home to all these new
facilitating innovative and futuristic green buildings which are ecologically superior and technologies.
economically viable.
Pune has the advantage of being one of the Smart Cities. This will give us a great
Honble Prime Ministers initiative of developing 100 Smart Cities is indeed a brilliant idea opportunity to design our upcoming city as Green and Smart. We all should continue to
and is a step in the right direction to have a Smarter, Greener and Healthier India. This work more closely in building a greener and greater city of Pune.
initiative will be a game changer and usher in a paradigm shift in the way cities are conceived
and designed. This will go a long way in addressing National priorities and also enhance the I heartily appreciate IGBC for spearheading the Green building movement in the country
quality of life. In light of this, CII-IGBC will work more closely with the Government and and congratulate team IGBC for coming up with this excellent handbook. I am sure, this
various stakeholders in building a greener and healthier India. publication will encourage many other to go the green way. Infact green should become a
way of life to all of us.
I heartily appreciate Mr. J P Shroff, Mr. J R Tanti, and Ms. Poorva Keskar and all IGBC
members of the Region in taking forward the green building moment in the State. CII Pune PMC will offer all the support to IGBC in building a greener and healthier Pune.
Zonal Council and IGBC Pune Chapter will continue to do the best in facilitating Indian
industry gain the much needed competitive advantage and set new benchmarks in the design of
green buildings in the country.

Regards, Regards,
Sishir Joshipura Mr. Prashant Waghmare
Chairman, CII Pune Zonal Council City Engineer, PMC
Dear Friends, Dear Friends,

The State of Maharashtra holds a special place in 21st century modern green building It is inspiring to witness how stakeholders are making concerted efforts in addressing
movement in the Country. The State is home to some of the worlds finest IGBC rated green ecological issues and concerns. This indeed is a step in the right direction and augurs well in
buildings projects. City of Pune too offers world class green buildings. The same is reflected in building a greener India. We all should work more closely in developing new and
this excellent publication. innovative and futuristic methods & approaches in bringing down our dependence on
natural resources. Urbanization and sustainable practices should go hand in hand and should
As you run through these pages, we are sure; you will appreciate this reality and also pave way for a greener and greater tomorrow.
acknowledge Indias thought on leadership in the global green building movement.
Stakeholders of building sector should play a more important role in adopting and
All this was made possible with the support & cooperation of all the stakeholders. I heartily promoting green buildings. Today, India is home to some of the worlds finest green
thank everyone for being part of IGBCs inspiring journey. I am delighted to share that IGBC buildings and they are going a long way in conserving finite resources. I appreciate IGBC
Pune Chapter has scripted a new chapter in its Mission of Greening Pune region. IGBC inked a for spearheading the green building movement in the country. India should continue to set
MoU with Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) on incentivizing IGBC-rated projects in Pune. new benchmarks in green buildings and sustainable building practices.

We are sure; this MoU will be a game changer in the 21st Century modern Green Building PMC would work more closely with the stakeholders in taking forward the green building in
movement. We hope other Urban Local Bodies in the Country will also offer similar the region.
incentives to facilitate the rapid spread and growth of green buildings in the Country.

Moving ahead, IGBC in its efforts to document the success stories and best practices
incorporated in green building projects in Pune has come up with this publication of National

We are sure; this publication will serve as an excellent reference to projects aspiring to go the
green way. The need of the hour is to further facilitate the spread and growth of buildings
across the Country. All the cities, towns, villages should go green. All these can happen only
with concerted efforts. We all should join hands and further strengthen our partnerships and
build a greener and greater India.

Together, we will make it happen.

Regards, Regards,
J P Shroff Shri Aniruddha Pawaskar
Chairman, CII IGBC Pune Chapter Superintending Engineer, PMC
Memorandum Of Understanding
IGBC - Pune Chapter
Core Commitee

The Indian Green Building Council has been on the forefront of establishing itself as a Centre
of Excellence for sustainability and green buildings for over a decade. Green buildings today
are not only an evolving trend in architecture but are also seen as iconic pillars which are
building a strong foundation for our future generations and are a boon to the social realm.
J. P. Shroff Poorva Keskar Jitendra Tanti
The IGBC, Pune Chapter is proud to release this publication on the occasion of World Chairman Co-Chairperson Co-Chairman
Environment Day. This publication highlights the various aspects of the Indian Green
Buildings Council, the different ratings systems available along with showcasing a few best
practices in the city and highlighting efforts of those who have been pioneers in the Green
Building movement and are today reaping the benefits which are both tangible as well as

Also with government bodies like the Pune Municipal Corporation joining hands to promote
green buildings as a prime agenda amongst other initiatives, Pune will soon emerge as the
Green Building Superpower in the years to come.

Anagha Paranjape Anshul Gujrathi Bomi Bhote Gaurang Lele

Namrata Dhamankar

K Raghavan Namrata Dhamankar Pranati Shroff Sarvesh Javdekar

Satish Yambal Srikant Bapat Tushar Munshi Animesh Mohapatra

CII IGBC Secretariat
IGBC Rating System
IGBC New Construction
IGBC Memberships
Green building rating brings together a
host of sustainable practices and solutions IGBC now offers you an unique opportunity to
to reduce the environmental impacts. join the green building movement through IGBC Green New Buildings rating system IGBC Green New Buildings rating
Green building design provides an membership. The membership is open to all addresses green features under the following system is designed primarily for new
integrated approach considering life cycle stakeholders involved in construction activities. categories: buildings. New Buildings include (but
impacts of the resources used. - Sustainable Architecture and Design are not limited to) offices, IT parks,
Membership provides you certain unique reach - Site Selection and Planning banks, shopping malls, hotels, airports,
An important development in the growth and access to resources, thereby providing you - Water Conservation stadiums, convention centers, libraries,
of green building movement in India is a competitive edge. By becoming a member of - Energy Efficiency museums, etc.,
the launch of the various IGBC Green IGBC you are in a community of professionals - Building Materials and Resources
Building Rating Systems. All the IGBC who would charter the green building path for - Indoor Environmental Quality
rating systems are voluntary, consensus India. - Innovation and Development
based, market-driven building Access to Information
programmes. The rating systems are based
Networking Platform
on the five elements of the nature
(Panchabhutas) and are a perfect blend of IGBC Existing Buildings O & M
ancient architectural practices and modern Role in Advocating Green Buildings
technological innovations. The ratings Get Involved in Local Chapter Meets
systems are applicable to all five climatic
zones of the country. Discounts for IGBC Events & Publications IGBC Green Existing Buildings O&M rating Applicable for all types of non-
system addresses green features under the residential buildings like office
Discounts in project Registration Fees buildings, IT Park, BPOs, shopping
following categories:
- Site & Facility Management malls, hotels, hospitals, airports, banks
Certification Levels - Water Efficiency etc.
- Energy Efficiency Buildings which are 80% occupied or
IGBC Green Homes Certification Levels - Health & Comfort previously certified and operational for
- Innovation a minimum of 1 year are eligible.
IGBC New Buildings

Certification Individual
Levels Residential IGBC Green Homes
50 - 59 50 - 59
38 - 44 50 - 59 60 - 69 60 - 69
IGBC Green Homes rating system addresses Rating for new & major renovation of
45 - 51 60 - 69 70 - 79 70 - 79 green features under the following categories: residential buildings which are broadly
- Site Selection and Planning classified into two construction types:
52 - 59 70 - 79 80 - 89 80 - 89 - Water Conservation - Individual residential unit
60 - 75 80 - 89 90 - 100 90 - 100 - Energy Efficiency - Multi-dwelling residential units like
- Materials & Resources gated communities, high rise
- Indoor Environmental Quality apartments and hotels, service
For Further Details and registration informations visit the IGBC - Innovation & Design Process apartments, motels etc
website at:
IGBC Green Factories IGBC SEZs

The rating system addresses green features The rating system addresses green features
under the following categories: under the following categories: The project team can evaluate all the
The rating system addresses both new possible points to apply under the
- Site Selection and Planning and existing factory buildings. This - Site Preservation and Restoration
- Water Conservation - Ste Planning and Design rating system using a suitable checklist.
rating system would address the factory The project can apply for IGBC Green
- Energy Efficiency buildings and not the processes. It - Energy Efficiency
- Material Conservation - Material and Resources SEZ certification if it can meet all
would be applicable to all sectors of mandatory requirements and achieve
- Indoor Environmental Quality & industry and for all climatic zones of - Water Efficiency
Occupational Health - Innovation & Design Process the minimum required points.
- Innovation & Design Process

IGBC Landscape
IGBC Green Schools

1. Small parks/gardens (< 5 acres)

IGBC Green schools rating system addresses 2. Large parks/gardens (> 5 acres)
IGBC Green schools rating system addresses green features under the following categories:
green features under the following The rating system is designed such Landscape facilities in Airport/
that both existing schools and new - Site & Facility Management Amusement Parks/ Botanical Garden/
categories: - Selection of Species for Landscape
- Site & Facility Management schools can use the guidelines. Campus/ Clubs/ Commercial/
- Existing Schools: Schools which - Material Selection Community parks/ Convention centre/
- Sustainable Water Practices - Water Conservation
- Conserving and Harnessing Energy already at operational levels etc
- New Schools: Schools that are - Energy Efficiency The park/ garden should be a single
- Ecofriendly School Materials - Health & Wellbeing
- Indoor Environmental Quality getting constructed. parcel of land, and it cannot be in
- Operation & Maintenance multiple pockets, beyond the site
- Health and Hygiene - Innovation & Design Process
- Green Education boundary.

IGBC Green Townships IGBC Mass Rapid Transit System

To address large developments and it is
mandatory to include residential
IGBC Townships rating system addresses development as part of the township. Type of Rail system existing today are- The site boundary must includes but
green features under the following Some typical examples are integrated not limited to:- Station building,
- Metro Rail Systems
categories: townships, satellite cities, gated Ancillary facilities, Parking,
- Mono Rail Systems
- Site Selection and Planning communities, campuses with multiple Hardscape/ Softscape area around
buildings etc. However, it is to be noted However the current version is only station etc. Except for Property
- Land use planning
that the rating system is not applicable applicable for Metro Rail Systems. Development areas within the station,
- Transport Planning
for individual buildings and land parcels. Scope includes Elevated stations, other Property Development areas
- Infrastructure Resource Management
Underground stations, At grade stations and outside/ above stations are excluded.
- Innovation & Design Process
Viaduct/ Tunnel.
Best Practices

Carbon Emission

Indian Railways Institute
of Civil Engineering
Efficient Plumbing
Oval Nest
Energy Consumption

External Glazing
SKF India Limited
Fresh Air

SUZLON One Earth Landfill


Rainwater Harvesting
A Raymind Fasteners India
Pvt. Ltd.
Reuse, Recycle,
Cummins Generator Technology

Solar Panels
Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation
Thermoshield Paint

Waste Water
Ruby Hall Clinic
Map Courtesy: BNCA,Pune

Thermax Corporate House Water Recycle

Platimum Certified Gold Certified Silver Certified

Indian Railways Institute of Civil Engineering (IRICEN)

Area: 93,700 sq.ft Type: Training School

Location: Koregaon Park, Pune Rating system:IGBC LEED India NC

Landscape with Native Plants Good Daylighting in regularly occupied spaces

Solar Panels installed on terraces

11 % of the total annual energy 100% of waste water is treated by STP

consumption is ofsetted by renewable
to tertiary standards.

96% of the exposed area is covered 45% savings in energy cost through
efficient energy management system.
with Thermoshield paint with a SRI
value of 94.
4% of terrace is covered with Solar
Reuse of salvaged materials. Panels.

Area: 1,78,594 sq.ft Type: Multi-dwelling Apartments Oval Nest

Location: Warje, Pune Rating system: IGBC Green Homes

Sensitivity in each green measure

delivering a Sustainable Community Living.
-Ar. Poorva Keskar
Green Building Consultant

Vast Landscape area Efficient Artificial Lighting

Individual Gardens

100% Solar Water Heating saving

270 MWh of electricity per year. 54% of reduction in potable water
consumption by having Water
Wind - Solar PV Hybrid System of treatment and reuse for flushing
and irrigation.
1.6 KW over each Tower saving around
Rs. 30,000/- per month in common 100% Organic Waste managed,
electricity billsSavings of energy treated and reused on site.
SKF India Limited PLATINUM

Area: 37,774 sq.ft Type: Commercial Office

Location: Chinchwad, Pune Rating system:IGBC LEED India NC

Strategic Thinking with

Simple Measures for High Sustainability.
-Shrikant Savangikar

SKF India Limited

Efficient daylight at workplace Central Foyer with adequate daylighting

External View

100kWp building integrated

renewable energy system. 50% water saving through efficient
water fixtures.
60% savings of energy consumption
as compared to ASHRAE Baseline. 95% of occupied areas allow daylight
and views due to appropriate design of
100% recycling and reuse of waste external glazing.
water in the campus.
Suzlon One Earth CERTIFIED

Area: 81,6171 sq.ft Type: Corporate Office

Location: Hadapsar, Pune Rating system:IGBC LEED India NC

Its not just about how Suzlon One Earth looks, it is

the experience that each person will carry back that is important.
-Anjali Dwivedi
General Manager

Vast Landscaping External Facade

Efficient artificial lighting

75% of the work stations are daylit 92 % (4 MW) of the total energy
through efficient building design. being consumed it through renewable
energy sources
100% recycled grey water used for
flushing, landscaping and air cooling 2300 colleagues benefit from the central
systems. garden plaza which encourages
communication, interaction & innovation
100% rain water is harvested & reused. amongst them.
Kirloskar Brothers Limited PLATINUM

Area: 1,29,995 sq.ft Type: Corporate Office

Location: Baner, Pune Rating system:IGBC LEED India NC

Organization which is committed to

sustainable development through Green Building.
- Sanjay Kirloskar
Director, Kirloskar

Facade for Shading Courtyard with Daylighting

External View

64% reduction in direct energy 20% products with high recycle content
consumption since 2010. were used to reduce the use of new
virgin materials.
80% of regional materials are used to a. Use of PPC cement
support regional economy and reduce b. Use of Re-rolled reinforcement steel
environmental impact resulting from c. Fly Ash Bricks
transportation. d. Carpets with high recycle content
A Raymond Fasteners Private Limited GOLD

Area: 93,700 sq.ft Type: Manufacturing Unit & Office

Location: Chakan, Pune Rating system:IGBC LEED India,NC

A.Raymond Fasteners

External view Fins used for Shading

Adequate Daylighting at the Work Station

100% fresh air in the office spaces. 53% reduction by water reuse for

45% of energy usage reduction from Zero Discharge of waste water to Sewer
Base case.

56% water saving in the building 97% of Construction waste generated

through efficient fixtures. has been diverted from landfill.
Cummins Pvt. Ltd. GOLD

Area: 1,27,042 sq.ft Type: Factory

Location: Ranjangaon Rating system:IGBC LEED India NC Cummins Generator

Philosophy went beyond Not Abusing
Nature to Sensibly Using Nature.
- Pradeep Bhargav

External view Vast Landscaped Area

External Facade

40% natural topography with 100% of the construction waste was

landscaped area. diverted from landfills.

95% rainwater harvesting through 30% water saving through efficient

water fixtures.
roof and non-roof surfaces.

96% of its total floor area is Passive ventilation system

for the factory shed to minimize energy
adequately daylit. loads.
Navi Mumbai Muncipal Corporation GOLD

Area: 3,58,000 sq.ft Type: Office

Location: Navi Mumbai Rating system: IGBC LEED India NC

Navi Mumbai
Muncipal Corporation

Ample Landscape External View

Efficient Artificial Lighting

Use of water efficient fixtures.

Good connectivity to basic

Ample and efficient landscape. Use of recycled water.

Energy Efficient HVAC System.
Storm Water management.
Heat Reflective paint on terrace. Use of eco-friendly building
Ruby Hall Clinic GOLD

Area: 1,40,051 sq.ft Type: Hospital

Location: Sasoon Road, Pune Rating system:IGBC LEED India NC

We have realized our responsibility to the

society and our patients - Bomi Bhote

Efficient Glass used for Facade Artificial Lighting

Better Indoor Quality

Lower carbon emissions. The various gases used in the

hospital for air-conditioning
are controlled and efficiently managed.
Lower energy consumption.
Controlled usage of electricity &
Ruby Hall Clinic
Cost effective design. water
Thermax Corporate House CERTIFIED

Area: 64,000 sq.ft Type: Corporate Office

Location: Wakdewadi, Pune Rating system: IGBC LEED India NC

Terrace Garden Driveway under Shade

Adequate Daylighting

Water saving by use of water

efficient fixtures.
Use of regional materials.
Use of low e-glass, for minimum
heat gain.
100% drive way is under shade to
reduce heat island effect.
Maximum landscape is covered with
native trees.
Thermax Corporate House
Pune Green Service Providers
Green Eearth

m: +919422013468,+919503048932
Conserve Consultants Private Limited web: www.greeneearth.co.in
e: rahulbobe@gmail.com
m: +91-9840034437 Services Rendered: Design & Detailed Engineering
web: www.conserveconsultants.com Performance assessment
e: info@conserveconsultants.com Erection & Commissioning
Services Rendered: Green Building Certification Environmental Clearance
Certification PLUS Environmental Auditing
Sustainability PLUS

Ira Sustainable Water Solutions

Eco- Solutions
m: 9890130775 ,9822556670
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web: http://eco-solutions.in/ e: info@irawater.com
e: contact@eco-solutions.in Services Rendered: Rainwater Harvesting
Services Rendered: Green Building Certification
Solar Passive Architecture
Energy Analysis
Green Garnish
Eco Interiors & Green scaping
Kalpa Power ( a unit of Span Pumps Pvt Ltd)

m: 020-66000408
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m: 9423002072 Solar Power Plant
web: www.sibfsystem.com
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Services Rendered: Expertise in "SIBF System" -
An Innovated Natural Waste
water treatment Kaushal Solar Equipments Pvt. Ltd.
Green Building Certification
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Enswico India Pvt Ltd Services Rendered: Solar Water heating systems
Solar grid tied electric systems
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web: www.enswico-india.com Solar Pool Heating systems
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Services Rendered: Waterless Urinal Technology Solar EPC
Know How Foundation - INORA Tequasil

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Decentralized Solid Waste Management Repairs and Rehabilitation of
Biofertilizer & Biopesticide Production Buildings and Bridges
Organic Manure production Sealing of Expansion Joints
Consultation for Organic Certification Epoxy Flooring

Urdhvam Environmental Sustainability - Consulting & Solutions

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Services Rendered: Green Building Consultancy Groundwater Management
High Performance design Geological Mapping
Energy Efficiecncy in Buildings Hydrogeological Assessments
Aquifer Tests & Mapping

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Consultancy for large Building Simulation Services
industrial and social projects Energy Audit & Management Services
WindStream Technologies IGBC Pune Chapter
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370 Registered Projects

245 Million sq.ft of
Registered footprint

58 Certified Projects
23 Million sq.ft of
Certified footprint

181 Members