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All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Rishikesh

(An Autonomous institute under Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India)
Virbhadra Maro, Rishikesh, UK 249203

On line applications are invited in prescribed proforma from suitable candidate for illing up following Group 'A', 'B' & 'C' posts on DIRECT I
DEPUTATIoN RECRUITITENT BASIS in All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Virbhadra Marg, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand-24g2o3.Essential
qualification, experiences etc. required for applying for $ese posts are as under: -

Details of Posts to be advertised on Direct Recruitment Basis: .

15600-39100 wit' 1. Degree in law or equivalent.

2. Should be qualifed legal practitioner with experience of

1) M.sc. (Home science Food and Nufition) / lvl.Sc.

(Clinical Nutrition and Dietetcs) / M.Sc. (Food Science &
Rs.9300-34800 Nutition) / MSc, (Food and Nutrition Dietetics) / M.Sc.
Post: Dietician (Food SeMce Management and Dietetics) from
wih Grade Pay of a
Age:2'l- 35 years
Rs.4600f recognized University / Instjtution.
2) 3 years' experience in he line preferably in 200 bedded

(i) Degree from a recognized ljniversity / Instihrtion;
(ii) Post -Graduate degree /Diploma in Material
Post: Assistant Rs. 9300-34800 l/anagement from a recognized University /
2017 t124 Stores Olfcer r'{ih Grade Pay ol Inslitution;
Age :18 - 35 years Rs.4600t Or
(iiD Bachelor's Degree in Matedal Management from
a recognized University / Instjtutjon and 3 years'
experience in store handling (preferably Medical


Rs.9300-34800 witl
1. BASLP (Bachelors in
Audiology and speech
Language Pabology lrom RCI recognized Institute
Post: Audiologist Grade Pay of Rs,
runiversity or equivalent.
Age :21-30 years 4200t-

(i) B.Sc.(Hons.)in Speech and Hearing

B.E. / B.Tech in Bio ft.4edical Engineefing from a recognized

Post: Bio Medical Institutions / University.
Engineer Or
Age :2'1 - 35 years Diploma Bio Medical Engineering from recognized
institutions wih 2 vears' exDerience in relevant feld.

Post : Legal Graduate with Experience of minimum period of three

Assistant years assisting a qualifed legal practitionerifrm or as Legal
Age :30 - 40 years Assistant in Legal Depa(ment of a Govt. Organization.

Degree or Diploma in General Nursing and Midwifery or

Post : l/atemity equivalent from a recognized University/ Institutions.
and Child Wetfare
Oftcer Experience in FamilyWelfare programmer:
1 year for degree holders.
Age:21- 35 years
(i) Bachelor Degree preferable with Science &
Rs.9300-34800 with Recognized University or equivalent. 4 (UR-
Post : Medical
2017 t129 Record Ofiicer B
Grade Pay of Rs. (ii) Should have done one year course in 03,
8 oBc-
4200t- l,4edical Record fiom recognized institution.
Age :2'1- 35 years (iii) Not Less than 5 years of experience in 01)
organizing and maintenance of Medical
records in not less than 200 Bedded
Medical Hospital / Insiitute.
Essential :
(i) MA (SocialWork) / N4SW, wilh specialization
in medical social work, from a recognized
Rs. 9300-34800 University / institutions.
Post : Lledico (ii) in a
wih Grade Pay of 5 years' Experience government or
I 2017 t130 Social Worker B
Rs.4600/- private sector hospital of minimum 500 beds
3 (uR)
Age :18 - 35 years in line with welfare or health Agency,
preferably dealing with Medical Public /
Health Service.
Desirable: Ability to use Computers-Hands on Experience
in offce applications spread sheets and presentations.
Bachelois Degree in Physiotherapy from a recognized
Post : Multi-
Rs.9300-34800 with lnstitute / University wih 2 years' experience 4 (UR-
Grade Pay of Rs. 03,
10 2017 t131 Worker B
4200t- Or oBc-
Diploma in Rehabilitation with 5 years' experience. 01)
Age :21-30 years
Reoisfation wih he PhysiotheraDy Council.
Rs. 9300-34800
Post : PACS Essential:
witr Grade Pay of
11 2017 t132 Administrator B B.E./ B. Tech. / I/CA + 2 years' experience in medical lT 1 (uR)
Age :21- 35 years systems / PACS

(D M.A. or M.Sc. Degree in Psychology /
Rs. 9300-34800 Psychiatric Social Work fom a Recognlzed
Post : Psychialic Institute / University.
wih Grade Pay of
20171133 Social Worker B
Rs. 4600f (ii) Five years working experience in Vocational
3 (uR)
Age :18 - 35 years Guidance and Counseling in psychiahic

Desirable : Specialization in Social Psychology

BASLP (Bachelors in Audiology and speech Language
Rs.9300-34800 with
Post : Speech Pathology fom RCI recognized Institute / lJniversity or
Grade Pay of Rs.
IJ 2011t1y. Pathologist B equivalent. 1(uR)
Ag :21-30 years
Desirable :

(D M.Sc. In Speech and Hearing.

(ii) Clinical exDerience in a HosDitalin the feld.

(i) Degree from a recognized Uni\ersity /
Instjtution; 20 (uR-
Rs.930&34800 with (ii) - Post - Graduate degree / Diploma in 1't,
Post : Store Keeper Gmde Pay of Rs. Material Management from a recognized oBc-
14 2017 t't35
Age:18 - 35 years 4200l University / Institution; 05,sc-
Or 03,sT-
{iiD Bachelofs Degree in Material Management 01)
ftom a recognized University / Institution
and 3 yeaIs' experience in store hardling
{prefeGbly l\,ledical Stores.)
(i) 10+2 with science from a Recognized
University / Board.
Post: Technical 4 (UR-
Rs.9300-34800 with (ii) Diploma (Minimum 2 years duration) from a
Officer (Dental) / 03,
IJ 20171136 B Grade Pay of Rs. recognized institution in dental Hygiene; or
Dental Technician 0Bc-
4200t- dental l\,4echanic; or Maxillo Facial
Age:21-30 years Prosthesis and orthodontic Appliances.
(iii) Registered as Dental Hygienist Dental i
Mechanic with the dental councilof India.
Post:Technical 4 (UR-
Rs.9300-34800 with
0ffcer Essential:
Grade Pay of Rs.
to 20171137 0phthalmology B (i). B.Sc. In Ophthalmic Techniques or equivalent hom a
4200t- oBc-
(Refractionist) recognized University / Institution.
AEe :2'1-30 years
Rs.9300-34800 wih 1. Graduate from recognized University / Institute. 4 (UR-
Post: Warden
(HostelWarden) B
Grade Pay of Rs. 2. Diploma / Certifcate in Housekeeping i Material 03,
17 2017 t138 oBc-
4200t- Management / Public Relations i Estate management,
Age :30 - 45 years
Possessing two years' Experience of handling hostels in 01)
Govemment / Reputed 0rganizations.
Post:Junior Rs. 5200-20200
1. Graduate from a recognized ljniversity or equivalent. 07,
Warden (House wih Grade Pay of
18 2017 t139 c Rs. 19001
2. Two years Experience as a Jr. Warden or equivalent in OBG
keepers) 02, sc-
any College.
Age :30 - 45 years 01)

Qualifcalions: 41 (U R-
Rs.5200-20200 witl Essential: 22,
Post: Lab Aftendant
Gr.ll c
Grade Pay of Rs. a) 1012 with Science. oBc-
19 2017 t140
Age :'1 8 - 27 years
1900/- b) Diploma in l.1edical Lab. Technology. 10, sc-
06, sT-
Desirable: experience: 2 years in relevant fled. 03)

1. 12h dass or equivalent qualifcation from a
recognized board of niversity.
lJ 32(UR-

Post: Lower
Rs. 520G20200 2. Skill test norms on computer q/ping speed @35 '18,

wih Grade Pay of w.p.m. in English or30 W.P.M. in Hindi, OBG

20 20171141 division clerk c Rs. 19001 (Time allowed 10 minutes) 08, sc-
Age :18 -30 years (35 w.p.m. or 30 w.p.m. conespond to 10500 04, sT-
KDPH / 9000 KDPH on an average of 5 key depressions 02)
for each word),
Desirable 1. Basic comDuter literacv.
B.Sc. (i,4edical Records)
'10+2 (Science) from a recognized Board with at least 6 38 (UR-
months Diploma / certifcate course in Medical Record 21,
Post: Medical Rs. 5200-20200
keeping from a recognized institute / University and 2 OBG
21 2017 t142 Record Technician c $rih Grade Pay of
years' experience in Medical Record keeping in a hospital 10, sc-
Age:18 -30 years Rs.2400/- 05, sr-
And 02)
to use computers - Hands on experience in offrce
Applicatons, spread sheets and presentations. Typing
speed of 35 words per minute in English or 30 per minute
in Hindi.
Essentd : 14(UR-
Rs.5200-20200 with Diploma / i
Certificate in fine Arts Commercial Arts / 09,
Post: Modellar
Grade Pay of Rs. Modeling from a recognized institution / University with 2 OBG
22 20171143 (Artist) c 2800/- years' experience in lllusfation and Modeling, in the 03, sc-
Age :21- 35 years 01, sT-
concemed department.
0r 01)
Maficulation / eouivalent wih 5 vears' experience in fie
concerned department of a Medical college

Desirable: Degree in Graphic design, Preferably

in education, lvedia and communication

Post: 0ffice/Stores Qualifcations:

Attendant (N.4ulti- Rs.5200-20200
20171144 Tasking) with Grade Pay ol
Age :Not exceeding Rs. '1800/-
a) 10th Pass or lTl Equivalent.
30 years

Qualiications :

Rs.5200-20200 with '1. Diploma in Pharmacy from a recognized

Post: Pharmacist Grade Pay of Rs. university / Institutions.
Grade-ll 2800t 2. Should be a registered Pharmacist under
Age i21- 27 yeats Pharmacy Act 1948.
Desirable: Experience in manufacture / storage i Testing of
Transfusion Fluids in a reputed hospfial 0r

(i) 12h class or equivalent qualiication from a

recognized Board or University.
Rs.5200-20200 with (ii) Skill Test Norms.
Post: Stenographer Grade Pay of Rs. Dictation - 10 L4inutes @ 80 WPM
Age:21- 35 years 24001- Transcription - 50 Minutes English or 65 Minutes
Hindion a Computer,
Desirable: Excellent command over Hindi and English

Rs. 5200-20200 '1. Degree of Recognized University or equivalent

wih Grade Pay of
2. Proficiency in computers.
Rs. 24001
3. Skill Test norms: Same as that of Lower Division CIerft

Details of Posts to be advertised on DeDutation Basis: '

Deputation: Officers under the central /Stateru'T.

Governmentsruniversities/Statutory/Autonomous Bodiesi
Post: Accounts Research and Development organization.
Rs.15600-39'100 +
Officer L holding analogous posts on regular basis,
GP 5400
ll. wih 2/3 years' regular seMce in the relevant feld in the

Gputation: Officrs of he state/Central Govemment

statutory/ Autonomous Bodies:
i. Holding analogous Posts
Post: Chief Nursing Or
Rs,15600-39100 +
Offcer ii. Wih fve years of regular service in the posts in lhe
cP 7600 relevant field in ttre PB-3 with grade pay ol Rs. -6600f
iii. With 10 Years of Regular service in he posts in the
relevant field in the PB-3 with grade pay of Rs.- 5400/-.
Deputation: Officers of the state/Central Government of
statutory/ Autonomous Bodies holding analogous Posts
Deputy/Assistant Nursing Superintendent with 5 Years
SeMce in the qrade PaY of Rs. 5400f
Officers underthe central/ State / U.T. Govemments /
University / stahitory /Autonomous Bodies or Research
and development organizations having educational
Post: Registar Rs.'15600-39100
oualifications and experience for Dkect Recruitment.
+ GP 7600
i.e. i) A Graduate of a recognised Universitr.
ii). Seven years' experience of administration in a
teaching institution including conduct or examinalion and
admission and assignment ofteaching programmes for
under graduate and post graduate etc.
Desirable :A Postqraduate deqree.
DeDutation: Ofncers under the central / State Govt., U.T.
Administralions or of Central Statutory / Autonomous
Post; senior Bodies holding analogous post or wih at least 5 years of
Rs,15600-39100 +
31 2017 t152 Procurement-cum-
GP 6600 regular service in the post with Grade pay of Rs. 5400f
Stores Officer
and have 5 years' experience as a Stores officer on regular
Deputation: Offcers under the central/Stateru.T.
Governmenb runiversity/Statutory, Autonomous Bodies or
Research and Development Organizations
i. holding analogous posts on regular basis, or
ii. with 2 years' regular service in fte grade pay of Rs.
iii. with 3 years' regular service in the grade pay ofRs.
Post: Store officer Rs.15600-39100 + 46001 and having educational qualifications and
32 2017 t153 2
GP 5400 experience as under:
(i). Degree fiom a recognized University ilnstitutioni (ii)
Post -Graduate degree /Diploma in Material Management
fom a recognized Universityilnstihjtioni
(iii) Bachelo/s Degree in Material Management from a
recognized Unive|sity i Institution and 3 years' experience
in store handlino (oreferablv Medical Stores.)
Deputation: Olficers under the central i State i U.T.
Governments / Universities / Statutory / Autonomous
Bodies or Research and Development organizations. i
Post: Librarian Holding analogous posts on regular basis, or
Selection Grade Rs.1560G39100 + iiwjh atleast 5 years'regular service in the grade pay of
33 2017 t154 A 1
(Senior Librarian) GP 6600/- Rs.54001in he relevant field or
iii with at least 6 years' regular seMce in the grade pay of
Rs.48001in he relevant field or
v{ih at least 7 years'regular seMce in the grade pay of
Rs.4600f in the relevant feld.
DeDutalion: offcers under he central/ State / U.T.
Govemments / Universities / Statutory /Autonomous
Bodies or Research and Development organizations. (a)
holding analogous posts on regular basis,
(b) wih 2/3 years' regular seMce in $e grade pay of
Post: Chief Medical
Rs.1560G39100 + Rsi800f or 4600A respectively in be relevant feld. And
u 20171155 Record Offrcer
GP 5400 Possessing the following qualifcalions and experience:

(a) Degree in lredical Record Keeping (duration 1 year)

tom a recognized Institute / University.
(b)Abilityto use compulers in offce applicatons, spread
sheets and presenbtions. Typing speed of 35 words per
minute in Enqlish or 30 words per minute in Hindi.
DeDutation: Officers under he central / State / U.T.
Governments / universities / Statutory, Autonomous
Bodies or Healh Care Organizations;
Holding analogous posts on regular basis,
Post: Chief Rs.1560G39100 +
Ji 2017 t156 with 5 years ofregular seruice in the post of Senior 1
Dietcian GP 6600
Dietjcian (Assistant Foods Manager) in the Grade pay of
Rs. 54001.
with 7 years of regularservice in the post of Dietician in the
orade Dav of Rs.4600f.
Post: ChiefMedical Deputation: Employees of he central/Staterunion Territory
Rs.1560S39100 +
36 20171157 Social Service A Governmentsruniversities/Statutory/Autonomous
GP 6600
OffceI Bodies,Public Sector Undertakinos/Research &
Development Organizations.
(A) (i) Holding analogous posts on regular basis, or
(ii)witr 5 years ofregular service in the post of Rs.
(B) Possessing the following qualifcations and experience:
(l) l\,4.A. in Social Work/l\,4SW from a recognized
institubruniversity and not less than 5 years ofexperience
in he feld of Medical socialwelfare wi$ sound knowledge
ofmedical and other government run fnancial aid
DeDutation: offcer ofthe 200 bedded Hospitalof
central/Stateru.T. Govemments or Central Autonomous/
Statutory/Local Self Government Bodies or Public Sector
Post: Supervising (a) (i) Holding analogous posts on regular basis, or
Rs.15600-39100 +
37 20171158 [,4edicalSocial A (ii) Holding a post in the Grade pay of Rs.46001with 3 1
GP 5400
Service Officer years of regular seMce in the Grade; or
(iii) Holding a post in the Grade pay of Rs. 4200/- with 8
years ofregular seMce in he Grade;
(b) 5 years' experience inhe relevant field.
Deputation: Officers under he centlal/Stabru.T.
Govemmentsruniversiliesi Statutory/Autonomous Bodies
or Research & Development Organizations.

Post: Executive iholding analogous posts on regular basis,

Rs.1560G39100 +
38 2017 t159 Engineer (Civil) or
GP 6600
iiAssistant Engineer (Civil)wih 5 years'regular seMce in
he Grade pay ol Rs.5400f
iii Junior Engineer (CiMl) wih 7 years ot regular seMce in
be Grade pav of Rs.4600.
Deputation: Offcers fiom Ministies/Departrnents of
Government of India, CPWD, MES, BR0, DoT, State
Governmenhrunion Tenitories Engineering Services, and
ofier Engineering departments oI the
cental/State/PSUistatutory/Autonomous Bodies working
Post: Executive
Rs.1560S39100 + holding analogous post.
39 20't7 t160 Enginer (AC&R)
GP 6600 or
in PB-3 GP 5400 wih 5 years ofregular seMce in the
in PB-2 GP 4600 witr 7 years ofregular service in the
DeDutation: Offcers under ft e centralistateru.T.
Govemmentsruniversities/ Statutory/Autonomous Bodies
or Research & Development Organizations.
i. holding analogous posts on rgular basis,
Post: Executive
Rs.15600-39100 + or
40 2017 t161 Engineer (Electical) years'regular service
GP 6600 ii Assistant Engineer {Electric) wih 5
in be Grade pay of Rs.5400f.
iii Junior Engineer (Electric) with 7 years of regular
service in he Grade DaY of Rs.4600
Deputation: 1. Offcers ofhe Police Departments oflhe
Central/Stateru.T. or offcers of the armed forces induding
Pos[ Deputy Chief Rs.15600-39'100 + para MilitaryForces, holding analogous posts or with 5
41 2017 t162 1
Security Offrcer GP 6600 years' regular seMce in a post in PB 3 (15600-39100), GP
5400 or above, preferably having experience connected
with securitv. handlinq aqitations strikes of emDlovees.
Deputation: Offcec of Central /State Govemment or
Post: Principal
Rs.15600-39100 + Cenfal /State Statutory/Autonomous Bodies holding
42 2017 t163 Private Secretary 2
GP 6600 analogous posts or with at Least 7 years of regular service
in he post with qrade pay ot Rs.4600 or higher.
Transfer on Deputation (lncluding short term contract).
Officers under the central /State /U.T.
GovernmenUUniversities/ Statutory / Autonomous Bodies
of research and Developments 0rganizations. i. Holding
analogous posts on regular basjs,
Post: Senior
Rs.1560G39'100 + ii. With 5 years Regular SeMce in the Grade Pay of RS.
43 2017 t1U Administrative
54001 in the relevant field.
GP 6600
NqlCi-The Departrnental Adminisfative Officer wih 5
years regular Service in the Grade Pay of Rs, 5400! will
also be considered along with outsider (deputationists). In
case he Departmental Officers is selected for appointment
to he post, itwill be Treated as having been filled by
Deputation: Ofiicers ofthe Police Departments ofthe
Cental/Stabru.T. Governments or offcers ofthe Armed
Forces including para Military Forces, holding analogous
Post: Security Rs.'1560S39100 +
44 2017 t165 posts or with 2/3 years' regular service in a post in PB-2 1
Officer GP 5400
GP 4800/GP 4600 or above, preferably having expedence
connected wih security, handling agitations and stdkes of
Deputation: Officers working in a 200 bedded hospitalof
centralistateru.T. Governments or Central Autonomous
Post: Senior /Statutory/ Local SelI Govemment bodies or public sector
45 20171166 Sanitation Offrcer B undertaking. 1
GP 4600
i Holding analogous posts on regular basis, or
ii Holding a post in the grade pay ofRs.4200f wilh 5 years
ol reqular service in the qrade.
Deputation: Offcers ofthe 200 bedded hospital of
cental/Shteru.T. Govemmenb or Central Autonomous
istatutory/ Local SelfGovernment bodies or public sector
Post: Sanitation Rs. 930S34800 + undertaking.
46 2017 t167 3
Oficer GP 4200 i Holding analogous posls on regular basis
ii Holding a post in the grade pay ol Rs.2800f wih 6 years
of reqular seMce in the qrade .
Deputation: officers under the centralistateru.T.
Govemmentsruniversities/ Statutory/Autonomous Bodies
or Research and Development organizations. i holding
Posf Librarian
Rs.930G34800 + analogous posts on regular basis,
47 2017 t168 Grade I B 1
GP 4600 0r
ii with 3 years regular service in he grade payof
Rs.4200f in the relevantfield and possessing educational
oualifications oiven fordirect recruifnent in column 7 .
Deputaton: Officers from MinishiesDepartments of
Post; Assistant
Governmentof India, CPWD, N.4ES, BRO, DoT, State
Engineer (Air
Rs.930G34800 + Governmentsrunion Tenitories Engineering Services, and
48 2017 t169 Conditioning & B 1
GP 4600 oher Engineering Departnents of$e central / State
Refiig eration)
Statutory/Autonomous Bodies holding analogous post or
with 5 vears of reqular service as JunioI Enqineer.
Deputation : officers from Ministies,Departments ol
Post: Junior
Government of India,,State Governmentsiunion Terrihries
Engineer (Air
Rs.930G34800 + and oher Engineerjng departnents ofhe
49 2017 t170 Conditioning & B 4
GP 4200 central/State/FSU/Statutory/Autonomous Bodies holding
analogous post in he Department of Air Conditioning &
DeDutation: Officers under the Central /Stab ru.T.
Governments runiversitjes/Statutory bodies or Autonomous
Post: Chief Rs.9300 -34800 + Bodies or Research and Development Organizatjons.
50 2017 t171 B
Pharmacist GP 4600 iholding analogous post on Regular basis, or
ii with 5 years' regular seMce in the Grade of Pharmacist
crade - ll in the Grade Dav of Rs.4200.
Post: Sr. Rs.9300-34800 + Deputation: officers under the Central /State ru.T.
51 2017 t172 B 3
Pharmacist GP 4200 Govemments runiversities/Statutorv bodies or Autonomous
Bodies or Research and Development Organizations.
i holding analogous post on Regular basis, or
witir 6 years' regular service in the Grade of Pharmacist
Grade - ll in the Grade Dav of Rs. 2800f.
Deputation: officers under the central/State^J.T,
Governmenbruniversities/ Statutory/Autonomous Bodies
Post: Assistant
or Research & Development 0rganizations. holding
Engineerlor Rs, 9300-34800 +
analogous posts on regular basis,
Mgilance Cell (Civil) GP 4600
Jr. Engineer (Civil) wih 5 years of regular service in he
Deputation: offcers holding analogous post under he
2017 t174 central/State Govt., U.T. Adminisirations or oI Central

of posts is tentative and is liable to change based on Institute's requiremenb.

hstruction for posts on Direct Recruilment Basis: . As per Insfuction / General Condilion uploaded on website !4${4hqi9[i!9gbdgi!.

lnstruction for posts on Deputation Basis: -

age limit for applying for the aloresaid posts on deputatron is 56 years as on lastdate ol receipt of application.

.-- The period ofdeputation shall not ordinarily exceed 3 years.

Application Fees: Fees of Rs. 500f would be charged for each post on Deputation Basis.

The Officers who tulfill lhe above qualifications/eligibility may submit heir application in he prescribed Performa at Allelllql thtough proper
channe, to the Deputy Director (Admin)., All India Institute of l,ledical Sciences, Rishikesh-249203, Uttarakhand so as to reach by,l5 Days frcm the
date of advertisement in Employment New paper, i.e. till '16',|0.2017 at 23:59hrs

The envefope containing $e application(s) should be super-scribd "Application for the Post of- on
Depdation basis.'While fonvardingtheir applications, it may be ensured hat he parlic'ulars of the candidates are verifed and hat fiey fulfll $e
eligibility conditions. Duly attested photocopies oftheir up to date Confdential Reporb (at least for the latest 05 years) may also be enclosed with the
applications. lt may also be clearly stated tlat no vigilance/disciplinary proceedings is pending or contemplated against he candidates concemed.
Applications witrout vigilance clearance and CR Dossiers willnot be considered.

The deputation will be govemed by the standard terms and conditions of deputation provided under Departnent of Personnel & Training's
O.M.No.6/82009stt (Pay ll) dated 17.06.2010, as amended lrom time to time.

For details descriplion ofqualifcation & oher eligibility cdteria pleas visit Inslitute website: www.aiimsrishikesh.edu.in.