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The case of:


We consider the following as comments or corrections in the work of Group 4:

1. They fail to comply with Sec. 4 of A.M. No. 11-9-4-SC the Efficient Use of Paper Rule,
which provides as such:

Sec 4. Margins and Prints.The parties shall maintain the following margins on
all court-bound papers: a left hand margin of 1.5 inches from the edge; an upper
margin of 1.2 inches from the edge; a right hand margin of 1.0 inch from the
edge; and a lower margin of 1.0 inch from the edge. Every page must be
consecutively numbered.

2. It is important that they observe The Efficient Use of Paper Rule (EUPR) because
essentially, the same prescribes for the format, style and number of copies of

pleadings/documents to be filed with the courts and tribunals, as well as all documents

issued by the latter including reports and transfer of stenographic notes. Thence, the

observance of the proper use of the EUPR provides for respect to pleadings/documents

submitted to the Supreme Court.

3. We find typographical errors in the following:

Paragraph 1 Annex D, Affidavit of Adverse Claim, I, AYEWKHO NGA, of

legal age, Filipino, single ,and a resident of Purok 2B, Brgy. Santiago, Iligan

Subsection 7 of the same paragraph, That unless an adverse claim is annotated

on the Transfer Certificate of Title, the lawful purchaser AYEWKHO NGA, her

successors and heirs are in danger of being defrauded and deprived of their just

and valid right over the parcel of land and, as such, I am executing this Affidavit

in support of my request for the annotation of an adverse claim over the parcel of

land described herein.

As to the certification/verification they omitted some letters in the first paragraph

of the same which provides that,

I, AYEWKHO NGA, Filipino, of legal age, single, and a resident of Purok 2B,

Brgy. Santiago, Iligan City, fter having been duly sworn in accordance with law,

depose and say:

4. It is also befitting that the client should see to it that the Pleadings submitted does not
violate ethical obligations as when such pleadings were poorly written, badly formatted

or contains numerous spelling errors. We should take note that by submitting a poorly

written brief, the attorney does not only failed the Court but his client as well.

5. The separate Certificate of Title issued to Deli Kew alleged as provided for in the Annex
G as T-21384 was in fact a blank paper and is better to conclude that there was indeed no

Certificate of Title issued to Deli Kew.

6. The failure to provide for an annex does not only affect the allegations of the party but
there could have been no evidence to support the claims of the parties to the same.