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1 CS761


Seventh Semester B.E. Degree Examination, May I June 2006
Computer Science Engjgeering
C# Programming & .NET Concel»ts
Time: 3 hrs.] [Max. Marks: 100
Note: 1.Answer any FIVE full questions.
2. Diagrams if any, must be neatly drawn.
3. Programs must be neatly documented.

t a. What is .NET? Discuss the issues that lead to the genesis of this new platfonn.
b. With a neat diagram, explain tht important building blocks of .NET platfonn.
c. Bring out the important differences between single and multifile assemblies.

2 a. What are namespaces? List and explain the purpose of at least five namespaces.
b. List and explain the various options available with C# compiler. Also illustrate with
an example, how would you compile a single file assembly that references some
external assembly. (08Marks)
c. What is the role of cordbg utility? Explain the steps involved in debugging a source
file. (05Marks)

3 a. Explain the following aspects ofVS .NET IDE.

i. Solution explorer ii. Referencing external assemblies
iii. Ruming and Debugging iv. Serer explorer
v. Documenting code via XML. (10Marks)
b. Give an anatomy of C# console application program and discuss the variations of
main method. (06Marks)
c. Write a C# program that processes command line arguments using system.
Environment type. (04Marks)
4 a. What are value and reference types? Illustrate with examples. (06Marks)
b. Give the details of the master node, system.object and explain how would you
implement the following virtual methods for a user defined class.
i. Tostring ( ) ii. Equals ( ) iii. GetHash code ()
(09 Marks)
c. What is Boxing and unboxing? Explain with an example for each. (05 Marks)


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a. LI.st and expiain method access modifiers and method parameter modifiers. For the :1

latter gIve an examp e lor each . (10Ma
b. What are enumerations? What is the default data type of the members? How would ~
yOUchange the default type? Illustrate with an example. (05Ma
c. What is encapsulation? Explain the two ways of enforcing encapsulation. (OSMa

6 a. What do you understand by the terms Errors, Bugs and Exceptions? Give the
important members of the system Exception class. Illustrate the use of this class in
throwing generic exceptions. (10Ma.
b. Illustrate with an example, how would you build custom exceptions. (10Mar

7 a. What are interfaces? In what way are they better as compared to abstract classes?
Illustrate with an example the use of interfaces as polymorphic agents. (08Mal
b. Distinguish between shallow and deep copy, as applied to cloning. How would you
implement cloning for a custom class using I Cloneable interface? (08Ma
c. Illustrate with an example, the use of I Comparable interface. (04Ma

8 Write short notes on the following:

a. Garbage collection in .NET.
b. Delegates and Evenis.
c. Advanced keywords and Indexers.
d. Operator overloading.
e. Cross Language Inheritance. (20M.