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Family Tree
"Always Try Your Best"

David Behn
My father

Three Highlights from the Interview

1. I got to learn more about his
2. I got to hear what school was like
for him as a child.
3. I got hear about what he liked to
do for fun.
"The Journey is the Reward"

Richard Behn
My uncle ( dad's brother)

Three Highlights from the Interview

1. Comparing my dad's childhood
to my uncle's.
2. Hearing about his life when he
moved Maui.
3. Got to hear about what he liked
to do for fun.
Creative Work Choice

For the creative portion, I made a family recipe that has

been in my mom's family for many years. My mom's sister
makes it for her kids birthdays. The cake is Victorian sponge
cake topped with fresh whipped cream and strawberries.
9/11 Attacks
When the planes hit the towers first responders were sent out right away, the
towers were being evacuated and this event greatly impacted America both
economically and emotionally.

Three Main Ideas:

After the plane struck the towers first responders responded immediately and the
buildings were being evacuated. Of the many people who died in 9/11, 412 were
emergency workers and 343 were specifically firefighters who responded to the
World Trade Center.

The attacks of 9/11 had major economic effects on America. The economic
effects were both immediate and long-term impacts, some of which continue to
this day.

The attacks also had big emotional effects on people such mental health issues.
Family Artifact

This baseball that was

signed by the 1947
Boston Red Sox was
given to my
grandmother's brother
while he was in the
hospital. He was in the
hospital with cancer and
received the ball hours
before he died. We still
have it because it is very
special to my our family.
Thank You!