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Socorro National High school

Socorro, Surigao del Norte

2nd Quarter Prelim Examination

Science - Grade 7

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Test I. Choose from the words in the box the term being described.
Cell Nucleus Eyepiece Organ Stage
Base Nucleolus Microscope Tissue Centriole
Ribosomes Mitochondrion Arm Smooth ER Cell wall

1. The basic unit of life.

2. It gives shape and protection to plant cell.
3. The control center of the cell.
4. Type of ER that has no ribosomes.
5. Parts of the microscope that helps you look through to see the image of the specimen.
6. Supports the microscope when carried.
7. These are made up of tissues
8. Converts energy to a form usable to the cell.
9. It is a flat platform that supports the slide being analyzed.
10. A part of a cell that is involved in the manufacture of protein.
11. It supports the microscope.
12. It is located near the nucleus. They help organize structures during cell division.
13. The prominent round structure in the nucleus that produces ribosomes.
14. Part of the body of a living thing that is made of similar cells.
15. A device that produces a magnified image of objects too small to be seen with the naked eye.

Test II. Modified TRUE or FALSE. Write T if the statement is correct and F if it is wrong.

1. Centrioles help organize structures during cell division.

2. Heart is an example of a system.
3. Plant cell has a bigger vacuole than animal cell.
4. Chloroplast is a green coloring pigment in plants.
5. occhiolino means little eye.

Test III. Enumerate the answer that is asked with the phrase below.
1-5 The organizational level in living organism
6-12 Parts of a cell which both plant and animal cell have
13-15 The three basic parts of a cell
16-17 Parts that are only found in plant cells
18 Parts that can only found in animal cell

Test IV. Identify the parts of a microscope.