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BLDEAs Enclosure - I

V.P. Dr. P.G. Halakatti College of Engineering & Technology, Bijapur.

Revised policy for awarding annual increment to faculty under 6th Pay (w.e.f. 01-01-2015)
Following guidelines may be followed for the grant of annual increment to faculty :
1) Academic Activity a) Academic results 20 points
b) Student feedback 10 points
Refer Enclosure II for c) Student counseling 05 points
calculation of points d) Assessment of outcome in academic counseling 05 points (suggested by Dr. M.I. Savadatti, BoG Chairperson)
e) Student Project guidance* : UG or / and PG : 05 per project (Max. 10 points)
f) Publishing a book of subject handled 05
2) Research and Development a) FDP / STTP attended (minimum one week i.e. 5 days at a stretch) 05 per event (Max. 10 points) (preferably
Activity during vacations / without affecting academics when ever applicable).
Refer Enclosure III for b) Seminars/FDP/STTP/Work-shops organized (min. 2 days & atleast 4 resource persons). For coordinator (other
calculation of points than HoD) 10 per event. Team members (Max. 05 nos.) identified by HoD. Each member 03 points.
c) Undertaken funded research projects 20 per project
OR must have submitted Research proposal (worth of Rs. 10 lakhs) to any of State/National funding agencies such
as VGST, DST, AICTE SERC and research organizations 05 points per proposal (max. 10).
d) Paper published in International Journal - 10 per paper.
e) Paper published in National Journal - 05 per paper.
f) Paper presented in International Conference 05 (max.).
g) Carrying consultancy work 10 (max.).
h) Mini project guidance (preferably during vacation) - 10 (max.).
i) Any technical chair occupied in International conference. 05
j) For faculty guiding Ph.D. - Completion of comprehensive viva by the candidate 10 points per candidate (only once).
3) Contribution at Dept. level Specify the activity and mention contribution (more weightage for continuous activity) 10
(Do not include Sl.No. 2b to claim points)
4) Contribution at Institute level Specify the activity and mention contribution (more weightage for continuous activity) 05

Enclosure - II
Academics (for clarifications if any kindly contact Prof. A.V. Kulkarni, Institute
Academic Coordinator) :

Sl.No. 1. a) Academic Results : 20 Points (70% for passing percentage and 30% for
average of subjects handled in one year to be considered for results
(i.e. a & b mentioned below)
a) 14 points Percentage passing
(14 for > 80%, 12 for > 60% 10 for > 50%, Zero otherwise)

b) 06 points For % of students scoring FCD / FC marks as per Institute

( 06 for given Institute target
05 If it is less than 10% of Institute target
04 otherwise )

Eg. Institute target = 40% of class with FCD / FC marks

Then > 40% - 06 points
31% to 39% - 05 points
< 30% - 04 points
Institute target will be 40% of class with FCD / FC marks w.e.f. 01-01-2015.
Reasons for ;
i) To improve success index for NBA process.
ii) To increase no.of FCD / FC students to make them eligible for placement.
iii) To improve performance index for NBA process.
b) Students Feedback (Annual) : 10 Points
For each class, (6 staff members), average of feedback to be calculated.
Staff scoring above average = 10 points
Staff scoring 1 to 10% below average feedback = 09 points
Staff scoring 11 to 20% below average feedback = 08 points
Staff scoring less than 20% below average feedback = Zero points
Note : Mid semester appraisal is for staff improvement.
c) Counseling (in the format approved by BoG) 05 points
d) Atleast 50% of counseled students must have improved their VTU score atleast
by 03% compared to last exams. 05 points
e) Students project (UG/PG) 10 points
5 point / project (Max. 10)
Guiding a minimum of one UG or PG (wherever applicable) for the staff of all
the Engineering disciplines, Architecture, MBA & MCA is mandatory.
Enclosure - III
R&D Activities : (for clarifications if any kindly contact Dr. G.V. Patil, Institute
R&D Coordinator) :

Sl.No. 2. a) FDP and STTP of one week duration only are considered.
b) Coordinator should be other than HoD.
Maximum of five members nominated by HoD are eligible to claim
c) 20 points for the sanctioned (granted) research projects.

In case of joint proposals (maximum of two members) 15 points for the

Principal investigator and 05 points for the Co-Principal investigator.


05 points for the research proposals submitted to any of the State / National
funding agencies such as VGST, DST, AICTE, SERC and research
organizations such as ISRO, DRDO, DMRL etc.

In case of joint proposals (maximum of two members) 03 points for the

Principal investigator and 02 points for the Co-Principal investigator.

d), e) and f)
Only the FIRST author of the paper published in journals or conferences is
eligible to claim points.


In case of papers presented / published as a result of M.Tech. and Ph.D works,

guide (second author) is eligible to claim points.

Co-guide is not eligible to claim points as a result of publication by M.Tech. and

Ph.D. works.

Journals with impact factor more than or equal to 0.5 are considered for award
of points after approval from R&D Coordinator of the institute for quality check.
First page of paper published should be certified by R&D Coordinator before
submitting increment application to the Institute office.
g) There should be supporting document in case of consultancy work provided
and consultancy work should be a paid service (not free consultancy).

h) Staff members encourage undertake mini projects for the V / VI semester

students. Maximum of 10 points for guiding mini projects.

Contribution at Institute and Department Level :

Sl.No. 3) Do not include the department level activities for which the points have
already been claimed (Ex : Coordinator for seminar, workshop, FDP,
STTP or Coordinator for the same). To claim points there should be a
document certified by HoD.

Sl.No. 4) Document issued by the Principal is necessary to claim the points.

Faculty members are eligible to claim increment if the overall score is 70
and more the 70.

Faculty members are not eligible for the annual increment if overall score
is less than 70 (during one effective increment year).