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What is Software Engineering?

Its an engineering discipline that is concerned with all

aspects of software production from the early stages of
system specification through to maintaining the system
after it has gone into use.
software engineers should
adopt a systematic and organised approach to their work
use appropriate tools and techniques depending on
the problem to solved
the development constraints and
the resources available.

Why Software Engineering?
More and more, individuals and society rely on advanced
software systems.
Hence need to develop reliable and trustworthy systems
economically and quickly.
It is usually cheaper
to use software engineering methods
techniques for software systems; rather than just write the
programs as if it was a personal programming project.

Software Process
the set of activities whose goal is the development or
evolution of software.
A coherent set of activities for software production
Essentially, the software process is the way in which we
produce software.
This differs from organization to organization.

Activities in Software Process
what the system should do and its development constraints,
production of the software system,
checking that the software meets the requirements,
checking that the software is what the customer wants,
changing the software in response to changing demands.

Challenges Facing Software Eng.
Developing techniques for building software that can cope with
heterogeneous platforms and execution environments,
Business & Social Change
Development of emerging economies & new technology
Developing techniques that lead to faster delivery of software,
Security & Trust
Developing techniques that demonstrate that software can be
trusted by its users.
Remote software systems accesses thro web browsers


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