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Business Research

& Report Writing

Course Guide Book for BBA (Honors)

Sundus Shah Nawaz

M.Phil. (Finance), MBA (Finance)
Department of Business Administration
University of Sargodha
Fall, 2017 Business Research & Report Writing

Department of Business Administration
Course Guide Book

Business Research & Report Writing

Instructor: Sundus Shah Nawaz Credit Hours: 3
Program: BBA (honors) 7th Regular & Self Class Day/Time :
BBA 7th (Reg) :- Monday(12:30 pm), Thursday(8:00 am)
BBA 7th (S.S):Wednesday(12:30 pm),Thursday(12:30pm)
Consultancy Timing: Monday to Thursday (11:00am to 12:30pm)
Venue: Office

1. Introduction
The learning focus for this unit is on developing business research skills and defining a business
research question. It will bring together students theoretical and practical appreciation of how to
identify and investigate business opportunities or problems as well as analyses data and conclude
on the relevance of research findings As the research aim is unpacked, the student will be
introduced to a range of relevant quantitative and qualitative business research methods and will
select from these in determining a project design

2. Aims and Objectives of the Course

While going through this course, the students will able to
Identify, specify and scope an organizational problem or issue requiring a research-based
Define an appropriate research question prior to undertaking research Assess and select from a
range of research methods
Identify major stakeholders in the research context and identify the potential impact of their
objectives and expectations on the design of the research project
Conceptualize a framework for the design and implementation of a research or professional


<as per approved scheme, soft copy available in Admn Office and with program coordinators >

Week No. Lecture Plan

1. Research Introduction, Definitions, Nature, Scientific Method of
2. Business Research Process (Scientific), Research Design, Errors in
Business Research
3 Types of research and research designs, Primary data and its sources,
Secondary data and its sources
4 Data Collection Procedures: The Measurement Process, Concepts of
validity and reliability, The casual design procedures
Department of Business Administration, University of Sargodha (contact: sundusnawaz@live.com) 2
Fall, 2017 Business Research & Report Writing

5 Data Collection Methods, Observation, Documentary-Historical Method,

The Survey Method, Data Collection Instruments: Questionnaire,
Interview and Scheduling, Problems in Data Collection
6 Sampling: Sampling Concepts, The Sampling Procedures (Types of
Sampling), Determining a sample size & Selection of sample. Data
Processing And Analysis:
7 Basic concepts of data processing: Computer representation, Data Matrix,
Data Storage Data Processing flow:
8 Editing, Coding, Handling Blank Responses, Coding,
Categorization, Converting, Weighting, Storing etc.,

9 Data analysis, Measurement of central tendency,

Measurement of dispersion, Hypothesis Testing, Bavaria
data analysis
10 Linear Correlation, Simple Regression, The Chi-Square Test,
The Cross-Tabular Tables, Elaboration of relationships,
Multivariate data analysis: Interdependence Methods,
Factor analysis
11 Cluster analysis, multidimensional analysis, Multivariate data analysis:
Dependence methods, Multiple Regressions, Analysis of Variance &
12 Discriminant analysis
13 Research Project Proposal: Rationale for the study defining the
problem, Research Objectives, Information needs
14 Research Project
15 Research Project
16 Research Project
----------FINAL TERM EXAMINATION----------
4. Recommended Core Text:
Uma Sekeron and Roger Bougie, Research Methods for Business.(Latest
Reference Text
Ranjit Kumar, Research Methodology, Sage Publications. (Latest Edition)

5. Teaching Methodology
1. Lecture for disseminating key concepts
2. Discussion on practical issues
3. Presentations/Projects

6. Assessment/Evaluation
Department of Business Administration, University of Sargodha (contact: sundusnawaz@live.com) 3
Fall, 2017 Business Research & Report Writing

The course is assessed by the group assignments and individual class presentation of relevant topics
(20%), and a 3 hours closed-book examination (80%).

Individual Class Presentations/Projects* 20%

Regular Class Presentations/Participation (5%)
Presentation/Project (15%)
Mid Term Examination (1 hour) 30%
Final Examination (2 hours) 50%


The following is meant to give a general indication of the attributes which are normally expected of written
work for it to be awarded marks in particular degree classes. This is indicative only since an answer can have
a number of attributes, strengths and weaknesses and the overall classification given to individual answers
and to a script is based on the judgment of the examiners about the inter-play of these attributes, strengths and

(80%+) Excellent, logical and well-presented answer showing clear evidence of recent research
findings on the topic, evidence of additional readings, and showing content of original
thought and ideas.
(70-79%) Very good, well-presented answer showing clear evidence of supplementary reading and some original
thought and ideas.
(60-69%) Good comprehensive answer. Clear, logical, thorough with evidence of breadth and depth in reading.
Understanding of inter-relationships between parts of the course and of the subject.
(50-59%) Adequate to good answer. Material limited to basic reading and lectures, Competent understanding of
individual topics with only limited grasp of links between topics.
(40-49%) Incomplete answer. Material is sparse with inaccuracies and little evidence of even basic reading.
Reliance on lecture material with only limited indication of understanding.
(<40%) Deficient answer. Inaccuracies, omissions, errors in approach, no evidence of
understanding or work.

Attendance Policy (Zero Tolerance):

As per university policy atleast 75% attendance in the class will be mandatory for every student to become
eligible for final term exam.

Department of Business Administration, University of Sargodha (contact: sundusnawaz@live.com) 4