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Automate report qualification

& regression testing

Key features

Schedule report export

Output comparison

Optimize migration

www.360suite.io contact@360suite.io
Schedule reports export

www.360suite.io contact@360suite.io
Schedule reports export

Dynamic report scheduling with pre-defined prompt and filter values

Simultaneous report generation on several SAP BusinessObjects setups (version, SP)
Automate exports to make regression testing a routine task
Schedule XML export of your reports for optimum comparison
Simple and effective scheduling management for recurring exports

www.360suite.io contact@360suite.io
Outputs comparison

www.360suite.io contact@360suite.io
Outputs comparison

Effective report data comparison

Image comparison (pixels, colors) using several precision levels
Comparison of seemingly identical reports (change control)
Report comparison across versions or service packs for migration validation
Cross-CMS report comparison for development validation
Gather comparison results into a detailed report and focus efforts on regressing reports
Visually highlight report regressions
Maintain accuracy and consistency of SAP BusinessObjects reports

www.360suite.io contact@360suite.io
Optimize migration

www.360suite.io contact@360suite.io
Optimize migration

Ability to visually compare and qualify reports across versions, and validate
Multiple regression tests allowing users to highlight differences in reports
Qualify all your reports rather than relying on sample/partial qualification
Seamless, automated qualification (no impact on users)
Qualify developments in new projects or new versions
Enforce continuous change control on new versions (change in data bases, ETL, BW,
universes, OS etc.)

www.360suite.io contact@360suite.io
Schedule reports export

www.360suite.io contact@360suite.io
Outputs comparison

Effective and synthetic

binding and comparison of
your report data (including

Interoperable extraction
and scheduling (from XIR2
to BI4)

www.360suite.io contact@360suite.io
Optimize migrations

Detection of matching reports to

exclude from migration

Detection of non-matching
report output. Point-out
inconsistencies or errors (new SP,
universe update, etc.)

Opening and checking reports is

not even required to find out
potential regressions

www.360suite.io contact@360suite.io
Use case

Swiss bank

BI4.1 SP6 and Sybase upgrade

In the course of the 360Bind evaluation period, new BI4.1 SP6 bugs + regressions due to Sybase DB
upgrade were found. Risk management was included in the loop/process and permanent regression
testing was enforced. Helped end-users save time when troubleshooting the BO platform, fixing bugs
and dealing with technical regressions. 100% Regression detection accuracy rate.
From Risk Controls perspective, such a tool would significantly increase the efficiency and reduce the
operational risk of Risk Controls testing of BI reports during e.g. BI, DB, server upgrades. Given the
very positive feedback of the testing of the tool, Risk Control supported the selection and purchase of
such a tool.

www.360suite.io contact@360suite.io

70 employees More than 500 customers 2,000,000 administrated

Very reactive support In more than 30 countries users
team (98% renewal rate) Small to big deployment Won EY entrepreneur of
Support based in Europe (100-92,000 users) the year & other prizes
and North America Continuously evolving
50% in R&D company and tools

www.360suite.io contact@360suite.io
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www.360suite.io contact@360suite.io
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www.360suite.io contact@360suite.io

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