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Today morning I received call from my engineer and came to site to attend the

problem. During my investigation, we found the elevator is in fault condition.

When we tried to switch ON the lift, the lift is working in Hand & Auto operation
but the Door is not opening (Not working). After our diagnosis, we have finally
come to know that the problem exist in the Door operator.

When we open the door operator we found that the original parts of the door
operator has been replaced with faulty door operator and this really shocked us.
This type of work can be done only by elevator personnel. We strongly confirm
that some third party company have accessed our site without our knowledge in
our absence and replaced the door motor encoder part easily & vandalized the

We required new door motor encoder to make this door operator operational
which is chargeable as per the contract terms

Manager Field Operations
P.O. Box: 30377,

Dear Sir,

I write to inform you that recently we received many calls from Mr. Sabeer from
Erigo Elevator Company and he is seeking technical support from our staffs
without our company knowledge. When I was in room in the evening, he called
one of our staff Mr. Prajul and asked him whether he can guide for one of his
project. Our Field engineer Mr. Prajul denied and told him that he is not aware of
that particular product and also refusing to help him but his calls never stopped.
He is maintaining one of our ex-project and facing difficulty and he called us for
help but when we explained him that we cannot help him and later he threatened
that very soon we will face severe consequences in our projects.

Hence we are very much worried now that he (Erigo Elevator) may vandalize our
equipment at any time as many of our projects doesnt have CCTV cameras and
Security. Also, he is aware of most of our projects location

I would like to bring it to your attention that we have to be very cautious in

handling these things

Yours sincerely

Hubert Subis Sam Raj