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Dawn Cameron

Mr Stephen Mcghee PhD, MSc, BN, RN, RM

Coordinator, International Practice Learning
University of South Florida
Faculty of Health Sciences and Sport
Pathfoot Building, Room E15
University of Stirling
Tel: 01786 466349
E-mail: dawn.cameron@stir.ac.uk

Dear Joanna Jacob

The University of Stirling, Faculty of Health Sciences and Sport cordially invites your nursing student
group to participate in our international clinical exchange (ICLEX) observational programme. This
educational experience will facilitate a greater understanding of the complexity of global nursing and
how it impacts health care and patient outcomes in the United Kingdom (UK) and Scotland.

The observership will commence on July 3rd and end July 14th 2017. During this period your students
will observe patient interactions, participate in clinical discussions and virtual simulation scenarios.
This will allow the sharing of knowledge of healthcare issues and approaches common to the United
Kingdom to compare and contrast with Florida. You will also attend lectures and cultural activities
with other nursing students. Your ICLEX experience will be under the direct supervision of Janet
Smith and Dawn Cameron, International Co-coordinators for Health Sciences. Clinical observational
experiences will be under the supervision of either a faculty member, Practice Educational Facilitator
(PEF) or practice supervisor, who will be a UK registered professional nurse. Although your direct
patient contact is limited, we have organised an experience for you that is clinically meaningful and
intellectually satisfying.

Please feel free to contact Janet Smith j.g.smith@stir.ac.uk or Dawn Cameron

dawn.cameron@stir.ac.uk if you have any further questions or concerns. We look forward to your
visit and will do all in our power to make it an outstanding observational visit.

Yours Sincerely

Dawn Cameron
International Practice Coordinator