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1 - PMBOOK WORDS( initiating)


business value accomplished

business analyst authorizing

initial scope stakeholder register

officially authorized business case assessment

market demand develop project charter

business need business case

In such instances project funding

In such a case completion

In such a project subsequent processes

undertaken criteria

address validated

deliverables the point in time

as to whether constraints

forecast expectations

In order to expert judgement

assumptions sponsor

common understanding assigned to

milestones benefit analysis

potential impact on project success interdependencies

mitigate the risk project value add

financial feasibility uncertainties

deployment formal record

clarity of objectives feasibility study

agreement contract award

establishes a partnership facilitation techniques

entities assure proper delivery

preferably governing body chairperson

trigger procure funding

a bid document narrative description

social need government regulation

legal requirement justify

Typically limitations

contributes to combine staff functions

industrial park streamline processes

ecological impact latrines

periodically reviewed sanitation education

policies Marketplace conditions

Brainstorming Such expertise

project domains subject matter experts

intended to satisfy conflict resolution

justifications milestone schedule

perceive themselves Summary budget

exert influence over the project appropriate focus

possess different authority levels diverse number of stakeholders

taking into consideration become evident

gathering local trends

analyzing quantitative impose their will

analyzing qualititative urgency

stakeholders register on track

procument document legitimacy

neutral/resistor Salience model

worth the required investement Profile analysis meetings

panel format feedback regarding

visibility-vision reduces the overhead

2 - planning processes group diff words

1 - PMBOOK WORDS( planning)
course refine the objectives

to attain explore all aspects

to revisit no identifiable risks

act of collecting feedback unanticipated risks

cannot continue indefinitely stakeholder buy-in

dictate with respect to

express are overly aggressive

focused sessions encourages involvement

planning sessions engage stakeholders

brainstorming gain commitment

scope deconstruction consistent with

backlog list cost threshold

indicates change control board

sustainability baselines

existing facilities subsidiary plans

capital equipment body of knowledge

allocated to agile software development

appropriate time configuration Mgmt

conflict resolution Personnel administration

consolidates Standardized guidelines

essential work instructions

the approach taken product validation

metrics acceptance criteria

the former referring to Level of implementation

the latter referring to dependencies

WBS Expertise

Business requirements traced

features tracked
retention/purge the rationale

data conversion Traceability structure

depicted in traceability matrix

supplement the care taken

primarily concerned with need to be elicited

term scope the scope baseline

elicit information supplement functional requirements

confidential information Group Decision-Making Techniques

prequalified stakeholders viewed as

attitudes provides clarity

respondents spontaneous questions

trained moderator interviewee

foster relationships can aid in

stakeholder consensus Facilitated workshops

Motivation reconciling stakeholder differences

Brainstorming well-facilitated sessions

Nominal group technique cross-functional requirements

used to rank voice of the customer (VOC)

Idea/mind mapping job shadowing

to reflect commonality quality function deployment( QFD)

Affinity diagram agile methods

insurance premium broadly framed

Prototypes geographically dispersed

statistical analysis occasional contributions

whereby varied audiences

Unanimity uncover hidden requirements

the rationale objectively sorted

Plurality tangible or

Majority intangible.

Dictatorship iterative cycles

are sufficiently complete mock-up

Benchmarking user experimentation

comparable organizations feedback generation

The context diagram Storyboarding

marketing literature navigation through

ordinances scope model

issue logs visually depict

unambiguous start out

measurable and testable traceable

attachments consistent

deferred executive summary

as opposed to excluded from

entire scope acquired

Explicitly stating fields of expertise

limiting factor verifiable product

restrictions ancillary results

are issued by contractual provisions

certain separate log

frequently potential impact

discipline specific are sometimes perceived as

duration estimation greater specificity

the scheduling tool structured vision

alternative possibilities work packages

Published commercial information essential

resource productivity information decreased efficiency

probability definition agreed on

descending level rolling wave planning

increasingly detailed definition left out

Therefore valuable insight

often abbreviated as prior similar projects

discrete effort whether to

apportioned effort combine methods

Activity Attributes reconcile differences

a significant point disciplines

Sequence Activities Analytical Techniques

the logical sequence of work choosing strategic options

given all project constraints scheduling methodology

Precedence diagramming method estimating approaches

Dependency determination formats

realistic project schedule fast track project schedule

achievable project schedule crash the project schedule

apparent in leads and lags

expedite consistency with

the corporate knowledge base schedule model

The awards ceremony Control accounts

pour foundation PMIS

very rarely concurrently

hard logic evolve over time

hard dependencies predecessor activities

confused with successor activities

soft logic logical relationships

even though imposed dates

desired nomenclature

Estimate Activity Resources summary narrative

closely coordinated with accompany

local labor pool readily

lacks experience Such knowledge

An automotive design team The requisite knowledge

Resource Calendars hiring a consultant

shifts seminar on robotics

Plan Risk Responses are potentially available

make-rent- or-buy decisions rental

production rates Bottom-up estimating

Reserve analysis aggregating

gross value estimating approach pattern

less time consuming than precise data

segments of a project Analogous estimating

in conjunction with Parametric estimating

an algorithm Three-point estimating

multiplied by relies on

underlying data interruptions

emerging estimates Most likely

Reserve Analysis Optimistic

contingency reserves Pessimistic

known-unknowns buffers

unknown-unknowns contingent responses

critical chain method mitigation responses

critical path method what-if analysis

safety margins without regard for

over-allocated is termed
Resource Smoothing total float

Modeling Techniques to account for

strike slippage

viable schedule feeding buffers

Crashing demand and supply

expedite the least incremental cost

preliminary in tabular form

cash-flow projections hammock activity

distinguishes as-of date

expending status date

incurred order and delivery schedules

sourced from Currency exchange rates

required expenditure disbursement reviews

standard contract provisions valuable insight

fund the project self-funding

leasing funding with equity

payback period funding with debt

return on investment rounded up or down

internal rate of return weighted milestones

net present value fixed-formula

discounted cash flow monetary resources

to finance project resources prediction

recognition at a given point in time

allowance interest charges

union labor interest

potential opportunities experiences

Market conditions numerous points

computerized spreadsheets Funding Limit Reconciliation

be mandated by Funding Limit

inclusion or quarterly

exclusion annually

anticipated liabilities evenly distributed

demonstrate compliance with regard to

Cultural perceptions contribute to

as endorsed by senior Mgmt aids in

organizations intended direction pertaining to

Cost-Benefit Analysis sets

increased profitability quality step

nonconformance appraising

destructive testing tools Storyboard

fishbone diagrams Conceptual

actionable root cause gap to be closed

undesirable effects sequence of steps

vital few sources frequencies

Histograms consequences

predictable performance central tendency

manufactured lots dispersion

plot points Unlike

proportional inverse

positive correlation negative correlation

analogies reveal the presence

namely population

a sharper focus projects value proposition

schedule overruns text-oriented

proactive correspondence an unambiguous owner

luncheon meetings descending

trade conferences confusion of responsibility

symposia common themes

leverage a combination eventually released

concerning Role clarity

Morale match

Inadequate disaster response

distribution misunderstanding

retrieval misinterpretation

tightly linked language barriers

Encode extensive materials

Transmit Message blogs

Decode press releases

Acknowledge their own discretion

Feedback/Response knowledge repositories

instant messaging dialogue

casual discussions construed as

convey disseminated
commensurate with conduct risk Mgmt. activities
to anticipate events. strategic risk exposure
evolve risk appetite and tolerance

unambiguously credibility

provision subsequently tracked

micro and macro anonymously

pruned reduce bias
evident exhaustive
fundamental hypotheses
symptoms inaccuracy
near-term responses instability
recent projects inconsistency
draw on incompleteness
obvious value occurrence
extensively recurrent type
correlate with substantially impacting
Trends satisfactorily decreased
Probabilistic analysis low bounds
listing risk-neutral assumption
pose Estimates are made
fallback plan symptoms

to match with in jeopardy

radical avoidance premium
guarantees warranties
concurrent risk Mitigate
designing redundancy implies
talented alterations
omitted work deliberately
legislation reputation
legal implications purchase or lease
unilaterally jurisdictions
concise may leverage
paramount to formulate
tender notice collaborating with
prospective sellers collateral services required
fixed-price contract ancillary expenses
cost reimbursable contract two broad families
hybrid type incorporate financial incentives

precisely specific commodities

The EPA clause altered
Economic Price Adjustment clause based solely on
resemble not subject to appeals
Unaware staff augmentation
Resistant political climate

3 - excuting processes group diff words

1 - PMBOOK WORDS( excuting)
intentional activity Defect repair
revise the schedules automated tool suite
Information exchang action item results
option evaluation pertinent topics
subset raw observations
disposition to interpret
project inception Regression analysis
sit on formalizing acceptance
brings objectivity Verified deliverables
walkthroughs conclusion
unambiguous inevitable
contextualized consistent
consistent correlated
deteriorating notations
surplus deficit
encounter incumbent on
favorable or unfavorable Quality Metrics
quality assurance process adaptation
nesting relationship visualizing
selected in advance shortcomings
willing correct any deficiencies
scarce outlined in
mobility limitations outlining
cohesive team delineating the time periods

inspire to score team members

raise morale mutual trust
team spirit cross training
disciplinary acknowledging their concerns

controlling the sentiments counterproductive

conveniences work habits
proximity meeting etiquette
Colocation agreed-upon
aspirations Certificates of appreciation
fostering teamwork Corporate apparel
disruptive conflict source of pride
Withdraw Retreating
Accommodate Emphasizing
harmony conceding
ultimate disposition visual aids
overcoming obstacles press releases
status dashboards portals
spreadsheet analysis repercussions
can be retired platform
symptoms fallback plan
impactful transaction times
workarounds awarding a contract
provides alignment weighting system
preferential treatment audit trail
evaluation committee as amendments
deficient solicitations
conclude with compensate
it imperative idle
mutual consent appeals
slippages disputes
harmonize foster

4 - closing processes group diff words

1 - PMBOOK WORDS( closing)
termination clauses aborted projects
litigation after closure transition
indexed constitutes
warrant recognition Regression analysis
mediation outstanding issues
arbitration for inclusion

framework DIFF WORDS

1 - PMBOOK WORDS( framework)
1 - rita WORDS( framework)
arbitrarily prompt a change
bugs acronym
appoints = assigne= employ the date is due
inevitably power rests with
career path numerous
hard to automate figure out
correlate spwan
reputation solidify
too often beforehand
remove roadblocks exceptions
blamed on warrant
definite bigining achieving

on going seldom

repetitive portfolio

permenant role

local communities drop rapidly

draws to a close
peak point uncertainty

conduct approaches completion

government agency guidelines

profetion found in annex

established norms evolved from

contained in practitioners


Conflict management should hold

basic obligation

interacting with fairness

champion honesty

wishes to commitment

rather than judged on

engaged adopt



trademarks In contrast

multiple individuals an enhancement

capability to skill sets

concerns, industrial plant

comprised of

the two areas cross coordinated fashion

goods integration

gain insight Setting up

respond to appropriate

brand recognition

enablers likely

Retail workers transitions

Aligning quality assurance manager

Resolving issues Progressive elaboration

infrastructure firm. driven by

Supportive aligned with

integrates Conversely

Plant operators intersecting points

entire firms the launch of

impose constraints enterprise portfolio

key decision maker collaborative in nature

Coaching infectious diseases

oversight reduce pollution

at the enterprise level Training officers

consistently subject area

will sustain

to last for centuries fixtures

optimizes acquire
consensus good will

interrelationships strengthening

collective capability long-term

as well as Interpersonal Skills

project audits ethical

adopting closeout phase

as well as contributed to

enterprise-wide projects Competencies

institutions revenues

likely acquiring

most likely to prioritize

reliable Though temporary in nature

realize particularly

mentoring substantial

distinct from nested within

the broader context in a variety of ways

potential opportunities dedicated

survival dedicated plan

natural liaison arise

stockholder equity, business pursuit

fulfilled pursue

initiatives pertaining to
as such a professional discipline.

balanced scorecard far outlive

other than by harmonizes

overarching program plan as to which

predictably incumbent upon

are indispensable in subsidiaries

partnering agreement action item tracking

earned value data contract templates

texting time reporting

cultural norms checklists

improvement targets, Shared visions

process audits mission

risk register lessons learned

resolution work ethic

is shaped by handle a critical project

instant social media,

is more of functional

project expediter projectized

enforce decisions. Moderate

recognizes the need communications coordinator

composite organization blend

broader than Chief Executive

time tracking maintain

interfaces values, beliefs,

common experiences fundamentally

common cost overruns

major types determines

superior project calendars

further subdivided facilities

Marketplace conditions workmanship standards

further project- venture

Overlooking Risk tolerance

planned response actions corporate knowledge base.

joint venture by specialty

smooth transfer business leaders

vendors community

contractual agreement forced to relocate

approach the broader context

regardless of are served by

customization promotes

formally authorized negative consequences

charter late recognition

spokesperson input is overlooked

regardless of accountable

customization offset by

an escalation path could not afford alone

beyond the control exchange information

incurred costs located onsite or offsite

oversight function dedicated

test period

soft launch in services Within those constraints

retention senior management

decisive role oversee

stage gate fill a specified role

aptly robust

attain-fulfilled iteration

consist of promotes

at one end to in particular

generic Within the context of

are dissimilar in nature

decisions are reached for instance

can be broken down conception

time bounded, require significant expenditures

increases substantially

less familiar line manager

Political climate is elaborated

pre-project work typical pattern

ideal structure lose property

a portion of the project the boundaries of the phase

vary widely terminate

government regulators predictive

concentrate more on differs from

decomposed into hand-off

tailor bear a large share of the risk

recur incorporate feedback

stand-alone project intended to respond


unusable features with the intent of

unique aspects adversely impact

tailoring remain present

product backlog for ease

accurate information fits within

eliminate occur between

prescribe logical subsets

iteration begins multiple iterations

Likewise consortium

Turnover distinct focus


As a consequence can be perceived by

in distant locations to be segmented

emphasize processes Likewise

to some extent detract from

culminates in tentatively

synonymous disbursement

multi-firm consortia to exploit industrial synergies

consortium preceding and subsequent phases

chapter 3
interrelated-interlinked encompass


confusion tradeoffs

to track create a pre-specified product,

encompass can be adapted

Personal effectiveness encompasses effective flow of the project

incremental deliverables discrete elements

contractual obligations The physical

memos rebaselining

industry focus legend

against as appropriate

arranged and finalized raise issues

subcomponents raise actions

controlled manner raise awareness

missed activity finish date The indiscriminate use

previously understood termination clauses

tradeoffs whereas

explicitly listed interchangeably in practice.

premature closure of the project summary level depiction

trigger further analysis electronic dashboards

particular order considerably risk

appropriate terminology The raw observations

compiled in project documents to conclude

thus degree of rigor

fall into

assets aborted projects

exception conditions conducted

assigne candidate

influence coordinator

performed expeditor

maturity compaign

budget loyality

moderate subsidiary plans

invoices facilitator

political candidate supportability

election compaign needed to plan

election trend

in favor for
WORDS( initiating)

initial financial resources are committed

what is needed to be accomplished

This information is captured in the project charter

business standpoint

attaining business value

to meet stratigic business objectives

are handled externally to the project boundaries

are reviewed to prioritize resource allocation

continued, delayed, or discontinued

larger organizational initiative

prior to commencing a project

evaluating the alternatives

to determine the feasibility of the new undertaking

the initial project scope statement

propose an implementation strategy

by compiling and analyzing gathered information

in order to formalize the authority

gain commitment and acceptance

the existence of a project

documenting relevant information regarding to

strategic misalignment

alignment of various stakeholders

project statement of work

enterprise environmental factor

Organizational Process Assets

as early as is feasible

foundational understanding

will better allow for efficient resources allocation

establish guidelines for proper handling of a new toxic material

developing country

to lessen environmental impact

potable water systems

broad set of stakeholders

initial intentions

memorandums of understanding

letters of intent

verbal agreements

include, but are not limited to

organizational and professional policies

the results of previous project selection decisions

previous project performance information

Measurable project objectives and related success criteria

what constitutes project success

who signs off on the project

whose interest should be taken in account

leveraged to build coalitions

potential partnerships

likely to react or respond

comprehensive identification

should be sought

for setting realistic and achievable boundaries

surveys and focus groups

project purpose justification

evaluating alternatives

esses group diff words

WORDS( planning)
define the course of action

repeated feedback loops

total scope of the effort

setting the route to the desired objective

thus involving considerably more risk than previously understood

to delineate the strategy and tactics

provide greater precision

management-by-exception procedures

kick-off meeting

kick-off meeting

lean and efficiency principles

regulatory and environmental impact assessment planning

workflow diagramming techniques

ambiguities of technical solution details

readiness before execution in various PMP parts

commercial proposal with annex

extending through project closure

the context of a program

all changes exceeding a specified cost

hiring and termination guidelines

employee performance reviews

employee development and training records

proposal evaluation criteria

performance measurement criteria

criteria for tailoring the organizations set of standard processes

Project closure guidelines

the integrity of the project baselines

project scope creep

requirement Mgmt. plan

used to provide the project context

needed to plan the scope Mgmt

high-level project description

product characteristics

knowledgeable and experienced parties

attend project meetings


Integrated Change Control process

broadly framed or highly detailed

discovery and decomposition of needs into requirements

Conditions or capabilities that are to be met by the project

formally imposed specification

The quantified and documented needs and expectations

once project execution begins

allowing for further refinement

group creativity techniques

Transition requirements


training requirements, needed to

transition from the current as-is state
to the future to-be state
fulfillment of other project requirements

adapt to the level of stakeholder

participation in requirements activities

joint application design/development (JAD) sessions

designed to be more conversational than

a one-on-one interview.

Multicriteria decision analysis

maintain anonymity.

an uneven number of participants

rather than resulting in a tie

quick turnaround is needed

number of options nominated

each round of requirements gathering

reluctant to articulate their requirements

business expert performing a job

business rules repositories

unique identifier = ID

the rationale for inclusion

Alternatives generation

project scope statement

comparable information

as many potential options

explicit scope exclusions

Explicitly stating what is out of scope for the project

without proof or demonstration

certain degree of redundancy

what constitutes success

hierarchical decomposition

in collaboration with

integration of subcomponents

Incorporating subcomponents

contracted work

excessive decomposition

nonproductive Mgmt. effort

inefficient use of resources

difficulty aggregating data

will be accomplished far into the future

roll up to the higher levels

plan schedule mmanagement

defines how schedule contingencies will

be reported and assessed

summary milestone schedule

is often available from commercial

databases that track
Organizational work authorization systems

Monitoring and reporting tools

suggest whether to combine methods

and how to reconcile differences
between them

estimate and schedule the project

undertaking work in parallel

reviewing schedule performance

hold planning meetings

realistic activity duration estimates

Thresholds are typically expressed as

percentage deviations from the parameters
established in the baseline plan.

Rules for establishing percent complete

specified to indicate an agreed-upon amount of

variation to be allowed before some action
needs to be taken

Earned value Mgmt

physical measurement rules of performance measurement

Implicit in this process

the prescribed level of detail necessary to manage the work

are considered explicitly while defining activities

As more is known about the upcoming

events in the near term

Activities, distinct from milestones

the project calendar the activity is assigned to

Project schedule network diagrams

physical layout of a plant to be constructed

subsystem interfaces on a software project

mandatory external dependencies

discretionary external dependencies

inherent in the nature of the work

create arbitrary total float values

governmental environmental hearings

punch list

scheduled punch list completion

need to be familiar with

if the local labor pool lacks experience

with unusual or specialized construction

the latest in automated assembly techniques

for an extensive array of labor trades

reasonable degree of confidence

the sophistication of the software

along with other criteria required

resource optimization techniques

points of path convergence

points of path divergence

scheduling flexibility

violating a schedule constraint

resource availability with statistically

determined buffers composed of the
aggregated safety margins of activities at
specified points

The resource-constrained critical path is

known as the critical chain

certain predefined resource limits

a set period of time to elapse between

the predecessors and successors without
work or resource impact

the broader, more comprehensive summary activity

an agreed-upon amount of variation

fluctuations in currency exchange rates

Procedure for project cost recording

Vendor bid analysis

Cost tradeoffs

narrow the range of accuracy

rough order of magnitude estimate

charged to the project

charged to
inflation allowance

cost of financing

contractual and legal implications

intellectual property rights

time-sensitive costs

union labor with regularly expiring

collective bargaining agreements

collective bargaining agreements

materials with seasonal cost variations

to consider risk response costs

when the project experiences a negative
risk event
near-term cost of the project

gross value estimating approach

approved version of the time-phased
project budget
Formal limitations by period for the
expenditure of project funds

placing imposed date constraints

changes warranting the use of

in incremental amounts

highlight actionable areas of concern

possessing a particular interest in quality

on implementing its quality Mgmt.

reasonable possibilities have been

the overall order of processing

workflow branching logic

associated relative frequencies

correlation charts

regression line

Scatter diagrams


suspension and tires

Statistical Sampling

Force field analysis

the timetable for staff acquisition and


team-building strategies

plan for the availability of or competition

for scarce resources

Project roles can be designated

Escalation procedures for handling issues

Geographical dispersion

The traditional organization chart


responsibility assignment matrix

exercising a flexible leadership style

performance can be jeopardized

insufficient communication

cross-cultural considerations

information needs

Project resources should be expended

potential communication channels

from brief conversations to extended


any interference or barriers that might

compromise the delivery of the message

multidirectional exchange of information

prearranged agenda
circulated in advance with minutes
Glossary of common terminology
when a project is conceived
current state of risk-affected areas
describe the degree of risk that an
organization will withstand.

strategic risk scoring sheets

projections indicating
sufficient or insufficient
pose a risk to the project
is useful for soliciting inputs
multidisciplinary set of experts
structured mass interviewing techniques
traditional free-form brainstorm session
undue influence on the outcome
Qualitative Risk Analysis
first-of-its-kind technology
state -of-the-art technology
more urgent to address
final risk severity rating
projects competing demands
neither risk averse nor risk seeking
to bring the risk of overrunning stated
project objectives to a level acceptable
to the organization.
performance bonds
it may be prudent to
Adopting less complex processes
targeting linkages
being willing to take advantage
intellectual property rights
mandated deliverable dates
the reasonableness of the bids or proposals
the actual out-of-pocket costs to purchase the product

out-of-pocket costs to purchase the product

examination of industry capabilities
information interchange meetings
can influence a mutually beneficial approach
Handling the long lead times
post-project operational support
Change requests are processed
An established multi-tier supplier system
Fixed Price with Economic Price Adjustment Contracts

Firm Fixed Price Contracts

Fixed Price Incentive Fee Contracts
needs to relate to some reliable financial index
legitimate actual costs
Cost Plus Fixed Fee Contracts
Cost Plus Incentive Fee Contracts
predetermined incentive fee
as set forth in the contract
share costs from the departures
prenegotiated cost-sharing formula
Cost Plus Award Fee Contracts
the satisfaction of certain broad subjective performance criteria

effectively engage stakeholders

to clear away any obstacles to success

esses group diff words

WORDS( excuting)
realigns the performance
capital equipment
Personnel administration
allowable cost overrun percentage
Issue and defect Mgmt. procedures
Professional and technical associations
forestall negative impact later in the project
the current state of the project
out-of-context meaning
burnup or burndown charts
severity of the nonconformities
elapsed time cycle
retrospective reviews
Resource optimization techniques
schedule model populated
consumption of project funds
anticipated liabilities
reveal a need to
quality control measurements
demonstrable influence on the project
derail achievement of the goal
Interrelationship digraphs
intertwined logical relationships
Highlight contributions
collective bargaining agreements
provided there is no violation of legal
are not available due to constraints
affect outsourcing
Colocation or multiple locations.
assign exceptional performers
share credit in successes
multi-criteria decision analysis
nuances of the project environment
capitalize on cultural differences
special emphasis on communication
postponing the issue
weighted evaluation scores
Core capabilities of the organization
government jurisdictions
pending government contracts
subject to remedy in the courts
Subordinate subcontractor approvals
Termination clause
alternative dispute resolution
certification of satisfactory
accounts payable system
Contested changes
retrievable archive of contract documents
the lowest level of abstraction

sses group diff words

WORDS( closing)
the premature closure of the project
specific hand-over procedures
Conduct post-project
pursue new endeavors
interim deliverables
Early termination of a contract
equitable settlement
least desirable option
WORDS( framework)
RDS( framework)
caseload-tracking system
economies of scale
dissemination of information
circumvent any obstacles inherent
postmotem= lessons learned
entails walking through the project
do not fall into the trap of losing focus
needless overtime
plain bad project management
no other way to make up the deviation
interim deliverables
strategic opportunity

standardized process

organizational strategic hierarchy

related projects

a coordinated way

sustainable competitive advantage.

monetary assets

throughout the project

related concept

glopally recognized standard

nonprofit organization


standardizes the project-related governance processes

portfolio management

Project Management Body of Knowledge

Scheduling Professional

Program Management Professional

Code of Ethics

Professional Conduct

basic obligation of responsibility

ethical and professional conduct


can be expressed through

bridge the gap between

creating an even greater challenge

Risk Management Professional

Project Management Professional

Call center personnel

Subject to strict organizational governance.

diminish the hierarchy and bureaucracy

competing project constraints

management of resources, and support

nongovernmental organization

Customer service representative


Telephone sales personnel

Manufacturing line supervisors

to create a lasting outcome

shared governance structure

Help desk staff

Political and cultural awareness

Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)

organizational enabling practices

Addressing the various needs

obligation to comply with

further facilitate

seldom either discrete

multicultural competence

diverse backgrounds

fuel-efficient cars

that enhance the likelihood of success

Unlike the ongoing nature

core personality characteristics,

divisions of larger corporations

corporate strategic projects

maintain proactive communication


several key terms

Due to the potential for change

strategy execution framework utilizing project

national monument


each varying

possess the ability to

iterative activity



Agile Certified Practitioner

promotes a common vocabulary

projects engagement and its longevity

1The numbers in brackets refer to

constitutes an appropriate organizational strategy

according to the standards institutionalized

balance of ethical, interpersonal, and conceptual skills

serves as a project repository

conformance to governance

Issue and defect management procedures

issuing work authorizations

proposal evaluation criteria,

project management maturity

In light of globalization

organizations culture

organizational characteristics

work breakdown structure

project schedule network diagram,

Financial controls procedures

Virtual collaboration techniques

outside of the standard, formalized reporting structure

diverse organizations

Personnel administration

Project team composition

aimed at accomplishing

undertaking projects

Configuration management knowledge bases

project closure information

the means considered acceptable

involves external entities

Administrative Staff

group phenomena

action item results


nearby homeowners

action item tracking

documentable items

achieving organization strategic plan

required expenditure

great deal of independence and authority



handling over

At the opposite end of the spectrum to

systematic arrangements of entities

established approaches to initiating and planning projects

before handing it over to the permanent operations

handing over to

team members are often colocated


ensure proper coordination

are served by

are served by impeding the projects progress

organizations governance model

repeatable project practices

Project life cycle approach

optimal approach for managing

constant is the project managers role

dispersed around the world

staffing and retention guidelines

record retention policies

beyond the authority of the project manager

it is up to the project manager


vary in size and complexity

contribute inputs to the project

to secure needed resources early

rolling wave planning

take into consideration

incremental improvements

accommodate differences


overlapping or concurrent phases

Overlapping relationship

Sequential relationship

pharmaceutical product

projects are frequently executed in an iterative fashion

Iterative and Incremental Life Cycles

sometimes attained through a certification process.

range along a continuum from

the makeup of the project team

adaptive or change-driven approaches

predictive approaches

predictive life cycle

adaptive life cycle

to reassess the activities underway

attain the desired product

storing and retrieving information

financial institutions

alliance among several organizations

should not be confused with

standard contract provisions

Conduct post-project review

typically are completed sequentially

subsequent phase progresses

apter 3

particular order


Product-oriented processes

interrelated actions

interlinked processes

course to increase revenues

well-defined interfaces

clear dependencies


formally establishes

corrective or preventive action

configuration management

The physical or electronic representation of work performance information

percent of work physically completed


project performance measurement baseline

help set the vision of the project

release project resources

specific hand-over procedures

the health of the project


orchestrate the progress and performance of the project

anticipation of possible problems

confusion and misunderstandings

the factors that could circumvent integrated change control

forecasted estimates to complete.

degree of project management maturity

faste - tracked

availability of resources

functional organization

projectized organization

the course of the projects life cycle

formally authorizes a project or phase

full project sponsorship


runing an election compaign for political candidate

formalizing acceptance of the completed project deliverables.

knowledgeable and experienced parties

sympol PMBOOK sympol

OPM organizational project management SLAs



PBO Project-based organizations RFB



WBS work breakdown structure IFB

JAD joint application design/development (JAD) sessions IRR

QFD quality function deployment NPV

VOC voice of the customer (VOC). ROI

job shadowing observations PEP

PMIS project management information system SME

LOE level of effort NGOs

PDM Precedence diagramming method PEP

AON Activity-on-node CCB

PERT program evaluation and review technique ROM

PERT Three-Point Estimating COQ

CPM Critical Path Method 7QC Tools

CCM Critical chain Method PDCA Cycle

SIPOC model supplyer-inputs-process-outputs-customer OBS

DOE Design of experiments RBS

RAM responsibility assignment matrix SMEs

RACI responsible, accountable, consult, and inform RBS

SWOT strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats EMV

FMEA Failure mode and effect analysis PMB=PV

FTA Fault tree analysis PDPC

AOA Activity on Arrow AON

MTTR mean time to repair ADR

MTBF mean time between failure

FIELD sympol

service-level agreement

memorandum of understanding


request for proposal

request for information

invitation to bid

invitation FOR bid

internal rate of return

net present value

Return On Investment


Subject matter experts

nongovernmental organizations


change control board

rough order of magnitude estimate

Cost of Quality

Seven Basic Quality Tools


organizational breakdown structure

resource breakdown structure

Subject matter experts

risk breakdown structure

Expected monetary value

performance measurement baseline

Process decision program charts

Activity on Node

alternative dispute resolution